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_goody_ | 2020-08-035131

TECNO Gallery
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Facebook Rolls out Instagram Reels To Take on TikTok

FavourAjibade | 2020-08-05049

Today, Facebook has announced Instagram Reels which is their new Tiktok competitor developed inhouse. “Instagram Reels is a new way to create and discover short, entertaining videos on Instagram,” they explained in the blogpost. Reells will allow you to edit 15 second long multi-clip videos with audio effects and creative tools. You can share these reels in your feed or through a new space in Instagram Explore. Instagram claims that Reels in Explore offers anyone the chance to become a creator on Instagram and reach a global audience. Creating Reels is done on the Instagram camera. Select the Reels option on the Instagram camera and you get a swath of creative tools to help you create content. You can add audio (either by searching or using original audio), AR effects, timer and countdowns, choose to speed up or slow down the video and align objects on the video. These Reels are shared on a dedicated space on Explore as previously said but they still follow your privacy settings on Instagram. From the reels tab on your profile, when you tap your reel, you can see who liked and commented on your Reel, video plays (still in development) and whether it was chosen to be featured. If you need to watch these Reels, you will need to visit the Explore tab. They are displayed in a vertical format (mobile content is best viewed this way). You will also see some reels with a “featured” label which are chosen by Instagram to discover original content. Instagram says that Reels is not currently available to everyone so you may miss it from your Instagram app. This is Facebook’s biggest onslaught against TikTok and they have chosen Instagram as the perfect medium to take on it. Instagram already has a billion users which makes it the perfect place to match up with TikTok’s runaway success. This also comes at a time when TikTok is facing problems in the US where it could be banned pretty soon and Microsoft confirming they are in talks to buy TikTok.Read all >>

5 Tips to save your internet connection

Gna debaros bamba | 2020-08-05069

When we use the internet connection, it happens very often that we wish it never runs out.But unfortunately we are very quickly catching up with reality.These tips come to help you save your internet connection tremendously.Good reading ! 1- Disable mobile data to save your plan The most drastic solution to saving the mobile data on your plan is to turn off mobile internet when you are not using it. - Go to the settings of your Android smartphone, click on Network and Internet> Data consumption and then on the button next to Mobile data to activate or deactivate access to mobile Internet. 2- Control your data consumption Before you want to save the mobile data of your plan, you must also know how much you are using the Internet and why.You don't have to wait to receive the bill from your mobile operator to know how much data you have consumed.Go to your Android smartphone's settings, click Network & Internet> Data usage (or Connections> Data usage on a Samsung smartphone).You will then see the total volume of data consumed over the current period (generally, since the 1st day of the month). By clicking on Mobile data usage (or Mobile data usage), you can: - See a graph representing your data consumption over the current period, - Display your data consumption over another period by clicking on the arrow (the previous month for example), - See the amount of data consumed by each of your mobile applications. This will let you know which apps are the most data intensive (or which ones you use the most).To limit data consumption, you can delete mobile apps that you don't need.Indeed, why not check social networks, news or emails through their website instead of using an application that consumes a lot of mobile data? 3- Set a data consumption alert This Settings Application menu also allows you to configure your Android smartphone to be notified when you have consumed a certain amount of data. To do this, click on Data consumption warning then enter a data volume (the arrow allows you to choose between GB and MB) then validate. If you are using a Samsung smartphone, click Alert Definition.Data Linked to activate the alert and then Data Linked Warning to set the amount of data that will trigger this alert. Once this function is activated, you will receive a notification when you have consumed the volume of data that you have defined.If your plan includes 10 GB of Internet, for example, it is in your best interest to set this threshold at 9 GB in order to be notified before reaching the limit of your plan. 4- Set a limit for data consumption by blocking the Internet automatically You can also set a data volume not to be exceeded: when you reach it, your smartphone will automatically deactivate mobile data.You will then no longer have access to mobile Internet (or MMS) but you will still be able to surf in WiFi. To do this, click on Set a data limit (or Set data limit on a Samsung smartphone) to activate the option, then on Data consumption limit (or Data limit) and enter the data volume from which your access toInternet should be blocked (click on the arrow to switch from MB to GB). When you reach the data limit you have set, you will receive a notification informing you that mobile data has been disabled.To reactivate them, simply click on the notification or go back to Network and Internet> Data consumption> Mobile data consumption to deactivate Set a data limit. 5- Save your plan data by reducing the use of background data If your Android smartphone consumes the Internet even when you are not using it, it is mainly because of your mobile applications which update automatically in the background (to display the latest news, retrieve your emails, yousend notifications…).Disabling the use of background data will therefore limit data consumption and save money on your mobile plan. HOW TO REDUCE THE BACKGROUND DATA USE OF CERTAIN APPLICATIONS? Go to your Android smartphone's settings and click Network & Internet> Data usage> Mobile data usage (or Connections> Data usage> Mobile data usage on a Tecno smartphone). You will then see the list of applications that consume data.Click on an application to view more detailed information: the total amount of data consumed in the current period, the amount of data consumed in the foreground and in the background. To block the background data consumption of this application, simply disable the Background data option (or Allow use background data). Don't forget to Subscribe, Like and Share.Read all >>

