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HiOS Official Account | 2020-11-192722724

Hello T-Fans, Using a mobile network’s SIM is one of the requirements of using a mobile device in this part of the world. We go to the market and select a mobile network that suits our lifestyle and begin using it. But each mobile network comes with different unique USSD codes for specific purposes. Each of these USSD codes is important to carry out specific functions. Now, the problem is, these USSD codes are numerous and can become an uphill task to remember them when the need arises. For example, there is a different USSD code for recharging, checking data balance, checking account balance, checking bonus balance, etc. Sometimes, you would be forced to check on the internet for the specific USSD code you need. And different carriers have different USSD codes. This can pose a problem when there is no internet connection or no one around to ask. So, looking at this problem, the HiOS team sat down and deliberated on how to create a feature to solve this problem. Then they came up with a unique solution. With this feature solution, you don’t need to cram in different codes in your head, all you need to remember is the “Star” key. Once you press this key on your phone’s dial pad, all the user codes of your mobile network carrier show up. Cool Right? Yeah, we thought so too! List of countries supported: CountryOperatorCheck myphone numberCallbalanceVoiceCall balanceDatabalanceSMSBalance NigeriaMTN*123*1*1#*556#*556#*131*4#\ GLO*777*3*3##124*1##124*1#*127*0#*124*1# Airtel*121*3*4#*123#*123*2#*123*1#*456*2# *140# 9mobile*248#*232#*232#*228#*232# EgyptVodafone*878#*9001# or *868*1#*9001# or *868*1#*888*4#*868*1# Or 868 Etisalat*947#*888#*888#*566#*838# Or *852# Orange#119##100##100##136# or #100##100# We*688#*322#*322#*999#*322# KenyaSafaricom*100*1*5#*144#*144#*544#*188# (Orange - sold to Telkom) Telkom*130#*131#*131#*544# & 124#*188# & *131# Airtel (YU - sold to Airtel)*100*3*1#*131# & *133#*131# & *133#*544#*767# Faiba 4G*130#*131#*131#*544#\ GhanaMTN*156#*124#*124#*124#*124# Vodafone*127#*124#*124#*124#*124# AirtelTigo*703#*124#*124#*124#*124# GuinéeOrange*99#*223#*223#*222#*888# MTN*224#*100#*100#*100*1#*100*2# Cellcom*99#*223#*223#*777#*700# Saudi ArabiaSTC*150#send sms 8000 to 900send sms 8000 to 900send sms 8000 to 900send sms 8000 to 900 Mobily*222#*1411*1#*1411*1#*1422#*1411*1# Zain*34#send sms BC to 959send sms BC to 959send sms BC to 959send sms BC to 959 TanzaniaVodacom*106#*102#102*149*60#*149*60# tiGo*106# or *99#*102#102*102*00#*102*00# Airtel*106#*102#102*149*99#*149*99# Halotel*106#*102#102*148*66#*148*66# TTCL*106#*102#102*148*30#*148*30# Zantel*106# or *99#*102#102*149*15#*149*15# UgandaMTN*135*8#*131#*131#*150*1*4*1#*131# Airtel(WARID mergered to airtel)*120#*131#*131#*175*4#*170# Africell*100*9#*131#*131#*175*4#\ Smile UGcall 0720 100 100send y to 0720 100100send y to 0720 100101send y to 0720 100102\ smart*124#*131#*131#\\ UTL*100#*131#*131##999#*131# Read all >>

Meet Our Final 21Winners In The October Gaming King Competition

Aha Games | 2020-11-17562674

AHA Games
The contest was fierce!!! Thanks to everyone who participated. We have our 21 Gaming Kings for October. Congratulations to all our Top 21 winners. The 21 winners with their prizes are: 1. Don Ebrah - 1st ---- Pova Phone 2. Chinedu AJ - 2nd ---- $30 3. Deeman -3rd ---- $20 4. pasto - 4th ---- $15 5. jeffter - 5th ---- $15 6. Charles bebez - 6th ---$10 7. UC Best - 7th ---- $10 8. Miss Albert - 8th ---- $10 9. Quadrigold - 9th ---- $5 10. Teras - 10th ---- $5 11. Shining Star - 11th ---- $5 12. Bolademi - 12th ---- $5 13. Speechesgh - 13th ---- $2 14. CyBlinks - 14th ---- $2 15. great oladapo - 15th ---- $2 16. Beacon 9 - 16th ---- $2 17. Mikosians - 17th ---- $2 18. Joshua 18th ---- $2 19. super prof - 19th ---- $2 20. Boss Boris - 20th ---- $2 21. Brooks - 21st ----- $2 Your prizes will be distributed very soon and please look forward to it. Congratulations to all the winners. All winners should kindly send in their details on or before 23rd November 2020 12 Noon to redeem their prize. Failure to do this will mean you have forfeited your prize. Kindly send in your phone number you will like to receive your prize on, your country code e.g. Nigeria (+234), your address/ location, your Tecno Spot id and your rank. The next Gaming King Competition is coming soon. Get Ready, win big! Good Luck! Read all >>


