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Palm Store | 2021-02-224414

Palm Store
Quote of the day!Mondays don't have to be terrible, Make them MagicalHappy New Week. Read all >>


HiOS Official Account | 2021-02-247239721

Hello T-Fans, The month of February is known as the lover's month and we are sure you guys had a loving weekend in the just concluded Valentine's day celebration. Sorry for the single pringles, you can try again next year! We love you guys so much, that's why we run various activities where you participate and win various prizes for yourself. But do you love us? Well, we have a way to find out if you truly love us. We have a quiz, the person(s) with the highest score would be our Valentine. Are you ready? Take the test now! Start Now Make sure you share a screenshot of the end page in the comment section Read all >>

[Weekly discussion] What's the first photo you took in 2021?

TECNO SPOT Official | 2021-02-23311214

Hi Guys, Do you remember What's the first photo you took in 2021? Share your memories with us down here, you might be surprised! Read all >>

How To Activate My Video show On Camon 16 Series

God loves me | 2021-02-17112511

Hello T-Fans who have purchased the new Camon 16 Series or fans who are yet to purchase one here is a tip on how to Activate 'My Video show' on your Camon 16 Series 1)Open your Phone Log and look for settings 2)Click on My video show 3)Click on the (+) It takes you to your files and you select videos from your Camera. After selecting Click apply and you are done NB:If you want to use videos downloaded from WhatsApp, instagram,tiktok etc you can also select them. Please the video shouldn't be more than 100MB. Some videos will not pick when you want to use it. Should it happen to you this is what you should do Firstly Open Google Photos on your Phone 2)Select the video from there 3) Click on the Video and select the symbol down You will see square right after the export frame After clicking on the square you will see Stabilising. Wait for it to finish loading, you will see save copy click on Save Copy After you are done with this process go back to the Phone Log Process to activate the Video show and apply after selecting the video. NB:ALL UPDATED CAMON 15 USERS CAN ALSO ENJOY THE VIDEO SHOW ON THEIR PHONES. Hope this is very useful. Follow me for more content. Thank you allRead all >>

Android 12 with a Game Mode

God loves me | 2021-02-17111428

Earlier today we learned that Android 12 (codenamed Snow Cone) will bring a new one-handed mode and we’ve already seen the expected visual redesign in previous leaks. Now, XDA Developers is filling us in on more details about the next Android OS release including an all-new Auto rotate feature, built-in Gaming Mode and reduced brightness quick setting toggle. Previously leaked Android 12 screenshots The revamped Auto-rotate will reportedly rely on your device’s front-facing camera to detect when you’re switching from portrait to landscape. The current implementation relies on the combined data from your phone’s accelerometer and gyroscope sensors and often fails to properly judge your orientation. GameManager service is another Android 12 feature described as a “service to manage game-related features.”. This will apparently be Google’s own Gaming Mode API for granting gaming titles control over incoming notifications, brightness and sounds for a more seamless gaming experience. The feature will likely be programmable to auto-start when you open a game and could also activate the Do Not Disturb mode. Another leaked feature is the reduced brightness quick setting toggle which will act as a fast way to quickly decrease your screen brightness by a predetermined amount. We expect to see more details soon. The first Android 12 Developer Preview is expected to release tomorrow (February 17) so we’ll have plenty more to cover soonRead all >>

Google Assistant routines return to Android Auto

Hoilakes | 2021-02-181559

After nearly a lengthy period of time being broken, then being officially unsupported by Google, Android Auto is getting back a useful feature. Google Assistant routines are finally working on Android Auto again. Presumably through a server-side update or through the Android Auto 6.1 app update, Google has reinstated the ability to run Assistant routines from your car. Since October of 2018, Android Auto users have been lacking this functionality despite having access to it prior. In early 2020, Google came out to directly say that the feature was not supported by Android Auto, officially. Now, the functionality is back and working like a charm. While testing out the newly added wallpapers this morning, I was able to run a custom routine on my account that launches the robot vacuum cleaners in my home, with the screenshot below showing Assistant starting up a Shark IQ vacuum. From what I can tell, routines on Android Auto work just like they do on any other Google Assistant device. The Assistant box stays up the entire time the routine is running with minimal feedback unless the routine demands it. @9to5google.comRead all >>