Infograph: Creating Engaging Instagram Carousels

yusufaliu | 2020-08-05024

Hello T-fans.Launched as far back 2017, Instagram Carousel is an ad variety of a hybrid type of post of both video and image types (multi-image or video posts) that allows an addition of up to ten images or videos into a single post. Users engage with it by swiping through the photos or videos, which in turn boosts contents engagement/online presence. These types of posts are visually appealing, creative, and interactive, containing three ways of usage, • For posts •Stories, and • Carousel ads. According to a study conducted on 22,360,021 Instagram's post on Coarousels by Bannersnack, a visual production platform, in collaboration with Socialinsider, 2,949,312 were find to involve Carousels, indicating a significant growth since its launch in 2017. Findings on these are displayed on the infograph below, in addition to what you need to know in creating an engaging Instagram Carousel. Source: Read all >>

The Top 5 Gaming Kings of Week 4 are Here!

Aha Games | 2020-08-0535783

AHA Games
The contest was fierce!!! Thanks to everyone who participated. We have our 5 Gaming Kings for Week 4. Congratulations to all our Top 5 winners. The 5 winners (in the order their high scores) with their prizes are: 1. Boss Boris: 20$ 2. Brooks: 7.5$ 3. Obigwe: 7.5$ 4. MhiztaAmazing: 7.5$ 5. Mega_ray: 7.5$ Kindly send us valid details with your phone number, social media handle, country, address so you can redeem your prizes. Please Send all 'valid' details as a dm or inbox message "only" on or before 23:55 pm 07/08/2020. Failure to submit valid details on or before the stipulated time "23:55 pm" 07/08/2020 or sending incorrect details will lead to forfeiture of your prize. The next Gaming King Competition is coming soon. Get Ready, win big! Good Luck! Read all >>

Shot by CAMON 12 | What a nice coincidence

Avin@TECNO | 2020-08-05050

TECNO Gallery
Another day amazed by mother nature. I looked up and took a quick shot, couldn't wait to share with dearest T-fans! Read all >>

Sunset|Shot by CAMON 15 Premier

Kelly | 2020-08-05489

TECNO Gallery
Looking forward to seeing beautiful skies around the world! Shot by TECNO CAMON 15 Premier 6:30 PM Read all >>

T-Fans Daily Chat #3 The Most Important Mobile Functions

TECNO SPOT | 2020-08-0417643

Hi T-Fans~ Today we have a vote for you to discuss. We think that sharing your ideas and listening to others are both delightful~ Topic of Today: Imagine you can only remain two functions of you Mobile Phones. What would be your choices? Tell us why you think they are important~ Read all >>


winiusman | 2020-08-039177

CAMON 15 Series
I shot these beauties on my TECNO CAMON 15. But to be honest, the macro features on TECNO Camon 15 camera is just on another level. I love the depth and colors. #CamonCEO #camon15 #TECNOForNigerians #camon #tecnocamon #TECNOxWizkid #Tecno #tecnomobile #macrophotography Read all >>

