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When I received a call, I really didn’t believe it!

waku7bisha | 2019-12-234413596

It is the statement made by ‘Tunu za TECNO” Winner when shewas visited by TECNO Blue Santa and TECNO team at her home Mbagala, Dar esSalaam. Caroline, who is a high school student, won a Dstv set and a ShoppingVoucher worth to 500,000TZS after buying TECNO Camon 12. "When I received a call, I really didn’t believe itbecause I didn't expect if I could win something like this, I just bought aTECNO Camon 12 and I was told there was a Lucky draw, there were so manythings, I saw a basket had chocolate and champagne, I knew I would win it butthankfully I won a big, thank you so much thanks to TECNO" said Carolinesmiling. Despite being handed a Dstv set, Caroline accompanied withher mother and they were taken by TECNOforshopping in the popular Super Market ‘Game Supermarket’ located inside MlimaniCity, Dar es Salaam where she made purchase of various goods worth to500,000TZS For her side, Caroline's mother thanked TECNO for giving thegifts to her daughter. “We are very happy! We thank you for the gifts.” SaidCaroline's mother. On the other hand, TECNO Tanzania Sales Manager Ms. MariamMohamed, said the gifts are for anyone who buys the TECNO Spark series and theTECNO Camon series can walk out with Dstv set as well as a Shopping Voucherworth to 500,000TZS. "I would like to tell Tanzanians that our promotionsare still going on in different regions throughout Tanzania in this wholefestival season, visit our promotional shops and buy Spark 4 series or Camonseries and you will get a chance to win Dstv set and Shopping voucher worth to Fivehundred thousand Shillings ” said Ms. Mariam. This Luckydraw that was held on Saturday of December 14, had other Shopping voucher winnerswith the value of 300,000/= each from Arusha and Mwanza and all were taken toSuper Markets for shopping different goods worthto Three hundred Thousand Shillings. Rahma Khamisi was taken from home her home Mecco Mwanza toNono Super Market for purchasing differentgoods worth to Three hundred ThousandShillings while Joyce Lema from Arusha was sent to Shoppers Super Market to buyvarious goods worth to Three hundred thousand shillings. Read all >>

Do you use HiOS 5.0 and above? Join our group

HiOS Official Account | 2019-12-229711475

Hello T-Fans, Do you use any device with HiOS 5.0 and above? Would you like to test our new features before they are released to the general public? Here is a chance to join our WhatsApp group! Click here>>> Read all >>

Share your Spark 3 Pro Android Q and HiOS 6.0 Update Experience Here

HiOS Official Account | 2019-12-2125825277

Spark 3 Pro
Hello T-Fans, Where you among the lucky 2000 first phase users who got the Spark 3 Pro HiOS 6.0 and Android 10 update? What are your favourite features and what do you think needs improvement on? We would like you to share your experience here! Read all >>

System Update vs HiOS Update

Kaykerry | 2019-12-2125539458

Hello T-Fans, Here is a chance to finally express your mind on this update or no update thing.... Which would you prefer, HiOS update or System Update? Take this poll below! Survey Link Read all >>

Join HiOS on Facebook and Win!

HiOS Official Account | 2019-12-167511134

Hello T-Fans, Did you know HiOS is on Facebook? This is a good time to WIN some cool stuff for yourself! How? All you need to do is follow is click here to get to our facebook page, follow and comment your T-Spot ID under the post! Also, don't forget to share so your friends can also participate! The event ends Dec 31st, 2019. T and C applies Read all >>

Jingle Bells! The Holidays are HERE! Are you READY?

Evans@TECNO | 2019-12-10258439

It is an absolute pleasure to be here again and celebrating the holiday with all of you along with our New TECNO-SPOT 2.0, and we are excited to share something to stir up your life and get you in the holiday spirit. By starting, we are thrilled about the support we got from you, and we are so grateful for the positive feedback too. This season TECNO has prepared several promotions one wouldn't want to miss. We hope every one of you will stick close with us through TECNO-SPOT and other TECNO platforms as we are going to end this year and beyond. as we are recently launching our New TECNO-SPOT, we would like to see everyone is enjoying and have a great experience on the platform while learning from each other. Appreciate everyone who is taking their time by sharing the review; we encourage more of that behavior. Let's keep the platform more interesting for everyone to have a blissful moment here. And don't forget we are a few days away to Christmas and New year so keep your eyes on TECNO-SPOT and other TECNO social media platforms as we are leading up to the kickoff of big holiday promotions. Enjoy the ride with TECNO-SPOT Any question let us know, we would love to hear from you;) Read all >>

