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Gamers Pick of the Week- Download and play Danger dash

Aha Games | 2020-08-3115635

AHA Games
It's a brand new week to be amazing. Our gamer's pick of the week ins Danger Dash an exciting running game that is definately going to make your week much more pleasurable . . . #newweek #monday #mondaymotivation #gameoftheweek #gamerspick #mobilegaming #mobilegames Read all >>

Stay safe on WhatsApp by changing these settings

Dalitso | 2020-09-012660

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app. Known and unknown users can get to see your profile photo, status and add you to random groups by just having your phone number.  Here are some basic WhatsApp tips that you must keep in mind to maintain your online privacy and not reveal too much about yourself to unknown people. ​Choose who can see your WhatsApp Status: Everybody, My contacts or Nobody WhatsApp users can choose to select which contacts can see their WhatsApp Status. The Status privacy feature can be accessed from the Settings section of the app and here users can choose to show their Status to a particular contact list or limit it only to saved contacts. Choose who can add you to WhatsApp groups WhatsApp Group privacy settings gives users the option to select who can add them in the groups. There are precisely three options where users can either select to allow anyone to add them in the group or limit it to saved contacts or select a particular contact list. You can also choose to hide ‘Last Seen’ from WhatsApp settings Last Seen privacy settings allows users to hide their last online time from others. Under the Settings, they can choose to completely hide their Last Seen or simply set it to My Contacts. ​Manage who can see your Profile Picture on WhatsApp Just like other options, WhatsApp users also get the option to hide it completely or make it visible only to saved contacts. ​Users can block certain contacts from sending messages or view their profile details on WhatsApp WhatsApp users have the option to block a particular contact or phone number to prevent receiving messages or from accessing your profile information. The option is available from both Settings option as well as from the individual chats.Read all >>


Barekese Mmrante Hene | 2020-09-012341

A large reason that many people don't invest in virtual private networks (VPNs) is that they feel it shouldn't cost them that much just to protect their online data privacy. However, a VPN can actually act as a substitute for a great deal of software tools you have in your gadgets, and can improve your browsing while saving you loads of money. Here are a few fantastic things VPNs can help you do: 1. Unblock YouTube Since a VPN gives you access to servers that are in remote locations, it allows you to unblock YouTube and watch your favorite videos from locations where you may not have access. Some VPNs assign static IP addresses, making you look like you are accessing the platforms from the same virtual location every time. 2. Bypass ISP limitations  If you are using a campus network or a restricted home network, you may find yourself unable to access some content. The limitations on what you can browse can lock you out of your favorite online activities and make the internet boring. A VPN can help you circumvent these restrictions and provide you with an anonymous gateway to the content available to people outside the network. 3. Online shopping while abroad Much like streaming platforms, multinational eCommerce stores have exclusive content for people in various geographical locations. Others don't operate in some regions altogether, making it impossible to shop from your favorite store. Fortunately, a VPN service can provide you with a virtual location to help you access whatever online platform you want and go about your shopping as if you are at home. 4. Speed up gaming VPNs are known to slow down connections since they have to encrypt each of the data packets sent over the internet. But this isn't always the case. Sometimes, internet service providers (ISPs) slow down or throttle connections when an individual is found to use too much bandwidth. VPNs are not affected by this throttling. They only affect your connection's unaltered speed, meaning there is a good chance they will not slow it down as much as your ISP would. 5. Avoid traffic shaping In traffic shaping, the ISP decides how much bandwidth you get for specific applications. Often, it is streaming sites such as Netflix and YouTube that these ISPs target. A 2015 report shows that many ISPs in the US reacted to the sudden surge in Netflix subscriptions by throttling connection to the service. Many are still doing it, and this affects performance, but you can get around it with a VPN. Note that most performance issues have nothing to do with connection throttling or traffic shaping, but it's worthwhile to try connecting through a VPN if you seem to have problems with specific applications. CONCLUSION A VPN is a must-have tool for any individual who is always on the internet. For business, that is not even up for discussion; you've got to have a VPN to keep your company and customer data safe from hackers. The above mentioned benefits are just some of the things a VPN will help you accomplish. Usually, the more you use it, the more useful you will find it. Read all >>