Barekese Mmrante Hene | 2020-11-0238158

The game for everyone. This is the promise displayed by the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X / S arriving this November. Next-gen consoles hope to rally as many players as possible to their cause. They still need to give them the possibilities. SONY IS NIBBLING AWAY AT XBOX For years, Xbox has worked to make its menus, games and controllers accessible to as many people as possible. Sony and its PlayStation were still a little behind in this area, even if the PS4 had some accessibility parameters such as button customization, bold text, speech synthesis or even color inversion. Basic functions to improve the video game for a large majority of players, but not yet extensive enough, by the Japanese manufacturer’s own admission. The latter therefore decided to move up a gear. On its blog, Sony reveals a few of the new accessibility settings that will be found on the PS5. Voice dictation made its appearance: it allows the player to quickly write text without a virtual keyboard by simply saying words that will appear on the screen. Reading on screen : voice synthesis is still present. It allows the blind and visually impaired to hear the text displayed on the screen as well as all the features, menus and tabs on the screen that the controller passes over. But it will also be possible for people who are deaf or hard of hearing to send written messages that will be read aloud to other players. Color correction : the PS5 will allow you to better adjust the colors according to each player. For games that support this function, the presets will be applied directly without going through the menu of different titles. Good news too, these settings will be available in different languages. The DualSense controller also fits One of the attractions of the new PlayStation console is also its DualSense controller. This draws its strength in particular from its haptic feedback and its adaptive triggers. All this will be adjustable in order to reduce or even deactivate the force of the return or the vibrations to better adapt to the handicap. Likewise, the audio that escapes from the controller during gameplay for more immersion can be adjusted as needed. Sony is clearly building on the accessibility advancements Naughty Dog studio has made since Uncharted 4 : A Thief’s End. This year, The Last of Us Part II could thus boast of more than 60 parameters of accessibility to answer a maximum of needs, of the reinforcement of the hearing to the adaptation to multiple color blindness or even sharp adjustments for motor skills.Read all >>


HiOS Official Account | 2020-11-181722249

Hello T-fans, Gaming over the years has evolved and has become a phenomenon. From simple 2D games like Pac Man, Tetris, Candy crush, gaming has evolved to highly graphical and complex games like Call of duty and PUBG. Now gaming has evolved into something much more fun and graphical. A highly graphical game would definitely require a highly sophisticated gaming environment and this is where the Game mode comes in. What is Game Mode? The Game Mode is a mode designed to help you experience optimal gaming experience during gaming. The game mode provides a gaming ecosystem that allows you to experience and do much more. Once you are in the Game mode, it appears like you have been locked in a room full of gaming options without any interruptions. What are the advantages of Game Mode? The game mode is filled with lots of options, so we are going to be highlighting a few of them: Magic Button: Most games require a “fire” button. The Magic Button option allows you to convert any of the volume rockers into the fire button. Incoming Call Reject: This feature blocks all incoming calls during your gaming session. This has solved the problem of incoming calls interrupting smooth gameplay. Pop-up Notification: This feature allows you to view your Whatsapp and messenger notifications scrolling in the background of your screen while playing games. Floating Screen: This feature allows you to reply to Whatsapp messages and even browse the internet on Chrome by providing a floating screen. This floating screen can be moved around and the size can also be adjusted. Increased Game Speed/Frame Rate: With the Game mode, more RAM memory is allocated to the game, thereby making the gaming experience smoother with faster frame rates. Game Anti-Addiction: This feature reminds you when to stop playing games to avoid addiction. You get a timely reminder when playing the game so you know when to quit. Parental Control: This feature allows parents to monitor what goes on the child’s device. Parents can see and monitor children games Have you tried the game mode? Share your experience! Read all >>

【Tips】Forget the Password of Applock and Xhide? Teach you a trick to solve this problem!

