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What’s the most challenging thing you do

TECNO SPOT Official | 2021-09-301565276323

Hi T-Fans:Share the most challenging thing you have ever done。 This time, 3 lucky winners will be chosen from the comment section. You can comment several times to increase your chances of winning. We will be delivering gifts from Announce the fourth round of winnersMobile phone winnersID:503365 USER NAME:CHOOSEN Other winners will be delivering gifts from tecnostopatnothingID:856137 USER NAME:joshuapercyID:915176 USER NAME:32031374 For the three winners: Please contact the local administrator. We will distribute the prizes in a centralized manner. Read all >>

One Letter To Our Fans

TECNO SPOT Official | 2021-07-30162159712

Moderator Apply
Hi T-fans, We are the Tecno Spot team and recently we got many feedbacks. For the purpose of improving your experience in our app, we updated and fixed a number of content and issues in the app, and have now released the latest version to the googleplay app store.If you are still using version 2.0, please go to the Google Play and update it to the new version as soon as possible. We will not be operating the old version soon. Thank you for your constant support and company. I am looking forward to meeting you again in the new version. Best regards, Tecno Spot Team Read all >>


Palm Store | 2021-10-071883

Palm Store
Dear Palmstore Lovers. We are creating a special Day to appreciate you for using palmstore and referring palmstore to your family and friends. In order to be selected on this special day, you have to be an active user of Palmstore app, and you have to be active on our facebook post by reacting, commenting,and sharing. Thank you so much for using palmstore. We appreciate you. Read all >>

Something big is coming. Are you ready?

HiOS Official Account | 2021-10-05343058

Hello T-fans, Evolving round the cosmos with innovative mindset is what defines the heart of HiOS. A user who has been following HiOS for this short period of launch can categorically say HiOS is on top of the game. No relenting. No dull innovation. Smart, simple and intuitive is what HiOS is known for; an operating system at Zenith. HiOS has contributed greatly to the success of TECNO mobile devices as it stands as the greatest android operating system. Little wonder it is still standing the unbeatable outstanding user interface of the year - both of 2020 and 2021 respectively. HiOS is still exploring and bringing to her users, the experience and feel of what an operating system should be. This is why, HiOS is delighted to give you a little gist. SOMETHING BIG IS COMING. Stay alert on all our channels. Turn on your notifications and follow every handle of HiOS. We are coming BIG. Read all >>

Customer Services Feedback

Palm Store | 2021-10-0562593

Palm Store
Dear Palmstore lovers, What are your issues concerning Palmstore? Do you have challenges looking for your favourite app on Palmstore? Let us know in the comment section! Read all >>

Share what you do with passion

TECNO SPOT Official | 2021-09-24881409908

Hi T-Fans:Have you worked hard for something that you are really passionate about? This time, 3 lucky winners will be chosen from the comment section. You can comment several times to increase your chances of winning. We will be delivering gifts from Announce the thrid round of winners:ID:890194 USER NAME:kiandotthID:886577 USER NAME:ts8124151570ID:913054 USER NAME:ts0604427830 For the three winners: Please contact the local administrator. We will distribute the prizes in a centralized manner. Read all >>


HiOS Official Account | 2021-09-28524474

Hello T-Fans, The countdown began last week and here we are, still asking you to be a participant in the ongoing HiOS Fitness Challenge. You know why? It's never too late to start. HiOS fitness challenge is not just an online event or fun but a health walk. To feel the experience of keeping fit and engaging with many people all over the internet. Our fans already submitted entries and yes, you still can be among the lucky winners. Simply copy and paste this link on your browser to see the rules and participate there. It's simple, fun and healthy. Waiting for you. Ending this month... few hours to go.Read all >>

Share your own story

TECNO SPOT Official | 2021-09-17907444939

Hi T-Fans:In pursuing your dreams and pursuing excellence, what is the story of the realization of your wishes? This time, we will select 3 lucky winners in the district. Whoever has the most likes will be the one who has witnessed the success. Gifts from Besides, of the 3 selected winners, will win a TECNO phone. Announce the second round of winnersID:856137 USER NAME:joshuapercyID:915176 USER NAME:32031374ID:503365 USER NAME:CHOOSENFor the three winners: Please contact the local administrator. We will distribute the prizes in a centralized manner. Read all >>

