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Fort Rhona | 2021-03-233333

Job recruitment
Recruitment Opportunity: suitable candidates for the role of Sales & Marketing Executives for our client, that in Music and Events industry with a project in Abuja. The client is looking to recruit an experienced Sales and Marketing Executive, who will be responsible for developing and driving the company’s marketing strategies to achieve set targets for the sales of Videography/Event planing Services. Experience and level: Minimum of 2-3years’ experienceas sales Personel. Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree and Higher National Diploma. Location: Abuja based with local travels flexibility. Specific expertise and competencies: • A track record in sales, especially with respect to entertainment. • Brand development and advertising. • Strong presentation and E-marketing skills. • Social media engagement. • Strong knowledge of Videography and Events. Responsibilities: The objective of the Sales & Marketing Manager role includes but is not limited to the following: 1. To increase the company's market share by identifying and securing potential clients. 2. To analyze company's strength and benefits potential clients 3. To develop or continuously update and execute the company’s marketing strategies towards the achievement of its objectives. This includes advertising, social media platforms, newsletters and other promotional initiatives to strengthen the company’s brand image while remaining competitive in the middle and low-income prospects. 4. To establish a world class customer service experience for existing customers as well as prospecting ones. Interested and qualified candidates should apply to For those that are already following this thread, do well to stay glued, inform others and encourage them to follow the thread. Do well to follow me and stay tuned to the updates. Did you apply PM me Did you GET A JOB THROUGH THIS POST, LEAVE A COMMENT #TECNOforNIGERIANS #TECNOJobPlace #TECNOMOBILITY #CBeyond Read all >>

Vacancy for Security Supervisors at IKEJA LAGOS

Fort Rhona | 2021-03-233306

Jon hunting
We are currently recruiting for Security Supervisors/Commanders for a Security Company in Ikeja, Lagos Location: Ikeja, Lagos Salary: 76,000 monthly net Job Summary The Security Supervisor/Commander is responsible for the security of clients and company’s assets while in transit and at static locations. Requirements · Degree/Qualification in a related discipline from a reputable school or military academy · Valid Driver’s license · Minimum of 5 years’ experience in the police force, active-duty military, military reserve or other Government/Private security service · Atleast 2 years in a leadership/supervisory role · High standard of fitness, man-power and military skills · Good understanding of the local and international security industry and procedures. Interested and qualified candidates should submit their application through the]link or by email to on or before March 30, 2021. For those that are already following this thread, do well to stay glued, inform others and encourage them to follow the thread. Do well to follow me and stay tuned to the updates. Did you apply PM me Did you GET A JOB THROUGH THIS POST, LEAVE A COMMENT #TECNOforNIGERIANS #TECNOJobPlace #TECNOMOBILITY #CBeyond Read all >>

Internship Opportunity at Maryland, Lagos

Fort Rhona | 2021-03-230194

Jon hunting
Intern Opportunity Currently looking for an intern to provide administrative support to the business. Responsibilities include invoice processing, reconciliation, requisitions, data management and other support processes. Location: Maryland, Lagos Pay: 40,000 Who should apply *NYSC Corp members *OND Holders on Industrial training *Fresh graduates who just concluded NYSC Applicants should live close to the location. Applications should be sent to For those that are already following this thread, do well to stay glued, inform others and encourage them to follow the thread. Do well to follow me and stay tuned to the updates. Did you apply PM me Did you GET A JOB THROUGH THIS POST, LEAVE A COMMENT #TECNOforNIGERIANS #TECNOJobPlace #TECNOMOBILITY #CBeyond Read all >>

BAFTA Games Awards 2021

Joshuaboy | 2021-03-241328

AHA Games
The BAFTA Games Awards 2021 will take place on March 25, 2021, and are set to celebrate the biggest and best games, developers, designers, performers, composers, storytellers, and more in the world of video games.The BAFTA Games Awards 2021 will stream live on March 25, 2021, at 12pm PT/3pm ET/7pm GMT and will last roughly 90 minutesHow to Watch the BAFTA Games Awards 2021Here’s the full list of places you can watch the event IGN Facebook ChannelIGN's Twitch ChannelIGN’s Youtube Channel IGN's PlayStation 4 App IGN App for Android TV Apple TV What to Expect at the BAFTA Games Awards 2021 The BAFTA Games Awards 2021 will be hosted by video games presenter and journalist, Elle Osili-Wood, and the show will consist of 18 awards, including Best Game, Animation, Artistic Achievement, Debut Game, Game Design, Music, Narrative, Performer, and much more.The Last of Us Part 2 is leading the way with 13 nominations, including for Best Game, Animation, and Game Design. Its total number of nominations surpasses last year's record of 11 nominations held by Control and Death Stranding.Ghost of Tsushima earned a respectable 10 nominations, Hades received 8 nominations, Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales received 7 nominations, Animal Crossing: New Horizons received 5 nominations, and Half-Life: Alyxreceived 4 nominations.There will also be a BAFTA Games Awards After Party that will stream following the show exclusively on Read all >>

