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July Photography Contest

Shirleey | 2020-07-232157

TECNO Gallery
I love salads that's why I had to take this photo . I hope I'm not late for #Julyphotographycontest . I represent Kenya in this competition Read all >>

Our Game of the day

Aha Games | 2020-07-23161646

AHA Games
Paint Road is our absolute 'Game of the Day'. Play it on Read all >>

TECNO Device User Guidance #2 Choose a Power Bank

TECNO SPOT | 2020-07-23287619

Dear T-fans, We are launching a new series to answer for all of the problems you have encountered during using TECNO phones.We have collected the most frequently asked questions and we will provide tutorials for each question and update weekly. This time, we choose a popular question about the power bank, a new kind of product which gradually becomes more and more important along with the increasing use of mobile phones. As we know, there are so many kinds of power bank in the market. So how to distinguish the good one? We have some tips for you.Let’s get started !1. Quality: first of all, choose a regular brand with quality assurance. Do not buyproducts without quality certificate, which have potential risk of explosion.2. Core: Polymeric core is the most secure type. Other lithium-ion core is also acceptable, but the safety is not as high as polymer core.3. Features: Special circuit design can protect products from damage4. Capacity: If it is a long business trip or travel outside, the recommended choice is large capacity power bank.5. Weight: It is recommended to select lighter quality products in the same capacity power bank.6. How to identify genuine power bank: (1) Searching for security codes for verification (2) Shake the power bank for physical verification. The internal sloshing indicates quality problems. By the Way, TECNO Power Bank is also a good choice~ Read all >>

How to get perfect panoramas with your Phone.

caaqil22 | 2020-04-115183

If you’ve ever tried to capture a stellar city skyline, or the kind of sweeping vista that makes a 10 mile hike totally worth all that sweating, you understand why panoramic photos are so friggin fabulous. Panoramas elongate your field of view, so you can picture-ize the entire scene. Here, we’ll spill the secrets to getting gorgeous panoramas with your phone (or iPad!). Most newer Android and iPhone models have a panorama mode built into the camera, but if you don’t wanna go that route, there are a number of panoramic photo apps available to download. How to take a panorama photo with your phone: Open your phone’s camera and put it in panorama (or Pano) mode. Hold the phone vertically for a horizontal panorama, or horizontally for a vertical panorama. iPhone users can tap the arrow to change the direction of the panorama. Android users can move left or right without specifying their direction. Tap the shutter button to start your panorama. Move the phone to capture the desired scene, keeping it as steady as possible. When you’re done, tap the shutter button to finish. If you reach the end of the line/box that displays on your phone while taking a panorama, it may automatically stop taking the photo and save it. Open your Camera Roll/Photos to view the panorama. Now that you’ve got the basics down, check out these tips for avoiding jaggy edges and choppy photos. Slow(ish) and steady wins the race The trickiest part of taking panoramic photos is keeping your phone steady and moving at the right pace. It’s also the most important, because incorrect movements result in jagged, black sections that make the edges of your panorama look torn. The goal is a continuous, fluid movement. Too slow, and your photos can overlap in odd ways. Too fast, and you’ll probably veer off course or end up with a blurry photo. iPhone and most Android cameras have a line that you wanna stay on, and pop-up messages to keep you on course. Listen to the pocket brain! If your phone tells you to move faster, up, down, etc., try and make it happen. Struggling to hold your phone steady? A small tripod can make all the difference, and you can pick one up from online retailers without dishing out a lot of dough. Give it a test run Thinking about the elements of your panorama before you shoot can help you avoid a zillion retakes. Try doing a test run—cue up your pano, but don’t press the shutter button and watch what you’re capturing as you move. This will help you figure out the start and end points for your photo, and figure out if there will be any problematic elements (like moving objects, a stranger standing next to you, or your finger) in the shot. When you’re ready to shoot, watch your panorama build on your phone while you move. Panoramas work by stitching your images together, and usually your current photo and a preview of the next one will appear while you’re shooting. Note that the wider the shot, the more curved your panorama will appear. Try, try again Perfect panoramas rarely happen on the first take, so try not to get frustrated if you have to make a few attempts before it comes out right. If you’re in the middle of shooting a panorama and the arrow suddenly jumps back to the start of the guiding line, your phone aborted the shot because you veered too far off course. This happens fairly often when you’re first starting to take panoramas. Head back to your starting point and try again. Get creative Once you’ve mastered all these panorama rules (say that five times fast), get artsy and break them. Moving your phone at an arc or up and down a little can result in creative, reality-bending looks. You may also wanna play with the oft-forgotten about vertical panorama. This is a fun way to photograph tall buildings, monuments, trees, etc. Another out-of-the-ordinary way to use panoramas is to clone your subject (no science required). This pretty much only works when your subject is a human, or an extremely well-behaved pet. Put them in the beginning of the shot, and then after you’ve panned passed them, have them move near the end point. Boom! You’ll look like a photo master with minimal effort. Fix it with paint-on adjustments One common panorama problem is exposure. As you move your phone through the scene, the amount of light in each part of it probably isn’t gonna stay exactly the same. If part of your otherwise glorious panorama is looking a little too dark or washed out in parts, open it in the PicMonkey mobile app. Head to adjustments, and use Levels to adjust your entire pic, or paint it on right where you need it. While you’re there, you may also want to give Brightness a try, pump up your colors with Saturation, and make everything look sharper with Clarity. Learn more about paint-on adjustments in our short video, and experiment until your photo looks poi-fect. And if you ended up with those all-too-common jagged edges, get rid of ’em on the quick with Crop. Add some wow with stickers and effects The best part of editing panoramas is that there’s more room to play! Get whimsical with stickers (arrows are fun for calling out easy-to-miss details in your pic). Paint-on photo effects are also ridiculously enjoyable with long photos. Try applying Ombre or Tint in different colors to parts of your image, or go part black and white and part color. We can’t wait to see what that creative brain of yours comes up with, so show us your panorama magic by hashtagging #picmonkey. Don't forget to follow me. Read all >>