TECNO Establishes Security Response Center, Taking TECNO's Security Ecosystem to the New Level

HiOS Official Account | 2021-09-24162610

TECNO Mobile recently established official security response center (SRC) (, a platform for cooperation and exchanges between TECNO and security industry experts, researchers and organizations. This remarks a strategic move that reiterates TECNO’s consistent commitment on security and help upgrade TECNO’s security ecosystem to a higher level. TECNO SRC has launched a bug bounty program to encourage external security researchers to submit vulnerabilities detected to the security team, and reporters are entitled to get an up to $7,000 reward based on the evaluation of the impact of vulnerabilities. More than 45 models under TECNO Mobile's four smartphone lines -PHANTOM, CAMON, SPARK and POVA are listed for the bug bounty program.Stephen Ha, general manager of TECNO said: “ At TECNO, our first priority is offering the most secure mobile experience to our users. SRC is of strategic significance for TECNO to create a comprehensive upgrade of TECNO's security ecology. Through SRC, we have gone one solid step further on mobile security protection for our users in over 70 global emerging markets.” John Peng, head of security department said: “We understand that under current social circumstance, users’ privacy and information security are vital. TECNO has been continuously executing diversified plans in terms of enhancing our product security. By cooperating with international security professionals through the establishment of SRC, we are sure that wecan provide users more secure mobile using experience.” Starting from coding, application and firmware, the security department carries out security management and audits at each stage of product design, development, testing and release. This is to ensure that all software installed on each device can pass a series of rigorous security checks, including the tests of TECNO security scanning platform, Google Play Protect, GMS BTS and VirusTotal. In addition, TECNO has been regularly sending 90-day security patch updates to users to ensure product safety and protect user equipment from malicious software. Moving forward, TECNO plans to reach cooperation with the international vulnerability public testing platform and continue to build a robust security ecosystem to offer the secure mobile experiences that users in over 70 emerging markets can trust. For more information about TECNO Security Response Centre and bounty program, please visit:] Distributed by APO Group on behalf of TECNO Mobile. Read all >>

#TheFridayChallenge: Can You Spot Any Feature Of The Phantom X?

TECNO SPOT NG | 2021-09-24341741

Hello T-fans. Would you like to try our Friday Challenge for today? If yes, then see if you can spot any feature of the PHANTOM X on the image puzzle. Note: To see the image attached to this thread, update your Tspot app or view in desktop mode via web. Read all >>

It's a countdown. Have you participate in the bid for the $1000 share???

HiOS Official Account | 2021-09-23134252

Hello T-Fans, This is no strange news to you anymore. Yes! up to a $1000 giveaway to the lucky winners of the 30 days HiOS fitness challenge. Have you send in your entry? If yes, show more. If no, what else are you waiting for? The fitness challenge is a very fun filled and healthy challenge that many of our fans are participating in. You can still submit your entry before the end of this month and stand a chance be a shareholder of the $1000. The game is simple and fun yet, Health wise. You stand to improve well being and win a share of a $1000 following this simple rule: Simply share a photo of you either doing some PUSH-UPS, CARDIO, or PLANKING and just show us how fit you are. Click this link to join now. all >>

TECNO launches its new brand slogan and first brand video "Stop At Nothing"