If you are bored, start photographing indoor!! Have fun with Tecno!

simari | 2020-08-26282749

Hello Fans!!! Bored in the house? well here are 5 tips to kill your boredom. All you need is your Tecno camera-phone and some free time. Follow these indoor photogeaphy tips and let me know if you liked them: 1- Cloning Yourself (or Аnything!)This method is quite old but using your imagination, you can turn it into a new one. Firstly, set up a camera and a timer. Then, if you are shooting yourself, you need to quickly get into the shot according to the timer. Try various poses (as on the example above) in a different place each time and take photos of all these poses. Don’t forget to take a picture of an empty scene as well. Begin with the base layer and continue until you achieve the final result. You can also make this picture using the Panaroma effect of Tecno smartphones. 2- Bokeh Party For this idea, your Christmas lights would come in handy. It is ideal for product photos but you can use these photo props to achieve great portraits as well. Bokeh effect looks its best when there is a big distance between a model and the lights. Therefore, make sure you have a long space for your photo session. Also, you can achieve a nice bokeh effect if you use the your Tecno devices. 3- Smoke Photography The smoke effect in your photos can create an unusual look. Try to move in this smoke, use a fan to get diverse photos or blow it around you. There won’t be any problems while performing image editing with such an effect because it will look nice on camera. If you want, you can work with an adjustment brush to make the smoke more detailed and interesting. 4- Mirror Photography This type of creative indoor photography ideas is perfect for Instagram, YouTube thumbnails and trendy product pictures. Use a longer lens with a fast aperture to achieve the best result. Set your black background as far as possible. Place the objects onto the mirror and make sure you light them from the sides. If you do it, not much light will get in that black background. Use a side lighting with a strong, diffused light or an external flash. 5- Kitchen Close-Ups One of the best macro photography ideas indoors can be realized in the kitchen. Reflections from its surface can create nice backdrops for your pictures. A shallow depth of field can turn any regular object of the kitchen into something interesting. Consider creating a triptych, which will make a wonderful piece for the kitchen wall. However, first of all, think of the composition and how these three images will look together. Or you can just shoot any dish or product at your table. Well these were 5 of themain tips from my side for indoor photographt. If you are interested for more tips, let me know in the comment section below. Read all >>

How to Enable Nearby Share on your Tecno Device

ahiadzro | 2020-09-015235

This post was last edited by ahiadzro at 2020-9-1 22:32 Since the announcement of Camon 16, we have all been distracted by its outstanding features and almost forgotten about the little things that keep us going. But funny enough, I am here to inform you about the updates you may have missed in the world of Android. Welcome, Googles Nearby Share on your Tecno device.A platform that enables reliable and easy sharing across thousands of Android phone models and billions of people. Googles Nearby Share is making it easier to instantly share files, links, pictures, and more with people around you while protecting your privacy. Key Features of Nearby Share 1. Easily share content both online and offlineNearby Share allows you to cut down-time with simple taps to share files by using a list of devices in your proximity with which you can share content. Once you select the receiver, they will be notified with the option to either accept or decline the file. Nearby Share automatically chooses the best protocol for fast and easy sharing using Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy, WebRTC, or peer-to-peer WiFi — allowing you to share even when you’re fully offline. 2. Safely share and receive files with those around youNearby Share was built with privacy at its core, so you can share and receive files with a peace of mind. It allows you to exchange contact information or send and receive files anonymously. It also allows you to adjust your privacy settings from your phone’s Quick Settings at any time. You can be “hidden,” visible to “some contacts” or visible to “all contacts,” so you never receive files that you didn’t ask for. How to Enable Nearby Share on your Device Step 11. Tap on the Edit Quick Settings Notification Icon as shown above (You might need to update your Google Play Services or Google app)2. Hold, drag and drop the icon to your Quick Settings3. Tap on Nearby Share and proceed to enable the various permissions (Bluetooth, Location, and Wi-Fi)4. Pair your device with a similar phone with the same service and enjoy the pleasure of sharing Step 21. Tap on Settings on your device2. Locate and tap on Google3. From the list, select Device Connections and tap on Nearby Share4. Explore and have fun sharing How to Share Content with Nearby Share 1. After running through Step 1 or Step 2,open the content you would love to share, be it a web link or a picture.2. Tap Shareand select Nearby Share3. Hold your phone and friends device close to each other4. Under Looking for Nearby devices, select your friend's device5. Tap Send See Also: Camon 16 Premier Processor: All You Need to KnowRead all >>

