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CyBlinks | 2020-11-2220302

CAMON 16 Series
A Plate Of Colors :- Stay Happy And Fill Your Plate With Colors ❤️❤️❤️ #Colorfood #ColorMyLife #ShotOnTECNO #CAMONPhotographyAwards2020 Read all >>

August Photo Contest: Top 20 Finalists Gift pack Received

Joshua Kay | 2020-11-138299

TECNO Gallery
Thanks @Tecno Spot Official, I've received my gift pack which contained 1 umbrella, 1 water bottle and 1 foldable phone holder. Thank you! Read all >>

Drip With AHA’s New Community!

HiOS Official Account | 2020-11-25817008

AHA Games
This past week was a huge rejoicing week for the gaming world. Gamers from every corner of the globe have been excited to hear that the long-awaited AHA’s gaming community (moment) feature is live. And guess what, we are too! AHA has proved once again that it’s not just a platform where you can find thousands and thousands of free APK and instant games. Its new community includes everything from features to manage and review and your favorite games, to a captivating interface to stay connected with millions of Gamers all around the world! The community(moments) feature is located in the tabs section of the AHA Games App (see picture). Once inside, you can see hundreds of game-related posts by our loyal fans (AHA Fans as we call them). Tags like #Memes, #Q/A, #Versus, and #Football are the most popular tags amongst the community. You can click into each tag, and check what the rest of the gaming world has been up to When making posts, you can click the small (but cute) button at the bottom right corner of the page. You can add multiple pictures to your post, and of course, make sure to include as many tags(#) as possible so that your post can get the maximum exposure among the AHA Fans. The AHA Community is where opinions come to life, and deep user connections are made with nothing but the magic of gaming. Whether you want to share a hilarious meme about PUBG or ask for some cheat codes for your favorite GTA game, this community is for you! Share the gamer in you, to the rest of the world! Read all >>


HiOS Official Account | 2020-11-241125578

Hello T-Fans, HiOS 7 on Spark 6 comes with a custom gallery called AI Gallery. AI Gallery is a beautiful and efficient offline photo and video gallery with an advanced photo editor and other necessary functions. In this article, we would be dissecting the various things you can enjoy using the AI Gallery of HiOS. Experience it offline & let us know how you feel , 20 lucky participants will be rewarded! The AI Gallery has 3 main categories; Photos This contains only pictures and videos taken on the device. It could also be called the Digital Camera Images (DCIM) when viewed in file manager. The videos and images are categorized by dates and location where the picture or video was captured. The scrolling method is vertically and pictures and videos are in tiles. Albums This category shows pictures and videos in different parts of the device, including the DCIM. This is where every picture or video on the device, including those stored on the memory card appears. This section is more comprehensive than the Photos category. In this section, you can also create albums (empty folder) to move and transfer pictures and videos. Tools This category helps to modify or make adjustments to photos saved in the AI Gallery. There is a list of things you could decide to do to photos on your device and that is what the tools are for. Compress Photos: These are feature allows you to reduce the size of photos on your device without necessarily affecting the photo quality. This is mostly necessary when you need to create space on your device and you don’t want to lose your pictures in the process. Vault: Many times, we take a photograph and we don’t want to share it. We want it to be for our eyes only. But because sometimes we give our phones to our friends, we often get exposed and those personal pictures or videos get seen by those who are not supposed to see them. But with the vault, all that has changed. The vault prevents unauthorized access to our media X-share: when you click on this feature it leads to the media files where you can select the videos or pictures you want to share when you are done selecting the files press the mark button at the top right corner to confirm, you will be directed to the X-share page where your QR code will be available for anyone you give them access to scan and receive the media files. Very fast and easy to use. Clean: This is a category that deals with the maintenance of the AI Gallery. In this category, there are some functions that help to manage the gallery. PICTURE EDITING AND SHARING ON AI GALLERY The AI Gallery also supports picture editing. You can add filters, crop, adjust the properties, add text, watermark, frame, and even bokeh. The tools available in the AI Gallery are professional photography level. You can also share directly to social media from the gallery without leaving the app. Experience it offline & win gifts! Read all >>

It’s time to manage your application! Phone Master helps you free up more storage space!

PhoneMaster Official | 2020-11-17929160

Phone Master
Need more storage space? Come and check if you have installed any useless apps on your phone. But how to find these apps and uninstall them rapidly ? Phone Master will help you ! Step 1: Click the "Tools" box and "Application Management".Step 2: Select the application you want to uninstall.Step 3: Confirm the uninstallation. Geek tip: You can check the size and unused time of the app in the list. In the upper right corner, you can choose any sorting method to help you quickly find useless apps. Please share it with your friends if you think this article is helpful! Recommended reading: Cannot Move Files to SD Card ? Tips to solve this problem! More interesting and practical tips will be updated in the future, please continue to pay attention to us! Welcome everyone to join our Whatsapp fan group, let us know you better and provide you with better service! Read all >>

[Guide] Is your Wi-Fi fast? >> Come and test the speed.

PhoneMaster Official | 2020-11-25523605

Phone Master
A lot of fans asked us how to test the Wi-Fi speed these days. In Phone Master, you can know the accurate Wi-Fi speed easily within 10 seconds. Only 2 simple steps: And then you can check the accurate Wi-Fi speed: Want to test the speed of other Wi-Fi? You can change your Wi-Fi connection like this: Recommended reading: How to use 'DATA MANAGER'? More interesting and practical tips will be updated in the future, please continue to pay attention to us! Welcome everyone to join our Whatsapp fan group, let us know you better, and provide you with better service! Read all >>

Vote for the best photos & help T-Fans win audience’s choice prize !

