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Gayming Awards 2021: All The Winners

Joshuaboy | 2021-02-252724

AHA Games
The inaugural Gayming Awards, which was presented by EA Games and streamed exclusively on Twitch, have awarded Supergiant Games' Hades its first Game of the Year. Hades, Tell Me Why, and If Found... all led the way with two wins each at the Gayming Awards 2021, and most of the winners were chosen by an international judging panel of LGBTQ+ video game industry professionals. The LGBTQ Streamer of the Year Award and the Readers' Award were decided by public vote. "I am so proud to be able to say we have held the world's first LGBTQ video game award show," The Gayming Magazine founder and editor Robin Gray said. "2020 was truly a watershed moment for LGBTQ inclusion in games and to be able to celebrate it with everyone, although virtually, was amazing! Congratulations to all the winners, well done to all the nominees and thank you again to all our sponsors! See you in 2022!" The full list of winners of the Gayming Awards 2021 are as follows; Game of the Year: Hades Gayming Icon Award: Robert Yang Gayming Magazine Readers' Award: Hades Best LGBTQ Indie Game Award: If Found... Industry Diversity Award: I Need Diverse Games LGBTQ Streamer of the Year: DEERE Best LGBTQ Character Award: Tyler Ronan - Tell Me Why Authentic Representation Award: Tell Me WhyBest LGBTQ Narrative Award: If Found...Read all >>

Brain Teaser

God loves me | 2021-02-259554

Are you a HiOS fan? ????. Sure you find these very easy☺️. How many Micro Intelligence features can you find in this simple puzzle? Let's see them in the comments ???? #HiOSfans #MicroIntelligence #HiOSBrainTeaser #TecnoMobileRead all >>


Bolademi1 | 2021-02-06151195

Thank you HiOS ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ I'm super excited. I got a spark 5 pro for participating and being part of the winners of the HIOS SCRAMBLE CHALLENGE on Facebook. THANK you HiOS Thank you TECNO. Read all >>

How fast is your phone charging?

OKayode | 2021-02-28112207

This post was last edited by OKayode at 2021-2-28 20:34 Imagine going to a store to get a new charger for your phone, and on getting home, you realize the charger is the most useless one you've gotten in a lifetime. Today, I'm going to be sharing with you how to measure how fast your phone is charging as well as knowing the maximum capability of your charger. This would also help you in selecting the fastest charger or Power Bank for your phone when needed. Before we dive into measuring your phone's charging speed, it's crucial to know what adds up to how fast and how slow your phone charges. And that's of no other factors than the output current of your charger, and the maximum power your phone can take in. Checking the wattage of your charger is quite simple, as it is printed on the charger already. For instance, my CAMON 15 charger reads the power output of 5.0V, 2.0A, making it a 10W charger (W = V x A). Meanwhile, you can get the maximum charging speed of your phone from its spec sheet. My CAMON 15 comes with 10W charging speed, while the CAMON 16 Premier comes with 33W charging speed, for instance. How to check the charging speed of your phone Now that you have known about the current of your charger, let's dive into checking the real-time charging speed of your phone. To get started, you need to download the Ampere app from the Play Store and follow the steps below. • Launch Ampere on your phone. • If you're yet to plug in your charger, you'll see the discharging current of your phone. Now plug in your charger and let the app measure your charging current. • After a few seconds, you'll see the charging current of your phone in mA. Discharging speedCharging Speed That's basically how to check how fast your phone is charging. Now, you might be wondering why my phone isn't charging at 2000mAh (2A), which is the max current of my charger. The reason is that many background processes are going on my phone. Features like wireless connections, screen brightness, memory usage, etc., increase the discharging speed of your phone. If you want to make your phone charge faster, ensure to close all running apps, disconnect all wireless connection, and other features that ignite discharging speed. You might want to know how Ampere measures your charging current. Click here to visit their FAQs page. Do leave a like or comment below if you find this post helpful. Also, follow me here for more. Read all >>

