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TECNO SPOT Official | 2021-12-241153350516

Moderator Apply
Hello T-Fans, It's time to begin celebrating New Year across the world! To mark the occasion, TECNO Mobile will be giving away a host of prizes between December and February as part of our ongoing partnership with Premier League champions Manchester City! TECNO Mobile have been City's Official Global Tablet and Handset Partner since 2016, and will once again leverage the partnership to give TECNO customers and fans the opportunity to win great prizes over the New Year period. The giveaways will take place on each Manchester City matchday up until the end of February, starting from the Boxing Day fixture against Leicester City and finishing after the Everton match in late February. To be in with a chance of winning, simply follow the information posted on TECNO Mobile Global and Regional social media channels every Manchester City matchday. Then, confirm your entry via this T-Spot portal (you’ll need to register an account if you don’t already have one), comment below and you'll be entered into the prize draw! Prizes available include TECNO Mobile earphones, accessories, goodie bags and other fantastic products! And that's not all. There's plenty more to come from our Manchester City partnership in early 2022 - with a host of once-in-a-lifetime prizes and opportunities to be won. Stay tuned throughout January for something special! Winners will be announced on T-Spot.* The TECNO reserves the right of final interpretation of this activity. Read all >>

You got something new? We celebrate with you #NewYearBetterMe

HiOS Official Account | 2022-01-260904

Hello amazing T-Fans, There must be a noticeble change in you since last year and now. We would like to celebrate in your change. A momentum occuredin your career, profession or emotionally; a great personal decision made. How is your personal life in 2021 versus 2022, any significant progress? Let's share insight together in the comment section below. Read all >>

What kind of a person are you; detail-oriented? -NewYearBetterMe

HiOS Official Account | 2022-01-18331840

Hello T-Fans, As a way of communicating and connecting with you in the new year, we want to hear from you. Let us see how much HiOS means to you and the relationship you've develop with us over the past few years. On this note, kindly share with us in the comment section below the noticeable differences in our past and recent developments. 1. What are some of the features you think are missing from HiOS 8.0? 2. Can you spot any changes in HiOS 8.0 that aren't on 7.6? 3. We would love to see how you've grown personnally, career and professionally. Tell us what are those things you've outgrown recently. Let's go fans... Read all >>

Don't forget them! Write it down in your Notepad.

HiOS Official Account | 2022-01-249727

The year is upon us with alot of task, to-do list, events, plans, things to buy, people to call, places to visit and many other life curriculum calling our attention at one point or the other. While the plan for the new year has been inscribed on the board, these daily activities cannot be ignored as they seem to be the step towards the big goal. To keep note is to stay smart. Every little information is worthy of noting down to avoid the circumstance of forgetfulness. With the improved notepad on HiOS 8.0,you can be rest assured of keeping up with this year's day to day activities. The notepad comes with various improved features that support the many needs you'll require to note down. This include, a reminder tab which gives you the ability to set a reminder that will notify you at the time and date in which you are to execute a plan, meet a friend, wish him/her a happy birthday or go take your exams. It also comes with the ability to insert images to your note, customize your text with highlights, bold and color for titles and paragraphs. Create categories for this notes such as, entertainment, events, meetings, ideas and many more as you like. Unlimited resources and pages for you to write down that book content or article while on the go as inspirations flow. This enriching and life saving tool on your Camon 18 is a thing you cannot do without for a productive year as this 2022. Have you started using this or will start? Let us hear from you in the comment section below. Read all >>

Tuesday Survey

Palm Store | 2022-01-2511358

Palm Store
Dear Palmstore Lovers, Which yearly events are you looking forward to, this year 2022? Tell us in the comment section Read all >>

Have a wonderful Monday

Palm Store | 2022-01-2411242

Palm Store
Hello Palmstore Lovers, We want to wish you a wonderful Monday ahead. Keep working hard, and you will succeed!! Read all >>

T-SPOT Internet celebrity recruitment plan!

