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lummyfinest | 2020-07-2491122

Hi TFans, Microsoft is preparing to launch the Surface Duo with two screens, which will receive software adapted to this form factor. However, even users with regular smartphones can now try some of the Surface Duo's features using the new version of Microsoft Launcher. The company today released Microsoft Launcher 6.0 for all Android devices, but it's mainly targeted at the upcoming dual-screen Surface Duo. Of course, Microsoft Launcher has been around for quite some time, and at some point was even called Arrow Launcher. However, recent developments seem to be aimed at making it more suitable for something more than a smartphone or just a tablet. Landscape mode, for example, would work for a device that is a tablet split in two. Also recently showcased on the Surface Duo emulator was a new personalized newsbar. It's definitely good news that it won't be exclusive to this device and it can even be used on single-screen smartphones. Of course, there are tons of other features that will work on any Android device, although a lot still depends on which version of Android you're using. For example, dark theme settings are only compatible with smartphones running Android 8.0 Oreo or higher. However, Microsoft Launcher itself is compatible with Android 7.0 Nougat. Microsoft also notes that some Android features may not work correctly, such as displaying full-screen navigation depending on the smartphone model. Microsoft Launcher 6.0 is due to hit app stores today, but Microsoft warns it may take time to reach all markets. Read all >>


Corper J | 2020-07-246274

TECNO Gallery
This post was last edited by Corper J at 2020-7-24 17:26 An apple a day keeps the doctor away...... Apples are so nutritious and can be very tempting too like it did to Adam and Eve. Please like and comment on this lovely entry #TSPOTJULYPHOTOGRAPHYCONTEST #FOODTEMPTATION Read all >>


Hoilakes | 2020-07-2510397

This post was last edited by Hoilakes at 2020-7-25 06:06 HI TFANS HERE CHECKOUT THESE WHATSAPP TIPS AND TRICK, TRY THE ONES YOU HAVEN’T DONE BEFORE 1. Find out whomyou've interacted with the most on WhatsApp. * Go to"Settings" on your WhatsApp screen. * Click on "Data Usage" and then on "StorageUsage" A pop up will tell you the ranking of the chats according totime spent along with the breakdown of how many messages you've sent to thatperson or group. 2. Save a date onWhatsApp as an 'event' in your phone's calendar. Whenever we type a date, time or link, it appears to beclickable on Whatsapp, right? What you didn't know is that you can also create an event bysimply clicking on it which will take you to the option "CreateEvent" and let you add an event to your phone's calendar. 3. Swipe right on amessage to reply. Just swipe right on the specific line or quote and Whatsappwill do the rest. 4. Send someone aWhatsApp message without actually typing anything. Say "Hey Siri" (iOS) or "OK Google"(Android) and then, ask it to "send a WhatsApp to" followed by thename of your contact, and then say "saying", followed by your message. 5. Create your own'notes' chat where you can save photos, links, voice clips etc. Create a new group and add any one other contact to it. After creating the group, delete the participant and startsaving your pictures, notes, voice notes etc. 6. Hide your phonenumber when using WhatsApp. You'll need two SIM cards for this * Insert the old SIM and activate WhatsApp on it. * Replace the old SIM with the new one. * When prompted, choose to go with the old number onWhatsApp. Now, nobody will be able to get your current number if theyhave you on WhatsApp. 7.There is a typewriter font on Whatsapp. Go to the punctuations tab on your chat, and enclose yourmessage with three characters of ` on either side. end the message, and it'll go through in the typewriterfont. 8. Access WhatsApp'shuge secret GIF library. Go to any chat, and click the '+' icon on the bottom left. Click on 'Photo & Video Library' from the popup menu. Click on 'GIF' on the bottom left and you will have a crazynumber of gifs for your perusal. 9. Use WhatsApp toturn your videos to GIFs in a jiffy. Go to any chat, and click the '+ icon on the bottom left. Click on 'Photo & Video Library from the popup menu andselect a video from your library under the limit of 64MB. In the video editing view, slide the video length cropperdown to 5 seconds or less. And that's how your videos get turned into a crazy gif. 10. You can also seewho has read your message on a group chat and when they have read it. All you have to do is left-swipe on any message you've sentto a group chat, and you'll get a list of who has read the messages and at whattime. Even if everyone's deactivated their read receipts! Whatsapp is way more than what you thought it was, right? Read all >>

Camon 12 air gaming review - Pubg

Ayesha | 2020-07-259524

This post was last edited by Ayesha at 2020-7-25 15:14 Experience the best ever gameplay on camon12 air Have you tried pubg on Camon12Air ? Comment your opinion in the comments below and share your reviews about playing pubg on this phone because I am a pubg freak and this is the best phone with its great display with its punch hole and amazing colors and its awesome features! so tell me your opinion about it in the comments and also share which other games you play also?Read all >>

TECNO KA6: An affordable carefully designed smartphone. TECNO FOCA'20.

