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Review: TECNO Hipods H2.

Rehan Sheikh | 2020-09-13241600

Hello T-Spot Users, Tecno has launched its Hipods H2 Wireless earphones in India. It seems that all smartphone makers are working on their iteration of earbuds. The Tecno Hipods H2 looks will compete with other brands. The earbuds carry a price tag of Rs. 1,999 and it will be available for purchase starting July 27 at 12pm via Amazon. The earbuds are offered in black and white color options. Hipods H2 Features The Tecno Hipods H2 comes with a 45 mAh battery which claims to offer six hours playback on a single charge and up to 24 hours with its charging case. It features an in-ear design and an Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) technology which offers better audio quality. In addition, the company mentions that the earbuds offer two hours of battery life on 15 minutes charging. The earphones feature Environment Noise Cancellation (ENC) technology which helps to avoid external sounds and with the smart touch controls feature of the earbuds, you can adjust volume, cut, or end the call, activate voice assistant. They are also IPX4 rated for dust and water resistance. The Hipods H2 comes with 120ms low-latency mode that offers better gaming experience and supports sync between audio and video. It supports Bluetooth 5.0 for connectivity and also features a smart pop-up interface for instant pairing. However, when it comes to battery life, Hipods H2 offers 6 hours of playback on a single charge whereas the Realme Buds Q gives 4.5 hours of playback. The Hipods H2 also has Environment Noise Cancellation and instant pairing features that are less commonly seen on low-cost earphones. Considering all the features of the earbuds can be said it is worth buying.Read all >>

SAVE YOUR PHONE FROM FREEZING or CRASHING NOW Share usage & diagnostics information with Google

Hoilakes | 2021-03-264996

Hi Tfans To help improve your Android experience and to avoid getting your phone freezing or app crashing, you can let your device send GOOGLE information about how you use it and how it’s working. You should check this out and activate it to prevent your Apps from getting freezing If you have additional Web & App Activity turned on, this info may be stored with your account. If so, you can see and delete it in My Activity. We use this info to personalize your Google services more and to improve GOOGLE's products and services for everyone. If you turn on usage and diagnostics, your device sends info to Google about what’s working and not working. For example, your device can send info like: Battery levelHow often you use your appsQuality and length of your network connections (like mobile, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth) To choose whether to send usage and diagnostics info to Google:Open your device's Settings app.Tap Google And then MoreAnd then Usage & diagnostics.Turn Usage & diagnostics on or off.Tip: If you use a shared device, other user profiles may change this setting. How Google uses this informationGoogle uses usage and diagnostics info to improve products and services, like Google apps and Android devices. All info is used in accordance with Google’s Privacy Policy, so you have to worry about data theft. For example, Google can use usage and diagnostics info to improve: Battery life: Google can use info about what's using the most battery on your device to help make common features useless battery. Crashing or freezing on devices: Google can use info about when apps crash and freeze on your device to help make the Android operating system more reliable.Some aggregated info can help partners, like Android developers, make their apps and products better, too. Turn usage & diagnostics on or offIf you turn off usage and diagnostics, your device can still get essential services, like a new version of Android. Turning off usage and diagnostics won’t affect info that apps might collect. Important: You're using a custom Android version. If these steps don't work for you, check with your device manufacturer.What information is shared with Google Follow @hoilakes for more INFO Read all >>