TECNO SPOT Official | 2020-11-199462980

TECNO Gallery
Thank you T-Fans for participating in our monthly TECNO Photography Contest. We have collected so many amazing photos during the contest taken by TECNO Phones! Thanks a million to all of you for sharing such amazing photos. It was our pleasure to check them all but the hardest part is to select only 3 of them to win Photographer of October and get audience’s choice prize ! It is now your time to vote for the best ones and help them win the prize! Every one can have 3 votest. Important notes:All shortlist winners must send 3 screenshot to and sign authorization letter to pass the verifying processParticipants who didn’t pass the verifying process will not be qualified to get rewards, and prize will be given to the next best winner who passed the verifying process & signed the authorization letter. Now check out our fans creation & give your precious votes to 3 your favorites! Click here to join November Photography Contest Good luck to every one! Read all >>

[Infograph] Shutterstock: 2021 Colour Trends.

yusufaliu | 2020-11-211236

This post was last edited by yusufaliu at 2020-11-21 11:37 Hello T-fans. Shutterstock, the world's global market for images, videos and music has released its annual listing of colour trends which has graced its platform with increased activities for the year 2020. According to Shutterstock, "In our annual Color Trends report, we look for colors that have seen increased activity in the last year, popping up in more image downloads than ever before. By looking at the HEX code data in each pixel, we can see the hues that are primed to dominate in the year to come. These are the colors that will tell the story of 2021, appealing to universal audiences in visuals across the world". See Infograph below of Shutterstock 2021 Colour trends seeking to predict key visual shifts for the year ahead. Click here for full details of Shutterstock report. Don't forget to leave a like or comment below and also follow me on Tspot for more. Read all >>

Camon 16 Premier Teardown

ahiadzro | 2020-11-221525

CAMON 16 Series
This post was last edited by ahiadzro at 2020-11-22 00:29 A product teardown, or simply teardown, is the act of disassembling a product, such that it helps to identify its component parts, chip or system functionality, and component costing information. If you are interestedinknowing whats inside your phone for whatever reason, then this is for you! See Also: Ever Wondered What's Inside Your Smartphone? Read all >>


Md Rashed Howlader Rasel | 2020-11-222285


CAMON Photography Awards 2020

PORTIA | 2020-11-198499

CAMON 16 Series
Just look at the various beautiful colors of nature. #Color_My_Life #CAMONPhotographyAwards2020 Read all >>

Lac Kivu

Casimir | 2020-11-233292

CAMON 16 Series
Lac Kivu/ Ville de BukavuRead all >>

Camon 16 Premier Quiz

lummyfinest | 2020-11-2314540

CAMON 16 Series
Hello T-Fans, With it's big screen in HD display, Camon 16 Premier is all you need for entertainmnet. What's my screen size? A. 6.6" B. 6.9" C. 6.52" D. 5.9" How big is it? Read all >>


McKenzie | 2020-11-2339249

CAMON 16 Series
Colors are the smile of NATURE. #CAMONPhotographyAwards2020 Read all >>

5 upcoming WhatsApp features: Read Later, Advanced Wallpaper and More

LaSt-DoN | 2020-11-242442

Hello Tecno Fans! WhatsApp releases new features every other week to enhance the overall user experience. The Facebook owned messaging platform recently introduced several new features including disappearing messages, delete in bulk, Shopping and many more. The platform is gearing up to release more and more features for users globally. Out of the many upcoming features we have listed out five features that will make your experience on Whatsapp better than ever before. Have a look. Read Later WhatsApp Read Later will reportedly replace the existing Archived Chat feature. The feature will work similarly to long time rumoured Vacation mode. Once the feature is enabled for a chat, you will no longer get messages or call notifications from the select contact. You will be able to enable or disable the option for a chat whenever required. Unlike the Archived Chat feature, Read Later will not notify you when a selected contact sends a message. Mute videos before sending This one is an important feature that the messaging platform is working on. The ‘mute videos before sending’ feature was first spotted by WABetaInfo. As the name suggests, this feature will allow you to mute a video before sending to a contact similar to other social media platforms including Instagram and Twitter. The feature is currently being tested and will release soon. Report to WhatsApp This is also an important feature that the messaging platform is working on right now. Once this message is available you will be able to report a WhatsApp contact if they send unwanted messages. The messaging platform is said to introduce a Report to WhatsApp option to make it easy for users to report a contact if required. Multi-device support This feature is being tested for several months now. Reports suggest that the multi-device support feature is in the final stage of testing and should be available for users very soon. This feature becomes even more important right now as we work from home and connect several devices to keep in regular touch with colleagues and do our everyday work. Advanced Wallpaper Right now WhatsApp allows you to change the wallpaper and that is maintained for all contact. With the Advanced Wallpaper option, users will be able to select a specific wallpaper for a contact. The feature is currently under development and should be released for all users very soon.Read all >>


God grace | 2020-11-233101

CAMON 16 Series


Barekese Mmrante Hene | 2020-11-203118


#CAMON Photography Awards2020

30182085 | 2020-11-242117

CAMON 16 Series
Hi guys please vote for me , Read all >>

Gift Pack Received For Phone Master Contest

Joshuaboy | 2020-11-21232032

Phone Master
I received my gifts. Thanks to the Brand and Phone MasterRead all >>
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