Ololat | 2020-07-2215325

Are you planning to buy a phone? And you're looking for one to buy without no harm to your bank account? Then I present to you TECNO Spark Youth (KA6). TECNO Spark Youth is an entry level Smartphone developed to meet the needs of people who desire a low-cost price phone for basic tasks. TECNO Spark Youth is built with a premium plastic. It has a dimension of 156.95mmX76.6mmX8.1mm. The phone also comes with a clear HD+ display, with an 18:9 aspect ratio. It also comes with a display screen 6.0inch, 720x1440 pixels and 268ppi. TECNO Spark Youth is just #30,000. Can you see the phone is cheeap and pocket friendly with all these spefications. Get yourself one today and be glad you did so. #TECNOCAMPUS #TECNOFOCA'20Read all >>

Android users get new features in the Google Messages app

Gna debaros bamba | 2020-07-262165

New features are regularly added to the Google Messages application.The latest update makes it possible to react to messages with emojis, more easily record a voice message or edit a photo. With the confinement passed, audio and video chat applications as well as instant messengers were under heavy demand in order to maintain contact.Ever evolving, Google Messages has just announced new features to stay in the game. Users of Google's Messages service can now react to messages with an emoji by long-pressing the message.Seven reactions so far are thumbs up, hearts in eyes, laughter, surprise, sadness, anger and thumbs down. For image editing, you can now edit your photo with a simple editor.Regarding voice message recording, a dedicated button has been integrated to facilitate voice recording as well as a button to initiate calls on Google Duo from Google Messages. All of these new features are already available, you just need to update the application on your smartphone.Note that these functions are only available with the RCS but not with the classic SMS.So check that the enriched message option is enabled on your application.Read all >>


Taofeek Sheikh Ibrahim | 2020-07-264277

CAMON 15 Series

The Top 10 Gaming Kings of Week 2 are Here!

Aha Games | 2020-07-22563543

AHA Games
We have 10 Gaming Kings for Week 2. Congratulations to all our Top 10 winners. The 10 winners (in the order their high scores) with their prizes are: 1. Obigwe: 20$2. Basit Habib: 5$3. Olatunde J: 5$4. Mega Ray: 5$5. Nzeh: 5$6. ts7013507125: 2$7. Young Money: 2$8. Boss Boris: 2$9. McKenzie: 2$10.Tomvad: 2$ Kindly send us valid details with your phone number, social media handle, country, address so you can redeem your prizes. Please Send all 'valid' details as a dm or inbox message before 23:55 pm 24/07/2020.Failure to submit valid details on or before the stipulated time "23:55 pm" 19/07/2020 or sending incorrect details will lead to forfeiture of your prize. The third Week Gaming King Competition can be found here: Here Make sure to participate, win weekly, win big! Good Luck! Read all >>

Augmented Reality (AR Shot) Photography Explained

ahiadzro | 2020-07-22236952

This post was last edited by ahiadzro at 2020-7-22 16:30 Augmented Reality (AR) sounds futuristic, but the technology has been around for years. AR is all about superimposing computer-generated images on top of your view of reality, thus creating a composite view that augments the real world. There are various features of your camera and one of these features is the AR Shot. Although it is mostly overlooked, this is a nice way to take pictures and explore content. This isn't new, you might not have noticed but mostly Tecno classifies these as AR Stickers, AR Emoji, or AR Graffiti (AR Graffiti allows users to add movement and variation to their graffiti without leaving a permanent mark on people's property). This brings users a very funny interaction while taking pictures.The AR sticker covers 220+ facial features and supports identification across 120°. Light beautification and localization features are also considered. There is also a special customized version of the Manchester City Football Club stickers. How Augmented Reality Works Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology enriching the real world with digital information and media, such as 3D models, games, and videos, overlaying in real-time the camera view of your smartphone. In simple words, with augmented reality, the simulated parts are added on top of what's already there. Funny enough, this feature is already employed in various apps out there. To discover more AR experiences, click here. How To Access This Service Simply open your Camera app,tap on the list of camera features, and select AR Shot. (Explore and have fun) Fun Idea: What do you think about an AR Shot Photography Contest? Read all >>

new level today

ⓄⓂⒶⓇ photographer | 2020-07-2210328

AHA Games

Nobody Can Hack Your Facebook Account If You Can Do This.