How to make money as a smartphone photographer

Smilinggee | 2021-03-1631374

Hello guys. As the saying goes "Time is Money" and normally, money comes as a result of work done with time. A lot of us run a very expensive hobby which is "mobile photography". we spend alot of time creating images and exploring the beauty of arts , nature, and lots more using our mobile devices, and making little or no profit income at the end. I was once in that category of running an expensive hobby until I got to know more about Product Photography. That is one aspect of photography that could serve as a source of funds/income to any mobile photographer. I'll define Product Photography as Marketing through image creativity. and I'll give you two business areas where your skills could earn you money. 1) There are lots of small businesses around us that require our services for cheap advert creations, an example of such business is a make up artist/make over studios, these people need pictures to send messages to customers about the services they render and they would pay you to edit pictures for them and create a perfect scene images for marketing their services. 2) Online sales marketing is currently a global trend and we have friends who deal on online sales and you can take advantage of this opportunity and start creating images of their products for a certain price, that way you can earn money while you spend time creating images to get customers attention. starting this way might even take you the bigger industries. for starters , you might want to charge low prices so as to get more patronage, as people will always take advantage of cheap services, that way you can start building up your chain of customers. All images you see above were taken by me with the Tecno Camon 15 ps: I will posting my work pictures more often so you can understand what I'm talking about.Read all >>

Acknowledgement of March Contest gift

greatoladapo | 2021-03-262234

AHA Games
I am using this medium to thank AHA Games and TECNO management for the prize received being the gift for March Gamemania/Pugb Contest. I am very very grateful. Una organizations no go burn lailai????❤️????Read all >>

BAFTA Games Awards 2021: All the Winners

Joshuaboy | 2021-03-271463

AHA Games
The winners of the BAFTA Games Awards have been announced, and Hades took home the prize for the best game of 2020. In addition to Best Game, Hades also won BAFTAs for Artistic Achievement, Best Game, Game Design, Narrative, and Performer in a Supporting Role for Logan Cunningham. Cunningham played six roles in the game, including Lord Hades, Poseidon, and Achilles. The Last of Us Part 2, which earned 13 nominations, won BAFTAs for Animation and Performer in a Leading Role for Laura Bailey. Bailey played Abby and this BAFTA was her first win. Animal Crossing: New Horizons won Game Beyond Entertainment and Multiplayer, while Sackboy: A Big Adventure won British Game and Family. The full list of winners for the BAFTA Games Awards 2021 are as follows; Best Game - Hades British Game - Sackboy: A Big Adventure Animation - The Last of Us Part 2 Artistic Achievement - Hades Audio Achievement - Ghost of Tsushima Debut Game - Carrion Evolving Game - Sea of Thieves Family Game - Sackboy: A Big Adventure Game Beyond Entertainment - Animal Crossing: New Horizons Game Design - Hades Multiplayer Game - Animal Crossing: New Horizons Music - Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales Narrative - Hades Original Property - Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition Performer in a Leading Role - Laura Bailey as Abby in The Last of Us Part 2 Performer in a Supporting Role - Logan Cunningham as Hades, Achilles, Poseidon, Asterius, Charon, and the Storyteller in Hades EE Game of the Year (Voted by the Public) - The Last of Us Part 2Read all >>


SupaMan | 2020-12-22131874

CAMON 15 Series
Shot with a Camon15 Read all >>


Engraced.. | 2021-03-2228953

I had just had three 2-hours lecture in a row (trust me nothing can be more grueling) plus an assignment with a very close deadline. I was tired, hungry and drained.. I sat at the quadrangle dreading the long walk to Idia with an empty belly.. Next thing I heard was someone calling my name from the adjacent block, I pretended as if I didn't hear. I was in no mood for chitchat with any coursemate. T hank God the person persisted.. Turned out to be an old friend from secondary school ????. that was how baba said I was looking stressed and would like to take me out???? Ope o! went straight for my all time bestie, Shopright pastries.. nothing sets the day right better than cupcakes and icecream???? #TECNOFORUI #TECNOFORNIGERIANS #UIPHOTOGRAPHYCHALLENGE Read all >>


