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#SpotKiyaKya Contest | Level 2: Intermediate (May 21 - May 25)

Spot Kiya Kya?

TECNO SPOT IN | 2020-05-2167942811

Hey T-Fans, Welcome to #SpotKiyaKya Contest - Level 2. Spotting the T-Boy is now tougher! Here is another chance to win a TECNO smartphone and prizes worth Rs. 50,000! It's super easy!Step 1. Spot T-Boy in the image below.Step 2. Comment where he is hiding & what he is doing.Step 3. Get maximum likes on your comment. RULES:1. Register on TECNO Spot.2. Spot the T-Boy & write where he is hiding & what he is doing in the comments below. (Limit: 50 words)3. Contest Level 2 Duration: May 21st - May 25th. Entries are valid until 9 PM IST, May 25th only.4. Competition open to TECNO Spot India users only.5. Only ONE entry from one User ID is valid. Multiple or duplicate entries shall be removed.6. Global TECNO Spot users can help Indian fans win by liking their comments.7. #SpotKiyaKya Level 3 (Pro) to be launched soon. Stay tuned!8. Entries of #SpotKiyaKya Level 1 Winners will not be considered. PRIZES:TECNO SPARK Series Smartphones & other prizes worth Rs. 50,000. WINNER SELECTION:Top 10 comments with the maximum likes will be announced as winners on May 26, 2020. HINTS:1. To increase your likes, share your comment on Facebook & WhatsApp and ask your friends for help!2. Make your answers quirky & funny to get maximum likes! Good luck! Comment NOW!
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Grab the SPARK 5 Now!

TECNO SPOT IN | 2020-05-227208

5 Times More Fun Every Day! Hi T-Fans, Are you still on the waiting list for a Funtastic experience? Well, wait no more, it is time to bring SPARK in your life! Introducing the smartphone to cover all your fun angles, the SPARK 5! SPARK 5 is the first-ever smartphone in the sub-8K segment to feature 13MP rear AI Quad-cam with a Big 6.6" Dot-In display and a 5000 mAh battery. It is the one to take home, whether you buy it while on a walk to your nearest retail store or while scrolling Amazon from your couch! Want to know the 5 Funtastic features of SPARK 5? After you! Introducing Your Companion For Funtastic Memories! SPARK 5 comes with 5 AI cameras and boasts more angles for the perfect picture! It also comes with a rear camera set-up integration of 13MP+2MP+2MP+AI lens with Quad flash and f1.8 aperture which makes your pictures brighter & clearer even in low light.It will light up your pictures (obviously, in the most beautiful way). With AI Auto Scene Detection (ASD) based on the deep learning algorithm, it automatically detects different objects and all types of light conditions and adjusts the brightness and contrast ratio to ensure that you get the best image output in any outdoor environment.When we say that it is ‘the most fun smartphones’, we mean it! SPARK 5 brings fun wherever it goes as it comes with the AR mode, which lets you create various funny and spicy moments. Localized sticker enhances the fun aspect of photography. Other features include Bokeh Mode, Macro Mode, HDR, AI Beauty, Panorama, for enhancing the overall photography experience. Bigger The Screen, Better The Selfie!Did we hear selfie? SPARK 5 comes with 8MP Dot-in Selfie camera that seemly integrates the front camera, & light sensor. And you just won’t believe it, the Dot-in camera is placed on a 6.6” HD+ screen that boasts a 90.2% screen-to-body ratio, super wide view, and a much more efficient display of information. And as for your perfect selfie, you’ve got the f2.0 front camera clubbed with soft dual-LED flash. And even the video calls for your long-distance celebration will be clear as the day! The Fun Only Gets Bigger and Better!TECNO SPARK 5 encompasses a 5000 mAh high-density large capacity battery with AI Power saving and Safe Charge feature, ridding one of the hassles of charging the device multiple times in a day. We know, with more power comes more fun! When fully charged, you can enjoy video playback of 16 hours, standby time of 527 hours, music playback for 120 and calling time of 35 hours. Is it in your cart yet? The Funtastic Performer!The SPARK 5 hosts a 32 GB internal storage which is expandable up to 256GB, allowing you to keep track of all the details in your smartphone. Isn’t that amazing? For hassle-free operations, it is backed by a powerful Quad-Core 2.0 GHz CPU Helio A22 processor.We know better than to stop the fun! And Now Completing The Funtastic Features, is Security!We know that security is important and it is imperative for your smartphone to have stable and robust security. The SPARK 5, is armed with a Smart Fingerprint Sensor and Face Unlock 2.0. The fingerprint sensor can perform various amazing functions like accepting and recording calls, clicking pictures and dismissing alarms. The Face Unlock 2.0 tightens the security on your smartphone, as it prevents the phone to get unlocked with eyes closed. Well, 5 AI Cameras power-packed with 5 funtastic features, isn’t this amazing! Watch this video to be completely mesmerized: But, wait, where are you going? We have got the link right here for you to buy it NOW! Wait for your phone to come to you at your doorstep with TECNO's doorstep delivery: Read all >>