【Upgrade in advance】Android Q for TECNO SPARK 3 Pro(only for 2,000 users)

TECNO SPOT Official | 2019-12-059222673

Spark 3 Pro
Hi SPARK 3 Pro users : TECNO SPARK 3 Pro will be in the Android Qprogram, we will be in advance for 2000 users to upgrade to the officialversion of the Android Q.Click here to apply!(link: With Android™ optimized OS, it can offerconsumers several benefits including: 1. It uses less of your phone's battery, and causes lesssstrain on your eyes in dim environments. 2. Enable Colorful Chatting Best WhatsAppAssistant Box with multiple features to help you enjoy chatting with yourfriends.Apowerful box that can make you DIY emoji , saveWhatsApp status , automatically open flashwhile you have incoming WhatsApp call etc. 3. Anaccessibilityfeature by flashing your phone to provide a visible cue for WhatsApp incomingCalls. 4. Rescue your favorite status as long as you wantSay no to 24hours-limited vanished. Now you are the one who have the option to saveWhatsApp status as long as you want! 5. A new gesture-based option to give your more immersive switchexperience. A quick left or right swipe will take you back to your previousmenu and a quick swipe up from the bottom of phone screen will take you back toyour home screen. 6. To do that, head toSettings > Game mode> Message notification method ,choose pop-up notification or completedshielded, Gaming timeis all yours . 7. Never Game off until you say noA special design for Game lovers. They can choosescreen-off to safe battery and data while unstop gaming. 8. A noticeable improvement on security.By giving you more control overhow often apps can access your location, ways to stop apps from guessing yourlocation. 9. Wifisharegives you a handy option to share your WiFithrough a QR code. when your friendvisits your home, you can just ask him/her to scan the code, then boom –they’reconnected to your router.To do that, headtoSettings > Network & internet > WiFiand click on the connecteddevice name. After scaningthe QR code ,you can enjoy surfing on the internet. Read all >>

Brand new TECNO SPOT is on its way ! Learn more about the exciting new features.

TECNO SPOT | 2019-12-032257174

Hi, T-Fans! Welcome to the NEW TECNO SPOT.let's start how to use the new TECNO SPOT. 1.Log in / register If you have an account click login if you don't have an account click register > Log in The new TECNO SPOT supports a variety of login methods, which can be selected according to your account: a. Login by mobile phone account (login by password and (login by SMS*only web side)) b. Login with email account and user name c. The third-party platform authorizes login web: APP: > register At present, we only support the verification and registration of mobile phone number, choose the country where the mobile phone number belongs, fill in the verification code received, and then fill in the password, so that the registration is successful. web: APP: > reset password If you forget your password, you can click forget password to change the password. There are two ways to change the password: a. Mobile phone number verification b. Email verification web: APP: 2.Release New Thread Web: Click the Release New Post button 1.Select the type of post you want to post 2.Select sections and plate classification 3. Enter the title of the post 4. Edit the content of the post, you can set the text style, add pictures and add YouTube videos upload pictures: 5. Click on the picture icon, and a popover of upload photos will appear. 6. Click select file to select the image to upload, then click upload. 7. Click on the picture in the popover to display it in the post. Insert Youtube video: 8. Click video icon 9. Enter the video link and click "submit" to embed the video successfully. Insert the attachment 10. Click the attachment icon 11. Click "select file" to select the file, and then click "upload" to upload the file12. Click the attachment and it will appear in the edit box 13. Check more options for the topic you want. 14. If you do not want to publish, click save draft. If there is no problem with the published content, select submit. APP: 1. Click the "Release" button 2. Select post Thread or Vote 3. Select the section where the post belongs 4. Select section classification and click submit 5. Enter the title, post content, and insert pictures and YouTube video links. Make sure there is nothing wrong with the content and then click the publish button in the upper right corner 3.Personal center web: Click Message, Posts, Following and followers to check the information Click the Settings button in the upper right corner to set your personal information Click the calendar button to view the check-in information APP: Click mine in the menu to enter the personal center page 1.Click the modify button to modify your personal information 2.Click the message button to view system messages, post messages and personal messages 3.Click check in to enter the check-in information page 4.Click membership for points and level information Click "question feedback" to give us a feedback If you have any questions, please send amessage to TECNO SPOT and we will reply to your questions immediately!!! Read all >>