Gamer's Pick Of The Week: Asphalt Nitro

Aha Games | 2020-08-0316172

AHA Games
What a great start it would be to the week if we added some adrenaline fun by downloading and play Asphalt Nitro on of the best car racing games you can ever find With an Approval Ratingof 91% and Critic Rating 87% this is one game you should totally check out Read all >>


Hoilakes | 2020-08-042269

CAMON 15 Series
Hi TFANS do you know you can get around your TECNO CAMON 15 in different ways, apart from the follow come or common navigation settings. Probably you have been seeing some guys navigating their device in a special way (gesture navigation), like seeing them going to the main menu without the pressing the normal 3 buttons, it’s not a magic read this shot guides on how to get this done to the end. To access your system navigation on your Camon 15 go to SETTINGS, click on System Navigation immediately the page comes up. The default navigation system has the three button layout you are familiar with, the back button (from the left) the main menu button (at the middle) and the minimize button (at the left) The three button navigation as listed above could be swapped, you can set the layout having the GO TO PERVIOUS PAGE (Back) Button to the left or right and the GO TO RECENT APPS (minimize) Button to left or right as well. While the MIDDLE (home) button is on the right spot for any of the preferred left to right or right to left three-button navigation system choice HOW TO Go to Settings Click on System Navigation Click on Three-button Navigation Select the preferred choice. Gesture Navigation This feature allows you to swipe from different angles to navigate from your current page to home page, to recent apps or back to previous page without pressing any button You can swipe up to return to the home screen Swipe up and hold to open recent apps Swipe up from the edges to go back And swipe up from both lower sides of the screen to activate voice google assistant HOW TO Go to Settings Click on System Navigation Click GESTURE NAVIGATION (the system navigation is automatically set as gesture navigation) Take the tutorial Click on more settings to configure the BACK SENSITIVITY settings Activate Google Voice Assistant This is the real deal; you don’t need to spend millions on smartphones to feel the real technology it has been packaged for you in TECNO CAMON 15 Device and other TECNO SMARTPHONES Kindly drop your opinion and how to go about this from other devices. THANK YOURead all >>


lummyfinest | 2020-08-044169

Hi TFans, Microsoft apparently no longer wants you to install CCleaner on Windows 10. Bleeping Computer has discovered that the software has now been flagged as Potentially Unwanted Software by Windows Defender. Potentially unwanted software, sometimes referred to as Potentially Unwanted Applications or PUA, does not fall under the category of malware. But it is defined as potentially annoying software. Here's how Microsoft explains its decision: “Several CCleaner free and 14-day trial installers come bundled with applications, including applications that are not required by CCleaner or produced by the same publisher, Piriform,” the company writes. "While the bundled applications themselves are legal, bundling software, especially third-party products, can lead to unexpected software activity that can negatively impact the user experience." The suite includes Google Chrome, Google Toolbar, Avast Free Antivirus, and AVG Antivirus Free. It's worth noting that Avast owns AVG as well as publisher CCleaner Piriform. This move by Microsoft further exacerbated the plight of CCleaner, which has not yet recovered from the damage to its reputation 3 years ago. In the version of CCleaner released in 2017, hackers managed to insert code to steal data from users. However, developer CCleaner is confident that this latest issue with Windows 10 will not last long. “We are in the process of working with Microsoft to understand why CCleaner was recently identified as a potentially unwanted application,” says a CCleaner spokesperson. "We believe there is a bundle issue and we believe we have addressed this issue so that our product is no longer flagged as unwanted software."Read all >>

Help Rearrange This Image

Aha Games | 2020-08-047110

AHA Games
Salute gamers. Here's a quick fun game we can play. Can you help rearrange this image into the right order? Download and Play Lords Mobile on the new AHA Games Mobile App Read all >>