The Global TECNO Spot Family Welcomes Us!

TECNO SPOT IN | 2020-05-23578

Hey T-Fans, The global fraternity of T-Spot is excited to welcome India into the community! We know that having been separated by boundaries, the idea of global belongingness is a farther fetched thought than it sounds. And as India becomes the newest member of the T-Spot family, you become a part of the community that stands together with culturally diverse opinions and stories woven together by T-Spot! It is a platform for you to interact with fellow T-Fans around the world, play games, make friends, participate in contests and win rewards while learning new tips, tricks and hacks. So join T-Boy as he welcomes you with a warm hug to a community that is truly global and yet, Indian. Read all >>

Something Funtastic is Coming

TECNO SPOT IN | 2020-05-194100

Hey T-Fans, Have you ever noticed those fun photoshoots, the ones that spark out of all celebrities’ Instagram profiles? The fun poses without any picture getting blurred, the bright colours of the world replicating on your smartphone, just the right angle which both covers the width of the background and your perfect clear self. Do you wish that you had it too, we know we do? Huddle up, it is time for a surprise. TECNO brings to you, your most funtastic companion! It has the most beautiful view, the power that has got your back, always ready for selfies, your full-on entertainment package, a great performer! Have we said too much? Well, what we can say is that when this smartphone walks home with you, all your five senses will just light up and the fun will get five times more! Are you excited about that fun photoshoot now, because TECNO brings to you your go to smartphone. This calls for a high five! While we can’t answer those five W’s popping in your head, we can say this that Life is about to get super funtastic! Read all >>

Is Your Eid Gift SPARK 5 Too?

TECNO SPOT IN | 2020-05-24351

Hey T-Fans, Eid Mubarak! We know that this Eid will not be as fun and lavish as it would have been with your family and friends. While the lockdown might have taken your ‘Big family’ moment away, we bring to you, your ‘Big gift’ moment. Bringing an end to month-long fasting, Eid is a new start. And what better to accompany the new start than the latest SPARK 5, a device that will ensure that your journey is as funtastic as the smartphone. As for your first-ever Lockdown Eid, we present the first-ever smartphone in the sub-8K segment to feature 13MP rear AI Quad-cam with a Big 6.6" Dot-In display and a 5000 mAh battery. Who wouldn’t want to wrap up 5 Cameras for Eidi? Don’t believe us, SPARK 5 comes with 5 AI cameras and boasts more angles for the perfect picture! Want to know more? Let’s go! It has to be a good Camera, you are going to be on the other side of the lens! It features a quad rear camera setup. It comprises of a 13-megapixel (f/1.8) primary camera, a 2-megapixel sensor for bokeh mode, a 2-megapixel macro lens, and an AI shooter. What’s fun is that the rear camera includes features like macro, bokeh effect, auto scene detection, AI HDR, AR Mode. There is a quad-LED flash as well! So, when you gift it to your friend/family this Eid, you will be picture perfect on their smartphone! As for all the Selfies, on the front, SPARK 5 has an 8-megapixel (f/2.0) camera with dual-LED flash. You are not just gifting a smartphone, you are gifting a box of fun as it comes with features like AI Beauty, AR mode, and Portrait mode. Didn’t we say that it was your ‘Big Gift’ moment?Oh, we meant it, literally! Watch all your celebration videos on a 6.6” HD+ screen that boasts a 90.2% screen-to-body ratio, super wide view, and a much more efficient display of information. TECNO SPARK 5 is powered by a 5,000mAh battery for long battery life with AI Power saving and Safe Charge feature, ridding one of the hassles of charging the device multiple times in a day. How does that not end up in the gift bag? The smartphone runs HiOS 6.1 based on Android 10 and is powered by a quad-core MediaTek Helio A22 SoC clocked at up to 2GHz. The processor is paired with 2GB RAM of and 32GB of internal storage. Oh, it gets bigger, you can expand the storage on the phone up to 256GB by using a microSD card. To simplify, this gift is fast, unstoppable and only gets bigger! And, it is secure! The SPARK 5 is armed with a Smart Fingerprint Sensor and Face Unlock 2.0. The fingerprint sensor can perform various amazing functions like accepting and recording calls, clicking pictures and dismissing alarms. So, what are you waiting for? Wrap it up and get SPARK 5 now as the plus one for your Sewai! To buy: To get TECNO's door step delivery: Read all >>