How to make your own sticker pack for WhatsApp on iPhone and Android.

caaqil22 | 2020-04-118390

Stickers are a quick and fun way to convey thoughts and emotions on WhatsApp. But what if you want to make a sticker pack of your own reaction shots? Here’s how to do it on your iPhone and Android handset. You’ll find a good number of sticker pack apps on the Google Play Store for Android. The iPhone’s App Store, on the other hand, only has a couple of sticker pack stores. But you don’t need third-party apps, nor do you need to be an app developer to make your own sticker pack. All you need are some images and the rest will be taken care of by the app that’s available on both iPhone and Android. The app has a smart background removal tool, so you can create reaction stickers with just your face. Your friends will be blown away by your ingenuity. To get started, first download the app on your iPhone or Android smartphone. The next step is to gather the photos you’ll use to create the sticker pack. Download the images that you need, or take photos that you’ll use for your stickers. If you’re creating a sticker pack using your selfies, make sure to shoot the selfies using a neutral background. Open the newly downloaded app, and tap on the “+” button found in the bottom toolbar. Here, pick a name for your sticker pack, add your “Creator” name, and then tap on the “Create” button. From the next screen, tap on the “Add sticker” button. You’ll now see the image selector. Navigate to the album where you’ve saved your photo and tap on it. The image will now open in the editor. First, you’ll see the option to cut out the background. Tap on the “Auto” button. If your image has a clear background and foreground, the app should automatically remove the entire background. (The app is really good at this.) But if the image is tricky, you can tap on the “Adjust” button. Now, use your fingers to erase or restore parts of the image. If you want, you can also add some text on the sticker using the “Text” option. Type out the text and then move it around. You can also change the text style from the top of the app. Once you’re happy with the result, select the “Done” button. Now, just tap on the “Save” button. You just made your first sticker. Tap on the “Add Sticker” button again to create another one. You’ll need at least three stickers to create a sticker pack. Once all your stickers are created, go to the sticker pack page and tap on the “Add To WhatsApp” button. This will open the WhatsApp app and launch the sticker import screen. Here, you can preview all the stickers as well. Simply tap on the “Save” button to add them to your account. Your sticker pack is now added to WhatsApp and is ready to use. Go to a WhatsApp conversation and tap on the Sticker icon found on the left side of the text box. Here, from the sticker section, select your sticker pack from the top and then tap on a sticker. The sticker will instantly show up in the chat. You can go back to the app to create new sticker packs and to add new stickers to existing sticker packs. Don't forget to follow me to be updated! Read all >>


