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Palm Store | 2022-02-18204013

Palm Store
Our better days are coming after Friday😁😉. Lots of fun, enjoyment, and rest from work! We can't wait for the weekend to arrive fast.. Are you excited as we are? Then tell us what are your plans during the weekend? Read all >>


Palm Store | 2022-02-1701620

Palm Store
Hi Palmstore Lovers, Have you play these game apps? Download now on Palmstore if you haven't. if you have,tell us the app you used most in the comment section. Read all >>


Palm Store | 2022-02-1711396

Palm Store
Hello Palmstore Lovers, Tell us the name of the app in the comment sections. Read all >>


Palm Store | 2022-02-1601464

Palm Store
Hi Palmstore Lovers, Have you used MOJ, Josh, Hago, Livu, Dating.Com,or Twoo apps? Download now on Palmstore if you haven't. if you have,tell us the app you used most, in the comment section. Read all >>

Download KOO App on Palmstore

Palm Store | 2022-02-1601622

Palm Store
Hello Palmstore Lovers. Our App Crush for today is Koo App. With this app, you get the opportunity to connect with people of your country and your favorite celebrities. Are you looking to make your connections? Then download now on Palmstore. Read all >>

Is HiOS Your Val? Show us that you know her very much.

HiOS Official Account | 2022-02-16111366

Hello T-Fans, How can you prove you love HiOS? How much about her do you know, or think you can guess what she's made of? Alright! Tell us in the comment section below, any HiOS feature starting with the letter M, S and V. You can stand a chance to win a mouth-watering Valentine gift box. Read all >>

Happy Valentines Day from HiOS 🎉💕

HiOS Official Account | 2022-02-165791

Dear Lovely HiOS Fans, From our heart, we are saying a very lovely Valentines period to you and your entire family and friend. A day like Valentine is a special moment for us all and we cannot let the other secular activities makes us forget our loved ones. Keep a tap on such days with our unique Smart Card feature on your smart phone. Live long to love more. Read all >>

Happy Valentine

Palm Store | 2022-02-14101820

Palm Store
Happy Valentine's Day, Palmstore Lovers. Share your Valentine with us Post and share pictures of you and your loved ones using #PalmstoreVal #valentinesday2022 #Palmstore #global Read all >>

Educational Apps for the Weekend

Palm Store | 2022-02-11194534

Palm Store
Dear Palmstore Lovers, as we move towards the weekend, We have recommended educational apps for you to occupy yourself with. Tell us the educational apps you use mostly, in the comment section. Read all >>

Game Trivia on Garena Free Fire.

Palm Store | 2022-02-1163925

Palm Store
Hey Palmstore lovers. Game trivia is here again. Answer the game question on Garena Free Fire in the comment section. the correct answers win. Enjoy your weekends. Read all >>

Master of Languages: your personal interpreter in this Valentine Season.

HiOS Official Account | 2022-02-1071792

Hello T-Fans, The season of love is here, and it is certain that one way or the other, you might make new friends. As a tourist, you might travel to another country or state to spend the time with your loved ones, friends and family, and meet indigenes who deosn't understand the language you speak, neither do you understand the language of the people. Gettting a personal interpreter could be very expensive or out of contest. This is where your TECNO CAMON 18 comes to play. HiOS 8.0 offer wide varieties of features that support your everyday needs. From traveling, to handling of professional businesses, andmany others. Among the amazing features on CAMON 18, is the newly introduced Master of Languages. This feature provides translation functions in two aspect,one is face-to-face translation, the other is social translation. You do not need to install any app for this. You can start it by sliding from the top left side of your screen- the control centre, click the MOL icon to activate it. Then, you will be directed to the interface of face-to-face translation where you can choose the language you want to translate to when having a conversation. For social translation, i.e, to translate text or chats on social media, simply swipe down the control centre to activate the MOL. HiOS 8.0 MOL gives you more advantage over other apps out there because it supports 70 languages for the face-to-face translation, and the social translation supports 60 languages. The feature is so helpful when trying to order food at the food stand, talk to a cab man and many other scenerios. Do you have this device? Give this MOL a try and let us hear of your experience in the comment section below Read all >>

What game app have you played?