Your Post-Lockdown Bucket List

TECNO SPOT IN | 2020-05-17254

Get your scales, papers, pens outHey there T-Fans, Remember your 2020 resolutions and bucket lists? The 5 places you were definitely covering this year (Aah! Those ZNMD dreams), the all-night clubbing scenes you were planning with your friends (we know, we were), oh, and the go-to restaurants’ list. It is safe to say that 2020 hasn’t turned out as all of us were hoping it would! The Instagram and Google Photos archives, reminding of the beautiful times we had, aren’t helping either. But like the band, Swedish House Mafia would say, “Don’t you worry child”, T-Spot has got you covered! We bring to you the ultimate post-lockdown bucket list that you are dreaming about right now. Start marking checks now - [*]Go all ‘Dil Chahta Hai’: Are you a sea person or a mountain person? Does it matter? Call your best friends, put some clothes in that backpack, get your polaroid and pack some extra films because you are going to need them, put on those sunglasses and disappear to your favourite spot. [*]Time for some ‘Aisha’: We’ve got to go shopping now! How long has it been since our dear T-Fans bought something other than the “essentials”? While we enjoy some comfy sweatpants, we really miss the jeans, don’t we? [*]Oh, our ‘Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana’: Don’t you miss going out and eating those Paneer Tikkas, the Kebabs, the Pasta and our favourite McDonalds? How can we ever make a post-lockdown bucket list without food! [*]And now, ‘Dear Zindagi’: It’s been ages since we met our family and friends and we all need, want and deserve a hug from our loved ones. Time to put on your happy face, pull out your inner SRK stance and go, get that hug because not just movies, we all deserve a happy ending. What’s going to be your customized bucket list? We are waiting to read in the comment section. Get ready to get de-quarantined! Read all >>

Knock-Knock: Your TECNO Delivery is Here!

TECNO SPOT IN | 2020-05-101353

Hi T-Fans, Have you been reasoning, why a smartphone isn’t on the list of essential commodities? Have you been battling through your old, broken and tattered phone all through the lockdown? Don't you worry, TECNO is here for the rescue! Adhering to the lockdown rules and relaxations by the Government of India, TECNO has launched a noteworthy initiative of Door-Step Delivery. The initiative leverages TECNO’s massive network of 35000+ offline retailers to meet its consumers’ phone demands.This unprecedented move will empower customers to opt for a product of their choice and connect to retailers from the safety of their homes. Whoa! That sets a benchmark of ‘Lockdown Relaxations used Right’. What does it mean for the customer? How to get your new TECNO phone at your doorstep? It’s not rocket science, just a loyal mechanism to let you have some spark this lockdown, from the comfort of your homes. [*]Visit: [*]Enter your area pin code [*]Select the retailer and place your order [*]Take a sigh of joy! The new spark of your life knocks your door Dhamaka Offer! Why is it a great deal for you? All of TECNO’s popular smartphones are available now. Not just that, they are coupled with some amazing offers. [*]You can get a FREE Bluetooth earpiece worth Rs 799 (with Spark Go Plus) [*]1-time screen replacement and 1-month extended warranty (12+1 month) Looks like a great deal? Go grab it! You may wonder, what about safety? To ensure the highest safety standards, TECNO assures the safe and hygienic delivery following all requirements. TECNO cares as much as you do. The innovative door-step delivery model promises to empower customers, retailers, and everyone on the supply chain. It promises to ‘Empower You’! Now we ask, what will stop you to get a TECNO phone you wish you had? Read all >>

