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HiOS Official Account | 2021-01-202729643

Hello T-Fans, Ever just dropped your phone for a minute, and before you get back, your nosy friend or partner is all over your phone snooping and viewing things they are not supposed to see? Yes right, it could be pretty annoying. Or have you giving your phone to a friend to check out a picture or video and before you know it, they are viewing your whole gallery and going to place “for your eyes only”? Well, HiOS Team knows how important your privacy is to you, so they are constantly working on keeping your files safe from those prying eyes. This is the reason we introduced new security features on our devices to help protect those private files of our users from being hijacked or getting into the hands of the wrong people. HiOS Vault At one time or the other, you have had your privacy violated by your friend when they go through your videos, pictures, or even documents without first asking you. It can be pretty annoying and unpleasant, but unfortunately, there is no way to get them to unsee it. But now, there is a way from preventing that from happening in the first place. The vault provides passcode protection for your device, thereby preventing unauthorized access. In the HiOS Vault, you can hide videos, pictures, and even documents. To access the vault, open your AI gallery, swipe left twice, or click on the third icon at the base of the screen and select on Vault. You set it up by simply creating a security code and security question (just in case you forgot the code). Add media files by clicking on the “+” sign at the bottom right. Anything you store there becomes hidden from the public view. Now you can record those embarrassing and goofy videos or have highly classified documents on your device without any fear of anyone able to access them with the new HiOS vault Read all >>

Some Best Latest Android Games That You Need To Try Your Hands On.

jarose | 2021-01-1751458

AHA Games
This post was last edited by jarose at 2021-1-17 15:26 Figment Trailer Figment is a beautiful point and click adventure game from the same people behind Back to Bed. As you can see, much like the developer's previous work, this is a surreal game, and this time around, you'll solve puzzles within a living mind filled with the memories and voices of its past. All of the art is hand-drawn, and physical controllers are supported, making for a solid port to mobile that's easily worth the asking price. Picnic Penguin Picnic Penguin is an adorable puzzler where you'll play the part of a penguin who pushes food around until it reaches its picnic blanket. Basically, this is a Sokoban game where pushing blocks to solve puzzles is the goal. Even though the gameplay should be familiar to most, the adorable graphics and challenging puzzles should keep people coming back. YANKAI'S DIAMOND Yankai's Diamond is a minimal puzzler that comes from Kenny Su, and while you may have never heard of him, he produces some great puzzle games for mobile, and this is his latest release. It will be your job to rotate diamonds until all corner colors match, making for a game where trial and error reigns supreme. This is a relaxing affair that's best played in short bursts, though since there are no timers, you're free to hunker down with this one interruption-free.Read all >>