PhoneMaster Official | 2020-11-172822889

Phone Master
More interesting and practical tips will be updated in the future, please continue to pay attention to us! Welcome everyone to join our Whatsapp fan group, let us know you better and provide you with better service! Read all >>


HiOS Official Account | 2020-11-175918882

Hello T-Fans, As you know, HiOS is expanding and growing bigger by the day. Are you aware we have an active Tiktok page? Well, if you didn’t know, now you know! There is an exciting contest going on our HiOS page right now, and we don’t want you to miss out. What to do: We have partnered with some Tiktok celebrities and they would be asking some questions which you need to answer. But first, you need to be following us on HiOS official page. Open your Tiktok app and search @HiOSGlobal(it is a verified page). Make sure you send a screenshot of you following the page under this post After following, make sure you watch and like the videos. Then answer the questions in the videos. Prizes: Tecno Camon 16 Pro, 18w chargers, Oraimo earbuds and lots more! Read all >>

【#PhoneMasterThankFans】Boom! Task 1: Find ❤ in APP and take screenshots!

PhoneMaster Official | 2020-11-15346417099

Phone Master
Hi fans, Thanks again all for all fans! Phone Master and XShare would serve us and bring more convenience to our users! To rewards fans, now game 1 starts! Are you ready for $300 and Tecno Phone ? Task 1: Find ❤ in APPFind Three ❤ in APP and take screenshots! APP:Phone Master:DOWNLOAD XShare:DOWNLOAD Reward:Pick 5 winner,$20 for each; Acticity period:Nov 16th -26th Guide: Read all >>

[Survey] Which wall paper do you like? Share your thoughts with us!

TECNO SPOT Official | 2020-11-181415801

Dear TECNOfans, We are now launching theuser experience research program to bring you a better experience. Please fill out the surveybelow to get an opportunity to participate in this research: Click here to vote for your favorite or copy below url to your browser *All your information willbe kept confidential and used only for this research purpose. We will draw 20 lucky fans.Give away $2 worth of airtime! Come join us, we value yourideas! Read all >>

Wallpaper #HiOS7

levilo | 2020-11-171513



felicity2036 | 2020-11-1711692

CAMON 16 Series
This post was last edited by felicity2036 at 2020-11-18 13:12 #CAMON Photography Awards2020Read all >>

[Infograph] Whatsapp Business Guide.

yusufaliu | 2020-11-171242

Hello T-fans. Facebook subsidiary, Whatsapp, is today one of the most popular messaging app on mobile with over 2billion active users. Understanding the need for businesses to exploit this opportunity in reaching out to customers via personalize network of audience, Whatsapp Business provides for brands looking to tap into its resources. But the big question from most people seeking to digitize their business via WhatsApp is, how does this fit into my business, and how do I work with it? Here's an infograph below to help you with your decisions regarding the use of Whatsapp Business in expanding your outreach. How have you been able to exploit Whatsapp Business to reach your goals? Let us know in the comment box below, so we can tap into those beautiful ideas of yours. And don't forget to follow me on Tspot for more. Read all >>

COLOUR MY LIFE Color is a power which directly influences the soul

ts08101682901 | 2020-11-176423

CAMON 16 Series
#CAMON Photography Awards2020Read all >>


Don_Ebrah_gibbs | 2020-11-185277

TECNO Gallery
Hello T-fans please try this wallpapers and tell me which one is suitable with you device. thank youRead all >>

Twitter Launches "Fleets" - Instagram Stories-like Feature.

OKayode | 2020-11-184208

To help people feel more comfortable with their tweets, Twitter is launching its Instagram's version of Stories called "Fleets" Right from its name, "Fleets" is a feature that brings ephemeral tweeting to the platform - allowing people to share short stories that sticks for 24 hours. Living at the top of the timeline in a row of Stories-like bubbles, Fleets looks like Stories on every other social media platform, except Youtube, that let people post texts, photos, videos, and even share tweets which disappear in 24hrs. Twitter's aim of bringing Fleets to the platform is pretty simple and understandable. Many Twitter users said, "Tweeting is uncomfortable because it feels so public, so permanent, and like there's so much pressure to rack up Retweets and Likes." Twitter said, in their tests in four different countries, Fleeting helps people feel more comfortable sharing their personal and casual thoughts, opinions, and feelings because they disappear in a day, compared to the everlasting tweets. Currently, you can't react or like or retweet/refleet a Fleet, and you won't be notified if anybody ever screenshots your Fleets. But you can always reply to a Fleet which automatically starts a Direct Message if the author has it enabled. This new feature is being rolled out to many users on both iOS and Android. Kindly update your Twitter app and start Fleeting! Don't forget to follow me here for more. Read all >>


ts7059648857 | 2020-11-175225

CAMON 16 Series
Beautiful Flare:Flares are colorful too and every spark✨ ignites a 'Beautiful Flare'. #Fireplace #ShotOnCAMON #CAMONPhotographyAwards2020 Read all >>


MhizFortune | 2020-11-1511326

CAMON 16 Series
Flowers add colors to our world. #ColorMyLife #CAMONPhotographyAwards2020 Read all >>


Jamesbond | 2020-11-17181756

CAMON 16 Series
I want to say a very big thank you to TECNO Mobile for this wonderful prize for being among the winners of Spetember Photography Contest. Thank you once again to the best brand in the world Read all >>

#Fight For Pova #Gaming-King Lucky Ones Announced For October 2020!

