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Count down begin- HiOS12 is Coming.

HiOS Official Account | 2022-10-27171460

Hello T-Fans, Are you missing out something on the banner? Read it again.🥰 Yes, that is right! Just 1 more day to the launch of the mother of all Operating System. Connect to HiOS Facebook and YouTube Channel to witness the home coming of an excellent life. It is here. Read all >>

HiOS12 Launch Date Unveiled. Don't miss out!

HiOS Official Account | 2022-10-27142141

Hello T-Fans,What a time to experience innovation! The TECNO HiOS12 is set to launch on the 28th October, 2022 at 07:00GMT. HiOS12 at its peak, is designed for every user and coming with unexpected powerful, innovative, seamless experience for an excellent life. Every T-fan is enjoined to connect to this launch via HiOS social media Facebook and YouTube Channel to know and see, first hand, this promised package that is coming right to the world at this moment. Are you ready people?🙋‍♀️🙋🙋‍♂️ Read all >>

HiOS12 is Coming! Be empowered for a Seamless & Excellent Experience.

HiOS Official Account | 2022-10-25283285

Hello T-Fans, Light up the comment section below to prove you're ready for what is coming. 👌 Another era of intelligent, convenient and seamless innovation just for you. Coming in the next few days is HiOS12. Kindly keep tap on our accounts for updates. Read all >>

T-SPOT adds news section

TECNO SPOT Official | 2022-10-1494157527

Moderator Apply
Hi T-Fans: T-SPOT adds news section,More news for you! Read all >>


TECNO SPOT Official | 2022-10-17593279223

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Hi-T-Fans: TECNO, October 17, 2022 – Today, TECNO launched its brand-new SPARK 9 Pro Sport Edition for passionate Gen Z. Designworks, a BMW group company, is responsible for the color, material and finish design of this superior model. Fusing world-class automobile design and luxurious touches with SPARK ’s trendy design language, the Sport Edition creates a distinct icon of the young and their culture, allowing them to express their aspiration for passion, speed and style. “Working together with a company like TECNO is inspiring, as it gives us the opportunity to focus on another user experience – the smartphone. While there is a difference in scale, something smartphones and cars have in common is that they are extremely personal and are relied on daily by their users, and they are also a means of personal expression. ” said Andre De Salis, Creative Director,Industrial Design at Designworks. The application of color and pattern is always the first language for Gen Z to show their own style. Taking its cue from an icy crystal talisman, the blue and white color scheme of the SPARK 9 Pro Sport Edition reminds people of the power and drama of the superhero. The bold and bright blue expresses the elements of metaverse and also presents futurism, while the purity and primitiveness of white appeals to young consumers who wish to express their refinement and preference for high standards. The SPARK 9 Pro Sport Edition’s unparalleled triangular texture also elevates the phone from a regular high-powered handset to the mobile phone counterpart of a frontier luxury sedan. The use of triangles, which traditionally symbolize stability and power, allows the Sport Edition to convey the sense of identity and confidence that comes with owning a premium car. At the same time, the dynamic triangular design also brings the phone to life and expresses a feeling of speed, which reveals the internal capabilities and diverse functionality of the phone. Young consumers looking for a touch of lush will also be drawn to the phone’s intricate crystal diamond-cut elements. This finishing touch creates a subtle sense of luxury that discreetly expresses the younger generations’ desire for opulence, rather than the overt expressions of splendour that are more ubiquitous in traditional luxuryhandsets.Furthermore, this feature conveys a sense of time-tested refinement to young consumers looking to differentiate themselves from convention. This Sport Edition came with all the great features of the SPARK 9 Pro, including 32MP front camera, MediaTek Helio G85 chipset and the 6.6" 1080P Full HD large screen, bringing extraordinary fun and pleasure for passionate young users and allowing them to best express their own intrinsic and extrinsic identity. Pricing & Availability The TECNO SPARK 9 Pro Sport Edition is expected to be broadly available across key regions including Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East. Pricing varies by region. Read all >>