Barekese Mmrante Hene | 2021-01-17122606

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app, but recently, the instant messenger is losing huge number of users as a result of privacy issues in its updated privacy policies. The Facebook-owned messaging app is at the center of worldwide angst by users to clarify how it handles personal data within Facebook’s other family of apps and products. Whatever may be your concerns that warrants your leaving WhatsApp, below are list of 5 best WhatsApp alternatives for Free Instant Messaging in 2021. 5 WhatsApp Alternatives You Should Use in 2021 In this list, we've outlined instant messaging apps with focus on privacy, and also, those that features almost all the capabilities of WhatsApp. So, you can check out the list of WhatsApp alternative apps below and use any of the app that suits you. 1. Signal Private Messenger Signal Messenger brings a number of security benefits compared to WhatsApp and it also offers self-destructing of messages, screen security to prevents anyone from taking screenshots of your messages, and many more. It encrypt its backups, calls, group calls, and other persoanl data within the app, including the files sent via Signal are all protected. Furthermore, Signal doesn’t link your data to your identity according to its Apple’s App Store listing. And Signal is very popular with journalists, as it is best suited for people who're looking for a secure messaging app and if you're such looking for simple and yet funtional messenger that doesn't compromise your privacy, Signal is the best WhatsApp alternative for you. 2. Telegram Messenger Telegram Messenger is an open-source messaging app and one of the best WhatsApp alternative out there. It brings such features as super groups made up of about 100,000 people, public channels, usernames, and the ability to share files of up to 1.5 GB, with pass code lock and self-destructing messages, coupled with end-to-end encryption in secret chat among other features. There are also Telegram Bots, which further enhances the experience, as the bots not only bring important information to you on the go but there are several game bots that allow you to play games within the messaging app. Unlike WhatsApp, Telegram is multi-platform compliant and can be user in several platforms at once, so you can begin texting on your smartphone and continue on your PC in the Office. 3. Snapchat Snapchat isn't just a messaging app, but also a full-fledged social media app, you can use it as a messaging application thanks to some unique features that it boasts of, for instance, you can send messages which self-destruct after a set period of time. Also, it notifies you when someone takes a screenshot of your chats with them. It features are mostly copied by Facebook, such as the ability to create group chats, group voice calls, gifs, and many more. Snapchat is one of the most innovative messaging services you'll ever come across. Furthermore, it offers the best face-mask collection of all the messaging apps that you may have ever used which makes the app super fun to use. 4. Viber Viber is a hugely popular messaging and VoIP app that can stand toe-to-toe with WhatsApp, as the app offers end-to-end encryption in its calls, messages and shared media. The messaging app brings multi-device support, which WhatsApp obviously lacks and messages saved in multiple devices are fully encrypted. Viber also lets you make video and voice calls just like WhatsApp, but the app goes even a step ahead with its Viber Out feature, which allows you to make international calls to non-Viber users at very nominal rates. 5. Skype This list can't be complete without mentioning Microsoft-powered Skype, which is perhaps is the best business chat applications of them all. Skype is far ahead of the other business chat applications, and when it comes to personal chats also, it has earned its keep among normal users. It is the most ideal chatting application if you make a lot of video and voice calls. Even as most other apps don’t actually support group video calls, several that try to often lag when more than three to four people are added. If you're someone who makes a ton of video calls with business associates and friends and family, then you can certainly find solace in Skype over WhatsApp or any other chat application.Read all >>

TECNO Band 1 and TECNO Watch 1 Unboxing and Review

ahiadzro | 2021-01-18141527

This post was last edited by ahiadzro at 2021-1-18 23:06 TECNO's Band 1 is a wrist-worn device popularly known as a fitness tracker, meant to detect a combination of walking steps, running distance, heart rate, sleep patterns, swimming laps among others. It interconnects via Bluetooth and an app to configure the device and downloads the wearer's activity data. TECNO's Band 1 can boast of features such as Instant Information Push, Intelligent Reminder, High-definition Color Display (160 x 60 Resolution),IP67 Super Strong Waterproof, All-day Body Temperature Monitoring, Smart Health Management, Sleep Monitoring, Multiple Sports Mode, and a battery life that can last up to 7 days on a single charge. Click here to find out more! See Also: TECNO Watch 1 UnboxingRead all >>


Teras | 2021-01-192538

AHA Games
Enjoy your birthday the way you want: dive into a magical virtual world and… Well, on second thought, no: share gifts with your friends and take make us happy. Fulfill your dreams and go for next targets and new highest scores and kills in COD. In fact, games and life itself are so similar after all. Happy Birthday Boss!!! Read all >>

YouTubeBlack Voices Initiative: Creator Class of 2021 Announced.

yusufaliu | 2021-01-1343398

Hello T-fans. In efforts to eliminate cultural bias and maximize diversity on its platform, YouTube has made public participants of its first editionprogramme, the YouTubeBlack Voices Initiative. First announced in June amidst the BlackLivesMatter event, YouTubeBlack Voices Initiative is a part of a hundred million dollars multi year project. The program seeks to provide all necessary support to help selected participants grow their impact on the platform while connecting globally with the black community. According to YouTube, "After many months of collaboration, we're shining a spotlight on the #YouTubeBlack Voices Class of 2021 - a group of 132 creators and artists whose talents are as diverse as their hometowns. Hailing from the United States, Kenya, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Australia, South Africa, and Nigeria, this incredible group includes musicians, beauty entrepreneurs, comedians, activists, poets, personal trainers, teachers, parents, photographers, and more." Participants of the first edition includes @AriFitz, @Jackson, @Tyrone Magnus, @KevOnStage, @Team2Moms, @SoldierKnowsBest, @ShalomBlack, @JaquesSlade, @ShahdBatal, @TheEdwardsFamily, @TheRoomMates, @TiffanyRotheWorkouts, @Jabrils, @AhsabteTheArtist, @Jamila&Que, @JadeFox, @AmbersCloset, @LindaElaine, @AyshaHarun, @NymaTang, @TheGlamTwinz@GrapevineTv, @BdotAdot5, @EvelynFromTheInternet, @TarekAli, @Jouelzy, @Dormtainment, @CharlesSmith, @CydneyBlack, @KingOfReads, @RaynDayGaming, @AlyssaForever, @ForHariet, @Terrell, @KellyStamps, and@AyChristeneGames. See video below introducing the full class. Read all >>