TECNO SPOT Official | 2021-08-246832711

Moderator Apply
Hi T-Fans:August 2021, Global premium smartphone brand, TECNO, today launched it's new brand slogan of Stop At Nothing with a brand video, while launching a brand campaign hashtagged #StopAtNothing that pays tribute to those who continue to push forward against all odds. #StopAtNothing represents TECNO's recognition of human progress and people's pursuit for purpose, potential and excellence. Activity link: www.tecnostopatnothing.comPromotional video: #StopAtNothing is TECNO's next step in delivering promise of unlocking the best of contemporary smartphone technologies and making it accessible for global emerging markets. TECNO's brand campaign celebrates “progressive mavericks” and those “young at heart”, the youth who admirably stayed resilient in the face of adversity. The campaign, which will be rolled out across the globe, features several above-the-line elements including a 60-second global brand video created to demonstrate the resilience of the human spirit. It will be supported by a strategic execution of digital, social and PR tactics emanating from representative markets such as Nigeria, Kenya, India, Turkey, Philippines and Russia. #StopAtNothing is much more than anther brand campaign,” says Xu. “It represents the values and the attitude that we as a brand embrace and TECNO’s role in providing the technology they need to progress even further.” TECNO's goal is to become the most admired tech brand in the world, and continually making breakthroughs in product and experience innovations. Earlier this year, TECNO announced its latest “superpower” – securing Chris Evans, an A-list Hollywood celebrity as its worldwide brand ambassador. This signing has intensified TECNO's determination to be recognised as a leader in global emerging markets. As the brand continues to grow on the world stage, TECNO now finds itself competing with major mainstream brands, who undoubtedly will sit up and take note of TECNO's “super-heroic” maneuver. About TECNOTECNO is a premium smartphone and AIoT devices brand from TRANSSION Holdings. With “Stop At Nothing” as its brand essence, TECNO is committed to unlocking the best contemporary technologies for progressive individuals across global emerging markets, giving them elegantly designed intelligent products that inspires consumers to uncover a world of possibilities. TECNO understands the needs of consumers from different markets and provides them with localized innovations and design breakthroughs demonstrated through their mastery of serving consumers who are “young at heart” and never stops pursuing excellence. TECNO's portfolio spans across smartphones, tablets, smart wearables and AIoT devices made for consumers in over 70 emerging markets world-wide. TECNO is also the Official Partner of Manchester City, Premier League Champions 2020-21. For more information, please visit: Read all >>

$1000 up for grab in the HiOS Fitness Challenge

HiOS Official Account | 2021-09-089615853

Hello T-Fans, Let's turn the play around a little. Let us know how fit you are and can be by participating in this fun challenge. HiOS Fitness Challenge. The game is simple and fun yet, Health wise. You stand to improve well being and win a share of a $1000 following this simple rule: Simply share a photo of you either doing some PUSH-UPS, CARDIO, or PLANKING and just show us how fit you are. HOW TO PARTICIPATE 1. Take a photo of you or your friend PLANKING, DOING CARDIO WORKOUTS, or doing PUSH-UPS. Ensure that the photo either has a TECNO WATERMARK, TECNO/HiOS Merchandise on it, or a TECNO device in the vicinity. 2. Post as a comment telling us why it is easier for you to keep fit with HiOS under this post. 3. Invite your friends to your entry and encourage them to like and comment on it. 4. Like and share this post and make sure you're following our page on Facebook and TikTok. Feel free to let us know what you would like us to do in HiOS to make your fitness journey better. The most brilliant comments and photos will be selected and screened live for final selection where winners will be selected and awarded a piece of the $1,000. Get on this and show us just how fit you are! The contest runs till the 30th of September 2021. Terms and Conditions Apply. Let's go get fit.Read all >>

What do you know about yourself?

TECNO SPOT Official | 2021-09-10191303897

Hi T-Fans:How do you define "yourself"? Do you really know yourself? Do you know your needs? The person who pursues excellence must be a confident and hardworking person. Pursue excellence and surpass yourself. Comment on the perception that you have of "yourself". We will select 3 lucky winners and send them a gift from Announce the first round of winnersID:910395 USER NAME:31956250ID:910271 USER NAME:arianna13ID:910169 USER NAME:31952614Please contact the local administrator for the above three winners. We will distribute the prizes in a centralized manner. Read all >>

App Recommendation

Palm Store | 2021-09-1572984

Palm Store
Recommended Game for the week is "Pull him out!" Curious about it? Go to Palmstore to download for free. Read all >>

Fun & Creativity: Make Videos like a pro with HiOS Pic Film.