Hoilakes | 2020-08-296658

TECNO first hinted at a Chat Assistant on its HiOS Operating System back in 2019 when it introduced the HiOS Lab as an experimental lab where users can test out features and apps still in development. One of those features gave users customization and control features for WhatsApp. Now, the company has rolled out its new HiOSv6.0 Operating System alongside its newly launched Tecno Camon 15 series and guess what… It comes with the much-awaited Social Turbo feature! Social Turbo is a powerful toolset that contains large unbelievable features to optimize your WhatsApp chats. As we all know, If there is one app that is a must-have for most people today, it is WhatsApp. In fact, while it is possible to go one entire month without receiving a text message, it is almost impossible for you not to get at least one WhatsApp message from friends in a day. Many people have been looking for a way to get more control and customization for their WhatsApp. Unfortunately, these “solutions” have often led to violating the T&C of WhatsApp which most times cause more problems. Besides, users with these third-party apps are usually banned from using the chat service. This is where the Social Turbo comes in. HiOS Social Turbo integrates smoothly with your normal WhatsApp, which means you don’t have to worry about any bans or running afoul of WhatsApp rules. Also, you don’t have to download any third-party app. Internet data is a very precious commodity after all. Social Turbo doesn’t only give you security, it makes sure no one is stealing your information or introduce any malicious malware into your device. Social Turbo also ensures that you get the customization and control features that add more fun and color to your WhatsApp. This includes extra features exclusive to HiOS. And guess what, you do this entirely on your original WhatsApp itself without you needing to use a modified version. HOW TO USE SOCIAL TURBO It’s pretty easy to use the Social Turbo. All you need do is go to settings and locate the Social Turbo. Once you launch it, you are set up and ready to go on your way to awesome WhatsApp features. AWESOME FEATURES YOU WILL FIND IN SOCIAL TURBO 1.FLASHLIGHT NOTIFICATION People have different things they do with their WhatsApp but many people will agree that the Flashlight Notification is the coolest thing ever to add to WhatsApp. What do you think about having your phone flashlight blink when a call comes in on your phone? Cool right? That’s what you get with the Flashlight Notification. With this feature, you can differentiate between your phone calls and WhatsApp calls while setting yourself apart from other people. Also, this is really a very good accessibility feature for the deaf and hearing impaired that uses LED flash to provide a visible cue for incoming notifications. Whether you need flash notifications or you just want them for cool points, once you enable the feature, all you have to do is leave your Tecno phone screen-down and within sight, and you won’t just hear notifications come in – you’ll see them! 2. WHATSAPP VIDEO BEAUTY We are in a generation where we can see our loved one with our smartphones within seconds. But when our loved ones call, we can’t always use the makeup to look beautiful. But that was before Social Turbo. Now, Social Turbo gives you a simple hack to look beautiful instantly by using WhatsApp Video Beauty. Just like the name suggests, WhatsApp Video Beauty brings glamour to your WhatsApp video calls. Video Beauty makes you more attractive and beautiful on your WhatsApp video call even when you do not apply makeup. How it works Suppose you are calling someone on WhatsApp. As soon as you start calling, even before they attend the call, you can see an option at the left side corner to beautify your face. You can adjust the mode and by sliding on it and you see the instant transformation. 3.STATUS SAVER Another function of the Social Turbo that will thrill you is the Status Saver to save your friends’ status updates for as long as you like. If you have been looking for a way to save those hilarious status updates then you need not look further than the Social Turbo. You get different options for how long you want to save your status. Maybe a day, a week, 15 days, a month or forever. It’s all up to you. How to use: I. Turn on Status Saver in Social Turbo II. Watch status in WhatsApp first. III. Open your File Manager. IV. Your Favourite Status is already downloaded for you V. Watch the status for as long as you like 4. STICKER MAKER Add life and fun to your chats with the WhatsApp Sticker DIY feature of Social Turbo which gives you the ability to create your own stickers. Make yourself a sticker using your phone camera to take photos or simply use one of the photos on your phones to create a sticker, then you can share with your friends and make them laugh with your creative skills To create your own unique sticker with the Sticker Maker simply open the Social Turbo and click the Sticker Maker. Add your favourite pictures and edit as you want. And Voila, you can start sending to your friends. 5. CLEAN WHATSAPP Of course, for the troublesome photo clutter, the Clean WhatsApp of Social Turbo gives you solutions. You no longer have to worry about deleting unwanted photos and videos from groups one by one. Social Turbo gives you the ability to delete clutter from your WhatsApp helping you free up storage automatically and make sure your phone continues to run smoothly. 6. PEEK MODE Social media has become part of our daily lives. We are constantly chatting and sending messages to friends and families all day long. During our course of interactions on Whatsapp, lots of messages are sent and received. Out of those messages, some gets deleted by us, while some are deleted by the sender. There are also times where you want to quickly view a message sent to you, without the sender knowing we have viewed the message. Well, Makes all this possible with Peek Mode. How does it work? Just scroll to your Social Turbo App and open it. Select Peek Mode. And you would see all your missed Whatsapp messages, including the deleted messages. Read all >>