CoD Mobile: Activision Delivers as Promised.

yusufaliu | 2021-01-1441414

AHA Games
Hello T-fans.Announced earlier back in December shortly after the release of Season 13, Activision promised a free character skin for those who linked their gaming profile on CoD Mobile to an Activision account. And today, Activision has delivered its promise. I was able to get mine this morning via CoD Mobile in-game mail system. I've been gaming with it for a few hours now and I just feel like the new Narco of CoD Mobile. If you are yet to claim yours, log into the game> click on notifications>scroll through to look for the ghost stealth character skin tagged "CoD Linking Reward">click on it to claim. If you would like to link your profile to an Activision account, navigate to settings>click on the yellow coloured "+" at the topmost right, a pop up message will appear for you to link to various social media>click on the middle screen icon where you'll be directed to a site to either login to your Activision account or create one. After which you'll be redirected back to the game to continue gaming. See video guide below. Leave a like or comment below of your In-Game-Name (IGN) on CoDMobile. And don't forget to follow me on Tspot for more. Read all >>


jarose | 2021-01-141126305

I usually don’t find sky photos to be the most interesting photos in the world. But the Netherlands-based photographer Lân Nguyen has challenged my opinion. By adding simple silhouettes to the scene, he manages to turn sky photos into fun and super-creative artwork. Looking at Lân’s photos, I couldn’t figure out exactly how he makes them. Are all these silhouettes paper cutouts, or are some of them real photos? Also, are they taken in-camera or Photoshop composites? So – DIYP asked, and Lân told him that, basically, all of these answers were correct. "It’s always different,” Lân tells DIYP. “Sometimes I just use real silhouettes of things or I cut paper to make a silhouette, and sometimes I Photoshop them in.” Every photo starts with an idea and then he waits until there’s a good sunset that would turn this idea into reality. He always tries to capture the silhouettes and sunsets directly in-camera. If he doesn’t manage to do it, he uses Photoshop to add the silhouettes later. “It’s basically the best of both worlds,” he concludes, and I’d say that each of the techniques he uses turns sky photos into fun little stories told through pictures.Read all >>

Happy Thanksgiving from Camon 16 Activity Gift Received

FavourAjibade | 2021-01-1427813

Hello! Good day T-Fans! Many thanks to TECNO, I have received my Happy Thanksgiving from Camon 16 Activity Gift. Read all >>

Top 9 Educational Mobile Apps for Students and Kids.