Palm Store | 2022-02-100965

Palm Store
Hey Palmstore Lovers and gamers😉. for our recommended games, which game have you play the most?Tell us in the comment section. Read all >>

Guess The App

Palm Store | 2022-02-100878

Palm Store
Hello Palmstore Lovers, guess the name of the app in the comment section. Read all >>

Our Recommended Apps for the week

Palm Store | 2022-02-0901279

Palm Store
Dear Palmstore Lovers, We are recommending this social media apps for you. Have you use any of it? If no, Go to Palmstore app and download now. If yes, tell us the name of our recommended app that you use. Read all >>

Keep Your Phone Smart with Better Performance and Speed - APP Turbo 2.0

HiOS Official Account | 2022-02-09133052

Hello T-Fans,What is a Smartphone? They were times that one would have to wait for over a minute just to be able to launch an application on the phone. The lagging, the slow processing, taking too much time for a game to load that makes a user restart the phone severally. One would think it's the memory space; clearing many important files and pictures but the lagging issues persist. With this inconveniences and frustrating experience, a user can no longer decide whether it is a smartphone or a dull phone. A Smartphone is meant to out-perform whenever and anytime. HiOS 8.0 is all about the user experience. Smartness and simplicity- exploring ahead always. With the design of APP Turbo 2.0, users will no longer need to wonder about the true definition of a smartphone. APP 2.0 is a powerful maintenance tool that can clear every lagging and slow processes while playing games, watching movies, and browsing the internet. You can access this tool by pulling out the smart panel or go to your settings dashboard and make use of this tool to clear off caching anytime, on any app. Read all >>

Download Garena Free Fire on Palmstore

Palm Store | 2022-02-0901128

Palm Store
Hello Palmstore Lovers. Our App Crush for today is Garena Free Fire - illuminate. One of the most exciting survival shooting games where you have only one goal: to survive and answer the call of duty. Go to palmstore app and download now. Read all >>

Recommended Educational Apps

Palm Store | 2022-02-0801197

Palm Store
Hi Palmstore Lovers, Tell us in the comment section which of the recommended app do you have, & use the most in your mobile device? Read all >>

Answer This Valentine Survey

Palm Store | 2022-02-0821357

Palm Store
Hello Palmstore lovers. Valentine is getting close, and you must have gotten your plans ready for the outing. So who is likely to spend more on valentine outing... the male or the female? Read all >>


TECNO SPOT Official | 2022-01-25139139231

Hi T-Fans: LIVE THE DREAM, SIGN FOR MANCHESTER CITY AND WIN VIP TICKETS WITH TECNO MOBILE’S NEW AUGMENTED REALITY EXPERIENCE TECNO Mobile, in association with its Official Partner Manchester City, has launched a immersive mobile-first augmented reality experience that allows you to sign for the Premier League champions and win VIP tickets to the Etihad Stadium this season.* Our #AnnounceYourself campaign is a never-before-seen digital experience within football, where international audiences can interact with City in a host of new, innovative ways. You can now enter the virtual world of Manchester City courtesy of your built-in smartphone camera throughout January and February – without the requirement of downloading an app – and live and breathe what it’s like to become the club’s January Transfer Window signing from anywhere in the world. Browse and interact with the City environment by explorng the Etihad Stadium and City Football Academy training campus in 360°, cross paths with first-team players, sign your new contract, unlock exclusive content and more! Then, take part in the 3D TECNO Mobile penalty shootout game and share your score to social media alongside the #AnnounceYourself hashtag, and you’ll be entered into a draw to win VIP matchday tickets and travel to a City home fixture this season. There will also be a range of ongoing, exclusive digital content updates within the virtual environment, with supporters able to return on a weekly basis to unpack new features, such as unique player phone wallpapers. #AnnounceYourself is live throughout January and February, and accessible via or QR codes (above] published across Manchester City and TECNO Mobile digital channels. The experience is compatible with all iOS, Android and other major smartphone operating systems with a stable Wi-Fi or mobile data internet connection. It’s time to go where you’ve never gone before. Head inside the experience and #AnnounceYourself! *Prize to visit a Manchester City home match this season is subject to participating markets’ COVID-19 regulations on cross-border travel. Should this prize not be feasible, an alternative experience and/or giveaway will be arranged. TECNO Mobile reserves the right to determine eligibility of the prize. Click here for full terms and conditions. Read all >>

Check Out This Game Apps

Palm Store | 2022-02-070927

Palm Store
Check out our most download games on Palmstore app... and it's free. Go to Palmstore, download, and play now! Read all >>
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