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Download Music Player - MP3 Player, Audio Player Now!!

Palm Store | 2022-06-228206

Palm Store
Hello Palmstore Lovers. Music Player - MP3 Player & Audio Player app is our app crush for the day. Listen to every music of your choice in every format, and enjoy your day ahead. Don't dull yourself. Download now on Palmstore. Read all >>

Make It a Date on CAMON 19 and HiOS 8.6 (Smartscene Experience)

HiOS Official Account | 2022-06-21143858

Hello T-fans, Let's take it from this end... No one like to be left behind especially when there'ssomething good. Not HiOS, not you. Why then should we forget the most important things in life? On CAMON 19, with the operation of HiOS 8.6 comes a well improved feature known as Smart scenes. This very important feature enable users set up and receives instant reminders of special occasions, dates and events at the right time. The need to visit the calender, open the notebook, carry a hand note or an assistant to keep track of upcoming events or to do list is all in the past with HiOS 8.6 Smart scenes feature gives the ability to set up the event and describe what's it all about. Add reminding time even more than once and the important part, Smart scenes is designed with a unique experience that users don't need to open any app before accessing it. All it takes is just a swipe to the zeroboard. Smart scenes is a feature for the future. Perfectly design to meet your needs at every point in time. It could be birthdays, special celebrations, meetings, child school or closing time and many more. The limitless experience that comes with HiOS 8.6 is what makes CAMON 19 an extraordinary innovation. Read all >>


Palm Store | 2022-06-215149

Palm Store
Hello Palmstore Lovers. Tell us what game you are looking for, on palmstore app Read all >>


HiOS Official Account | 2022-06-164027055

Hello T-Fans, TECNO celebrated the global launch of CAMON 19 series. For the first time ever, TECNO conducted a global product launch event in the U.S. on the 65th floor of iconic Rockefeller Center in a stylish, exclusive space appropriately named Bar SixtyFive.This launch sets the tone towards mid-to-high-end position and indicates TECNO is taking a big step forward in internationalization and premiumisation by integrating fashion with innovative technology. On this latest device is the all new HiOS 8.6 version that was launch earlier this month. During the launch of TECNO's most user friendly operating system, new powerful and user-first features where introduced making the series of CAMON 19 an exclusive and powerful device to own. These features includes: 1. Photo Video Creativity is a priority in todays' technology and HiOS 8.6 gives the top attention to it. The latest feature gives user the ability to easily and automatically create stunning cinematic videos with pictures and photos directly in the gallery. Simply select few photos, choose a template and have an awesome video to share. 2. Video to mp3 While watching a very interesting movie, the soundtrack or the music is something to fall in love with. With this feature, you can turn that interesting part of the video to mp3 and use as ringtone in just a second. Very fast and easy to use. 3. Video Editor Contents, contents and contents is what the world is currently consuming on daily basis- most especially, video contents. On HiOS 8.6 and CAMON 19, an inexperience user can be a pro with the video editor. The upgraded feature gives users the ability to fine tune, trim, merge, add soundtrack, export in high quality while creating more and more contents on the go. The interesting part, you can choose a template and have the magic work for you. Apply different filters and it saves to draft automatically incase of any sudden interruption. This video editor has made production easy, fast and professional. 4. Camera Pro Mode Emphasis around a creators' journey on the new CAMON 19 cannot be expantiated enough without a one on one experience. HiOS has taken the further step by introducing the professional mode to the camera features. This gives the user a very wide control over the camera settings from ISO, White Balance, Exposure and many more. Enjoy seemless and precise settings according to your need, a professional experience brought by a professional camera, and maximize your talents. 5. RAM Extension Just wow! Imagine a room where instead of taking things out to have space, you're adding more to create space. Say no more lagging in gaming experiences, app processing and faster smart phone experience. This feature enable users to extend the RAM size on their device and maximize the full use of what a smartphone is all about. You can extend to a 8gig RAM, an extra 3gig to make the experience even better. 6. Smart 5G What is technology without speed and intelligence? On CAMON 19 comes the all powerful 5G experience. There is a significant reduction in power consumption - Intelligently select 4G/5G network based on traffic bandwidth while reducing power consumpition in the following scenarios: -Standby mode - Video playback - Instant messaging - Mailing - Audio playback - Web browsing Among the many features comes, Smartscene, Message filter, Lightning Multi-window, and many more that you'll get to know about in subsequent articles. All you need to know about the new CAMON 19 series launch can be found in the link below TECNO brings about innovation technologically enhanced with HiOS and it's here to stay. Ride on this journey with us to greatness. Read all >>