caaqil22 | 2020-03-245624

Hello T-FANS, Technology has made everything quite easy, learning inclusive. As it stands now, learning anything can be as easy as logging on to a smartphone and downloading a mobile app. And this does not exclude kids, as there are educational mobile apps targeted at students and kids.This post covers nine (9) Educational mobile apps that enhance learning for kids and students alike.9 Educational Mobile Apps for Kids and Students1. YouTube Kids This is basically YouTube, but for kids. The content on YouTube Kids are curated and further streamlined to match the level of kids. YouTube Kids can only be set up by a parent and there’s absolute control of content served by the platform.For example, parents can set up different profiles for more than one kid, allow multiple videos or only select a few, block videos or channels that seem inappropriate and more.Content levels are divided into three. Ages 4 and under for preschool kids, ages 5 – 7 for young kids, and ages 8 – 12 for much older kids. A great feature of the app is you can see all the content your child has been consuming.Download YouTube Kids HERE 2. DuolingoDuolingo gives all its users an online private tutor experience through the use of technology. While the platform is accessible to users of all age groups, if you want your kids to pick up a second language (or perfectly learn a first), Duolingo is the platform to go.The app offers learning content around a variety of languages including Spanish, Dutch, Danish, French, German, Italian, Irish, and even English. The fun nature of the learning experience makes it even better for your kids to use.Download Duolingo HERE.3. uLessonHere’s an educational mobile app that contains a comprehensive curriculum and content for Senior Secondary School students. The app is targeted at students in Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and The Gambia.uLesson contains comprehensive video content that can be accessed via the mobile app. They have squeezed thousands of WAEC-curriculum relevant, richly-animated yet high-resolution lessons unto a dongle you simply plug in.Download uLesson HERE.4. ClassDojo This educational mobile app allows teachers, parents, school leaders, and students to learn and interact on one platform. ClassDojo operates by sharing what’s being learned in the classroom home through photos, videos, and messages.An advantage of this mobile app is that it keeps you (as a parent) in the loop of what’s going on in the classes of your children. You get to see and keep up every day with what exactly they are being taught.Download ClassDojo HERE.5. DragonBoxDragonBox is a series of paid educational maths games for kids to learn mathematics easily. It teaches math fundamentals in a fun and interesting way. They serve two categories of kids. [*]From 4 to 9 years old. [*]Above 9 years. Some games in the DragonBox series include DragonBox Algebra, DragonBox Numbers, DragonBox Big Numbers, DragonBox Elements, Magnus Kingdom of Chess and more.Download DragonBox HERE.6. Khan Academy KidsKhan Academy Kids is a free platform that hosts thousands of fun activities to help kids learn math, learning, reading, spelling and more. On the Khan Academy Kids mobile app, kids can learn from thousand of books and standard aligned activities, grow math knowledge, boost social learning and creativity, and more.Khan Academy Kids is 100% free and is without ads and no subscriptions. Hence, providing a great experience for its users.Download Khan Academy Kids HERE.7. Quick Math JrWant Maths to be fun and interesting for your kids? You should check this one out. Quick Math Jr mobile app contains twelve games aligned with international maths curriculums and allows for device sharing by letting the creation of more than one user profile.The Educational content on the Quick Math Jr mobile app is built around developing number sense, naming numbers, practicing number sequence up to 100, connecting number names, numerals, and more like that.Download Quick Math Jr HERE.8. Google ClassroomGoogle Classroom is a free tool that helps learners and instructors stay connected. Both in and out of school. The Mobile App or platform can be used by anyone with a personal Google account.Asides just connecting both parties, Google Classroom helps save time and paper and makes it easy to create classes, distribute assignments, communicate, and stay organized.Download Google Classroom HERE.9. Amazon KindleWith a lot of great books serving all age groups, Amazon Kindle is a great app to get your kids to imbibe a reading habit. The platform hosts a number of books that are targeted at both kids and adults.Download Amazon Kindle HERE.These nine (9) apps are relevant to both students and kids, and help them learn easily.Let us know in the comment section if you have had an experience with any of these apps. Were they great? Useful? Also, tell us about other educational and learning apps you have had your kids explore. Don't forget to follow me for more educative threads. Read all >>


_goody_ | 2021-01-1519723


Is Getting Out Of Your Photography Comfort Zone Really Helpful?

jarose | 2021-01-1701130

We all have our personal style and photographic habits, and that is not a bad thing; after all, they are what define us as creatives. On the other hand, we can end up stuck in a bit of a rut if we never stray outside our comfort zone, and this excellent video reminds us why it is important to push ourselves every once in a while. This fantastic photos explores the idea of pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone. No doubt, we all have our favorite locations, editing styles, and more, but on the other hand, if we do not explore outside our normal methods, we can end up losing interest in our own work simply because it becomes monotonous. One thing that has always helped people to get out of their comfort zone is to place some sort of artificial limitation on their work for a bit, such as only shooting with a specific focal length or only using a certain aperture. The roadblocks this creates force you to think outside the box and find new ways of representing your creative ideas.Read all >>