T-Spot: The Digital Home You Were Looking For

TECNO SPOT IN | 2020-05-144128

Hey T-Fans, Do you ever wonder what a digital world would look like? The ease of information, the different ways to express oneself, the speed of the responses at queries and the excitement of meeting like-minded people. What if we told you that we don’t only have that digital world but we have your very own digital home? Step into T-Spot! T-Spot is the place to learn all the tips and tricks and hacks in the world of technology. It is made up of contests, exciting content and amazing discussions. T-Spot is the one place that has got it all and you are its Brand Advocate! You will always be heard at T-Spot, all your suggestions and feedback. Your Digital home! T-Spot is your digital community where YOU motivate the platform. You can share your ideas, create awareness, curate content, meet fellow T-Fans. Just like home, T-Spot is made by you, for you and of you! It is the one place where you can belong and be a part of an active, ever-growing family. T-Spot’s got room for all your different avatars. From your love for technology to your love for travel, we got you covered. And even if tech and travel are not your go-to sections, there always is our ‘Recommended Section’ to pull you through. For all the questions in your head which haven’t been answered yet, you just got to come home, we saved you a spot at T-Spot. Remember when we were kids with shampoo bottles in our hands, pretending to be a rockstar? What if we told you that, with T-Spot, you no longer have to pretend? You just have to express yourself and release a new thread every day. Here, you will be heard and you will be a T-Star. This is the new favourite place in town and it has a fun-tastic spot for you and all your friends. And if you get lost or need help, let our T-Boy guide you home! Read all >>

5 Steps to Combat Lockdown Anxiety

TECNO SPOT IN | 2020-05-14482

Physical Health
Hello T-Fans, Since COVID19 outbreak, our lives have become distasteful and chaotic. While a lot of people could stay locked down in their homes, there were many who chose to walk back home. As the wait for ‘the normal’ still continues, there has been a rise in anxiety amongst households. In these challenging times, create some light and find a silver lining. How, you ask? Follow 5 steps to combat lockdown anxiety with TECNO and let us bring some hope for ourselves and everyone around us. Let’s begin: Stay close to your routine: Maintain your pre-quarantine-days structure. Try and follow your everyday schedule. Work from Home might tempt you to slip into a more lethargic lifestyle however if you have a proper eating and sleeping schedule, being anxious will be least of your worries. Write about what you feel: While maintaining a diary may seem like a kiddish solution, it is well established that it helps you to clear your head and stop over-thinking. Learn new activities: Social media during Lockdown is filled with people trying new recipes in cooking or taking up other skills like learning new languages, painting, taking up guitar, etc. It is only when you invest in something productive can you think straight. Pick up a digital course: What better than adding another qualification! Many fields have gone digital and provide certification courses in these tough times. These online classes will only add to your skills. Social Connect: Don’t let your isolation bring you anxiety. Social distancing is a must but so is social connection. Make it a ritual to call or video call your friends and family. It always takes a village! Make each step count and when you walk out of this quarantine, be your strong self! Read all >>

How to Keep Your Smartphone Coronavirus-free?

TECNO SPOT India | 2020-04-255432

Physical Health
Hello T-Fans, The deadly COVID-19 has impacted our lives in an unprecedented manner.Every aspect of our life now faces a threat from the virus, in one way or the other. In fact, we can never be too sure that our smartphones are safe from the virus. So, we need to act smart, keep our phones virus-free & prevent ourselves from getting infected. You can follow the few simple steps mentioned below to keep your phone free from Coronavirus. 1. Most of the germs and micro-organisms reside on the phone’s screen. So, cleaning the screen thoroughly with a disinfectant is of utmost significance. Here, precaution needs to be taken while cleaning, as some disinfectants might put the screen of the phones at risk. Instead of spraying fluids over the phone, a cloth dabbed in soapy liquid or disinfectant can be used to clean the phone. 2. Try to avoid giving your phone to others. In case, someone else uses your phone, clean it properly, before using it. 3. Use earphones. We understand that it isn’t easy to keep your phone away from you. And neither it’s easy to clean it so very often. But then, if you understand the significance, you’ll try to do so.Stay with us and we’ll help you with more articles to keep your phone safe from COVID-19 in the future. Read all >>

Falling in Love with House Arrest?

