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Your Weekend Check List

Aha Games | 2020-05-1684669

AHA Games
This is What Your Weekend Checklist Should Look Like. What are you doing this weekend? Is any of these items on your checklist? . . . . . #ahagames #weekend #gamesRead all >>

Google Play Music is Shutting Down

BigBoyEDEM | 2020-05-16121096

This post was last edited by ahiadzro at 2020-5-16 09:02 Google announces that the company's streaming music service Google Play Music will be officially shutting down but provides users with an alternative. Google is shutting down another popular service, nearly nine years after its launch. Google Play Music, a music streaming and podcast service that also provides cloud hosting for users’ entire music libraries, will no longer be available by the end of 2020. On Tuesday, Google began sending out notifications to Google Play Music users to invite them to transfer their library to YouTube Music, which will absorb Google Play Music and consolidate the two services into one. Both mobile and browser-based apps will allow for the seamless transfer of music libraries, playlists, and settings to YouTube Music. For the time being, both services will remain accessible, giving users ample time to make the transition to YouTube The major difference between Google Play Music and YouTube Music is that ad-free or offline experiences on the latter will cost users $9.99 a month. This might be a tough pill to swallow for those accustomed to Google Play Music’s service that included those perks for free. YouTube Music also offers access to song lyrics and allows up to 100,000 personal tracks to be uploaded to the music library, an increase of 50,000 over Google Play Music. Playlist length has also grown from 1000 songs to 5000. Source Read all >>

spark 5

SLIM DADDY SMITH | 2020-05-14345727

Spark 4 Series

How many words can you form out of these letters?

Aha Games | 2020-05-15262465

AHA Games
Just how good are you with words? How many words can you form from with these letters B - O- C - R- A? Take a shot and drop a comment if you can form any words . . . Follow - Your No.1 Mobile Gaming Hub . . . #ahagames #aha #mobilegaming #mobilegamer #mobilegames #wordscapes #wordgame #trivia #friday #puzzle Read all >>


yusufaliu | 2020-05-1572385

Hello T-fans. There's never been a better time to get into Android apps, as Google Play store has exploded in recent years with a proliferation of titles that can cater to your every need. The problem is: there are just too many of them, even with Google's Play editors choice, featured, best selling, top paid & top free categories there to help. You may choose to go through the list or read the reviews but the easiest/best way to find top quality apps is to have someone else do the searching for you. Here is a list of10 must have android apps on your Tecno device. Tspot: Shalltry's group Tspot takes the lead on our list of must have apps on your android device. Created to bridge the gap of communication between manufacturers and end users, Tspot gives you access to first hand information from the brand, the latest and the best on android world, entertainment news from africa's largest music library (boomplay), sports and the recently included 'health' which keeps you updated on the latest happenings regarding the pandemic (Covid-19). It also presents an apportuinity to interact globally with other Tecno users where you can share ideas, get quick answers to complains, make suggestions that helps the brand better serve you and the best of them all is the fact that every of your activity on the forum gets a reward, giving you the opportunity of winning Tecno branded gifts and many more. Phone Master: And again, another banger from Shalltry group. Phone master prides itself as the best phone manager. It is an applocker, data manager, junk cleaner, speed booster, CPU cooler and battery saver. It also comes with an in-built antivirus that keeps yourdevice free from threats. Google Chrome:Android's most popular web browser, chrome, brings many of its PC features to mobile. It is a fast, easy to use, and secure web browser, bringing you personalized news articles, quick links to your favourite sites, incognito browsing, data saver, Google Search, in built Google translate and many more. Adobe Acrobat Reader: You must have seen this on PC, you'll be surprise to know it has a mobile version which stands as a default choice for quite a lot of android users. It features annotation, note taking, data entry for forms, electronic signature, cloud storage support, support for DRM, bookmark & hyperlink support, with a subscription option that offers more. Adobe Scan: Adobe scan is a free document scanning app from Adobe, with integrated OCR technology to instantly recognize printed text and handwriting. The app turns almost anything, be it receipts, notes, documents, photos, business cards, whiteboards etc into Adobe PDF with content you can reuse from each PDF and photo scan. Aldiko Classic: Aldiko classic is an EPUB, PDF and Audiobook reader compatible with Adobe DRM (ACS) and OPDS. It features a fully-customizable reading experience with advanced library management system and in-app catalog with both best-sellers and free classics. The premium subscription helps you unlock more of its features including the support for TTS (Text To Speech). Xender: The name "Xender" is not new to android users. There was a time it comes preinstalled on Tecno mobile devices with the name "Flash-Share" but what we have now as a substitute for this coming in preinstalled is the app "Xshare". The app helps you send large data of files at an amazing speed. It is one of the most popular android apps with over a 100 million plus downloads on playstore. It also features cross platform support (Android, IOS, Tizen, Windows, PC/ Mac), video to audio conversion, status saver (whatsapp, facebook & instagram), file manager, phone data replication (old to new) etc. MX Player: MX Player stands as of today one of the best media players available on a number of platforms, most notably Android. It supports almost every video format you can think of long before other media players operating on android thought of doing so. It also supports hardware acceleration, multicore decoding, gesture control, kids lock and support for a large variety of subtitle formats. The recent update to the app comes with file sharing, whatsapp status saver, full fledged audio player etc. Tubemate: This is one of the most amazing android apps I have ever used. Tubemate lets you download media files from popular sites like youtube, daily motion, instagram, facebook, twitter, youku, vimeo, metacafe, nava tv etc either as video or audio format. It's far far better than the site, a popular video download site. Tube mate offers you far more than any app of its like. B1 Archiver: This is an easy to use app to open ZIP, RAR and other archives. It is an all-in-one archiver application able to decompress ZIP, RAR, B1, as well as 34 other formats. You can create password protected ZIP and B1 archives, extract multi part RAR and B1 archives, browse archive files without extraction, carry out partial extraction (extract only selected files without decompressing the whole archive), open password protected B1, ZIP, RAR, and 7z archives. The Pro Version removes all ads. There are some other amazing must have apps out there, some of which now adays comes preinstalled on android devices (whatsapp, messenger, twitter, instagram, facebook, gmail, wps, boomplay, files by google etc). If you have used any of these apps or have any you would like to add to the list, share with us your thoughts in the comment box and don't forget to follow me on Tspot for more. See alsoThe Best Video Editors on Android. Read all >>