Carlcare Comment and Win Contest

ahiadzro | 2020-08-049139

This post was last edited by ahiadzro at 2020-8-5 21:54 This is a comment and win contest. Simply tell Carlcare what you expect to see from them in terms of services; be that lucky number and win. How To Participate?Step 1: Open your Carlcare App > Click on Activity or Discover > Reply to win contestStep 2: Reply under the post (Reply with the service you expect Carlcare to provide) Who Can Participate?Every registered Carlcare app user Rules1. Every account holder can only reply 3 times, if you reply more than 3 times, you will be disqualified2. For more chances, register a new account to participate Activity Time 4th August ~ 31th August Gifts To Be Won1. Smartphone: The 100000th reply2. 1GB Mobile Data: The 50000th, 90000th replies3. 500MB Mobile Data:The 10000th, 20000th, 30000th, 40000th, 70000th, 80000th Replies4. 100MB Mobile Data for each of the following NOTE: 1. To take note of your comment number, check the attachment below (You would notice your comment number on the right) 2. The gifts will be distributed before 18th September 20203. The winning comments would be updated every day at the bottom of the post (on your Carlcare App)4. To download the Carlcare app, click here Read all >>


Barekese Mmrante Hene | 2020-08-040139

The most loved messaging app of youth, WhatsApp gives new updates every day. It keeps on adding new features to its platform. According to the recent news, WhatsApp is working on the new feature. Soon after the arrival of this feature, the messages sent by the users will be deleted automatically after some time. WhatsApp is testing this new feature. It has been reported that it has been revealed in the report of WABetaInfo that this new feature beta version of WhatsApp users has been spotted in the V2.19.275 version. In the latest version, users will be able to enable Expiring messages in Settings. Through this feature, users will be able to use the auto-delete message feature in chat after seven days. According to this news, after the arrival of this feature, WhatsApp's messages will be deleted from the chat after the time set by the user. The user who has sent the message has to mark the chat as Disappeared. So far this feature has been spotted for group chat. This feature has not yet been made available for the public beta version. There are reports that the purpose of WhatsApp with this work is to make the app lighter and the new version will show a time limit of 7 days to delete the chat. In this, 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, and 1-year option is being given to the users for auto-delete messages.Read all >>

TECNO Device User Guidance #4 Save Your Phone from Faint!

TECNO SPOT | 2020-08-041312195

Dear T-fans,We are launching a new series to answer for all of the problems you have encountered during using TECNO phones.We have collected the most frequently asked questions and we will provide tutorials for each question and update weekly.Have you ever experienced this situation? Your mobile phone suddenly stop working and the screen turns to black. Don’t be nervous~ It doesn’t mean that your phone is “dead”. Possibly it can be save by some simple operations. This time we will talk about the solutions for the mobile phones crashing.Let's get started!There are two different types of Android phones. One’s battery is detachable. We could directly open the back and take battery out. Then we install the battery again and press the power button to reopen the phone. For most situation, it would solve the crashing problem of smart phones. If it does not work, we suggest that this phone should be sent to the repair shop. Because we can not deal with this kind of problems by ourselves.As for the mobile phones with non-removable battery, we need to choose another method. Firstly we can wait for a few minutes, because the same situation also appears when the phone jams. If later the screen still does not react, we should adopt a rather “violent” way. Press the power button and volume- to enter the Factory Mode. In Factory Mode, we can only use volume button to control. “+” is for “up” and “-” is for “down”. After choosing “Item Test-Keys”, we can restart the phones. Read all >>

[Battery Survey] How often do you charge your phone per day?

TECNO SPOT | 2020-08-038627

Dear T-Fans, It's our mission to provide better user experience and your voice is vital in this part. We noticed that battery is 1 of the most important things that T-Fans disscussed here at T-SPOT. We would like you to take this 2 minites survey so we can learn more about your battery usage experience and serve you better. Click here to join the survey if you can't open the link please copy to your browser Thanks a lot for your support! TECNO SPOT OFFICIAL Read all >>

Do You Want to Earn Money While Playing Games? Join Our Team As a Part-Time Content Developer!

Aha Games | 2020-07-31408261

AHA Games
Hey AHA Fans! Are you interested in the exciting Gaming Industry? Are you a fan of mobile games, and how they shape the modern day lifestyle? Do you have experience in content curation and content management? Then bring your expertise to support our global tech brand, and trigger a positive impact to our gamers all over the world.Who we are looking for: - Mobile Game Fans - Fluent in English and one of the following languages (French, Arabic, Urdu, Hindi) Get Paid by Just Playing Games: To Apply, Please Follow this Link Good Luck: The AHA Games Team Read all >>


ts7013507125 | 2020-08-026172

shots on camon Read all >>
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