TECNO Buds1 Overview

ahiadzro | 2021-03-317817

This post was last edited by ahiadzro at 2021-3-31 04:07 TECNO buds1 is a fashionable, smart, and portable true wireless earbuds that provide purer bass and cinema-level stereo sound effects, compiled with powerful functions which are highly compatible with any TECNO device. It is designed to provide hands-free convenience when making calls, listening to music, or watching movies. Its unique touch controls offer a number of smart switching operations for receiving calls, triggering AI assistance, skipping, pausing or playing songs, and so much more. The earbuds feature a smart pop-up interface for instant pairing via Bluetooth 5.0 with a latency performance that is excellent for gaming. It is equipped with a lightweight high-efficiency charging case, that it's sturdy enough to be easily tossed into your pocket. Interestingly, not only do the earbuds offer an unstoppable music experience lasting 4 hours or more, but the powerful combination of both earbuds and charging box brings free enjoyment for more than 12 hours. It also has an IPX4 rating, which means it's sweatproof or splash resistant. The TECNO buds1 is packed with a charging box, USB charging cable, user manual, and silicone ear tips that push into your ear canal to provide noise cancellation by blocking ambient sound from the environment while keeping you dancing and productive. Surprisingly, for a low as $20, you could own the TECNO buds1,click here for the nearest accredited shops near you! Note: For the best listening experience, turn off your audio equalizer. See Also: TECNO Buds 1- Operations and Functions Read all >>

Welcome to April

Palm Store | 2021-04-018517

Palm Store
Happyy New Month Friends! What is April to you? Share your thoughts in the comment section. Read all >>

Google Meet now shows more participants in your mobile video calls

Willydavids ™ | 2021-03-300611

If you're in a Google Meet group video chat on a largescreen such as a desktop or laptop, you'll know the familiar tile layout thatshows several participants at once. This feature wasn't quite available tocallers on smartphones, however, until now. Google is rolling out the tile view for Google Meet mobileusers. Curiously, it's coming to iOS devices first, with Android devices"coming soon". So, instead of focusing on one caller at a time duringa group video call, Google Meet will now show more participants. In ascreenshot of the feature, Google shows eight tiles for eight callers, with abubble at the bottom indicating additional participants. This may seem like a very small feature, but it's animportant one given the times, and perhaps one that should've been rolled outmonths ago at the start of this year-long-and-counting pandemic. It allowspeople the opportunity to join a class, meeting, or be virtually social withthe ability to see everyone - all directly from their smartphones. No laptop ordesktop or large screen required. Read all >>


Hoilakes | 2021-03-306735


Game of the week

Palm Store | 2021-03-312028358

Palm Store
Here is our recommended game for the week. Relieve yourself from stress and enjoy the game. Read all >>


HiOS Official Account | 2021-03-30839096

Hello T-Fans, The screenshot feature is one of the most interesting features on a smartphone. It also happens to be one of great importance. Let rewind a bit to the days of early smartphones when screenshot hadn’t been invented yet. There was a similar feature called Munch where users would download the app and used it to screenshot pages. It was quite limiting and always had the annoying watermark that requires you to pay for the app before you can get rid of it. Now fast forward to the future of screenshots, where you could press some buttons, make a sign gesture or just press a button, and voila, you got a perfect screenshot! To screenshot on your device, there are 3 methods: - Press and hold the volume down key and power button simultaneously - Drag down 3 fingers on your phone screen - Drag down the notification panel and click on the screenshot icon And that is not even all... you can do a lot more with the screenshot you just took like crop, edit, label, frame, and a lot more. In this article, we would be examining the amazing tricks available on the inbuilt screenshot available on TECNO HiOS powered devices. Super screenshot This feature allows you to take a screenshot longer than the currently viewed page. Take, for example, you want to take a single screenshot of a document, but unfortunately, the document is quite lengthy and can fit into a mobile display page, this feature on the screenshot allows you to screen to the end of the page, even after screenshotting, thereby capturing the whole screenshot on just one page, instead of serial pages. So instead of having one page of the document or one picture in several screenshots, you can have the whole page as just one screenshot. Frame This feature is quite interesting. Say, for example, you want to take a screenshot but you don’t want it to look like a screenshot, you can add the frame of the device to it… this makes it appear like you took the picture of the phone, with the precise page you want showing on the screen. This makes a screenshot appear more professional and attractive. Crop This feature is also very important. It helps you to resize a screenshot taken on your device. Say, for example, you don’t want your friends to see the other part of a page, you can just screenshot the whole page and crop out the part you don’t want them to see. Doddle This feature of the screenshot basically allows you to do 3 things: - Allows you to scribble or draw anything you like on the picture or document you just screenshotted. There are several color options of markers available. Just click on the preferred color and you are good to go. - Allows you to arrow something (usually when you want people to focus on it). So once you take the screenshot and click on the doodle, click on the arrow icon and draw an arrow in whatever direction you want on the screenshot. - Allows you to circle an important part of a screenshot. This is similar to the marker feature, but in this case, you can only draw a circle with it. The size of the circle is determined by you. Mosaic This feature works more like the blur option. Sometimes, some other things are present in a screenshot that is not necessary or supposed to be there. It's too late, you can’t delete it, but you can blur it out with a mosaic. This feature doesn’t remove the object entirely, it just makes it unreadable or “blurred” out in a mosaic. Share This is a basic function. It allows you to share your screenshot instantly as you take them. Just click on this button and you are greeted with a variety of social media you can directly share your screenshot with/to. Delete So, assuming after you take a screenshot you change your mind, or the picture doesn’t capture what you intended to capture, you can just click on this button to delete the screenshot you just took. This saves you the strength of going to look for the screenshot in your AI Gallery Read all >>