The Biggest Games Launching in March and Beyond

Joshuaboy | 2021-03-0171211

AHA Games
We've seen some big, exciting releases already this year, but March sees things slow down a bit. Even so, plenty of games are hitting store shelves no matter whether you're rocking a PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Series X, or Nintendo Switch. Plus, game makers have finally started announcing release dates for this year's big titles, giving us an idea of what the game release schedule will look like throughout the first half of the year. There's a little something for everyone, no matter what genres you're into, or which console you own. It's an exciting time to be a video game fan, so read on for a look at what's to come.  March 2021 - PS4 / PS5 Release Dates Harvest Moon: One World - March 2 Maquette - March 2 Monster Jam: Steel Titans 2 - March 2   Yakuza Like a Dragon (PS5) - March 2   Monster Energy Supercross 4 - March 11 Mundaun - March 16 Stubbs the Zombie - March 16 Balan Wonderworld - March 26 It Takes Two - March 26 Kaze and the Wild Masks - March 26 Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 & 2 (PS5) - March 26  Spacebase Startopia - March 26 - PS4 | PS5 Bladed Fury - March 30 Mozart Requiem - March 30 Sniper: Ghost Warrior - Contracts 2 - March 31 Disco Elysium: The Final Cut - TBA March 2021 April 2021 - PS4 / PS5 Release Dates Outriders - April 1 - Buy It: PS4 | PS5 Oddworld: Soulstorm - April 6 Star Wars Republic Commando - April 6 Guilty Gear Strive - April 9 - PS4 | PS5 SaGa Frontier Remastered - April 15 MLB The Show 21 - April 20 Judgment (PS5) - April 23 Nier Replicant Ver.1.22474487139 - April 23 Returnal - April 30 May 2021 - PS4 / PS5 Release Dates Resident Evil Village - May 7 Hood: Outlaws & Legends - May 10Mass Effect Legendary Edition - May 14 Deathloop - May 21 Knockout City - May 21 Biomutant - May 25 June 2021 - PS4 / PS5 Release Dates Final Fantasy VII Remake (PS5) - June 10 Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart - June 11 Back 4 Blood - June 22 PS4 | PS5 Solar Ash - TBA June 2021 July 2021 - PS4 / PS5 Release Dates Little Devil Inside - TBA July 2021 August 2021 - PS4 / PS5 Release Dates Kena: Bridge of Spirits - August 24 October 2021 - PS4 / PS5 Release Dates Ghostwire: Tokyo - TBA October 2021 Stray - TBA October 2021 March 2021 - Xbox One / Series X|S Release Dates Monster Jam: Steel Titans 2 - March 2 Monster Energy Supercross 4 - March 11 - Xbox One | Series X Mundaun - March 16 Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse - March 16 Yakuza 6: The Song of Life - March 25 Tonky Hawk's Pro Skater 1 & 2 (Series X) - March 26 Balan Wonderworld - March 26 It Takes Two - March 26 Spacebase Startopia - March 26 Sniper: Ghost Warrior - Contracts 2 - March 31 April 2021 - Xbox One / Series X|S Release Dates Outriders - April 1  MLB The Show 21 - April 20 Judgment (Series X) - April 23 Nier Replicant Ver.1.22474487139 - April 23 May 2021 - Xbox One / Series X|S Release Dates Resident Evil Village - May 7 Hood: Outlaws & Legends - May 10 Mass Effect Legendary Edition - May 14 Biomutant - May 25 June 2021 - Xbox One / Series X|S Release Dates Back 4 Blood - June 22 March 2021 - Nintendo Switch Game Release Dates Harvest Moon: One World - March 2 Monster Jam: Steel Titans 2 - March 2 Sea of Solitude: Director's Cut - March 4 Gnosia - March 6Apex Legends - March 9 Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time - March 12 Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning - March 16 Mundaun - March 16 Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse - March 16 Plants vs Zombies: Battle for Neighborville - Complete Edition - March 19 Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town - March 23 Tales from the Borderlands - March 24 Balan Wonderworld - March 26 Monster Hunter Rise - March 26 Spacebase Startopia - March 26 Bladed Fury - March 30 Mozart Requiem - March 30 The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV - March 31 Disco Elysium: The Final Cut - TBA March 2021 April 2021 - Nintendo Switch Game Releases Star Wars Republic Commando - April 6 The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV - April 9 SaGa Frontier Remastered - April 15 New Pokemon Snap - April 30 -  May 2021 - Nintendo Switch Game Releases Famicom Detective Club: The Missing Heir - May 14 Famicom Detective Club: The Girl Who Stands Behind - May 14 Knockout City - May 21 Miitopia - May 21 World's End Club - May 28 June 2021 - Nintendo Switch Game Releases DC Super Hero Girls Teen Power - June 4 Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection - June 10 Legend of Mana - June 24 Mario Golf: Super Rush - June 25 Ys IX: Monstrum Nox - June 30 July 2021 - Nintendo Switch Game Releases The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD - July 16 August 2021 - Nintendo Switch Game Releases No More Heroes 3 - August 27Read all >>