TECNO SPOT Official | 2019-11-284712556

Hello,T-fans!Welcome to our newTECNO SPOT forum! Hope you guys are having fun here , but do remember to show your utmost respect to the fellow TECNO Fans around you. We sincerely hope that this will be an online platform where everyone can have fun and feel safe as we share and learn from each other! So before you start to navigate around in our TECNO SPOT,let me introduce some new rules to you! 1.Everyone's T-Points froman old TECNO SPOT account will be transferred to our new TECNO SPOT, so don’t worry about it ! 2.In our newTECNO SPOT, everyone will have a Membership Center which is about User level ,Experience value,T-Points and Current Badge. As shown in the picture below,it is atotal of 6 user levels and each different level corresponding to different experience scores. Maybe you will ask:What the level used for? ——The answer is that, the higher level you get,the the greater your chances to be invited to become TECNO SPOT super fans, Moderator, Super Moderator and so on,that means you will have many rights such as can edit &delete Others' comment & posts, recommend the post and trending post to the homepageor digest, and stick the post as well. All in all ,you can be part of TECNO staff and we will work together to make our TECNO SPOT be better,in order to offer better service to our fans and friends! 3.So how to get the experience scores?we put all the answers below: 4.Beside that,what is the Current Badge?See the picture below There two ways to get the badge: By number of posts you have published in thecommunity and number of Days you have checked in to your account. The user who ownsthe badge considers being the loyal user of the TECNO SPOT which is a greathonor. General these are the leading new feature of our New TECNO SPOT,do you like it? If you want to know more about about othernew updates, pls join us and share your life here! We are waiting foryou! Read all >>

Unlock A New CAM*ERA! TECNO Launches New And Upgraded Camera Smartphones

TECNO SPOT | 2019-09-115925002

Hi T-FANS: Global premier mobile phone brand TECNO Mobile ( lately launched new smartphones CAMON 12, CAMON 12 Pro with an upgraded camera. As one of the most remarkable camera devices, the TECNO CAMON 12 and CAMON 12 Pro have all the attributes expected of a top-quality camera from any viewing angle, and to become a portable technological success. The triple rear camera with 16+2+8 MP for the TECNO CAMON 12 and TECNO CAMON 12 Pro, which kick starts a new era for photography and offers budding photographers the chance to capture unique shots from any viewing angle. TECNO CAMON 12 Pro: 6.4” AMOLED Dot Notch Screen, Super FULL VIEW Experience Let’s start with the screen,with 4.0 mm visual thickness and 6.4 inches for the TECNO CAMON 12 Pro, the new TECNO CAMON phones are head and shoulders above the rest such as the SAMSUNG M20 (6.3 Dot Notch), HONOR 20i (6.21), and OPPO A5S (6.2 Dot Notch). AI Max Triple Camera, 16+2+8 MP Continuing CAMON series’s DNA of Clear Selfie, CAMON 12 Pro still works hard on its high pixel and clear camera lens. The 4 in 1 technology and the mosaic algorithm makes the picture much brighter and clearer. Breaking through the limitation of Dot Notch Screen, dual flashlight is hidden on the screen, offering fill-light even in low light scenarios. Most photography smartphones are equipped with an upgraded camera for best photography experience. TECNO CAMON 12 Pro with 16+2+8 MP,furthermore, CAMON 12 series are upgraded with AI Max Triple Camera to enable super wide-angle photography, surpassing CAMON series’ DNA of the clear selfie, to let the user capture the beauty around from a broader perspective. 64GB ROM + 4GB RAM, 4000mAh long-lasting battery, Powerful Performance In terms of memory and battery, with 64GB ROM + 6GB RAM and fast-charging, CAMON 12 Pro has more powerful and fluent performance than its competitors in the market, e.g. SAMSUNG M20 (64+4GB) and OPPO A5S (64+4GB). TECNO CAMON 12 Pro users will have plenty of room for storing their photos, tunes, videos, and files. The 6GB RAM enables the most recent Android 9 operating system to run faster and more flexible. Users can multitask with no loading or lag time. Funny Interaction - AR Sticker & AR Emoji Besides that, TECNO CAMON 12 Pro also has some more additional features. AR Sticker & AR Emoji, for example, bring the users very funny interaction. Follow your heart and capture what you want. The AR sticker covers 220+ facial features and supports identification across 120°. Light beautification and localization features are also considered. The special customized version of Manchester City Football Club is surprisingly built as amazing gift. Animate your favorite emoji with real facial expressions and creates more fun when taking pictures or recording videos - AR Emoji - Come and freely share interesting interaction with friends. AR Graffiti, Your Space Painting Canvas This time, let your imagination run wild! No more limitation from the environment. When you get inspiration, you can draw it instantly with various brushes and colors and then share with friends. In the AR space, there are infinite possibilities that waiting for you to explore. Revolutionary In-display Fingerprint CAMON 12 Pro innovatively moves its fingerprint sensor under its screen. Record your fingerprint information, you are able to unlock CAMON 12 Pro instantly when you light up your phone and move your finger on the in-display fingerprint area. 360° seamless unlock more convenient interactive design, more integrated appearance, a step forward more advanced and revolutionary smartphone. Vibrant C Design Get inspiration of stellar ring, CAMON 12 Pro designs impressive C ring for its back cover and represents CAMON series. The glossy finish makes it smooth to touch and the eye-catching appearance makes it stand out from the crowds. Read all >>