Activité 9: les différents modèles de Tecno camon 15.

Boubacar Oumarou | 2020-05-15131503

CAMON 15 Series
*Le Camon Air* comporte *64 Go* de mémoire interne plus *3 Go* de RAM, une batterie de *5000mAh* (typ), un écran 6.6 pouces *(Dot-in Display)* quatre appareils photo arrière de *48MP* avec *4 flash* ainsi qu'une caméra frontale de*8MP* Read all >>


TECNO SPOT Official | 2020-05-1581455

Hi T-Fans, First of all what makes up a strong password? Astrong password is lengthy (the longer the better); a mix of letters (upper and lower case), numbers, and symbols, that has nothing to d with your personal information, and no dictionary words. 1. Make it long Choose nothing shorter than 15 characters, more if possible. 2. Use mixed characters The more you mix up letters (upper-case and lower-case), numbers, and symbols, the stronger your password is, and the harder it is to crack it. 3. Don't use personal information For example don't use your date of birth, name, surname, or anything that has to do with you as your password, because you will make it easier for it to be cracked. 4. Don't use dictionary words Hackers have can use software that will try different dictionary words as an attempt to get your password and if you choose one, the software will definitely crack it. What are the easiest and stupiest passwords you have ever known? Me first: 012345678 LOL Read all >>

Tecno Pouvoir 4 Pro Overview

BigBoyEDEM | 2020-05-14221786

This post was last edited by ahiadzro at 2020-5-15 06:06 Tecno Mobile has unveiled a new addition to its popular Pouvoir series,the Pouvoir 4 and 4 Pro. The Pouvoir 4 Pro comes with a larger 7-inch display with a resolution of 720 * 1640 and an extraordinary battery life that can last four days. The phone is equipped with a 16MP AI Quad camera, plus 5MP + 2MP + AI lens at the rear, and 16MP dual flash camera at the front, dual stereo speakers, and an 18W quick charger. Pouvoir 4 Pro offers the best entertainment experience – be it gaming or watching videos in its 7-inch HD+ drop display. The smartphone features Tecno's HiOS 6.1 which is built on Android 10 with a 2.0GHz Octa-Core processor. Pouvoir 4 Pro flaunts a high performing and premium glossy colorful design, and elegant appearance that is lightweight, slimmer, and sleeker than its predecessors. It packs a range of cool features such as face unlock, a fingerprint sensor for optimized security, and a nearby light sensor. Providing an extraordinary experience, the Pouvoir 4 Pro features a 128GB internal storage with a 6 gigRAM which means Pouvoir 4 Pro users will get lag-free gaming experience. Other core gaming features for gamers include a Magic Button, that can be used as a fire key in arcade or shooting games,optimization of system resources to ensure a high-quality PUBG game experience, and a Screen Off Gaming Mode that saves more than 50% of the power. For the camera enthusiasts,the selfie camera packs, 16MP, F/2.0 which features such as AI blur, advanced video recording, a 2.5MP wide-angle photo capture system, more bright in low light conditions, AR Emojis, AR stickers,andGIF behavior (for a more fun social interaction, Tecno introduced GIF features, designed for Tecno and Manchester City Football Club, you can create fun GIF faces with just one click) The rear camera also comes with, a 16MP clear lens and a large F/1.8 light entry. Every shot with the Pouvoir 4 Pro is sufficiently sharp and vivid and will be a successful shot. The 8X Digital Zoom with a 77 ° shooting angle supports excellent scenery and its details. The camera can boast of features such as AI sense detection, AI HDR, beauty mode, bokeh, AR shots, panorama, etc. The phone is available in 3 color options of Ice Jade, Pink Smoke, and attractive Egg Plant which are soft and smooth; stripes and the colors collide, and change in different ambient light. Other features include Social Turbo, a smart power-saving system, dark theme, etc If you are power crazy, then this is your must-have phone! Related: Meet The All New Tecno Pouvoir 4Read all >>