HiOS Official Account | 2021-09-14185264

Hello T-Fans, If you are not already aware, get loaded now. Everyday, there are tons of stunning videos been created and posted online. You could see amazing transition and striking effects you're wishing you could also create. Unlike the videographer who uses advance software to edit images into videos and put many effects, you're stocked with just plain raw videos you took and images you snapped. What if you're told that you can create stunning videos like a cinematographer using just your phone and your images without downloading any third party app? Yes, you're surprised! With the launch of HiOS 7.6, many amazing features came along. Among this many features is the PIC FILM. The Pic Film is a feature you use to turn your pictures into eye-catching movies. Simply select a few of your photos and you have a blockbuster in your hands. You can use it to create special memories for your best friend or relative. You can also use it to convert your product images into stunning video ad for social media and have great engagement. The Pic Film comes with different templates that you can simply select for the images you want and boom, the magic is done. Each of this template comes with background music and you don't need to worry about inserting music. To use Pic Film on any HiOS 7.6 powered device such as the Phantom X, 1.Launch your AI Gallery, 2. Navigate to Tools and select Pic Film. Have you used this feature? Let us know your thought in the comment section.Read all >>

What do you think is "perfection"?

TECNO SPOT Official | 2021-09-03129101625

Hi T-fans:How do you define "perfection"? Is it the pursuit of excellence or the endless pursuit of perfection? For the sake of perfection, you may give up many things that make you happy; you may also give up your ideal job for the sake of perfection... Comment on your understanding and personal story of "perfection", we will select 3 lucky winners and send them a gift from Read all >>

How do you persevere to achieve your dreams?

TECNO SPOT Official | 2021-08-27144107324

Hi T-Fans:What is your future aspiration? The yearning for the future and the persistence of dreams when young. How many difficulties have we experienced, how many times have we thought about giving up, but finally in the end, has your dream come true? The courage of 18 years old is still there. May you look forward to what is ahead and meet the What is your wish? How do you persevere for this dream? Tell us your dreams, tell us your story. We will select 3 lucky people who have persisted in their dreams and have worked hard. T-Spot will guard the original dream together with you. Read all >>

Hot ?! Have you joined the HiOS #30Days Fitness Challenge? Hurry now

HiOS Official Account | 2021-09-10127594

Hello T-Fans, What are you waiting for? Just few days ago we introduced a very hot event that is currently blowing spaces all over the internet. A very fun filled but health wise event that inspires fitness as you join the many HiOS Fans world wide. Many fans have joined and they're are showing us amazing body postures and gymnastic routine. We bet you've got even more. Show us your fitness walk by taking a picture of you doing any exercise. This could be Push ups, jogging, running, gymnast or weight lift. We encourage you to participate in this challenge as it doesn't only improve your well being but there is a price attached to it. A $1000 to share. Check out the amazing pictures fans are submitting all over . To participate in this event, simply follow the link below or search for $1000 if you're using the Tspot App. Read all >>

Tecno Pova 2: Another beast on its way

mayaa | 2021-08-26788088

POVA Series
Hello Fans The Chinese manufacturers Tecno launched its premium smartphone Pova 2 in the Philippines market. The smartphone comes with a large battery of up to 7,000 mAh which is a very huge battery. This is a manufacturer that has caught the eye several times, thanks to its smartphones with very interesting specs and an incredibly low price. The smartphone has the largest screen of 6.9 inches with a resolution of 1080 x 2460. Teco Pova 2 is a phone that is part of the Android 11 program with HIOS 7.6. Helio G85 with a Quad-core processor will take care of the speed of work, and it will be accompanied by 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. The company offers a Quad camera setup with LED flash on the back panel of this Tecno Pova 2. It has a 48-megapixel main camera with a 2-megapixel macro lens, and a pair of 2-megapixel depth sensors. At the same time, this phone has an 8-megapixel camera for selfies. Tecno Pova 2 smartphone in the Philippines market is launched at the price of PHP 7,990 that in Pakistani Rs is equal to 25,845 Rs. Read all >>
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