Live Pictures From TECNO At AFRIFF Grand Closing Event

TECNO SPOT Official | 2019-11-19611047

Good day, TFans, the TECNO at AFRIFF2019 which started a few days ago, rounds off tonight and the event was graced by dignitaries General Manager of Transsion Holdings, Mr. Chidi Okonkwo, the delectable Ini Edo, Omotola alongside TECNO's PR, and strategic partnership manager Jesse Oguntimehin. also, there was an award presentation for the best student short film. short with a Smartphone. attached below are live pictures for your viewing pleasure... Read all >>

TECNO Launches PHANTOM 9 with AI Triple Camera!

TECNO SPOT | 2019-07-1078104352

Hello T-fans!The Wait is Over! on the 10th July, 2019 ,in India,we have launched the long-awaited addition to the TECNO PHANTOM smartphone series——PHANTOM 9. As we all know, the TECNO PHANTOM series is one of TECNO’s most popular smartphone series because of its record of upsetting and setting smartphone technological trend. This time,The new device comes with an array of enhanced features that takes smartphone experience to a whole new level! 1. An Aurora inspired beautiful smartphone Imagine a device with a beautiful design inspired by the awesome aurora! The device is a stunning smartphone to behold which is graced by showers of brilliant color. 2. The phone is displayed into 6.4” FHD+ AMOLED and is a Nano SIM+ Nano SIM+T card powered by 3500mAh battery. Different from every other smartphone out there, the TECNO PHANTOM 9 is the first to make possible the Drop screen Dual Front Flashlight on a smartphone. A breakthrough helping users take shots at night or low light conditions without worry. The innovative PHANTOM drop screen dual front flashlight demonstrates PHANTOM's unmoving dedication to user the evolution of Hair Crack Dual Flashlight. 3. Wide Angle Shots There are a lot of situations in which the AI triple camera with 120 degree wide angle lens can be very useful. For example, capturing an amazing landscape or cityscape. No need for a bulky camera that serves a single purpose of taking pictures, because PHANTOM 9 makes wide angle photograpy possible. With TECNO PHANTOM 9, you can take immersive wide angle photos of landscapes, cityscapes and indoor architecture, even in tight corners, without breaking a sweat. 4.AI Triple Camera/Extreme Close-Up Shot The triple camera supports 16M+2M+8M (120°) and 2.5cm extreme close-up shot, so details can be seen clearly, for example, if you do a close-up shot to jerwelry, each piece of jewelry makes a glamorous impact as the exquisiteness of each detail shines through. 5. AI Video Beauty AI Video beauty keeps you beautiful all the time when video chatting. Supports WhatsApp video calls and local video calls. 6.AR Sticker This function is built into the camera,it is so funning! 7. Animoji This function is built into the camera,it looks so cute! Do you want to have a try? 8.A new screen unlocking experience at your fingertips A photosensitive in-display fingerprint reader ,that means users can lock and unlock their smartphone more seamlessly than the usual way. 9.KEY SPECIFICATIONS: Display: 6.4 Full HD Amoled Resolution: 2340*1080 Dimension: 158.46*75.3*7.85mm Camera: 32MP Front Camera with Dual Flash , 16MP+2MP+8MP Triple Rear Camera with Quad Flash Memory: 128GB ROM + 6GB RAM (Can be expanded with SD card). Processor: 2.35 Ghz Octa-core Battery : 3500mah OS: HIOS 5.0 based Android Pie 9 Color: Lapland Aurora Sensor: G-Sensor , Ambient Light Sensor, Proximity Sensor , Fingerprint Sensor , Electronic compass Network and Connectivity: 4G , Wifi , Bluetooth, 3G and 2G SIM: Nano SIM+ Nano SIM+T card Android:Android P Other features on the new PHANTOM include Bluetooth 5.0 which makes connecting one device to another easier and transferring files faster; 4G LTE capacity for smooth high speed browsing. An Aurora inspired French style designed smartphone, an extraordinary triple AI camera and host of other top-of-the-line specification on just one smartphone? Personally, I cannot wait to see the device for myself. Want to learn more about PHANTOM 9? Hers is our product video,Enjoy! Read all >>