How to schedule a text on Android with Google's Messages app

Willydavids ™ | 2021-03-303319

Google recently announced six updates for Android users, and one of them is the ability to schedule a text with Google Messages. Perhaps it's late at night and your partner is sleeping but you want to ask them to take the trash out in the morning without setting their phone off, or maybe you need to text your boss a work-related reminder but don't want to hit send at 1am. That's where scheduling a text message comes in handy. How 'schedule send' works in Google Messages Google's text-scheduling feature is called "schedule send". It works in the Messages app on Android phones running Android 7 or newer. - Open the latest version of the Messages app. - Start a new conversation or enter an existing one. - Type the message you’d like to schedule. - Don’t hit the send button when the message is composed. - Tap and hold the send button. - This prompts the scheduled send feature. - You can choose to send your message at pre-determined times or whenever. - If you choose to set up your own schedule, you’ll see a calendar and time picker. - Adjust the date and time and hit "Save" when done. - You'll see the scheduled time above your message with a clock on the send button. - Tap the clock send button to schedule your message. Note: This feature should work with all different types of texts - SMS, MMS, and Chat messages. Read all >>


Barekese Mmrante Hene | 2021-03-295743851


Monday Motivation

Palm Store | 2021-03-298652

Palm Store
Be your own HERO! Happy new week friends. What's the plan for the week? Read all >>

Game Time

Palm Store | 2021-03-263736082

Palm Store
What is the word hidden in these letters? To find out, you have to rearrange these letters. Have fun???????? Read all >>


HiOS Official Account | 2021-03-0810341119111

Hello T-Fans, Today is a beautiful day! And why is it beautiful? Because today is International Women's Day! Shout out to all the gorgeous and amazing women all around the world! Men, don't get jealous! So to celebrate this super amazing day, we would like you to write a love letter to any woman in your life (Wife, sister, daughter, colleague, friend, teacher, grandmother, crush, etc.) Tell them how much you love them and how much you cherish them. Rules - Each letter should not be more than 50 words. - You can write as many love letters as possible (Increases your chances) - Make sure you are following us on all media (T-Spot, Facebook, Tiktok, Youtube) Prizes Price 1st place: $20 2nd – 5th Place: $10 6th – 13th: $5 Duration This event begins on the 8th of March and ends on the 27nd of March, 2021 Read all >>