caaqil22 | 2020-04-284321

WiFi 6 is still in the early stage of a large-scale blowout. At present, only a few new routers or terminal products support the latest WiFi 6 protocol. However, technology is changing with each passing day, and the next generation of WiFi 7 is already on the road. It is reported that the theoretical maximum transmission rate of WiFi 7 can reach 30Gbps, which is three times the maximum rate of 9.6Gbps for WiFi 6. Compared with the current mainstream WiFi 5 (802.11 ac) wireless transmission protocol, the new WiFi 6 (802.11 ax) is not only 40% faster but also consumes less power. Routers using the WiFi 6 protocol can support more devices to connect at the same time. Moreover, they support the latest WP3 security protocol. Even for hackers, it’s difficult to crack. As far as the current technological development level is concerned, WiFi 6 is already worth it to be called perfect. However, WiFi 7 still has the necessity of its existence. The 802.11 standard is under development. We know that the MU-MIMO technology introduced by WiFi 6 supports up to 8 data streams to work at the same time. In this sense, WiFi 7 will introduce CMU-MIMO technology. It supports up to 16 data streams, 8 lanes to 16 lanes, proper interstellar highway, etc. Apart from the traditional 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands, WiFi 7 will also support the 6GHz frequency band. All three frequency bands can work simultaneously. ‌ FOLLOW ME FOR MORE TECH UPDATES.Read all >>

The Weekly gaming King Competition Begins! Win Weekly, Win Big!

Aha Games | 2020-07-2010218235

AHA Games
Dear T - fans The weekly Gaming-King is here! We are hosting weekly gaming-king contests, where the weekly gaming-king will have the chance to compete for the grand prize at the end of the year (Cash +Tecno mobile)!Winner of the Grand Prize will gets the latest Pouvoir smart phone (In India, goes by the name Spark Power Series). Week 3 time schedule: 0720~0726This week's game name: Jumping Zoo Activity Prizes:1. The total prize pool is $50, and there are 5 winners.2. $20 for the 1st person and $7.50 for the 2nd to 5th people. To Find the game: Open AHA Games→Search Bar→Jumping Zoo Rules for this week:1. Follow the AHA Games section on T-Spot.2. Log in the AHA Games app every day and take screenshots of the login page.3. If you already have the assigned game installed on your phone, make sure to delete it and install it again so that the score would start from 0.4. On the first day ofthe competition (July 20th) , take a screenshot in Jumping Zoo with your score being 0. (This is to ensure everyone starts from the same level)5. Play the assigned game (Jumping Zoo) everyday and keep on building up your score6. Write comments for different games everyday and take the screenshot ofyour comments everyday.7. On the last day of the competition (July 26) take a screenshot of your highest score in jumping zoo(together with the highest level). This is the score and level you’ve build up playing through the week8. To be clear, what you need to post are:A. On July 20th: A screenshot of score 0B. July 20th - July 26th: Your login page, and comments on your favorite GamesC. July 26th: your highest score (together with your highest level) in jumping zoo9. Your posts must be made in TECNO SPOT→AHA Games, using the Gaming King Competition tag (#GamingKing July Week 3). Please abide by the rules of the activity, otherwise you will be deemed to have given up.Once found cheating, you can disqualify yourself from the election. Award selection rules:1. Open AHA Games to write comments for different games everyday and post screenshots every day. 2. Play the assigned game everyday and post the highest screenshot( Together with the highest level) at the end of the competition. 3. The highest score during the activity, together with daily comments made, will be the only indicators for the award. This week’s winners will be announced next Wednesday. TIPS:1. Please make sure you have installed the latest version of AHA Games, if not, Click on the attachment to Install AHA Games;2. To keep up to date on the Competition, please join the AHA Games community: Read all >>