Live Pictures From TECNO Global Partner Summit 2019 !!!

TECNO SPOT | 2019-07-10248013

Hi, T-FANS: TECNO Global Partner Summit 2019 is coming! Read all >>

We are recruiting moderators!

TECNO SPOT Official | 2019-12-02147747

Hello, T- Fans!! The TECNO SPOT Communityis a special family to be and growing tremendously fast. We have more than 46 thousand members! It calls for more hands in for our New Moderator Recruitment inviting mostpassionate T-Fans to have better support on TECNO SPOT Forum. In order to provide for you a good environment and enrich TECNO SPOT content,we need more helping hands to help us manage the forum. We are hiring moderators ! Moderators are an essential part oftheTECNO SPOTjust as our as most passionate of our T-Fans, to benefit the rest of thecommunity. If you are a T-fanand have passion for TECNO Products, we'd love for you to join us! 1.How to Apply? To apply pls kindly comment this post and tell us How can you be a good moderator? The more detail that you will have the chance to win the quota The role of moderator is voluntary but you stand to gain also:- T-points ,it can be used to exchange many things as rewards- Higher Read Permission- Forum threads management- Talk to TECNO SPOT Admin team directly.- Get to participate in fans meetings, online and offline activities-You get to own the title of Internship Moderator in TECNO SPOTAnd so on…… 2.RESPONSIBILITIES: - Create quality threads to designated sections.- Help users to solve their problems and Answer their queries in time.- Offer guidance to forum members to help them use the forum properly.- Keep your section neat and clean.- Do moderation wherever required. Edit, move, merge, or remove threads orposts that do not comply with related rules.- Organize online events to encourage participation on TECNO SPOT- Let more T-fans like and communicate in your section 3.REQUIREMENTS: - Have a TECNO device- Willing to follow TECNO SPOT forum Rules and carry out dutiesresponsibly.- Humble, good listener and learner.- Must be a good team player and cooperative.- Should have fairly good command over English.- Are Passionate about TECNO and have good knowledge on TECNO and itsfeatures.- Familiar with TECNO Devices and its features (or be really good atGoogling, searching online for answers or simply just asking fellow modshumbly).- Have enough time and able to be Online at least 2-3 hours a day. Successful candidates will be contacted. Dear users,kindly wait for official announcement on TECNO SPOT for the same.Apply Now!!! Read all >>

CTheWorld winners announcement!