Uc Best | 2020-07-2216483

The social media now is very important because it is used in many things which includes passing of information, aside all the social media that exist the commonly used one is the Facebook. The Facebook is a social media platform that gives people the power to connect with friends and family. With Facebook been one of the most used social media, there are people who are called hackers, those people are dangerous because they device means to steal somebody's Facebook account to use it to do llegal things which might includes; extorting money from one's friend on Facebook. So therefore in this article i will be bringing to your notice what you need to do on your Facebook account to stop anybody from hacking it. What you need to do on your Facebook account to stop any hacker from hacking your Facebook account is called a Two Factor Setting. a Two Factor Authentication Setting is a type of setting that automatically send a one time password (OTP) code to your number anytime any hacker is trying to hack your account. This is how to set the Two Factor Authentication Setting on your Facebook account. * Firstly go to click the settings menu. * After clicking the setting, many options will appear but click Security and Login. * After putting your Facebook password to continue, confirm the number that is their to be your active number because the one time password (OTP) will be sent to that number anytime anyone is trying to hack into your account. * After confirming your number, then on the two factor authentication setting. After doing this two factor authentication setting, nobody can ever hack your Facebook account, because whenever anyone tries to hack your account, the one time password (OTP) will be sent to your number and as long as the hacker can't get the one time password (OTP) the hacker can never access your account. Please go fast to activate this setting because it is very good and safe. Don't forget to like and comment , thank you,And also follow for more.. Write Up By LegitNews24/7. SOURCE: From Opera News HubRead all >>

Google's dialer App for Pixels can now be installed on some other Android phones.

caaqil22 | 2020-04-148723

Google has made several of its apps from Pixel smartphones available widely in the Play Store for other Android users, but its phone/dialer app hasn’t been one of them historically. Now, some Android phones have been able to download the dialer app from the Play Store. Spotted by XDA-Developers, a handful of devices have been able to install the Google Phone app this past week. Previously, the app was only available in the Play Store for Pixel and Nexus smartphones, but something has apparently changed recently. Some Android devices that have been able to install the Google Phone app from the Play Store include: ASUS ZenFone 6 Oppo Find X2 Pro LG V60 ThinQ Weirdly, Google isn’t allowing the app to be installed on all devices, but just a select few. Digging into the app’s code, XDA was able to find that the “” shared library still needs to be present on the device which is why the Phone app couldn’t be installed on a OnePlus 6T or Galaxy S20 Ultra. Still, this is notable just because, previously, the only way to use the Google Phone app on other Android devices was using root workarounds or modified apps. Don't forget to follow me please.#StayHome#StaySafe#FightCovid-19 Read all >>

How to Import Passwords To Google Chrome.