TECNO SPOT IN | 2020-05-19223

Hey T-fans! Life is full of unexpected events, but never in a lifetime did anyone imagine a global house arrest. It would be unfair to say that we did not enjoy this detoxifying journey, slipping into the comfort zones of our homes and PJ’s. The days of convenience, lethargy, and procrastination are close to an end and Monday Blues are just around the corner. But are we prepared to go back to ‘THE NORMAL’ – the bustle of metro life, the scorching heat, and the worst of all – the 7 a.m. alarm? Lockdown brought with itself a ton of changes, it took a toll on our daily lifestyle, the way we function, and our biological clock. It knocked at our doors uninvited, bearing gifts (not all good ones), like that distant relative we just don’t like. Restoring the Normal:The Goody two shoes food habitsYou might want to calm your craving strings here. We have all gotten used to the healthy, hygienic food we eat at home. Going back to the street might not be the best idea for our gut. Travel’s a Scare:After this deafening silence, driving to work through traffic, noise, and pollution can give us major ticks. For all our metro riders, you don’t think you have the stamina to stand for hours, to run up and down the stairs, and to wait in lines, do you? The shift won’t come easy because of all the exercise you’ve been missing. A big YES to at-home entertainment:Our social behaviour is bound to be disrupted for quite some time. As much as you are longing for a good laugh at the CLC club, you may want to think twice before entering crowded quarters and continue that excessive binge. Quarantine was like a dream but it’s time to burst the bubble now. Let’s bring back the balance, the discipline, and the energy we have been craving. We got this. Stay Positive and Healthy! Read all >>

INTERNET: The Unsung Corona Warrior

TECNO SPOT IN | 2020-05-17148

Hey T- Fans!! How are you reading this thread? Not why, but how are you doing it? Most of us don’t spare a nanosecond of our time to appreciate how this digital dialogue works. Like most other things, the INTERNET is something we take for granted. Your smartphones, tablets, laptops without internet, are just devices without a soul. The digital connection that we have now is crucial. What would you do if you had to live your life for the next week without the internet as well? It’s simply bleak. Over the years we have talked about the downsides of the Internet and how people have grown distant because of this new virtual world. But it is now that we realise that internet is the fuel that powers our smartphones. Internet is keeping us sane, emotionally stable, productive, entertained, educated, connected, and above all Safe! [*]Your Aarogya Setu App is helping you track if you’ve come in contact with Coronavirus. [*]Your Google assistant delivers the news update to you every morning even if your newspaper man fails to do so. [*]Your mobile banking app takes care of your finances, bills, e-payments, and everything around it. [*]Your e-commerce websites ensure that you are delivered with essentials, even during such hard times. [*]Kids are studying, the world is working from home, and some stranded kid away from home is able to cook because he has the privilege of YouTube and video calling. The list goes on. The spread of information is massive. It’s an ocean of opportunities. Perhaps, we are not paying enough attention to it. The Internet is so intertwined in our lives that thinking about its existence is redundant to us. Today we are not isolated. Today, ‘We are Together, Apart’. Stay safe and kind. Read all >>

Work From Home: The Best Apps for your Remote Working

TECNO SPOT India | 2020-04-247305

Physical Health
Hello T-Fans, The lockdown has brought us face to face with a never-seen-before situation. But then, we all are familiar with the popular saying. When a certain door closes, two more doors open. The reason why there’s new-found popularity of several apps to help us work from home. So, when it comes to remote working, which app is best suited for you? Here, we've listed down the 5 best apps, to help you make an informed choice. And by the way, to compile this list for you, we’ve consulted some of the most popular platforms. 1. Zoom: Zoom is an excellent choice for small & medium-sized work teams. Making video calls for groups or one-to-one easily is one of its signature features. 2. Slack: From communication with the entire team to private communication with individuals, Slack offers you quite a few easy possibilities. 3. Serene: As the name goes, this app is about no distractions and total focus on the work at hand. 4. Basecamp: Brings employers & employees together, over an interesting & easy-to-use interface. 5. GoogleDrive: Just the perfect app for creation, sharing, collaboration and storage of your work documents. Cool, right? So, go ahead. Take your pick. And make working from home, all the more fruitful. Read all >>
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