You can now create different wallpapers for your WhatsApp chat

God loves me | 2021-03-0281234

In a tweet, WhatsApp tells users that they can now create wallpapers meant for each of their chats In a bid to end confusion over chats, WhatsApp on Monday told users that they can now create wallpapers for chats to “avoid mix ups”. “Sent chats meant for Pat to Kat? And chats meant for Kat to Nat? We’ve all gone through such mix ups,” said the Facebook-owned company. In the tweet, the messaging app said that users can now create wallpapers meant for each of their chats on WhatsApp and avoid mix ups The messaging app rolled out the wallpaper feature as it faces backlash over the new terms and conditions. According to report published in Techcrunch, if WhatsApp user do not accept its updated terms and conditions by May 15 then they won't be able to either send or receive messages on the app. According to TechCrunch, those who do not accept the updated terms of service of the instant-messaging app will have their accounts listed as "inactive". Accounts that are listed as inactive can be deleted after 120 days. As per the tech website, the app will continue to allow the user to avail the call and notifications functions for a short period of time after the deadline passes, which is probably "a few weeks". WhatsApp caused a hue and cry when it announced its new updates in January, according to which user data can be shared with Facebook. Thousands across the globe switched to other substitute mobile apps such as Telegram and Signal. However, WhatsApp later clarified that it cannot read or listen to a user's chat and that the update was aimed to enable payments to other businesses.Read all >>

How To Get Things Done With Google Assistant

OKayode | 2021-03-024402

Hello T-Fans. One thing that can help you get things done at the required time is setting reminders. I mean, it works. And your phone is the perfect tool you need to do that. You know a lot of reminder apps already. But can it get better? Maybe even easier? Yes - with Google Assistant. I'll try to be more candid with you right now. I just find myself taking lots of screenshots daily - maybe when I'm reading an article on Chrome or when I come across something on my screen that struck my attention - aiming to review the screenshots later. But you know what? I never remember to do so. The same applies to lots of people on a daily basis. Sometimes we want to dispose the trash can, call someone, finish some works, or just do anything, but we forget to do so until it's late. Google Assistant by far is the most advanced assistant app today. Getting ahead of Apple's Siri, Samsung's Bixby, Amazon's Alexa, and Microsoft's Cortana, Google Assistant is more accurate and can handle more queries at once thanks to the powerful backup of Google Search. In the same way, you can set your reminders, due dates, and others with Google Assistant. You don't need to open any app, type using your keyboard, or even adjust time and date manually. All you need is to trigger the Assistant and tell her what you want. For instance, if I want to set a reminder to review my screenshots in the evening, I can tell Google Assistant to "Remind me to review by screenshots by 4 pm today" and that's all. I'll get a notification on my phone as soon as it's 4 pm. ________________________♠ How to open Google Assistant __________________________ • Three-button navigation: Long-press the home button. • Gesture navigation: Swipe up/our from either of the bottom screen corners. • Wired Headphones: Long-press the Play/Pause button. • TECNO Hipods-H2: Tap on the touch panel 4 times to launch Google Assistant __________________________♠ How to set reminders with Google Assistant __________________________ • Open Google Assistant on your phone • Say out your reminder clearly - including the subject, object, time, and date. For instance, you can say "Remind me to call Mom by 6 pm today". The stated reminder contains the reminder, time (6 pm), and date (today). Meanwhile, if the Assistant didn't get you right, she'll ask you to complete the reminder manually. Moreover, you can input the parameters manually by saying "Set a reminder" when you open Google Assistant. To view your existing reminders, kindly open Google Assistant and say "Show my reminders". You can then adjust, mark as done or delete them from there. That's how to set reminders easily with Google Assistant. Meanwhile, it's worth mentioning that you can't set a reminder on Google Assistant when you're offline, but you'll receive your notification whether you're online or not. Have you been using Google Assistant? In what way has she helped you? Let's learn from you in the comments section below. And if you find this article helpful, following me here would be superfluous! Read all >>