TECNO Watch 1 Unboxing

ahiadzro | 2021-01-170656

Watch 1
This post was last edited by ahiadzro at 2021-1-18 23:05 TECNO's Watch 1 is a wearable computer in the form of a watch. It provides a colorful multi-functional touchscreen user interface for daily use, with an associated smartphone app (TECNO Watch) for management and telemetry. Besides timekeeping, TECNO's Watch 1 performs basic tasks, such as Instant Information Push, Intelligent Reminder, Sports Mode, Stop Watch, Smart Temperature Detector, Always-on Health Management, Sleep Monitoring, Bluetooth Music Control, Calculator, Camera Remote Control and other more colorful functions. Again, TECNO's Watch 1 can boast of features such as a 1.3 inch IPS full-screen display (240 x 240 resolution), a strong resistance to dust and sweat. It also has a 200mAh long-lasting battery which provides up to 9 days of daily usage,90 days stand-by time, and a specially designed magnetic cable for charging. Click here to find out more! See Also:TECNO Band 1 and TECNO Watch 1 Unboxing and Review Read all >>


HiOS Official Account | 2021-01-143128330

Hello T-Fans, How we wish, you can be reading this with swag and balling music beat playing along. Let’s roll! You know anything about money is balling stuff. Give us some permission, we want to brag a little. We deserve a medal (smile emoji) In a positive way, we do not believe in a long process of achieving great things. Yes. HiOS entirely is all about simplicity. This is why we design our products and features in the simplest form possible to give the best user experience; No wonder we won The Best User Experience BEACON ICT Award last year. Okay, enough bragging, back to business. For the sake of “Simplicity” again, we made another thing possible. Built-in. follow come. No need for setup. No need to update. In-fact, no need to remember any country currency name. Just tap and get answers. Do you know on HiOS 7.0, you can carry out any currency conversion? We mean ANY. You can know the current equivalence of any currency without visiting any daily updated website or Google page, right from the menu of your smartphone. ( only the ones running on HiOS 7.0) You can convert from US Dollars to British Pounds and Naira at the same time. From Chinese Yens to Ghana Cedis and Arab Dollars. Let us surprise you. You don’t even need to turn on your mobile data or connect to any Wi-Fi. This converter is always up to date anytime you get connected to the internet and as well, you can manually update it by just touching update in the app. Where is this currency converter? Stress-free, on the application menu, you have HiOS Calculator. Just open the Calculator and you will see a currency symbol on the top left corner. Tap it. Select your primary currency and the other two you want to convert to and you’re all good to go. You don’t need to be a stock exchange expert or master Forex Trader to know currency value any day any time. Oh, what Simplicity. We don’t mind you jamming your hands together for HiOS. Take a screenshot of your currency converter and let us know your thoughts and applaud in the comment section. Read all >>


OKayode | 2021-01-1283584

Hello T-fans. The Phone (Dialer) app is an integral part of a smartphone, and the Dialer app on HiOS has gotten a sort of neat updates in the past year. With integrating ULife, Instant USSD, theming options, Video Show, Increasing Ringtone, and the all-new UI redesign; making calls/ dialling USSD codes has become easier and fun. One trick you probably have not been using on the Phone (Dialer) interface is the T9 Keypad, which lets you quickly find contact names without using the search bar or scrolling through a long list of contacts. Opening the Phone app shows the keypad with numbers (and some letters underneath them), which makes it look like your old Nokia 3310 and the likes. Well, those letters are not just there to make the keypad look like you're using your old feature phone; it has a pleasant feature you'll find useful, interesting, and make you feel nostalgic at the same time. Here's how to quickly find your contacts using the T9 Keypad on your Phone app - it works just like the way you would send a text using your old Nokia 3310 and the likes. How to find contact names with the keypad. ♦ Open the Phone app. ♦ As soon as the keypad shows up, you would find the numbers and some characters under them. Type your contact initials using the keypad. For example, if you're looking for "Kayode", you need to enter 5296... where 5 stands for K, 2 stands for A, 9 stands for Y, and many more. ♦ You'll see all matching contacts, select a contact name to call it. You would never have to use the search bar or scroll through a long list of contacts no more. Just open the Dialer app and do what is needed. Do share with your friends and follow me here if you find this trick helpful. Read all >>