caaqil22 | 2020-04-167261

To make things easier for you, we have put together a detailed guide on how to import passwords to Chrome from all major browsers like Firefox, Edge, and Opera. We have also mentioned a way to seamlessly import passwords from a CSV file. You can import passwords to Google Chrome from multiple sources: Import Passwords from CSV Import Passwords from Firefox Import Passwords from Microsoft Edge and Opera IMPORT PASSWORDS TO CHROME FROM CSV This method is applicable to all the browsers (mostly Chromium-based) that allow you to export passwords in a CSV file format. Keep in mind, the Password Import feature on Chrome is still under testing so Google has not enabled the feature out of the box. To access the import option, you will have to enable a Chrome Flag which will then allow you to import passwords from CSV files. Here is how to go about it. Note: Update to the latest version of Chrome before looking for the flag. Open Chrome’s menu -> Help -> About Chrome -> Check for Updates. 1. Open chrome://flags on Chrome and search for “password import”. Now, click on the drop-down menu and enable it. Next, restart Chrome and the feature will be enabled. 2. Now, open chrome://settings/passwords and click on the 3-dot menu. Here, click on “Import“. 3. Finally, select the CSV file that has all your saved passwords and click on “Open”. You are done. All the passwords will now be moved to Chrome instantly. IMPORT PASSWORDS TO GOOGLE CHROME FROM FIREFOX Mozilla Firefox is not based on Chromium, but it has deep integration with Chrome. You can easily import passwords to Chrome using the native option. However, it only works if both browsers are installed on the same computer. In case, you want to import passwords saved on Firefox in one computer to Chrome installed on another computer then you will have to use a third-party offline application which creates the CSV file in one click. Here are the steps to follow. 1. If both the browsers are installed on the same computer then open Chrome’s menu and move to “Bookmarks”. Here, click on “Import bookmarks and settings”. 2. After that, select “Mozilla Firefox”  from the drop-down menu and click on “Import”. Within seconds, all your passwords saved on Firefox along with other browsing data will be imported to Chrome. 3. If you are migrating to a different machine then download the FF Password Exporter from GitHub. It’s completely free and available on Windows, macOS, and Linux. Download the “portable” file for quick conversion to a CSV file. 4. Now, run the application and it will automatically detect Firefox’s user profile directory. Finally, click on “Export Passwords” and save the file as CSV. Having done that, follow the guide mentioned above on how to import passwords to Chrome from CSV file and you will be all set. IMPORT PASSWORDS TO GOOGLE CHROME FROM MICROSOFT EDGE AND OPERA 1. Since both Microsoft Edge and Opera are based on Chromium, interoperability with Chrome is pretty good and the steps are nearly identical. You just need to open edge://settings/passwords on Edge and opera://settings/passwords on Opera. After that, click on the 3-dot menu and choose “Export”. Now, save the CSV file. 2. Next, follow the instructions that I have mentioned in the first section of this article. Finally, all your passwords saved on Edge and Opera will be imported to Chrome just like that. 3. If you are still using the legacy Edge  then sadly you can’t import passwords to Chrome directly. First of all, you need to sign in with your Microsoft account on legacy Edge and then install the Chromium Edge on top of the legacy Edge. All your saved passwords on legacy Edge will automatically move to Chromium Edge. After that, you can comfortably move your passwords from step #1 of this section. NOTE: SAFARI DOES NOT ALLOW USERS TO EXPORT PASSWORDS IN ANY WAY DUE TO ICLOUD KEYCHAIN ENCRYPTION. SO EFFECTIVELY, YOU CAN’T IMPORT PASSWORDS SAVED ON SAFARI TO CHROME. ALL THE BEST FANS STAY HOME STAY SAFE Don't forget to follow.Read all >>

Facebook Messenger Introduces App Lock and New Privacy Settings

OKayode | 2020-07-236378

Hello T-Fans, As we've seen on WhatsApp, Facebook is giving users more control over privacy and security features on it's Messenger app. Facebook is introducing a new App Lock feature that uses your phone's security settings like fingerprint or face authentication to unlock the messenger app. This feature is live on iOS now and would be available on Android in the next few months. You can find this in the new Messenger's privacy settings section, just like as it is on WhatsApp. They're also working on a Privacy settings that lets you decide who can call or text you directly, who goes into your request folder, and who can't message you at all. A new feature that blurs images in the message request folder, which give users the choice to view an image from an unknown person before replying, blocking or reporting the account is also being worked on. There's no announcement on when the new privacy features will be available but the App Lock feature is already live on iOS and coming to Android in the next few months. That's all we've got for now on the new privacy improvement to Facebook Messenger. Do like and leave your thoughts below and don't forget to follow me here for more exciting news. Source: Facebook Newsroom Read all >>

Facebook is using bots to figure out how to stop harassment

FavourAjibade | 2020-07-232159

Facebook says its researchers are developing new technology they hope will aid in ongoing efforts to make its platform’s AI have the ability to snuff out harassment. In the Web-Enabled Simulation (WES), an army of bots programmed to mimic bad human behavior are let loose in a test environment, and Facebook engineers then figure out the best countermeasures. WES has three key aspects, Facebook researcher Mark Harman said in a statement. First, it uses machine learning to train bots to simulate real behavior of humans on Facebook. Second, WES can automate interactions of bots on a large scale, from thousands to millions. Finally, WES deploys the bots on Facebook’s actual production code base, which allows the bots to interact with each other and real content on Facebook -- but it’s kept separate from real users. In the testing environment, known as WW, the bots take actions like trying to buy and sell forbidden items, such as guns and drugs. The bot can use Facebook like a normal person would, conducting searches and visiting pages. Engineers can then test whether the bot can bypass safeguards and violate Community Standards, according to the statement. The plan is for engineers to find patterns in the results of these tests, and use that data to test ways to make it harder for users to violate Community Standards. Facebook has long said it’s been developing methods to thwart harassment, criminal activity, misinformation and other types of wrongdoing on the platform. At the 2018 Facebook F8 conference, Chief Technology Officer Mike Schroepfer said the company was investing heavily in artificial intelligence research and finding ways to make it work at a large scale with little to no human supervision. To Facebook’s credit, WES appears to be evidence of that.Read all >>