Solutions to Android Update or Upgrade Verification Problems

ahiadzro | 2020-01-068594

This post was last edited by ahiadzro at 2020-7-7 10:51 There can be many reasons for system update or upgrade failure on a smartphone.Below are some of the problems and their solutions: 1. Insufficient storage space for the update or upgrade Many Android users face android system update failure due to the lack of storage space. So, before the system installation process, you should make sure that you have enough storage space for the next update on your phone. If there’s not enough storage space on your device, you can regain it by deleting unnecessary apps and data from your phone. The use of Phone Master is highly recommended before an update. Do not forget to restart your phone after it is done. 2. Bad internet connection To make sure that your system update does not fail during the process, check your internet connection before starting the process. Make sure you have a good network reception and enough data. 3. Google play store updates create issues If the problem occurs due to google play store updates, then you can follow the instructions below to fix the update problem.Go to Settings > Apps and Notification. FindGoogle Play store from the listand clear data and cache 4. Avoid using the phone while it is updating 5. Update your phone in the foreground and not the background 6. The update is not compatible with your device, but this doesn't happen with Tecno Mobile! Note: If all the above fails, your last option would be to factory reset your device or visit Carlcare for assistance. Read all >>

Find out how to share your screen in a messenger conversation

Gna debaros bamba | 2020-07-224197

Messenger: how to share your phone screen during a video call Find out how to share your screen in a Messenger conversation on a smartphone. Show your loved ones what you love by sharing your screen on Messenger.© Facebook. Facebook is launching screen sharing on the Messenger app for iOS and Android devices.Users can share their screen on Messenger conversations for up to 8 participants and on Messenger Rooms for up to 16 participants. 1. Start a video call from your smartphone When you are in a Messenger conversation with a friend, you tap the Camera logo at the top of the screen to initiate a video call.Once your friend accepts the call, you will be taken to the screen below: © Facebook. You will find 4 buttons at the bottom of the screen.You just need to swipe this part of the screen from the bottom to the top to bring up all the options. 2. Click the Share your screen button After swiping from the bottom to the top, you will find several available features such as: choosing to put the call on headset / speakerphone or add people to the current conversation.Below you have the Share your screen option, you tap it to start screen sharing. 3. Start screen sharing After you tap Share your screen, this informational message is displayed (see below).As indicated by the application, just exit this screen to start sharing with your loved ones.You also have a Stop sharing button to stop this action at any time. 4. Navigate your phone to show what you want Once you've turned on screen sharing, you can browse your apps to show your loved ones what you want.Sharing is instant.You continue to see the faces of your loved ones and talk to them at the same time as you show content on your screen. © Facebook. When you want to end screen sharing, just tap the top right window where the faces appear to return to Messenger.Once you are back on the application, you will be returned to the previous screen with the Stop sharing buttonRead all >>

Find Out the Different one

Z.Sujon | 2020-07-196455

Tecno Trivia Can you spot the different one? #TecnoBangladesh #Tecno all >>

Phantom 9 picture

Gna debaros bamba | 2020-07-226214

Sénégal Dakar at the Renaissance monumentRead all >>

What a Win just neck to neck..

Dalitso | 2020-07-220150

this ge was a tight one and the guy's have played sa expected to do congrats to the lads Read all >>