Exceptional | 2020-07-11351645

AHA Games
It was a double celebration on Thursday 9th of July when I received the gaming King competition prize. The gift came right on time as my birthday coincidentally falls on that day. The phone to me is a perfect birthday gift. I really appreciate the organizers of this competition, AHA Games and Tecno Spot. God bless AHA Games, God bless Tecno Spot! Read all >>


thepeculiarr | 2021-03-2615373

AHA Games
It's always a pleasure being a winner...I got this from the just concluded AHA March Mania Contest... Thank you TECNO... Thank you AHA games.. Thank you Everyone!Read all >>

Gift Acknowledgement (GameMania)

Jeffter | 2021-03-2613367

AHA Games
Wow ???????? Am so happy for this ???????? I've received my reward for AHA Games March Contest (GameMania) ???????? Thanks AHA Games, TSpot NG, TSpot Official ???????? Am so grateful for this ???????? ????????????. ????????????. ????????????Read all >>

Join The Contest and Win Exciting Gifts

CHOOSEN | 2021-03-267549

boomplay music
This post was last edited by CHOOSEN at 2021-3-30 07:03 Download the Boomplay App if you don't have it in your phone. Register and participate in the activity by posting your daily points to win.Read all >>

Prize acknowledgement

charles bebez | 2021-03-2613410

AHA Games
This post was last edited by charles bebez at 2021-3-26 08:10 Thanks so much aha games ,I have gotten my prize for participating in the march #Gamemania contest,am forever grateful,bigger your company I pray. Read all >>

Price Acknowledgement

Joshuaboy | 2021-03-2611330

AHA Games
Reward received for AHA March #Gamemania competition. Thanks to AHA Games and lovers of the community❤. God Bless Read all >>

Acknowledgment of March Gaming Contest Gift

greatoladapo | 2021-03-2617594

AHA Games
I am using this medium to thank AHA Games and TECNO management for the prize i received being the gift for March Gamemania/Pugb Contest. I am very very grateful. Una Organizations no go burn lailai ❤️Read all >>

Android System WebView: All You Need to Know

ahiadzro | 2021-03-2671751

This post was last edited by ahiadzro at 2021-3-27 01:40 Android WebView is a system component powered by Chrome that allows Android apps to display web content. This component is pre-installed on your device and should be kept up to date to ensure you have the latest security updates and other bug fixes. Should I delete it? No, it’s not possible to uninstall Android System Webview app from an Android device because this app allows the showing of web content that is developed by the chrome browser. You can disable this app temporarily, not permanently. It takes effect when you click on a link within an app like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Why do you need Andriod System WebViews? 1. It provides better control over your application’s user interface (UI). 2. Web views allow cross-platform development resulting in reduced development cost, along with the flexibility to a developer. 3. You don’t get pushed onto another 3rd party application, rather an in-app browser pulls the content from the web for you.Read all >>

Game Recommendation

Palm Store | 2021-03-24430704

Palm Store
A bit of mystery, but fun and addictive. Game name: Snipper 3D Download on Palmstore Read all >>


HiOS Official Account | 2021-03-242734264

Hello T- Fans, Chatting is something we all do from time to time on our smartphones. While some love it and can spend the whole day doing it, for others, it is pure stress. Some of us have a lot of friends that we chat with, send messages and others are wonderful story writers. There are some people who go the extra mile to download third-party keyboards on their phones because they want to type faster as the default keyboard is limiting. To send a message or type, we start by pressing a letter on the keyboard one after the other to make a word. The faster you can press each letter, the faster you are at typing. A very fast typist makes use of both hands to type when chatting to make it smoother. Now, do you know with one finger, you can type as fast as the person using both hands by just easily sliding your fingers across the letters on the keyboard to get a word you want? Instead of taping the letters one after the other, you can easily and quickly drag from the first letter of the word to the last and have your keyboard bring out the right word in suggestions. This can be done with just one finger. It's super easy, fast, convenient, and less error. For example, this article was written using a sliding finger on TECNO Camon 16 Premier. This can be very helpful when you're walking on the road, even on the bus, and save you the stress of tapping letters one after the other. The ease in sliding Finger is a cool experience you must check out. Gather here let us share this piece of useful information. doesn't need any setup, or setting, just drag your finger across the keyboard and have your desired word displayed. Read all >>

Join in XShare Fans Club! More fun are waiting!

PhoneMaster Official | 2021-03-119654

Phone Master
Hi Fans! Thanks for supporting XShare all the time! Now We have official fans club! Confused of how to use XShare? Join XShare Fans Club! We are waiting for you to have fun! Whatsapp LINK: Read all >>
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