CAMON CEO TASK 4: Battery life and charging experience

ts7013507125 | 2020-08-304526

CAMON 15 Series
Whenever i want to go for a device, what I check first is the battery life of such device and i am sure most of you do same. Having a phone with battery capacity enough to take you for a day not withstanding the gaming activities or internet access you expose the phone to. A Mobile device with 5000Mah is a phone that suits my taste and also recommended for you as it will bring to realization your expectations. And this is where our main discussion kicks off from. I am a kind of person that always wants my phone to be on, even though I have access to light from many sources: solar system, generator, power bank and PHCN supply, but when I recieved my camon 15 device, I discovered that, my power bank became useless, when the generator I put on, I don't need to charge my phone. The camon 15 device is super b,Its 5000Mah battery is strong enough to last you for a day even if you like watching movies, playing games, surfing the internet and exploring your device with an estimated period of 12hrs to 15hrs per day (charging hours excluded). Depending on the source of power you use in charging it. Camon 15 charging experiences. Even though this mobile device comes with a large battery of 5000Mah capacity, it could last more than 15 hours. However,it takes about 3 hours to full charge from 1% to 100% using a full current PHCN power source. If you have not yet purchased this device (Camon 15), you are missing alot, and you will keep charging your phone and mind you, over charging of phones weakens the battery from my experience with previous devices.Read all >>


HiOS Official Account | 2020-09-01462378

Hello T-Fans, We are glad to announce another set of winners for the just concluded HiOS Triple Collage Competition. We noticed many users didn't get the concept of the competition, with many taking pictures of Tecno phones. That is not what we wanted! Well, we had to select winners, so we picked those who were close to the intended meaning. Below are the selected winners! S/NNamePrize 1Barekese Mmrante Hene$10 2ZonkDragonel$10 4ahiadzro$5 5OKayode$5 6ts8143350246 estee$5 7Rana Muhammad Shakel Afzal$5 8Don_Ebrah_gibbs$5 9iampeterben$5 10ts09030989642$5 11Bolademi1$5 12Chop Beta$5 13Seth777$5 14277321451110$2 15Elturaki JR$2 16Kingsley Charlie$2 17278990122615$2 18alojoey2$2 19aydeeen$2 20ts09094890991$2 21Joshua_hexer$2 22268410887051$2 23Wizzync$2 24iampeterben$2 ALL WINNERS ARE REQUIRED TO SEND THE FOLLOWING: A SCREENSHOT OF THEIR NAME ON THE LIST, THE COMPETITION NAME, PHONE NUMBER AND COUNTRY ALL WINNERS ARE REQUIRED TO SEND IN THEIR DETAILS IN THE HiOS OFFICIAL DM WITHIN 48 HRS OR FORFEIT THEIR PRIZE Read all >>


HiOS Official Account | 2020-09-0133866

Hello T-Fans, We are glad to announce the winners of the just-concluded HiOS MEME Challenge. We appreciate all those who participated in the activity. Although we noticed a lot of users don't know what a meme is. Anyways, below is the list of those we selected as winners! S/NNamePrize 1Tomvad$10 2iamdamilosky$10 3Android$10 4Ryuytyuu Greseven $5 5Satyavan$5 6ts7031354844$5 7Priyanka Dey$5 8269680368398$5 9Aseda Mahallel$5 10Bolademi1$5 11Donamiiz$5 12jamzkid❣️$5 13sirmie prince$5 14OKayode $2 15Uc Best$2 16ahiadzro$2 17God loves me$2 18Obigwe$2 19Teras$2 20BasitHabib$2 ALL WINNERS ARE REQUIRED TO SEND THE FOLLOWING: A SCREENSHOT OF THEIR NAME ON THE LIST, THE COMPETITION NAME, PHONE NUMBER AND COUNTRY ALL WINNERS ARE REQUIRED TO SEND IN THEIR DETAILS IN THE HiOS OFFICIAL DM WITHIN 48 HRS OR FORFEIT THEIR PRIZE Read all >>