Use These 6 Tips to Learn How to Tell If Your Phone Is Tapped

Sumit Verma | 2020-07-221133

This post was last edited by Sumit Verma at 2020-7-22 20:22 Hello T-Fans, Here are some of the relevant signs and the possibilities that your phone is being tapped or monitored. 1.Unusual Behavior A strange activity going on your device is a relevant sign that someone is trying to hack your mobile. Try to check any significant changes that are happening in your smartphone’s behavior: Does it just light up even if you do not use it? Is it making random beeping noises? Does it shut down by itself? Have you noticed a consistent random behavior on your mobile; have you seen these manifestations on a regular basis? If yes, then they could be a significant indicator that your device has a hidden software application that is trying to hack your mobile. 2.Battery Life Becomes Shorter Than It Used To! When your battery life tends to become shorter than it used to before even if you haven’t been using it, it could be a critical indicator that someone is trying to hack your device or hidden software program is running in the background discretely. 3.Turning on/off without Command It is not OK for the phone to decide on its actions without owner’s commands (e.g. launching or shutting down). If the battery is full, and you did not switch off the phone, someone can spy/attack by the special spy phone software. Buggy spy apps cause this discomfort. 4.Static Signal or Background Noise Do you hear a static signal or a background noise? Mind a big chance that someone is trying to access your device exists. Other than these obvious indicators of someone who is trying to hack your mobile, an unusual increase of data usage or an extreme hotness of the mobile’s battery even if you are not using it. 5.Awkward Content Arriving A person starts receiving undesirable messages with suspicious content (e.g. gambling, different call to actions, useless discounts, sexual videos, violent content, etc.) Hackers use professional phone spy software to access users’ bank accounts or motivate mobile users to process with risky payments. Unknown number calling you with the similar offer? Try to end up the conversation ASAP. 6.Enlarged Data Use A person who notices extra bytes of traffic gone from the mobile device without any reasons may be experiencing a hacker attack. Cell phone spy software requires regular updates. Attacked user does not know he has such app. So he does not understand where the traffic is running. To prevent target phone from possible troubles, check it using free My Data Manager (Android) found in the play stores. Read all >>


Chineyef | 2020-07-0638628

TECNO Gallery

Enjoy New ‘Download Later’ Feature in Chrome Browser for Android

caaqil22 | 2020-07-2212811

Hi T-FANS When you are done with downloading, you need to follow these steps: •Open Chrome Canary and type in chrome://flags. •Search for “Enable download later.” •You will see three options from a drop-down menu; •select “Enabled” and restart the Chrome Canary app. •Once you are done, whenever you try to download a webpage from Chrome, you will see the options to “Choose when to download” with Now, over Wi-Fi, and “Pick date and time” as options.Read all >>


McKenzie | 2020-07-227158

Kevin De Bruyne has been in a sensational form for Manchester City this season and no doubt he is one of their best player notching 11 goals and registering 19 assists this season in the EPL. He is also one assist away from equalizing the Thiery Henry most assist in a single EPL season (20). The talisman has registered 20+ assists in all competition this season for the fourth time in his career. While playing for Wolfsburg in the 2014/2015 season, he registered 27 assists before his transfer to the Citizyen a season after and he also continued the fantastic form at Manchester City Do you see Kevin De Bruyne winning the Manchester City Player of the Year after his wonderful form at City the season and can he equal and surpass Henry's record for most assist in a single season as we head up to the last MATCHDAY of the Barclays Premier League. Let's know your thought in comment section belowRead all >>

CONTINUATION: s It Safe To Use Earphones While The Phone Is Charging? (2)