Review the Highlights of Most Stylish TECNO CAMON 19 Series Global Launch Event

TECNO SPOT Official | 2022-06-1617497148

Moderator Apply
Hi T-Fans:TECNO Heldthe World's MostStylish Smartphone Launch in New York City with Dazzling Debut of CAMON 19 Series TECNO recently celebrated the global launch of its new CAMON 19 series at Rockefeller Center in New York City, combining dazzling, floor-to-ceiling skyscraper views, fully artistic venue, and its spectacular new smartphones. Around 80 guests from around the world attended, including journalist and editors from technology and lifestyle media,as well as several top tech influencers. They all enjoyed an unparalleled and unforgettable night. For the first time ever, TECNO conducted a global product launch event in the U.S. on the 65th floor of iconic Rockefeller Center in a stylish, exclusive space appropriately named Bar SixtyFive. Not only was the event a milestone for TECNO, but it was also the first time that Rockefeller Center–which opened in 1934– hosted a mobile phone manufacturer product introduction. This is a fitting, sky-scraping venue for a premium global smartphone brand that’s clearly on the rise. This launch sets the tone towards mid-to-high-end position and indicates TECNO is taking a big step forward in internationalization and premiumisation by integrating fashion with innovative technology. TheMostStylishLaunchin The Iconic Rockefeller Center - First Ever in Rockfeller Center’s History The launch venue of the iconic Rockefeller Center is noted for the large quantities of art present in almost all of its buildings, which is one of the landmarks of New York City.On Rooftop gardens and the Bar SixtyFive, a 360 degree views of New York City will come to the guests’ eyes. The decoration of the launch was also in line with the artistic venue with gorgeous lights and well-designed screens. Both of them contributes to the most stylish smartphone launch ever, building the “fashion technology image” for TECNO brand. TECNO CAMON 19 series just fits right in. With its elegant, fashion-forward design which won iF Design Award 2022 in April and several industry-first technologies like the new technology RGBW camera sensor + glass which is co-developed with Samsung, TECNO CAMON 19 series impressed the attendeesby its brilliant portrait photography in challenging low-light and nighttime conditions as well as the industry leading design. The stylish phone complements theiconic venue in the reputation of the artistic design and fashion. The Most International and Diversified Smartphone Launch It is the first time ever that over 80 media, top influencers, key accounts and TECNO local staff from more than 14 countries joining this global event and witnessing the unveiling of TECNO CAMON 19 series. The key customers like Phonebank, Bobbitech, GUURE COMMUNICATION, etc. took this opportunity to experience the real devices at the earliest time, and share very positive feedback on the product, which enhanced their confidence in the coming sales in the local markets and the regional pre-sales will be stimulated for sure. The Strongest Endorsement from Top Tech Influencers and Media The event was hosted by noted tech columnist Marc Saltzman, who is also the host of several TV like bloomberg Television.Matt Swider, the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The andformer TechRadar's US Editor-in-Chief, top 10 Youtuber iJustine join the launch and have a panel discussion there, sharing their insights on the product experience and some industrial opinions. Another tech influencer, U.K.-based SuperSaf, also shared his views through video playing on site. The assembled media, like editors from Android Authority, ABC News, The New York Times, Phonescoop, etc. also tried out the new smartphone on an outdoor deck at terrace and gave verypositive feedback. With the roof top view and the featured night portraitphone, they shot wonderful photos in the amazing night, and could brought back with photos developed on site. The strong opinions of influencers and medias after real testing and evaluation proved CAMON 19 series’ ability to capture detailed photos, and can bright images even in low-light and nighttime conditions. Read all >>

Download Litmatch—Make new friends on Palmstore

Palm Store | 2022-06-1523078

Palm Store
Hey Palmstore Lovers, Litmatch is a fun app for meeting, hooking up, and making friends with new people. You won't be bored using this app. Don't hesitate to go to Palmstore and download now. Read all >>

TECNO CAMON 19 Series Global Launch Event Will Be Held in New York City. Stay Tuned!

TECNO SPOT Official | 2022-06-14298115331

Moderator Apply
Hi T-Fans: First Global Launch Event for TECNO CAMON Series!TECNO Bring CAMON 19 Series to New York19:00 EST, June 14, New York The CAMON Series, which is always in the line of new fashion and art, will be launched in New York City, the city with the most fashionable icon in the world. New York, the cosmopolis where art and fashion bloom and flourish. When CAMON 19 Series descend in this city, it’s time to see the clash among fashion, art and technology. Save the date and see you in NYC! Read all >>

A Worthy Award! 🏅🎗🌟

HiOS Official Account | 2022-06-1411313

We won the Muse Product Design Silver award for the exceptional craftsmanship of the CAMON 19 series. #CAMON19 is already breaking barriers. #BeGreatWithHiOS #HiOS #TECNO #CAMON19 #Awards Read all >>