Aha Games | 2020-11-065521270

AHA Games
Dear T Fans: The October gaming-king season just ended, and we received a total of 2,272 comments from everyone. According to our competition rules, these 22 people have been the lucky ones to pass to the next round. The 22 users are: Bolademi1 BossBoris Brooks charles bebez chineduAJ CyBlinks Deeman Don_Ebrah_gibbs greatoladapo harmonical Jeffter Joshuaboy mikosians pasto Quadrigold1 ShiningStar speechesgh SUP3RPROF Teras Uc Best Miss Albert Beacon 9 If you are among the 22 winners, please send us your phone numbers before November 8th 2020, so that we can arrange the groupchats and the gaming competition to figure out the final winners. The match ups, date and time of the competition, together with the game selected will be announced shortly. Thank you everyone for participating. To keep up to date on the Competition, please join the AHA Games community: all >>

Meet photographers of september!

TECNO SPOT Official | 2020-10-308210300

CAMON 16 Series
Dear T-fans, Sorry for keeping you waited! Thanks for all T Fans who participated in the “TECNO Gallery Vol.5". We received so many amazing pictures from you all! After several rounds of tough selection among all our highly talented candidates, Thanks for 5113 T-Fans ❤❤❤ who joined the voting and help us to make these tough choices! Click here to see all voting results As we stated before, gifts will be distributed based on the votes they get, let's congrats to all lucky winners! RankingEntryVotesT-SPOT UsernamePrize 1NO.133061Exceptional CAMON 16 2No.143045God GraceCAMON 16 3NO.183036MissAlbertCAMON 16 4No.121334JamesBondCAMON 16 5No.201330Uchesco limitedCAMON 16 6No.161329Eidi20 USD 7No.15127Abubakar Shehu20 USD 8No.1099mosesnjanja20 USD 9No.592SUPAMAN20 USD 10No.459BOSSBORIS20 USD 11No.151Mariya10 USD 12No.1945ts0805731886410 USD 13No.222Mohammad Jahangir Hossen10 USD 14No.922hbk10 USD 15No.320Tusa Sazzad10 USD 16No.720Jat raj10 USD 17No.820Shu9510 USD 18No.1720JoneJoel10 USD 20No.1119Toma Sparta10 USD Winners for the extreme portraits category. RANKING T-SPOT USERNAME PRIZE 1.Augus Zuah CAMON 16 2. Fatainesta CAMON 16 3. Shadie CAMON 16 4. Mkthephotographer CAMON 16 5. Micky CAMON 16 Above winners will be reached by local admins. Please remember that photos must be vertical not horizontal since ultimately they will be selected by UX team to enter wall-paper store. Many good entries didn't follow our basic rules so unfortunatelty they were not be chosen by UX team. Now congrats to them again ! Read all >>

BBC Sounds app breaks UK borders, now available globally

Hoilakes | 2020-11-152398

Being slightly biased, the BBC produces some of the finest audio and visual content on the planet. The iPlayer was yet another groundbreaking streaming service, but here in the UK, the audio element was spun off into the BBC Sounds app a couple of years ago to make finding BBC radio and podcasts much more consistent. Those in the rest of the world still had access to the iPlayer Radio app, but now, as per the Beeb themselves, it’s time for you to switch to the BBC Sounds app fully (via Android Police). Now this might initially seem like an annoying and pointless endeavor, but once you give the new app a try you’ll actually feel right at home. For starters, it’s much easier to navigate and listen to radio, podcast, interviews and more. If you have a smart speaker, asking to listen to BBC radio shows and podcasts should already be pulling or launching the Sounds app. This is just a move to contain all BBC-produced audio content in one consistent place. The app is pretty standard, with the ability to download shows for offline listening, live radio broadcast, plus the usual search and favorites options. When launching iPlayer Radio around the globe, you should see a pop-up gesturing you to download and use the BBC Sounds app over the coming days and weeks. Eventually, you will be forced over — as we have here in the UK — but as someone initially staunchly against the switch, it is pretty painless. In fact, the BBC Sounds app looks much better in every aspect. I highly recommend the Peter Crouch podcast if you even have a passing interest in the Premier League or football (soccer) in general. Oh, and the BBC won’t ever ask for payment information. So long as there are no geo-restrictions on content, listening is completely free. You can download the BBC Sounds app on the Google Play Store now. @9to5google.comRead all >>
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