Hoilakes | 2020-07-221199

This post was last edited by Hoilakes at 2020-7-22 07:29 A CHANCE OF EXPLOSION Every mobile phone has the possibility of exploding. When you notice that your battery looks bigger than usual, then its time to change your battery as refusal or delay in changing it might put you at risk of an explosion on your phone. I will share with you some of the deadliest mobile phone explosions recorded.In 2017, 24-year-old Indian male died after his mobile phone exploded while it was being charged. Unfortunately for him, he was using the phone while it was charging. The explosion caused him severe burn injuries on his chest and hand. He was confirmed dead by the community health center where he was rushed to, while unconscious. Similarly, in 2011, although this wasn’t a case of an explosion, it was pretty close. An anonymous Galaxy S2 Skyrocket user posted online about feeling his leg burning up with sounds coming from his phone, (which was in his pocket). He said the phone was already transmitting smoke when he took it out. Once again, it is not advisable to use your phone while it is charging. RISK OF BRAIN DAMAGE Wearing earphones while charging your phone puts you at risk of getting brain damage because of radiation emission and in the case that electricity is conducted. While the quantity of electricity is relatively low, the radiation contained will more or less affect the brain. On the other hand, using your earphones for calls WHILE it is NOT CHARGING is advisable as it helps reduce the amount of radiation that goes to your head. The cellphone is fast becoming the new cigarette. Although harmful, many people seem to overlook it until it becomes a problem over time. Cell phone radiation is worse than smoking itself because one can not see it nor smell it. It's killing your health and you don’t even know it. Trust me, it can’t get much worse than that. However, this doesn’t mean we stop using cell phones. To reduce the amount of radiation your body absorbs, you could get an anti-radiation phone case like the pong case. In the absence of a pong case, however, there are certain precautions we should take while using our mobile phones. Reduce the amount of time you spend on your phone This is a given. If you want to reduce the side effects of a thing, reduce the amount of time you devote to it. Do not keep your cell phone in your pocket or hold it for long. Also, when not in use, keep your phone away from you. Better still, put it on airplane mode Avoid making long phone calls, if possible, text instead When you make phone calls, your phone is placed directly against your head. This is dangerous as your head absorbs the radiation emitted by the phone during the call. And if it’s a call that lasts for almost an hour? Much worse. When you text, the phone is in your hands, a distance away from your body hence its preference. You could also switch sides of the head as you make calls Keep cell phone at a distance, at least one foot from your body Most people put their phones in their breast pockets or in the pocket of their trousers. One thing we should know is that the phone emits radiation at all times, and sometimes more than the other(like during a call and when you have a low battery). It is preferable to put your phone in your bag. Also, Do not sleep with your phone under your pillow or close to your head. Prefer speakerphone or use a hands-free Using speakerphone or a hands-free also creates a distance between your head and the powerhouse of radiation which in this case, is your phone. Low battery Never use your smartphone when the battery is low, as it’s then the emission of radiation is on the high. During the call connection The phone emits the most radiation at the initial point of connection when you make a call and lowers when the call is connected. Do not place the phone by your war immediately you dial a number. Instead, wait until the connection is established before doing so. Also, avoid using your phone when the signal is low. At this point, the phone increases its transmitting power while trying to connect to the nearest cell phone tower. As a result, radiation is very high. For better health and as safety precautionary measures, It is advisable that you avoid using your earphones for anything while it is plugged to electricity, and take to all the precautions (geared towards reducing the absorption of radiation) on this article. Read all >>

Is It Safe To Use Earphones While The Phone Is Charging? (1)

Hoilakes | 2020-07-223188

HI TFANS The question of whetherusing earphones while charging your phone is safe or not has been asked so manytimes by users of mobile phones. This is probably because of a number ofincidents of electrocution and deaths that have been ascribed to using mobile phoneswhile charging it. Popular opinion is thatit is quite safe and harmless so long as you have a charger and phoneaccessories (earphones, in this case) that are in good working conditions and youare far away from water. You getting electrocuted by merely using yourearphones while charging is very unlikely. But in the case that it happens, itis usually a case of the bad charger or using the wrong charger for your phoneas I have said before. Chargers for modernphones are designed in a way that AC mains voltage is automatically convertedto the amount of voltage required to power the phone (usually -5V). Anon-genuine charger may not provide the same amount of voltage as your originalphone charger. Some may as well be of a higher voltage than your phone canhandle. It is also recommended that you lay off cheap chargers. Using a bad charger couldbe very bad for your health and the health of your phone. It does thefollowing: · It causes overheating while charging· It may harm your device battery which inturn affects the overall performance of your device.· It may send the wrong amount of currentthat may result in an explosion Personally, I think it isnot so good an option for the following reasons:Get the best prices onthe best waterproof headphones for running today. APOTENTIAL DAMAGE TO YOUR PHONE First, it slows down thecharging speed of your phone and ultimately damages the phone, seeing as longercharging time can potentially damage your phone's battery.Second, it makes it easyfor the motherboard of the phone to be affected or even damaged.So if you want to useyour phone for much longer, you should definitely lay off using your phonewhile it charges. ACHANCE OF ELECTROCUTION Similarly, it could bedangerous to use your earphone while charging because electricity is easilyconducted from the electric socket to the earphones especially if your chargingplug is faulty. I remember at one point I was seeing a movie on my tablet withmy earphones and I had run out of battery, luckily for me, power was restoredalmost immediately so I made to plug in my tablet and continue the movie. Immediately I fixed theearphones in my ear, I felt a piercing shock where the metallic part of the earphonemet with my ears and removed it immediately. I later discovered that theearphone was faulty. Also, there have beencases of the explosion of mobile phones breaking the news. For instance, thenews (early this year) about17-year oldBrazilian, Luiza Pinheiro, who was said to have been electrocuted when shereceived a phone call with her earphones in her ears while she was charging herphone. It was reported thatelectricity passed through her phone, through the earphones, her ears and thenhit her brain almost immediately.Shewas found on the floor in her room with her phone melted while still plugged,and her earphones melted in her ears. She was confirmed dead at the hospital.What a painful way to lose one's life. RISKOF CANCER While mobile phones arean integral part of our lives, we are at great risk as cell phones have thepotential to cause certain types of cancer and health problems. Cell phonesemit harmful radio waves also known as radiation from their antennas. Hence,the body parts that are closer to the antenna absorb the radiation that isemitted from the phone. World Health Organization on May 31st, 2011,reported that the electromagnetic fields emitted by mobile phones areclassified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer, as havingpotentials to be carcinogenic. According to a news report by Times of India in2012, five people at a school for the blind in Mumbai were diagnosed withcancer without a family history of such diagnosis. Also, the school’scaretaker went down with cancer. After six cancer reports were made in threeyears. It was believed that the 10 cell phone towers surrounding the schoolwere the cause. They then began protesting against the cell phone towers. An Interphone Studyreport in 2010 mentioned that excessive users of mobile phones have a doubledrisk of developing a brain tumor. At the end of this article, I will mentionsome measures you can use to reduce the amount of radiation your body absorbs. Read all >>