Tecno mobile themes

waqasali786 | 2020-05-1492987

TECNO Gallery

Round 1 of AHA Gaming Mayhem Ends Today

Aha Games | 2020-05-148975

AHA Games
Salute Gamers! Its deadline day for Round 1 off the #AHAGamingMayhem which meas you have just a few hours to enjoy the N.O.V.A Legacy fun . . . Open the AHA Games app on your phone or download from . . Click on the “Featured Page” on the app and click on the "AHA Gaming May-Hem" Contest Banner to Download and Play The Game Of The Week . . . Play The Game Of The Week and Tag 5 Of Your Friends To Participate Too. We Will Randomly Challenge 5 of Our Followers To Play These Games For Every Round. . . . Send a 'DM' Of Your Download Page Of The 'AHA Games App' AND Your Email Address and Facebook Name Used To Login Into The AHA Games app . . . #mobilegamer #mobilegaming #mobilegames #gamingcontest #novalegacy #contest Read all >>

Day 2 of the AHA Gaming May-Hem

Aha Games | 2020-05-1352710

AHA Games
"The Fun continues in The #AHAGamingMayHem as enter Day 2 of the contest . . . Open the AHA Games app on your phone or download from . . Click on the “Featured Page” on the app and click on the ""AHA Gaming May-Hem"" Contest Banner to Download and Play The Game Of The Week . . . Play The Game Of The Week and Tag 5 Of Your Friends To Participate Too. We Will Randomly Challenge 5 of Our Followers To Play These Games For Every Round. . . . Send a 'DM' Of Your Download Page Of The 'AHA Games App' AND Your Email Address and Facebook Name Used To Login Into The AHA Games app . . . #mobilegamer #mobilegaming #mobilegames #gamingcontest #novalegacy #contest " Read all >>

Top 5 Website Analytics Tools You Should Know About.

caaqil22 | 2020-03-2551433

Hello T-FANS, Website analytics are very important to website owners. They tell a lot of stories about how visitors interacted with your website(s). Hence, it gives insight on how your site can be improved to create a better experience for visitors, retain them and even reach more.For businesses, this is even more important because it has a direct relationship with revenue and by extension, profit.This post covers five (5) website analytics tools you should know about, and even make use of, as a website owner. They give you a clear picture of how well —or bad— your website is doing.Website Analytics Tools for Every Website Owner1. Google Analytics Google Analytics is a free website analytics tool by Google. The platform offers users a robust analytic dashboard to properly track actions on their website. Google Analytics can help track actions ranging from page views, to purchases, to lead generations, to Ad campaign performances, conversions and more.Integrating Google Analytics to your website would require inserting a pixel code in the backend. Hence, would require at least, basic technical skills to achieve this.Start here — Google Analytics 2. HotjarHotjar is a website analytics tool that is more appropriate for gathering insights about user conversion rates and actual user behavior on a website. With Hotjar, users can integrate and track funnels for a website. This, for example, can help determine at what point on the website is there a massive dropoff of users.Also, the “recordings” feature of Hotjar helps to record users’ interaction with the website. As a result, Hotjar users can see exactly how their own website visitors interact with their platform.Visit Hotjar to get started.3. AlexaAlexa lets you do a number of SEO-related ‘things’. The Alexa tool can be used to check backlinks to a website, do keyword research, carry out a competitive website analysis, SEO analysis and more.The Alexa rankings help give an overview of how well your website is doing in comparison with other websites on the internet.Start here — Alexa4. Google Search ConsoleTo effectively measure your site’s search traffic and performance, Google Search Console is the tool to use. Asides the monthly search performance report sent by email, the console dashboard gives you insights into different variables concerning search.The tool also detects and notifies users of various issues detected on a website that might affect its search performance. An example is mobile usability issues.Access the Google Search Console tool — Search Console5. SimilarWebSimilarWeb is a website analytics tool that helps you gain insight into any website’s statistics & strategy with the click of a button. All you need to do is search and the tool shows you insight like global website rank, country rank, website category rank, traffic overview, traffic by countries, traffic sources and more.The tool also has a Google Chrome extension that brings these statistics to your browser in one click.Explore the tool here — SimilarWebSo, in conclusion, a few questions for you:Which of these website analytics tools do you use? What metrics do you monitor on your site? How important are they to charting a direction for your website? Do you have other tools you use that are not this list? Let us know. Don't forget to follow me for more educative information! Read all >>