HiOS Official Account | 2021-01-122845345

Hello T-Fans, Solving equations is one of the most important things man has achieved on earth. Mathematical equations have helped man to achieve great feats like creating a motor car, flying and landing an airplane successfully, and even landing on the moon. Mathematics is a strong integral part of all of man’s inventions. Most smartphones come with a calculator by default to solve mathematical equations. Those calculators are usually basic and can only solve simple calculations. HiOS team studied user patterns and how they use the calculator app and discovered something very interesting. They found out lots of users don’t use the default calculation. Several surveys were conducted, and thousands of users interviewed on why users don’t use one of the most sophisticated apps on the smartphone. The results were astonishing. We found out that lots of users have to download additional calculators on their smartphones, totally ignoring the default one. When we asked why, they said the default calculator could only solve simple equations and since a large percentage of our users are students and academicians who constantly need to solve equations, this was worth looking into. Looking at this critical problem, the HiOS team came together and decided that it would be important to solve this problem for users. So, they developed a better calculator, capable of doing more things than the default one. This new calculator would be capable of solving complex equations and users don’t have to download 3rd party apps to perform this action. Have you tried the new HiOS Calculator? Take a screenshot and tell us what you love about it! Read all >>

HiOS Launcher Gets a New ZERO SCREEN Interface

OKayode | 2021-01-1211368

Hello T-Fans. Since the launch of HiOS 7 on CAMON 16 last year, HiOS Launcher has gained some major improvements both in UI, features, and performance. Earlier today, I received a new HiOS Launcher update which brings to the launcher a new Zero Screen interface. On like when the Zero Screen contains just System management, Recent Apps, and unlimited News; the latest version brings more useful features to the Zero Screen. There are now cards like Random Quotes, Live Weather, Recent Apps, App Usage, Recommendations, and Feeds. Old Zero Screen interface New Zero Screen interface Here's a quick note on what the new cards do. Random Quotes: this card shows a piece of random quotes which changes anytime you open or refresh the Zero Screen. Live Weather: this card shows you basic live weather information. Tapping in the card takes you to the Weather app where you can get all weather information and forecast. App Usage: this card shows you a quick breakdown of your screen usage. Click on the card to view the full app/screen usage via Digital Wellbeing. How to enable and use Zero Screen. This feature is enabled by default on HiOS Launcher. If it's missing on your device, follow the steps below. • Long-press on a space on the homescreen • Click Desktop Settings • Scroll down and select Other settings. • Toggle on Zero Screen from the list. To access the Zero Screen on your phone, simply swipe right on the homescreen. This update is being rolled out to various devices in batches, and it might take a while to appear on your phone. Click HERE to check and update your HiOS Launcher from Google Play Store. Read all >>

Android to Get New Version of Titan Quest Pretty Soon; Watch-Out!

jarose | 2021-01-1201024

AHA Games
DotEmu initially brought a mobile port of Titan Quest to Android back in 2016, though it would appear HandyGames took over the reins at some point. Oddly enough, the iOS version of this action RPG has seen a few different releases come and go, and so it looks to now be Android's turn. That's right, there's a Legendary Edition of Titan Quest coming to Android sometime soon, and it's already available for pre-registration. The trailer offers a first look at Titan Quest: Legendary Edition for Android. As you can see, the graphics look sharp and colorful, and best of all, the Legendary Edition will offer all of the DLC and technical updates from the PC version, essentially making for a complete edition on Android. Luckily those who own the 2016 version will be able to purchase all of this DLC separately in order to bring it in line with the Legendary Edition, something many users have been asking for since the 2016 version was released. Sadly we don't yet know when Titan Quest: Legendary Edition will actually be available on Android, but you can pre-register right now, which should signal we're nearing an official launch. At the very least, if you'd like to receive a notification the day the game goes live, you can pre-register through the Play Store widget. You can kindly pre-register here for notification when it's finally released: Titan Quest Read all >>
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