Evans@TECNO | 2019-11-20177705

boomplay music
#CTheWorld competition has finally come to an end! Congratulations to "Marc Olivier N'GUESSAN." Your photograph has been chosen to be featured in a well-famous magazine! All three winners worked hard and captured fascinating images for the final round. After evaluation by TECNO and Michael Christopher Brown, we concluded the big prize winner based on the content story and quality. Following are the results from the initial round of voting: First Prize: Rich Allela Second Prize: Marc Olivier N'GUESSAN Third Prize: Ileola Kehinde Samuel Read all >>

TECNO HiOS 5.5 – everything you need to know

HiOS Official Account | 2019-11-13218722

TECNO has unveiled another iteration of its operating system, HiOS 5.5, which promises to be more personal and enhanced to serve users more powerfully in their daily lives than ever before with helpful tools and tailor-made features. The newest release first debuted on the Tecno Camon 12 series and has now made its way to the Tecno Spark 4, and if you are yet to get your hands on any of the new devices, not to worry. We can share with you what’s new in HiOS 5.5! HiOS 5.5 Delivers the Most Helpful Features The new HiOS 5.5 provides a slew of immersive experience and creative features that not only improves the overall phone experience of users but also help users to be more productive in the longer run. Of course, we can't wait to get started on these features, so let's take a look. Bring Art to Life with Augmented Reality! HiOS 5.5 features an AR Virtual Canvas that is essentially futuristic finger painting. Many sculptors refer to their hands as a tool — and HiOS 5.5 allows you to turn your fingers into sculptural brushes that you can use to paint in midair. Just by aiming your device camera at an object, you can paint or spray on any place in reality within multiple spaces with awesome brushes, emojis, animations, and stickers. You can also work on your creations with friends, or show off your masterpieces to your tribe by sharing it with them. Gesture Call Picker: Cool New Way to respond to calls HiOS 5.5 introduces a new ability to answer and end calls with simple fingers and palm gestures without having to physically touch your phone. This will allow you to simultaneously use your hands for other things like eating or washing clothes while also being able to conveniently answer important calls without touching your phone. You can now simply just use "V" gesture to answer the phone or wave your palm above your phone screen to reject the calls. A Faster and Immersive Game Experience A dedicated Game Mode that comes equipped with a Game Assistant means you can now seamlessly neuter distracting apps or intrusive notifications like email, news, chats, and social media popup windows and calls to focus exclusively on gaming. For that all-important message, HiOS 5.5 also gives you the ability to remain on your screen without pausing your game and still reply chats and messages with floating windows without interrupting gameplay. You can also quickly go online to view game guides all while still remaining on your game screen. Seamlessly enjoy heavy CPU power consuming games by boosting memory, turn on Wi-fi exclusively for the game, switch data sim card and more in-game without disrupting or exiting your game. Closed Eye Detection Face recognition technology has been vastly upgraded on HiOS 5.5 so it can help you secure your phone in a more intelligent and smarter way. Security has been stepped up a notch by making it impossible for your phone to be unlocked when your eyes are closed. The newly improved Face ID 2.0 is more intelligent and can detect eye-status of open, closed or sideways not only frontal faces but also for rotated or tilted head poses. The smarter way to Reach your Favourite Tools HiOS 5.5 comes with an upgrade to the Smart Panel, a shortcut capability that allows you to access any app or use any tool on your phone from any screen. You can get things done faster by simply swiping right on any screen to access your favorite feature. You can easily snap a selfie or record a video from any screen without having to locate the camera app. HiOS 5.5 also allows you to have the Hi Translate tool handy which means you can smartly translate an unfamiliar language to your language without having to leave your current screen. What You'll also find on HiOS 5.5 It’s a no brainer that HiOS 5.5 will come with some new features that have just been introduced in HiOS 5.0 - a new HiOS Lab that allows you to test out features and tools still in development on an opt-in basis - a new Face ID security system that helps you unlock your phone even when your eyes are closed. - a smart Data Switcher that allows you to switch between sim card you are using to connect to the internet in just one click - a Fingerprint reset password that allows you to reset your password using your fingerprint when you can't remember your lock codes or patterns. So those are some of the great features of new HiOS 5.5, which is your favorite HiOS 5.5 feature? Read all >>