SupaMan | 2020-08-316323

CAMON 15 Series
#CamonCEO #Camon15#YourCameraPhone #PhonePhotography#TecnoMobile #TecnoGhana #Tfans #TecnoSpot #iAmSupaMan Read all >>

TECNO CAMON 16, Beyond Pioneering Camera Phone

TECNO SPOT Official | 2020-08-3122812

Hi T-FANS: The countdown begins! #CAMON16Series is ready to amaze you with its pioneering performance. Coming soon... #NextLevelCameraEvolution Read all >>


Hoilakes | 2020-08-28303523

51264[/a As pure as lake Tekapo lovely interacted animated characters More comfortable layout Smart scanner auto ear pick-up Gesture flashlight all >>

Save One Game -The Rest Have To Go.

Aha Games | 2020-08-2832985

AHA Games
If you love these 3 games then this must be hard for you. You can only save on game and the rest have to go. Which game will you save? Headon to the AHA Games App and check out our exciting collection of games . . . #gametrivia #ahagames #mobilegames #mobilegaming #mobilegamer #pubg #candycrush #asphaltnitro #racinggame #shootinggame #actiongamesRead all >>

Here are the top features coming to HiOS 7

OKayode | 2020-08-28331100

This post was last edited by OKayode at 2020-8-28 09:18 Yeah, it's over eight months now since we first saw the light of HiOS 6 based on Android 10 on the TECNO Spark 3 Pro. It was not long after that it was globally launched with the TECNO Camon 15 series in April. Seeing teasers from TECNO's officialtofficial website today makes HiOS 6 feel just like a preamble to what is coming to HiOS 7. The all-new designs, improved text readability, and new features look decent right from the pictures I've seen. A taste of it is what you're already enjoying on the newly improved system apps on CAMON 15. Without much ado, here are some features coming to HiOS in the update. IMPROVED VISUAL EXPERIENCE ACROSS ALL INTERFACE _______________________________________________ TECNO Mobile has been throwing out a series of surveys on T-Spot in the past few months. I think the result of the surveys is finally here. HiOS 7 is introducing new icons and similar designs across all interface. You'll now see the same set of rounded square icons on the Launcher, Settings page, File Manager and another place. More so, HiOS 7 is adding more white space across all UI to improve readability and "keep your focus from drifting", TECNO said. As you can see in the picture below, the 'File Manager' text now has a huger font size and the UI looks cleaner than before, you will also find that in other interfaces such as Settings, Contacts, Dialer, Calculator, and others. Another improvement includes the newly introduced Localized Illustrations, all for your unique visual experience. MICRO INTELLIGENCE GETS EVEN BETTER. _______________________________________________ Yes! HiOS 7 is finally introducing the 'RAISE TO EAR' feature I mentioned earlier in my previous post. An intelligent feature that let you pick calls by taking the phone directly to your ear without touching the screen, but TECNO is renaming it as " Auto Ear Pick-up' in their post. Micro Intelligence will also include a new feature that will let you toggle the flashlight from the lock screen. All you have to do is just draw a designated letter such as V, M, and Z on the screen and it will light up your touch or turn it off. PHOTO COMPRESSOR. _______________________________________________ Imagine shooting your pictures at 48Mp and you still want to keep them on your phone after it has served its purpose, or you have some large photos in your gallery that takes a lot of your storage. HiOS 7 will help you compress your pictures to save more space on your storage without losing the image resolution. COLOURFUL CHATTING _______________________________________________ A feature related to the already available 'Video Show' that let you set animated pictures on your dialer screen will be revamped to 'Video Caller' and will now let you add custom videos to the screen, which is not available before. HiOS 7 will also allow all Social Turbo features to work with WhatsApp Business. You will now be able to use all of the best WhatsApp assistance box features such as a flashlight for calls, DIY stickers, Peek mode, status saver and more on WhatsApp Business app. Other features to be coming to HiOS 7 includes Wifi share, improved Game mode, improved Face unlock, the improved system performed, and of course, colourful wallpapers to match the overall experience. That's all I was able to put up for you concerning the coming HiOS update. There's surely more to tell when the update finally arrives. A thumbs up and your comments under this thread will be nice. Don't forget to drop your thoughts on this new version of HiOS and also follow me here for more. Source: TECNO Read all >>