Welcome to March

Palm Store | 2021-03-01101812

Palm Store
Welcome to March!!! Happy New Month. #newmonth #palmstore Read all >>

Grant Theft Auto Online Newest Truck and What It's Ought to Perform.

jarose | 2021-01-222614

AHA Games
Grand Theft Auto Online is receiving its newest utility vehicle, the Vapid Slamtruck, and it is sure to cause even more freeway mayhem. Along with the new truck, other similarly themed items and events will be coming to the game in this latest update. The Slamtruck was originally added last month during the Cayo Perico heist update but was unavailable for players to own. While Grand Theft Auto 6 may be a long way from finished (to say the least), Grand Theft Auto Online is continuing to receive sporadic content updates to keep things interesting, outside of the big heists. A new vehicle has released in-game, alongside a 2x cash and RP event that will last through January 27. Indeed, the Slamtruck's main purpose appears to be letting players engage in some extreme stunts and launch themselves across Los Santos. The update also offers boosted 2x cash and reward points for completing both Bunker Series and Gunrunning missions. Gunrunning in particular is one of the most efficient ways to make money in GTA Online, so the boost could be especially lucrative for players trying to grind for a quick profit.Read all >>

John Wick' Skin Returns to 'Fortnite'

lummyfinest | 2020-10-133589

AHA Games
Hi T-Fans, The John Wick Set has officially made its way back to Fortnite. Originally released in May 2019 to coincide with John Wick: Chapter 3 -- Parabellum, the set includes the Boogeyman Wrap, the Gun Bag Back Bling, the Simple Sledge Pickaxe and skins based on John Wick (portrayed by Keanu Reeves in the film) and Sofia Al-Azwar (portrayed by Halle Berry). The set’s return to Fortnite took fans by surprise, but just like its reappearance, there’s no saying how long it’ll be available for. Two more films in the John Wick franchise have been confirmed, with filming for the fifth installment set to begin right after its predecessor. John Wick 4 was originally scheduled to premiere on May 20, 2021 -- the same day as The Matrix 4 for a Keanu-filled weekend -- but has been delayed to May 27, 2022 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The John Wick Set is available now Read all >>

Neumorphic Knots — a fun web-based puzzle game

jarose | 2021-01-272244

AHA Games
The goal of Neumorphic Knots is to swap tile pairs to form closed loops. It's more fun than I thought it would be. To swap two tiles, just click on them, or tap if you're playing on a touchscreen. (The term Neumorphism is new to me. It's a design style that blends skeuomorphism with flat design.) Read all >>

A 500GB PS4 May No Longer Be Able to Fit Call of Duty

Joshuaboy | 2021-02-253627

AHA Games
Activision has said that players with a 500 GB PlayStation 4 may "need to make room" if they wish to have the fully updated versions of Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War and Modern Warfare/Warzone present on one system. In a post on the Call of Duty blog, the franchise publisher wrote: "Those who own a standard PlayStation 4 with a default hard drive of 500 GB may need to make room if they have the full versions of Modern Warfare®/Warzone and Black Ops Cold War with all modes and packs installed. Should you have both games installed and have kept up to date with updates, you may need to delete some unused Game Content to have a successful download and install of the Warzone patch." It's common knowledge that Activision's latest Call of Duty games take up swathes of storage, but it seems that they may be stretched beyond the capacity of a base PS4 as they receive more updates. It may be that, without compression, external storage may become the only way to have the full Call of Duty package on one console for some players. Read all >>


HiOS Official Account | 2021-02-256344569

Hello T-fans, Navigating our smartphones is an art we perfect every day as we continually use our mobile phones. We gradually begin to know where and where certain apps on our devices are with less effort every day. This is because our brain learns to memorize the location of things from the last time we used them. Some of the features and apps on our devices fall into the “commonly used” category, while others fall into “rarely used”. This does not in any way mean that the rarely used ones are not important, that would be a wrong assumption. For example, you can’t say because you rarely use the calculator, it is not useful or necessary. This is because the day you would need a calculator, nothing else would matter except the calculator. Designating signs and gestures to launch our commonly used or rarely used apps or features seems to be a pretty good idea. This is because it would save a lot of time and brain energy used. With the help of AI technology, HiOS implemented this intelligence in a micro way to assist smart device users to easily navigate, and access their phones easily by just drawing specific signs to open specific apps without pressing the power button to wake up the phone from idle mode or when the screen light is off. On TECNO HiOS devices, users can easily launch different tools or apps from their locked phones without waking up or pressing the power button. There are functions like double-tapping the black screen to wake up the phone, drawing a Double U (W) to launch WhatsApp, picking up the phone and screen light lights up, drag to different sides of the screen to play, next and pause music, Flip phone to mute incoming calls, grab a screenshot of the phone by simply sliding down with 3 fingers, wave your hands over front camera to answer or reject calls, etc. Micro intelligence is a very intuitive feature that gives a warm and quick user experience that makes usage easy and smooth. To access these amazing features, go to your phone settings – Smart assistant – micro intelligence and activate any gesture of your choice. Read all >>