Happy Independence/National day

Palm Store | 2022-09-3089768

Palm Store
Dear Palmstore Lovers, On this date 1st of October, 2022, we mark this day to celebrate Freedom and 黄金周. Happy Independence day to all Nigerians, and Happy National day to all Chinese. Read all >>

Version update-

TECNO SPOT Official | 2022-09-30571356600

Hi T-Fans: Please go to Google Play and search for "TECNO SPOT" to download the update. We are the Tecno Spot team and recently we got many feedbacks. For the purpose of improving your experience in our app, we updated and fixed a number of content and issues in the app, and have now released the latest version3.2.0.2 to theGoogle Play App Store. This update adds news module, supports name modification, and makes video publishing more interesting! Read all >>

Voice button Preference investigation

TECNO SPOT Official | 2022-09-3080109456

Dear fans, The "Vioce button" is a dynamic button that appears when the user evokes the voice assistant to demonstrate the ongoing interaction. To know more about your preference, we sincerely invite you to participate in our investigation. Your opinion is critical to the further optimization of our products. Click the link: Activity time:10/1-10/7 Read all >>


HiOS Official Account | 2022-09-26157474

Hi T-Fans, Do you know someone using their talent to make a living? Tag them in the comment section and let's celebrate them. In our #LifeWithoutLimits series, we look at Ayrosh, a Folk Fusion Musician from Kenya who decided to use his amazing voice to break barriers and become one of the most celebrated #FolkFusion artists in #Kenya. What is stopping you from chasing dreams through your talent? #BeGreatWithHiOS #HiOS #TECNO #CAMON19#HiOSTalentShow #LifeWithoutLimits Read all >>


HiOS Official Account | 2022-09-26102309

Hello T-Fans, With ordinary talents💪 and extraordinary perseverance, all things are attainable✊. Are you that rising star, looking for a big break? Let us know that special talent you possess in the comments😀 #HiOS #LifeWithoutLimits #TECNO #CAMON19 #HiOSTalentShow Read all >>


HiOS Official Account | 2022-09-2092669

Hello T-Fans, What does it take to assemble a vehicle you may ask? In our #LifeWithoutLimits series, we look at Ibitoye Michael an inventor from Nigeria who decided to use what was around him to assemble cars and experience life without limits. We celebrate you !! Turn on the notifications for the Full Video Interview Read all >>


HiOS Official Account | 2022-09-121718463

Hi T-Fans, What possibilities can you achieve with just a pair of clippers? On our #HIOSTalentShow series, be ready to be wowed by this exceptional talent. Watch the Full Video Interview Read all >>


HiOS Official Account | 2022-09-12526051

Hello T-Fans, Everyone is blessed with a unique talent. What is yours? HiOS is geared toward inspiring you to live a #LifeWithoutLimits by constantly exploring new possibilities. Join us, as we tell the riveting stories of some exceptionally talented individuals who have broken barriers by using their gifts to earn a good living and impact society at large. Are you one of these individuals? Share your story in the comment section.✍️ Read all >>

Visha Video Player: improved video assistant & tools for a cinematic experience.

HiOS Official Account | 2022-09-07116351

Hello T-Fans, Seamlessly, uninterruptedly, comfortably, and thrilling is the best description of a movie experience on a mobile phone. What makes a movie experience unique as described above is when you can do multiple things while watching a movie without using the split-screen or minimizing the movie screen. At that point in time where you want to watch movies on your smartphone, calls and messages starts flowing in because a lot of people seem to be available for chats and talks. These calls and messages interrupt your movie, and when you have to reply, the distraction and closing becomes much. With this problem in mind, HiOS came up withthe possibility of blocking calls and messages, and floating notifications on the Visha Video Player. Constantly bothered by instant messages, incoming calls while you are watching videos?Or want to screenshot the screen while you are watching the highlights of movies? On HiOS 8.6, Video Assistant was introduced to curb this problem. HiOS Video Assistant makes a quick start possible by adding a useful panel along the sidebar which included high-frequent apps such as WhatsApp, chrome, and tools like screen recording, screenshot, messages, etc. You can turn on the feature in 1 second while watching a video. For example, you can quickly reply to important messages or browse through a plot of the video on your browser without having to leave your video screen. What’s more, you can also listen to YouTube video audio while the screen is locked. The HiOS video assistant is a very rich feature that curtails the disturbance users get when watching movies. The beautiful pull-out interface is amazing and does not in any way obstruct your video screen. Just like in Game mode, you can reply to WhatsApp messages, calls, SMS, and do a lot more on your Video Assistant. Have you used this feature? Share your experience with us in the comment section below! Read all >>