Version update reminder-

TECNO SPOT Official | 2022-06-14308100418

Moderator Apply
Hi T-Fans: We are the Tecno Spot team and recently we got many feedbacks. For the purpose of improving your experience in our app, we updated and fixed a number of content and issues in the app, and have now released the latest version to theGoogle Play App Store. If you are still using old version, please go to the Google Play and update it to the new version as soon as possible. We will not be operating the old version soon. Thank you for your constant support and company. I am looking forward to meeting you again in the new version. Best regards, Tecno Spot Team Read all >>

You Are Not Lost Forever

Palm Store | 2022-06-06391

Palm Store
Arguably the most powerful telepath in the entire Marvel universe, and multiverse in some cases. This is an uplifting quote in the movie "Doctor Strange - Multiverse of Madness" from Professor Charles Xavier, the founder of X-MEN, also known as "Professor X", "Prof X". Prof X sees the good in people despite their bad deeds. So Palmstore Lovers, always see good in yourselves, no matter how lost you're in life! Read all >>


Palm Store | 2022-06-083108

Palm Store
Today's app crush is HAGO APP. For meeting people & playing games. Download now on Palmstore! Read all >>

Live Thread:TECNO HiOS8.6 Launching Today, Watch Here

HiOS Official Account | 2022-06-08113149971

Hello T-Fans, TECNO will introduce several exciting technologies during the HiOS 8.6 Global Online Launch scheduled for today at 7 PM GMT+1. With the theme of "Be Great with HiOS", TECNO will sharestrategy updates and showcase the technological achievements of its proprietarysoftwareHere's everything you need to know.The HiOS team is going to be hosting an online event to introduce the newsoftware based on Android 12. The event will take place today, Wednesday 8 June at 7 pm GMT+1.Here are global times:Lagos - 7 PM CATNairobi - 8 PM EAT Jarkata - 1 AM - WIBDhaka - 12 AM UTC+6Mumbai - 11:30 PM IST Can I watch the launch online?Yes, HiOS will be streaming the event on YouTube, and we have embedded thatvideo above so you can watch it, right here. What to expect from the new software?The HiOS team will take the audience on anonline tour of several countries to discover how HiOS updated technologies ishelping TECNO users around the world achieve greatness, share experiences, andmake connections in new ways. Read all >>


HiOS Official Account | 2022-06-071111

Hello T-Fans, You missed our Day 2 countdown to the big launch again? Not to worry- we got you covered. Keep you eyes on this exciting watch while waiting for the D-Day. Or click the link below Read all >>

【Questionnaire Survey】Research on girls' tone accent

TECNO SPOT Official | 2022-06-0610171448

Hi T-Fans: The new voice color willbe launched soon. Let's choose the right accent! Please listen to the followingrecording and choose your preferred accent. Activity Country: Nigeria、Kenya、Ghana、PakistanActivity Time: 6/6-6/13 Click the link: Read all >>

Did you miss the countdown? The big launch is happening😍

HiOS Official Account | 2022-06-06051

Hello T-Fans,The flight is on since yesterday- Give yourself a comforting sight as we fly to the destination where greatness will be unveil. Watch here Read all >>

Introducing HiOS 8.6- Come Experience Greatness

HiOS Official Account | 2022-06-0414526

Hello T-Fans, We are more than excited to introduce to you yet, another version of HiOS. This package comes with mouth-watering experience that is beyond imagination. Join us on the 8th of June as we unveil this uncommon innovation. Read all >>

Are you ready for the moment? Meet HiOS 8.6!

HiOS Official Account | 2022-06-0229913

Hello T-Fans, This is Greatness uncovered. We can't wait for you to enjoy the experience that is contained in this new development; an innovation with you in mind. This is the future of technology, this is Greatness. Tell us in the comment section below, your expectations in HiOS 8.6 Read all >>


Palm Store | 2022-06-025109

Palm Store
Welcome to the month of June. May you conquer all your challenges and obstacles with ease. Read all >>


Palm Store | 2022-05-316170

Palm Store
Congratulations to Real Madrid FC for winning the UEFA Champions League for the 14th time. All those who voted for Real Madrid FC will be reached out soon. Congratulations to the New Champions of Europe!! Read all >>

Hello T-Fan, Stay Tuned for Greatness!

HiOS Official Account | 2022-05-3110163

Greatness is the ability to utilize the powerful tools in your hand. Stay with us as we are about to take you on a whole new experience of Greatness. Are you ready T-Fans? Are you? Let us feel the readiness in the comment section below. Read all >>
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