TECNO Mobile Weekly Tip #1 How to charge your phone correctly

TECNO SPOT | 2020-07-209513044

Dear T-fans, We are launching a new series to answer for all of the problems you have encountered during using TECNO phones.We have collected the most frequently asked questions and we will provide tutorials for each question and update weekly. What to do when you forget passwords and couldn’t unlock your TECNO device?How to charge your phone properly to make your battery last longer? Let’s get started ! 1. Do not charge your new device overnight, charge it to 100% and then unplug it to the charger. Charging for too long might cause battery explosion. 2. Try not charge your new device right away. Charge it fully until the battery is less than 20%, in this way you can extend the battery life. 3. Charge your new device with the original charger. Non-original charger may hurt your phone due to the inconsistency of material and potential product safety issues. 4. Every week there better be at least 1 time of power discharge, which means to use the device till the power display shows less than 10% then charge it fully. This is 1 of the most effective ways to maintain battery life. Answered by TECNO product manager Watson, Hope it will be helpful to you all:-D Have a nice day guys! Read all >>

Farmvile 2: Tropic Escape, Celebrates Apollo 11 With Special In-Game Space Convention.

yusufaliu | 2020-07-203515

AHA Games
Hello T-fans. Celebrating the 51st Anniversary of the moon landing, Farmvile 2:Tropic Escape, is launching a special in-game space convention, to run from today, July 20, to July 30. The month of July is filled with notable anniversaries of space achievements, and Tropic Escape has always enjoyed celebrating them in the game. This year, the space agency COSMOS (the Consortium Of Scientists Manning Outer Space) will be hosting an out-of-this-world convention in the tropics, with guaranteed special appearances by famous space explorer, Halley Hunter (rumored to be an alien), and Claire de Lune, the first dog to walk on the moon! The convention will be a once in a lifetime chance for conspiracy theorists and space enthusiasts to rub elbows with scientists and astronauts as they celebrate the anniversary of this historic event. On top of these new characters, the event will also introduce fresh crafting recipes, ships, and upgrades. “The Tropic Escape team is always looking for ways to keep our players entertained with fun, new events that cover a variety of exciting and interesting themes. We especially love real world occurrences that can be celebrated in-game with our players,” said Zynga India Associate General Manager, Arpith Kanade. “We specifically picked the Apollo 11 anniversary as it was a very important chapter in human history and we wanted to create an event that honours it in a new fun way.” If you would love to share these experience from Zynga with other Farmvile 2 players, click here to download on Android, and here for IOS. Don't forget to leave a like or comment below. And, you can also follow me on Tspot for more. Read all >>
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