Video to Mp3- Here is how to convert your favorite video to an mp3 and use as ringtone

HiOS Official Account | 2022-09-05101242

Hello T-fans, One of the amazing features and possibilities on HiOS 8.6 is the ability to use part of a video sound as ringtone without installing any third party app. Simply launch the Visha video player, follow the instructions and you're good as perfect. Watch tutorial below Read all >>

Social Turbo: A very special tool on your WhatsApp

HiOS Official Account | 2022-08-291514618

Social Turbo is not a new feature as you might have noticed. On every HiOS update, comes a better improvement in terms of processing and accessibility. Social Turbo is a Whatsapp Assistant panel with multiple features to help a user enjoy a better messaging experience. This powerfully packed feature includes: 1. Flashlight notification on WhatsApp calls 2. WhatsApp Status Saver - save friends status either pictures or videos directly to your phone storage 3. Auto face makeup during video calls 4. Peek Mode: which allow users to read messages and the sender won't know it's been read - read receipts 5. WhatsApp Mode: to stop other apps from using the internet data except WhatsApp- very useful tool for saving data 6. Voice Recorder: Record WhatsApp conversations without installing any third party app 7. Read Deleted WhatsApp messages 8. Sticker maker and 8. Data/Junk cleanup With Social Turbo, be rest assured of a seamless experience all-in-one-box. Have you been using Social Turbo? Let us hear your experience in the comment section below. Read all >>

Version update reminder-

TECNO SPOT Official | 2022-08-25453311122

Moderator Apply
Hi T-Fans: Please go to Google Play and search for "TECNO SPOT" to download the update. We are the Tecno Spot team and recently we got many feedbacks. For the purpose of improving your experience in our app, we updated and fixed a number of content and issues in the app, and have now released the latest version to theGoogle Play App Store. If you are still using old version, please go to the Google Play and update it to the new version as soon as possible. We will not be operating the old version soon. Thank you for your constant support and company. I am looking forward to meeting you again in the new version. Best regards, Tecno Spot Team Read all >>

Sign in every day, prizes are waiting for you!

TECNO SPOT Official | 2022-07-211460305408

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Hi T-Fans: Sign in every day, prizes are waiting for you! Sign in for 3 consecutive days, get mobile phone credit. Sign in for 7 consecutive days to participate in the lottery and have a chance to win mobile phone prizes! Click "Mine" page, click "Sign" for daily check-in. Read all >>

You Will Triumph

Palm Store | 2022-08-2242514

Palm Store
Dear Palmstore Lovers, keep trying. You will triumph. Read all >>

Improved Gaming Experience on HiOS 8.6

HiOS Official Account | 2022-08-22229374

Hello T-Fans, Looking at how far HiOS has come with the improvement in gaming features, one could say it is enough. But, the limitless reach of technology gives more opportunity to do better, improve and provide more cutting-edge experience to users when gaming. HiOS 8.6 provides various range of gaming support such as: The game mode: which enables a gamer to 1. Improve RAM processes and increase gaming performance 2. Boost game processes by monitoring gaming time and usage 3. Blocking disturbing calls and messages when gaming 4. Multitasking, responding to messages, calls without leaving the game screen and lots more. The improvement that comes with HiOS 8.6 includes speed and processing, smooth running and faster refresh rate. Uniquely designed game mode panel to easily access overlay apps from within the gaming window. Special shoot button customisable by the user to use any of the volume key and the zero disturbance. We would like you to share your gaming experience with us and what improvement you're yet to see on HiOS 8.6. Read all >>
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