Android Q Beta for TECNO SPARK 3 Pro

TECNO SPOT | 2019-05-0814522266

Hi SPARK 3 Pro users : At present, TECNO SPARK 3 Pro is in the Android Q Beta program. As with previous versions, Android Q includes behavior changes to help improve performance, battery life, security, and privacy. In some cases, these changes can affect apps until they are updated to support Android Q, so you might see impacts ranging from minor issues to more significant functionality limitations. With Android™ optimized OS, it can offer consumers several benefits including: ● Align user behaviors: Intelligent camera powered by AI Engine to be able to learn user behaviors including users’ habits, users’ intents… ● Biological recognition features: SPARK 3 can recognize different face features and give the most suitable level of “re-touch” and “lighting” automatically to your photos. ● Protect user privacy: Users will have more control over app access to location info, shared files and repositories like photos and videos. TECNO SPARK 3 Pro users can set up your personal APP “invisible” from your mobile phone desktop. ● AR stickers: by leveraging better connectivity and media capabilities, TECNO SPARK 3 Pro users can create AR stickers to enjoy fun communications. ● Dark Theme: One of our most requested features, Android Q now has a system-wide Dark Theme. Activate Dark Theme in Settings, or by turning on Battery Saver. Dark Theme also helps save battery. ● Gesture Navigation: Introducing a new gesture-based navigation so you can fluidly move between tasks, and maximize the use of larger, edge to edge glass screens. ● Suggested actions in notifications: Building off of Smart Reply in Android 9 Pie, you can now take action on messages with suggested actions in notification. For instance, adding an event to your Calendar from a text message. ● Prioritized notifications: With Android Q, you can choose whether an app’s notifications are interruptive or gentle. Interruptive notifications will make noise, vibrate, and appear on your lock screen, whereas gentle ones will not. Android Q also introduces algorithms to automatically determine whether notifications should be interruptive. How to get started with Android Q Beta? 1.Get Android Q — Click Android Q Beta to download. 2.Set up your environment — See the Setup Guidefor details. Point to note Please note the Beta build is not the final version, some features may be missing or may not work, these are general notes about this release: 1. The release might have experience problems with apps, stability, battery or performance on the device. 2. Banking and finance apps might not work as expected. 3. Some apps might crash or may not function as expected when running on this release. This includes Google’s apps as well as other apps. 4. Some permissions managed through Settings may need to be set again after app re-installation or device reboot. 5. The release contains some known platform-related issues such as performance and battery, access files in external storage, permissions. 6. There are also some known issues about Android Studio and tools, while try to compile and use Android Q SDK APIs. If you would like to opt-out or revert to the factory settings, you can do so using SOP tools. To learn more about Android Q Beta please visit the Google Developers page. If you have any feedback about the features and functionality in Android Q,do let us know in comment! Read all >>

HiOS5.5 is coming soon!!!! HiOS5.5 is coming soon!!!!

HiOS Official Account | 2019-09-055611485

wow, ~~~HiOS5.5 is coming soon!!!! it is coming,it is really coming soon ~~~~The new TECNO Mobile will be on the market after 4 hours , and the HiOS5.5 also will be released at the same time~~~~ How funny and wonderful features they are Are you ready? HiOS 5.5 will come soon~~~~wow ~~~which feature do you expect? so many wonderful features, maybe Game mode, about answer calling or the others #Camon12Launch ~~~be expecting ,Let's get excited Read all >>

【Interesting】What's AR Graffiti? Your Space Painting!

TECNO SPOT | 2019-09-2663493

Hello T-fans, Recently,TECNO has launched our new product——Camon 12 and Camon 12 Pro which unlocked a new era of camera,continuing CAMON series’s DNA of Clear Selfie, CAMON 12 still works hard on its high pixel and clear camera lens, but by the way ,have you ever found the new founction of AR Graffiti on the Camon 12 Pro?Today i'm going to share some thing about it. What's AR Graffiti? ——This time, let your imagination run wild! No more limitation from environment. When you get inspiration, you can draw it instantly with various brushes and colors and then share with friends which makes life more joyful! In the AR space, there are infinite possibilities that waiting for you to explore. The following picture is what i have drawed with AR Graffiti,i think your guys will do better,so if you are interested in this founction,pls share your works with us If you want to know more about AR Graffiti,pls click the following links,hope you'll like it! Read all >>

Game Assistant on HiOS5.5

HiOS Official Account | 2019-09-112911813

Hi-Fans: Often when playing games on your TECNO mobile phone,you can easily turn off messages, turn on Wifi Mode, switch between your data sim cards, use floating windows to reply your important messages or check for game guides/cheat codes online, activate boost mode or clean memory all without exiting your game screen or clean memory all without exiting your game screen or pausing your game! What's that mobile game you'd like to use Game Assistant on? Read all >>
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