Top Five Needs of Every Gamer

Joshuaboy | 2021-02-202968

AHA Games
Roughly 1 in 10 people in the world today are gamers. They come in all shapes and sizes, so to speak, and they’re all unique in terms of characteristics and lifestyles. But they do have things in common Here is a list of five needs of every gamer: 1. Eliminate Lag Smooth performance and stable connectivity are crucial for gamers. Lag, even for a split second, is something gamers cannot tolerate, and can make all the difference between winning and losing. 2. Complete Control Gamers want full control of every aspect of their gaming experience, from ergonomics to usability. They’ll readily adopt devices that allow them to achieve this end. 3. Total Immersion Gamers game to get an adrenaline rush and a dose of fun. But they also use it as a means to experience the world of fantasy, away from the mundane every day rituals of daily life. 4. Effortless Multitasking Gamers like to keep themselves busy, even when they’re gaming. They like to setup their battle stations with multiple screens to display strategy guides, streaming videos, multiple chat windows and more. They might even play a game while they wait for another one to load. 5. Social interaction Being part of a larger group of fellow gamers and the social interactions they offer are key reasons gamers play games. They seek the comradery of likeminded souls and the sense of belonging.Read all >>

[Infograph]: 21 Instagram Facts for 2021.

yusufaliu | 2021-02-203538

Hello T-fans, if you are looking to build an online presence for yourself/business on Instagram, the team at Squarelovin have put together some informations to give you a head start. See infograph below, don't forget to leave a like or comment. And also, follow me on Tspot for more. Read all >>

Today's Game Manchester city vs Arsenal

Dalitso | 2021-02-211332

Congratulations to the boys once more it was not easy but the game went on Good..???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????Read all >>

How to Activate Screen Pinning

God loves me | 2021-02-221420

????Are you nervous about your data privacy when someone asks to borrow your phone? ???????????????? ???????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????? ???????????????????????????? ???? 1. Open > > > toggle it on 2. Open an app that you want to pin > tap the button at the bottom of the screen > tap at the top of the app screen > select Now your phone is limited to access only one app ???? If you want to unpin the app, hold the and buttons at the bottom of the screen Have you tried screen pinning before? Read all >>

Using one hand mode on Android 12

God loves me | 2021-02-202342

One feature we reported would be coming with Android 12 is One-handed mode, which shrinks your phone to be more accessible with your thumb. Here’s our first look at One-handed mode in action on Android 12 Developer Preview 1. As we reported earlier in the week, One-handed mode is an upcoming feature for Android 12 that aims to help those with taller phones be more able to use their phone with a single hand. To do this, Android simply shrinks the screen vertically, bringing the top-most part of the phone closer to your thumb. While One-handed mode did not publicly launch with Android 12, our Dylan Roussel was able to enable the feature to give us all a taste of how it works. Nearly identical in design to iOS’s Reachability, Android 12’s One-handed mode is invoked with a simple swipe-down on the gesture navigation bar. As explained in the tutorial, you can tap outside of the shrunken screen or swipe up on the gesture bar to return your phone to normal. While in One-handed mode, you can essentially use your phone as normal, switching between apps while staying in the shrunken state. Alternatively, with the flip of a switch, One-handed mode can exit as soon as you switch apps. By default, it also exits if you don’t touch your phone for eight seconds. Overall, One-handed mode looks like a simple, straightforward feature that should come in handy for the extra-tall phones in your life. As we’re still early into the Android 12 development cycle, it’s too early to say whether One-handed mode will actually launch by the time Android 12 launches to the public.Read all >>

How to Change Icon Size

God loves me | 2021-02-232461

Hello T-Fans, If icons and fonts are getting hard to see, or you just feel like mixing things up a little, just change the icon size, open your desktop setting and customize your TECNO phone. Hard press your phone you will see option like wallpaper,desktop settings,widgets and arrange desktop. Click on desktop settings 2)after clicking on desktop settings it will bring you to this page with options like gesture settings,switch,icon size, desktop grid,folder thumbnail etc. Click on Icon Size 3)Click on Icon Size you want ranging from 80 to 120 size and your Icon Size will be applied Thank you for reading. Follow me for more contentRead all >>