TikTok Faces Possible Restrictions in the UK

yusufaliu | 2020-08-293468

Hello T-fans. Following concerns of the UK government over National security, restrictions may be placed on the Chinese owned ByteDance app, TikTok. A move different from that taking by the US government over same concerns. According to Bloomberg, " A review led by the prime minister’s chief of staff, Eddie Lister, is likely to find the app doesn’t pose as big a security threat as Huawei Technologies Co., but may still recommend the government stops the company from moving users’ data out of the country." An extension over same concern which saw Huawei's removal from the UK 5G program. A claim over data exposure to the Chinese Government which has been heavily abnegated by TikTok parent company, ByteDance.As it race to beat the September 15th deadline by the US Government, the future of TikTok is potentially secured in the UK as compared to the US, and India where it has already been placed on a full ban by the Indian Government. At the time of this article, TikTok still maintains its stance on its "Not Going Anywhere" collaboration with NTWRK and visual artist Joshua Vides. A collection of wearables recently made available on TikTok and its partnership app, NTWRK for a 24 hour period. According to TikTok, " We're excited to bring this collaboration to the TikTok community and streetwear fans alike. The collection is a reflection of the incredible support of our community, and we're proud to memorialize that sentiment: TikTok is not going anywhere." Read all >>

HIOS Lab: Ulife Gets Ingrained

yusufaliu | 2020-08-296755

Hello T-fans. As we wait to be graced by HIOS 7, packed with features that help tailor & define your experience with the brand, HIOS has further extended the services of Ulife with quick access from the phone tab. This extension of Ulife services gives you easy access to USSD codes from your service providers, saving you the trouble of memorizing from an ever expanding list of your mobile operators. This includes airtime recharge, data balance, USSD codes of banks operating within the country, etc. To enjoy the new addition, head over to HIOS lab to download. See photo guide below. To access Ulife from the phone tab, click on Ulife at the rightmost bottom on the homepage. Read all >>


ts7013507125 | 2020-08-2915413

You don't have to get the HiOS 7 before you can access the smart scanner feature, recharge and drug verification. follow these few steps: 1. click on your phone settings 2. scroll down andclick on Hios lab 3.the smart scanner feature display for you to download 4. After a successful download, the download bottom changes to open, click on open. 5. it then displays the feature for ur best experience. 6. enjoy and thank tecno later.Read all >>


ts7013507125 | 2020-08-2814480

CAMON 15 Series
Camon 15 comes with a 48MP quad rear camera and 16MP front camera which makes pictures look really good in the right conditions. Photos taken under natural light are well-exposed and detailed. But sometimes the details tend to look over-sharpened. the cameras bring out the full details of the object. Read all >>


HiOS Official Account | 2020-08-283621985

Hello T-Fans, We are glad to announce to you the launch of the latest HiOS 7 Happy Viewing! Read all >>

#CAMON16SeriesLaunch# Colour Prediction

TECNO SPOT Official | 2020-08-2812129190

Dear T-Fans, It may not have been long since the most recent CAMON 15 launch, but we TECNO never stop imagining and creating for better user experience. CAMON 16 is about to be launched soooooon! What colors do you think CAMON 16 Series would be ? Read all >>


TECNO SPOT Official | 2020-08-2833696

HELLO T-FANS Suggest one new section we should create on TSPOT. It's our mission to provide better user experience to you all (T-FANS). Kindly drop your suggestions in the comment section below. Thanks a lot! Read all >>
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