Job Placement Opportunity March 2021

Fort Rhona | 2021-03-223295

Job recruitment
Recent Jobs at Growth in Value Alliance Partners 1.) Relationship and Sales Manager - Female Location: Lagos Qualifications: First Degree (Minimum 2:2) Masters (an advantage) Experience: 4 years of relevant after Sales and support service experience in: Professional Services Sales and Marketing Customer Service and Relationship Management Must be a female Ability to speak Igbo language is an added advantage Candidates who live on the island is an added advantage Interested and qualified candidates should send their CV in MS Word to:,, using the "Job Title" as the subject of the email. Application Deadline: 31st March, 2021 Superintendent Pharmacist at Tonia Pharmacy Limited Location: Kano Central, Kano Qualifications: B.Pharm, M.Pharm qualification. 3 - 8 years Experience. How to Apply Interested and qualified candidates should send their CV to: Note: Accommodation will be made available if you are interested to work in Kano central and you base in another location. Please this job is open to ONLY licenced pharmacist. For inquiries, call: +2348181087521 Application Deadline: 31st March, 2021. Recruitment Officer at Fortune Security Company Limited Job Title: Recruitment Officer Location: Lagos Qualifications: Bachelor's Degree Experience: 5 - 7 years. Interested and qualified? Send CV to: Deadline:24th March, 2021 Job Title: Graphics & Video Editor Location: Abuja Unit: Marketing Reports to: Head of Marketing Role Responsibilities: Design graphics for web pages, brochures, logos, signs, books, magazine covers, annual reports, advertisements, and other marketing & communication materials. Create these materials by using technology, including computer software programs. Adobe's Creative Suite - including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and more - is the standard in the industry and most employers expect designers to be proficient with its programs. Qualifications: BSc degree in Graphic Art or any related course 3-4 year experience Must Reside in Abuja Competencies / Skills Proven graphic designing experience A strong portfolio of illustrations or other graphics Familiarity with design software and technologies (such as InDesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Photoshop) Interested and qualified candidates should forward their CV to: Closing Date: 31st March, 2021. Eko maintenance limited at Victoria Island, Lagos is currently looking to hire the following roles: - Procurement Officer (2) - Storekeeper (2) - HSE Officer (2) - Driver (3) - Electricians (5) - Plumbers (5) - Carpenter (5) Candidates with working experience in a building maintenance firm would have added advantage. Qualified and interested candidates should kindly send their CV to VACANCY Training Interns needed urgently for immediate employment Available slot 10 Remuneration: 45k Kindly forward CV’s to Operations Assistant Trainee at PEC Location: Lekki Apply here Accounting Officer in a Leading Hospitality and Tourism Firm Location: Enugu Qualifications: The ideal candidates most have a minimum qualification of HND/BSc in similar Discipline with 3 -5 years experiences. Send CV to: Deadline: 25th Mar, 2021. Job Vacancies in a Pharmaceutical and Retail Chain Company 1.) Female Office Manager Location: Onitsha, Anambra Requirements: Candidates should possess a degree in any course They must possess a minimum of three years work experience in Admin, Office management, training & HR Preferred applicants must be aged between 25-32 years. They must be computer literate with ability to navigate the entire platforms of Microsoft Office Suite, especially powerpoint. Applicant must possess some Human Resources management, especially training experience They must currently reside in Onitsha and be ready to be interviewed in Onitsha which is the corporate headquarter of the company. Integrity, hard work, leadership skills, requisite experience and demonstrable competence are the critical considerations in obtaining this job. 2.) Female Customer Service Manager Location: Onitsha, Anambra Requirements: Candidates should possess a degree in any course. They must possess a minimum of two years work experience in customer service Preferred applicants must be aged between 25 - 32 years. They must be computer literate with ability to navigate the entire platforms of Microsoft Office Suite. They must currently reside in Onitsha and be ready to be interviewed in Onitsha which is the corporate headquarter of the company. Integrity, hard work, leadership skills, requisite experience and demonstrable competence are the critical considerations in obtaining this job. How To Apply Interested and qualified candidates should send their CV] Project Coordinator Industry: Telecoms Pay: N80,000 monthly gross Location: Ajah Qualifications: Civil Engineering Graduates Only Age bracket: 24 – 30 years Years of Experience: 1 – 2 years Person’s Specification- Goal driven, proficient in the use of excel, ready to work with other teams and have a good communication skill Candidate’s preferred location: Lekki – Ajah axis Interested candidates should please send their CVS to recruitment@phillipsoutsourcing.netwith Project Coordinator as Subject of the mail Care - Coordinator Location: Port Harcourt Requirements: 1. Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) 2. Minimum of 1-3 years work experience as a Care- Coordinator. 3.HMO Experience is required. Only qualified candidates should send Cvs to: Deadline: March 26, 2021. Position: Loan officers Location: Different locations across Lagos Educational Qualification: Minimum SSCE in any qualification Renumeration :40-70k Send CV to: using the job role as subject of the email Accounting Officer in a Leading Hospitality and Tourism Firm Location: Enugu Qualifications: The ideal candidates most have a minimum qualification of HND / B.Sc in similar Discipline with 3 -5 years experiences. How to Apply Interested and qualified candidates should send their CV to: using the "Job title" as subject of the email. Application Deadline: 25th March, 2021. Customer Service Officer recruitment at Refuge Mortgage Bank Limited Location: Ikeja Qualifications: Interested candidates should possess an HND / Degree with at least 3 years work experience. How to Apply Interested and qualified candidates should send their CV to: using the Job Title as subject of the email Application Deadline: 31st March, 2021 For those that are already following this thread, do well to stay glued, inform others and encourage them to follow the thread. Do well to follow me and stay tuned to the updates. Did you apply PM me Did you GET A JOB THROUGH THIS POST, LEAVE A COMMENT #TECNOforNIGERIANS #TECNOJobPlace #TECNOMOBILITY #CBeyond Read all >>