Angelino decides his future at Man city

Hotman | 2020-05-133579

Angelino has suggested that he would prefer to stay at RB Leipzig than return to Manchester City. After only arriving back in Manchester last summer following a year at PSV Eindhoven, Angelino spent just six months on his return to the Etihad before he was already out of the exit door. The Spaniard joined Bundesliga challengers Leipzig in January on loan for the rest of the season and has made a big impact in Germany, most notably playing a starring role in knocking Tottenham out of the Champions League. His performances under highly-rated coach Julian Nagelsmann have been an improvement on those under the stewardship of Pep Guardiola. Angelino has admitted that a manager that gives him confidence is the most important thing and suggested that Nagelsmann does so more than Guardiola, implying that he would rather stay under his management in eastern Germany.Read all >>

How To Use Screen Record On Camon 11 Pro

Hoilakes | 2020-04-0553518

The screen recording is the ability to record what is going-on on one’s screen without the use of an external camera or recording device. This is one cool feature that most android users have craved for, for a long time now. Imagine you want to do a video tutorial on how to do something on a mobile phone or how to use a particular app or functionality on a mobile device and you don’t have the luxury of digital camera or recording equipment. Or in a case where there are some things going-on on your phone screen and you want to share with friends and there is no way of recording it, the screen recording function could come in handy. Now, in times past, people had to go to Play Store to download a 3rd party apps to perform this functionality. Now the problem with this is 3rd party do crash probably if the app you want to record is a heavy app. But on the Camon 11 Pro, this app comes preinstalled on the phone so no need to download a 3rd party apps to use the function. Just follow the easy steps and you can use the functionality. STEP 1: Go to menu and scroll down to screen recording and click on it. STEP 2: Click on the camera icon at bottom right of the screen. A notification bar would pop up displaying four icons (Camera, Screenshot, Settings and Close). STEP 3: Select the camera icon and click Start Now. When you are done recording, swipe down the notification panel and click on Stop Read all >>


Hoilakes | 2020-04-118939


T-Fans original wallpaper exhibited at TECNO Headquarter!

TECNO SPOT Official | 2020-05-137946

Dear T-fans, We are thrilled to announce that 10 pieces from Valentine’s Day Original Wallpaper Contest joined the Mobile Wallpaper exhibition at TECNO headquarter. Check out if your piece is here! The meaning of art lies in constant innovation,And the charm of art lies in giving people unlimited imagination. May T-fans work stimulate your unlimited creativity and endless pursuit of visual aesthetics. Love is in the air Love & Peace Thank you T-fans! If you want yout art creation to be exhibited and admired by thousands of T-fans, come and join our May photography contest!Click here to join the contest Read all >>

How to Capture Scrolling Screenshots

BigBoyEDEM | 2020-05-135698

This post was last edited by ahiadzro at 2020-5-13 00:32 Have you ever wanted to take a screenshot of a long conversation, web page, or multiple posts in your feed without having to meticulously stitch small screenshots together? Well, this is now possible on almost every Tecno smartphone with scrolling screenshots. Here's how to take a scrolling screenshot on any Tecno device without a hassle: 1. Drag down your Notification Panel 2. Tap on Screenshot on your Quick Settings Tile 3. After the first screenshot, quickly tap on Scrollshot and scroll up to take Scrollshots. 4. When you are done scrolling up, click on Finish Scrollshot > Done Below is an example of a Scroll Screenshot: Note: This is the best way of taking Scrollshot. Using three fingers or the power and volume button to take Scrollshot might come with minor challenges unless you are perfect. If you find yourself using an old Tecno phone, all is not lost, there are various apps to help you, click here to explore. Read all >>


lummyfinest | 2020-04-01161411

This post was last edited by lummyfinest at 2020-5-10 20:55 Hi T-Fans, Liverpool and PSG have come to an agreement over the fee for Kylian Mbappe, the deal worth around £215 million. With half the deal done, the young french star is in contract negotiations with Liverpool; the length of the contract said to be around 5 years. Kylian Mbappe is set to sign within the next couple of days, in which the signing will be complete, subject to a medical Source: the April Fool Mail (Happy April fools guys )Read all >>
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