App of the week

Palm Store | 2021-02-24161737

Palm Store
We know you like games, that's why we always recommend the best. Our recommended app for the week is PES, Relieve stress and enjoy the mid-week. Here is to an amazing week. Which game do you love to play the most? Leave your answers in the comment section. Read all >>

Monday Vibe

Palm Store | 2021-02-224482

Palm Store
Quote of the day!Mondays don't have to be terrible, Make them MagicalHappy New Week. Read all >>


HiOS Official Account | 2021-02-2414360173

Hello T-Fans, The month of February is known as the lover's month and we are sure you guys had a loving weekend in the just concluded Valentine's day celebration. Sorry for the single pringles, you can try again next year! We love you guys so much, that's why we run various activities where you participate and win various prizes for yourself. But do you love us? Well, we have a way to find out if you truly love us. We have a quiz, the person(s) with the highest score would be our Valentine. Are you ready? Take the test now! Start Now Make sure you share a screenshot of the end page in the comment section Read all >>

[Weekly discussion] What's the first photo you took in 2021?

TECNO SPOT Official | 2021-02-23351459

Hi Guys, Do you remember What's the first photo you took in 2021? Share your memories with us down here, you might be surprised! Read all >>

How To Activate My Video show On Camon 16 Series

God loves me | 2021-02-17122693

Hello T-Fans who have purchased the new Camon 16 Series or fans who are yet to purchase one here is a tip on how to Activate 'My Video show' on your Camon 16 Series 1)Open your Phone Log and look for settings 2)Click on My video show 3)Click on the (+) It takes you to your files and you select videos from your Camera. After selecting Click apply and you are done NB:If you want to use videos downloaded from WhatsApp, instagram,tiktok etc you can also select them. Please the video shouldn't be more than 100MB. Some videos will not pick when you want to use it. Should it happen to you this is what you should do Firstly Open Google Photos on your Phone 2)Select the video from there 3) Click on the Video and select the symbol down You will see square right after the export frame After clicking on the square you will see Stabilising. Wait for it to finish loading, you will see save copy click on Save Copy After you are done with this process go back to the Phone Log Process to activate the Video show and apply after selecting the video. NB:ALL UPDATED CAMON 15 USERS CAN ALSO ENJOY THE VIDEO SHOW ON THEIR PHONES. Hope this is very useful. Follow me for more content. Thank you allRead all >>

Android 12 with a Game Mode

God loves me | 2021-02-17111648

Earlier today we learned that Android 12 (codenamed Snow Cone) will bring a new one-handed mode and we’ve already seen the expected visual redesign in previous leaks. Now, XDA Developers is filling us in on more details about the next Android OS release including an all-new Auto rotate feature, built-in Gaming Mode and reduced brightness quick setting toggle. Previously leaked Android 12 screenshots The revamped Auto-rotate will reportedly rely on your device’s front-facing camera to detect when you’re switching from portrait to landscape. The current implementation relies on the combined data from your phone’s accelerometer and gyroscope sensors and often fails to properly judge your orientation. GameManager service is another Android 12 feature described as a “service to manage game-related features.”. This will apparently be Google’s own Gaming Mode API for granting gaming titles control over incoming notifications, brightness and sounds for a more seamless gaming experience. The feature will likely be programmable to auto-start when you open a game and could also activate the Do Not Disturb mode. Another leaked feature is the reduced brightness quick setting toggle which will act as a fast way to quickly decrease your screen brightness by a predetermined amount. We expect to see more details soon. The first Android 12 Developer Preview is expected to release tomorrow (February 17) so we’ll have plenty more to cover soonRead all >>
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