Fort Rhona | 2021-03-223181

Jon hunting
URGENT VACANCY FOR FINANCE ASSOCIATE ROLE There is a vacancy for the post of a Finance Associate in VI. 4 - 5years’ experience in core accounting. Solid knowledge of financial and accounting procedures Experience using financial software - Navision is a Must. Advanced MS Excel skills Knowledge of financial regulations Excellent analytical and numerical skills Strong ethics with an ability to manage confidential data. B. Sc. /HND degree in Finance, Accounting or similar (Second class upper or Upper credit grade) ICAN Professional Qualification is a must. For gender balance male is preferred for this role. Interested candidates should send their CVs to with the subject title; “Finance Associate” Read all >>

Hi world from hi them

Jazmime | 2021-03-2321086

Amazing them with you with weekly . theme . wallpaper . discovery . Rankingand DIY find your favorite categoriesRead all >>

6 Career Mistakes Job Seekers Should Avoid

Hoilakes | 2021-02-0411053

Despite possessing a good work experience and skill set, sometime candidates lose out on a good opportunity. Some of them commit cardinal mistakes which leads to dismissal by recruiters. Instead of keeping recruiters guessing, as is the case often, do your bit and provide all relevant details. Time-crunched recruiters, who are swamped by hundreds of resumes every day, usually end up spending time on applications that are complete, and which do not need them to ferret out information. If a recruiter specifies that phone calls are not welcome, it is best to adhere to it. It not only ensures that the resume reaches the right person at the right time with the right information, but also underlines your willingness to take instructions. Job portals give you the option of applying in the quickest manner to all jobs by clicking just once on ‘Apply’. This practice, however, is best avoided. Instead, use the preview option and edit it to suit the position on offer. It is very important to customize the job application. Many job searchers often send group e-mails and generic resumes to recruiters. This is the worst mistake one can make, and cuts a very shabby picture and shows the applicant’s desperation and lackadaisical attitude. Organizations hire on the basis of what the candidate brings to the table and not on a first-come-first serve basis. So never rush! Double check your application details on the job board, resume and cover letter before sending them. Applications and cover letters filled with typos, accompanied with unformatted resumes will create a negative impression. In a bid to attract a recruiters’ attention, many candidates resort to flashy formatting including fancy footers, flamboyant language or even a personal pleas in the comments section. Recruiters do not spend more than a few seconds perusing a CV and only if it evokes their interest are they likely to go through it in details. So ensure smart formatting and the correct choice of words. Online applications also need follow-ups. For instance, if you do not hear from the recruiter within seven to 10 days, it is best to follow up on your application. Don’t call or mail recruiters every other day. The key is to be polite and show interest in the position while enquiring about your application.Read all >>


Fort Rhona | 2021-03-231168

Job recruitment
Recruitment Opportunity: suitable candidates for the role of Sales & Marketing Executives for our client, that in Music and Events industry with a project in Abuja. The client is looking to recruit an experienced Sales and Marketing Executive, who will be responsible for developing and driving the company’s marketing strategies to achieve set targets for the sales of Videography/Event planing Services. Experience and level: Minimum of 2-3years’ experienceas sales Personel. Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree and Higher National Diploma. Location: Abuja based with local travels flexibility. Specific expertise and competencies: • A track record in sales, especially with respect to entertainment. • Brand development and advertising. • Strong presentation and E-marketing skills. • Social media engagement. • Strong knowledge of Videography and Events. Responsibilities: The objective of the Sales & Marketing Manager role includes but is not limited to the following: 1. To increase the company's market share by identifying and securing potential clients. 2. To analyze company's strength and benefits potential clients 3. To develop or continuously update and execute the company’s marketing strategies towards the achievement of its objectives. This includes advertising, social media platforms, newsletters and other promotional initiatives to strengthen the company’s brand image while remaining competitive in the middle and low-income prospects. 4. To establish a world class customer service experience for existing customers as well as prospecting ones. Interested and qualified candidates should apply to For those that are already following this thread, do well to stay glued, inform others and encourage them to follow the thread. Do well to follow me and stay tuned to the updates. Did you apply PM me Did you GET A JOB THROUGH THIS POST, LEAVE A COMMENT #TECNOforNIGERIANS #TECNOJobPlace #TECNOMOBILITY #CBeyond Read all >>
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