HiOS Official Account | 2021-02-231164024

Hello T-fans, Experience should not just be about the fun, the ease, and durability of the deriving pleasure but, should also deal with improving- not diminishing the user’s health and ability to focus. With HiOS, user experience takes a very much different scope and implementation. Reading, as research has previously shown, has not been that much of an experience on smartphones due to the brightness of the screen. It somehow affects the eyes and users find it very hard to read for a long period of time. Gradually, technology advances, and HiOS wasn’t left out. Quick implementation of Ai Read Mode solves this problem. With AI Read Mode, users can stay as long as possible reading on the phone screen without eye fatigue or blurry dim. AI Read Mode is a very sensible feature that reduces the brightness to a suitable mode that does not affect or causes eye dim. It adjusts the screen brightness and color to make it easy for you to read or browse in low lit environments. To activate this feature during reads, swipe down the notification panel and find the Eyecare. You can reduce or increase the intensity that fits your experience. Are you a reader? Tell us in the comment section if you’ve checked out this feature. Read all >>

Top 5 Best Selling Video Game Consoles

Joshuaboy | 2021-02-0134826

AHA Games
Some sales figures come straight from the hardware manufacturers, while others are estimated based on the most recently reported numbers and market analysis. Unofficial sales totals are marked with an asterisk (*) 5. PlayStation – 102.4 million Initial release date: December 3, 1994 (JP) Production status: Ended Highest-rated games: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2, Tekken 3, Gran Turismo According to Sony, the original PlayStation's final sales total sits at 102.4 million, with over 960 million software units sold. This makes it the third-best-selling Sony console ever, as it was recently surpassed by PlayStation 4. 4. PlayStation 4 – 113.8 million Initial release date: November 15, 2013 (NA) Production status: Ongoing Highest-rated games: Red Dead Redemption 2, Grand Theft Auto V, The Last of Us Remastered PlayStation 4 has dominated the eighth generation of consoles. As of September 30, 2020, Sony has shipped 113.8 million PS4s. It holds the title of "fastest home console to reach 100 million unit sell in," according to Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad, beating PS2 to the milestone by two months. To date, more than a billion software units have been sold for the console. 3. Game Boy/Game Boy Color – 118.69 million Initial release date: April 21, 1989 (JP) Production status: Ended Highest-rated games: Metal Gear: Ghost Babel (Metal Gear Solid), Super Mario Bros. Deluxe, The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages This sales figure comes directly from Nintendo and includes sales of both the original Game Boy and subsequent Game Boy Color. 501 million units of software were sold for the console — good for third on Nintendo's all-time software list. 2. Nintendo DS – 154.02 million initial release date: November 21, 2004 (NA) Production status: Ended Highest-rated games: Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, Flipnote Studio, Chrono Trigger This sales figure comes directly from Nintendo and encompasses total sales for all systems within the DS family, including the original model, DS Lite, and DSi. Nintendo DS is also the company's best-performing system in terms of software sales, with nearly 950 million games sold. 1. PlayStation 2 – 159 million* Initial release date: March 4, 2000 (JP) Production status: Ended Highest-rated games: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3, Grand Theft Auto III, Resident Evil 4 *PlayStation 2 remains the best-selling video game console of all time. Sony's beloved system tops Nintendo DS by roughly 5 million units sold, while handily outselling every other console in existence. As of January 31, 2011, Sony had sold 150 million PS2s to retailers. While that was the last official total reported, the console would remain in production through early 2013. Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad (via ResetEra) noted sales climbed to 155.1 million through March 2012. Our grand total of 159 million was reached using Ahmad's continued logic: "In the fiscal year ending March 2013 a total of 16.5 million PS3 & PS2 units were shipped," he wrote. "PS2 was still being shipped during this period so the info we're missing is how many units were PS2 and how many were PS3. Using PS3's 80m sell in announcements as a guide you can work backwards and ultimately work out that PS2 must have been close to 4m." Its software sales sit at a staggering 1.5 billion units, according to Sony.Read all >>

Understanding Adobe Lightroom (part 5)