jarose | 2020-07-238170

Hello T-Fanz!!! WHEN YOU'RE CONSIDERING A PHONE SWAP! CONDITIONS: 1. When your phone is faulty but under warranty and We have no part available. 2.When repaired under warranty phones are returned back to the service center with the same problem for three consecutive times. Thank you! PS: Carlcare phone swap policy is for Tecno, Infinix and Itel. Do visit carlcare for more details! Read all >>


jarose | 2020-07-2318748

Are you afraid of broken screen on your iPhone, Samsung, TECNO, infinix or itel? Are there ways to avoid the Torture altogether? Absolutely! The Most Important step to take is to Use a Screen Protector & Handle your device with care. Here's some more advice. 1. Don't put phone in your back pocket, you may forget & sit on the screen. 2. Make use of Phone Holsters to keep your device in a safe position while walking. 3. Use a Protective Case to prevent direct damage to the device. 4. Keep your Phone away from Keys & other Sharp items. Whenever you need to fix a damaged Samsung, iPhone, Infinix, Tecno or itel Screen, walk into the Carlcare Centre Closest to you for Repairs! Read all >>

Alexa will soon be able to launch and control iOS and Android apps

Ajibadefavouravour | 2020-07-231134

In the near future, you’ll be able to launch and navigate Android and iOS apps using Alexa voice commands. Today, Amazon released a bunch of new developer tools . The most interesting might be Alexa for Apps , which allows developers to add Alexa functions to their Android and iOS apps. Amazon has tested the tool with companies like TikTok, Uber, Yellow Pages and Sonic. So already, you can ask Alexa to start your TikTok recording or open the Sonic app so you can check the menu. If you book an Uber ride through Alexa, the voice assistant will ask if you want to see the driver’s location on a map in the app. As more developers use the tool, you’ll be able to ask Alexa to open apps, run quick searches, view more info and access key functions. This will work through the Alexa app, Alexa built-in phones or mobile accessories like Echo Buds. This could give Alexa an advantage over other voice assistants like Siri and Google Assistant because it will allow Alexa to cross the iOS-Android divide. But as The Verge points out, it could also be more work for developers. Many apps already work with both Siri and Google Assistant, and now they’ll have to work with Alexa too. Alexa for Apps is still in preview, and interested developers can request early access.Read all >>

Managing Auto-start Apps on HiOS

OKayode | 2020-07-229229

This post was last edited by OKayode at 2020-7-22 11:53 Hello T-Fans, Do you ever wonder why you receive lots of notifications on your phone just after booting it up? Do know why your phone slows down after booting even when you hadn't launched any app? That's how Autostart works, it automatically start some of your apps for you in the background Street booting or even when you turn on data or connected to WiFi. While autostarting apps can be of help to you, of course, you don't miss important notifications, it can also be a huge burden on your battery and even slow down your device, especially if you're on low memory. Reasons why you should enable Autostart • You never miss important texts and notifications • Good for backups and apps that uses auto synchronization (Like TickTick, Evernote, Musixmatch and others) • Saves time by automaticallystarting selected apps for you. Reasons why you should disable Autostart • It saves battery • Makes device run faster (especially if you're on low memory) How to manage Autostart apps You can manage apps that start automatically after boot right in Phone Master app. Follow the steps below to get started. • Open Phone Master app from drawer • Hit 'Toolbox' in the bottom tab. • Hit 'Auto-start management' • Toggle on apps to enable Autostart or toggle off to disable • You can as well hit 'INTELLIGENT OPTIMIZATION' to enable autostart only for essential apps, mainly social media apps. It's worth mentioning that removing apps you don't need from autostart can help you save lots of battery and give you a less laggy experience especially if you're on low memory. As well is it is useful to disable auto-start apps, keep in mind to enable auto-start for important apps like social medias, timers, backups and other daily drivers. Kindly like this post and leave your thoughts in the comments section below and don't forget to follow me here for more. Read all >>
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