TECNO SPOT Official | 2021-11-15390450090

Moderator Apply
Hi T-Fans: T-Spot influencers to be announced soon! Do you want to become an internet influencer?Do you want extra income? T-SPOT will open a new model. As long as you can manage your T-SPOT account carefully, you are likely to become an Internet celebrity, which will bring you more gains in the future, which is likely to change your life. Let you have your own fans like a star and become the protagonist. With immediate effect, T-SPOT will start the recruitment plan. T-SPOT will recruit among its users, so if you would like to participate and haven’t registered yet in T-SPOT. Hurry up! Operating account requirements:1. Starting from today, must have an active role and participation in your T-SPOT account, by sharing and creating interesting content so that you can start getting more fans and increase your chances to be selected.2.Share daily life, such as clothes matching, makeup tips, fitness tips, food making, baby tips, etc., you can post or take a video;3.Maintain and manage fans to create the influence of T-SPOT APP;4. The posted post/video must be original and not plagiarized. How we will choose the winner?To become the T-SPOT influencer, you need to work in increasing your fans number. We will choose the users that its quantity of fans reaches the Top 3. The Top 3, will become the next internet influencers and will have the chance to work with T-SPOT and get extra income. T-Fans, come and join us~ Let yourself have a different life!!! Read all >>

Game Trivia

Palm Store | 2022-01-2192405

Palm Store
Today is Game Trivia, Palmstore Lovers. Answer the question correctly in the comment section. Read all >>

PHANTOM X industry-leading AI voice assistant

TECNO SPOT Official | 2022-01-21114152826

Moderator Apply
Hi T-Fans: PHANTOM X features an industry-leading AI voice assistant who has mastered English and the Hausa language and can respond to your instructions even when you are offline. Activate Ella by calling “Hi Ella” whenever users need to make phone calls, set up alarms, play music, initiate driving mode and more, all without lifting a finger. Read all >>

Guess this App?

Palm Store | 2022-01-2011852007

Palm Store
Hello Palmstore Lovers. Tell us the name of the app in the comment section. Read all >>

Which country will win in today's AFCON match?

Palm Store | 2022-01-1981252

Palm Store
Hey Palmstore Lovers, which country will win the next stage? Predict your scores. Read all >>

Download Asphalt NFS

Palm Store | 2022-01-1932169

Palm Store
Hi Palmstore Lovers. Our App Crush for today is Asphalt NFS. A racing game that keeps your adrenaline high as you drive without limits. Download now on Palmstore. Read all >>

Who will win in today AFCON Match?

Palm Store | 2022-01-1891304

Palm Store
Predict today AFCON match! which country will win and lose? which country are you betting on? Predict your scores. Read all >>

Olympic Games Survey for you

Palm Store | 2022-01-1851255

Palm Store
Hello Palmstore Lovers. Which of the Olympic games are you interested in? tell us in the comment section Read all >>

Grammy Awards Survey for you

Palm Store | 2022-01-184676

Palm Store
Dear Palmstore Lovers, Are you interested in the Grammy awards, if yes which category interest you the most? Read all >>

Predict the Winning Countries for Today's Match

Palm Store | 2022-01-177947

Palm Store
For today AFCON match, who are you supporting, and which country are you betting on? Predict your scores. Read all >>

Manage your Time!

Palm Store | 2022-01-174758

Palm Store
Happy new week, Palmstore Lovers. How well do you plan your time for the day? If you haven't, make it an habit to plan & manage your time. Read all >>

Saturday AFCON Match Prediction!!

Palm Store | 2022-01-1551919

Palm Store
Happy weekend, Palmstore Lovers. For today AFCON match, what are your predictions, who are you supporting, and which country are you betting on? Read all >>

Predict today's AFCON Match!

Palm Store | 2022-01-14123755

Palm Store
Hey Palmstore Lovers, AFCON 2022 is here🎊🎉. For today matches, what are your predictions? who are you betting on😁? what country do you represent today? Share with us on the comment section. Read all >>

Guess the App

Palm Store | 2022-01-1371623

Palm Store
Today is Guess the App Game, Palmstore lovers. tell us the name of the app in the comment section. Read all >>
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