Smilinggee | 2021-02-086997

Hello guys, I really appreciate everyone who has been following this series, makes me want to do more. Today I'll be talking about the Effects Panel in Lightroom Mobile: Texture With the texture tool, you can now create a smooth look or defined texture. If you are editing a portrait it will look better if you decrease the texture tool. If you want to show detail in food or close up nature photos adding texture can improve the mobile photo. Dehaze Dehaze can be a great effect if you have a cloudy scene in the background. Sometimes the dehaze slider will increase the grain and saturation. So be aware of increasing the dehaze effect too high. Clarity Clarity can add depth and perspective to your image. It can be used to make the image more distinct. You don’t want to increase it too much or your image may have an unnatural or hdr look. Decrease the clarity to create a softer look. This feature can be used in portraits to create a lighter softer glow. Vignette The vignette feature adds a white or black look to the edge of the photo. This can be a good way to bring the attention of the viewer to the center to the image. Adjust the feather to add even more softness to the vignette. Converting an Image to Split Tones Tap on the box next to the words split toning in the “Effects Panel”. When you use this tool it works best with an image that is detailed and in black and white. You can choose to change the background hue that is different from the object. A close-up flower in black and white is a good example. You can adjust the color of the highlights to an orange color and the shadows to a blue. This will create a sepia or rustic film view. Most times I like to just play with this and see whatever I can create that best fits the image. That's all for today guys, next episode drops tomorrow, don't forget to always practice as that remains the best way to understanding everything you read here . Enjoy your day.Read all >>

GTA 5 has now sold over 140 million copies, and more people played GTA Online in

Joshuaboy | 2021-02-09101944

AHA Games
GTA 5 has now sold over 140 million copies, and more people played GTA Online in 2020 than any year since launch. 2020 was yet another record-setting year for Grand Theft Auto 5 and GTA Online, according to publisher Take-Two Interactive's quarterly financial results. In an earnings brief, Take-Two revealed that GTA 5 has sold over 140 million units to date — that's about ten million units sold since May of last year. Additionally, more units of GTA 5 were sold in calendar 2020 than in any other year except for the game's launch year of 2013 — when it sold 32.5 million. GTA Online is also doing well years after launch, with Take-Two saying the game had more players each month in 2020 than any other month since launch, as well as for the full year of 2020 than in any other year since its launch. It also saw the game's highest participation rate from both new and returning players, and its revenue was up 28% year-over-year for the quarter. As a part of its earnings, Take-Two reaffirmed its commitment to release GTA 5 on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S in the second half of 2021, as well as continue to update the game with new content this yearRead all >>

Quote of the day

Palm Store | 2021-02-085374

Palm Store
Start the week with a Positive Mindset New week #mondaymotivation#palmstore Read all >>

How to Enable Screen Pinning on your Smartphone

ahiadzro | 2019-12-3171299

This post was last edited by ahiadzro at 2020-10-6 00:35 We’ve all been there – someone asks to use your phone, and we’ve scrambled to hide certain pictures or information we don’t want others to see. But here's the trick, there’s actually a way to share your phone safely, by just locking your friends on the very screen or app you have designated to them. How to Enable Screen Pinning1. Click on Settings > Security, and turn on Screen Pinning (Ask for PIN before unpinning). 2. After activating screen pinning, open the app that your friend needs to use. Open overview or your recent apps, select and tap on the app's icon as shown above. From the drop-down menu, select Pin. 3. Your opened app would remain pinned without access to other apps until it's unlocked. How to Disable Screen Pinning1. To unpin, you would need to tap both the overview or recent apps and back button together to unpin after you entered a password.2. If you are using gesture navigation, swipe up and hold to unpin.Read all >>


Gishman | 2021-02-092568

Telegram became the most downloaded mobile app in the world in January 2021. For the last 7.5 years, Telegram has steadily climbed the rankings for popular apps. Since its launch in 2013, Telegram’s user base has grown over 40% each year. What’ssecret? Consistency. For the last 7.5 years they've consistently defended the privacy of their users and regularly improve the quality and feature set ofapps. "Anyone who stays true to their values and applies focused effort over a long period of time is bound to succeed in their area. This is true for any human occupation – sport, blogging, art, coding, business or studying." Said by Founder;Read all >>
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