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Hey T-fans, Guess what!? our plan to make your dream a reality is finally here! All you need to do is share it with us and let us help you Spark it! we are here to provide you with the wings to fly because we believe every dream is achievable.
  #SparkYourDreamKe #Spark9series


KES 0.9M up for grab with spark your dream


The campaign is meant to inspire, mentor and enable all those who have big and smart dreams but don’t have a means of making their dreams a reality.

Campaign Nature  and Timeline:

The event will run from 1st week of July to 9th october  after which 10 semi-finalists will be selected and invited to pitch their ideas to panelist of professionals/judges/partners.

At the end, 3 winners will be announced who will receive support from TECNO in terms of cash and mentorship.
The remaining 7 will be given a special business package and mentorship from TECNO.
The campaign will run in the following 2 platforms: Facebook and twitter.


Top 3 ideas will each get KES 300K to support their dreams and one-year mentorship.
The remaining 7 will be given a special package from TECNO that could include; business mentorship book and a phone.  

How to Participate
1)  follow all our social media pages.
2)  share the dream you want to achieve in the best form ever and tell us how 300,000 will help you achieve it. Post on your Facebook or twitter timelines and tag us using the 2 hashtags: #SparkYourDreamKe and #Spark9series
3)  Submissions are to takeplace until 9th october.


1. All participants must be at least 18 years old and if there is any person who will not be able to collect the prize, TECNO won’t have any responsibility for this.
2. TECNO reserves the right to change the content. All content is protected by TECNO copyrights.
3. TECNO reserves the right to change or delete this activity without prior notice.
4. TECNO will announce the final winners of this campaign in our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and TECNO SPOT pages when we finish the activity.
5. In case of any concerns or objections, TECNO reserves the right to make final decisions about the content or to change the award at any time. This promotional activity is not sponsored, supported or managed by Facebook.
6. TECNO reserves the right to use the content for other marketing activities and advertising, for example, putting the content in HiTheme-Wallpaper store, T-SPOT Homepage, or TECNO social media accounts.
7. If the personal information is not complete or identity cannot be verified, TECNO reserves the right to cancel the award without prior notice.
8. The candidate will take full responsibility for the copyright issue of his/her own entry.

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e31d12f7 10 #

I am an IT graduate , who pursued BIT and
graduated in 2017. I jumped into business straight doing sales gigs mostly for Jumia Kenya and running an online shop "https://facebook.com/DiparkTechKenya". The growth has been on a snail speed as I can only invest as much as I can spare. My dream is to see this business grow and even offer employment to more youth who don't have a portfolio but are street smart and can be able to fulfil their daily expenditure from a less demanding hustle like mine. TECNO's intervention will see another kenyan youth have a stable income.
2022-8-28 06:56 Like(0)

ts707815801 9 #

My name James Omondi from Mombasa. I am 25 years of age, I graduated in the year 2019 in Procurement and materials management. For the past 3 years I have been working with various marketing agencies where I borrowed the business Idea of having a Cloth line labels business for brandings of various clothes, designing various trendy flashy clothes with various logos and marketing them all over through the prior marketing skills I have achieved. Also, I will be stocking the already made trending labels but the main agenda of the business is to come up with my logos/labels to come up with unique product in the market. What is needed; Printing Machine and logo making machine in the fashion industry. As the business will be expanding, I will be introducing my bottled water with my designed business logo. Please help me achieve this dream through financial support. My contacts; 0707815801 and jomondi168@gmail.com. #SparkYourDreamKe and #Spark9series
2022-8-27 11:12 Like(0)

ts0791229623 8 #

Helo Tecno my name is Francis,,i am 25 years old,,, I have a dream of supplying internet service to my local area in Mogotio, The dream is not only mine but also for the people in my area,,, we have been having signal problems at which they interfere with the internet,,, with a small amount of money will manage to wireless devices to transmit internet to our place,,, I want to leave a legacy that I brought internet to my local town,,, It's not about the money but how many lives I will change for the people there! Thankyou my email is Bmtsolutionskenya@gmail.com
2022-8-27 08:50 Like(0)

823421c9 7 #

Hello Tecno,my name is John Mbondo from Makueni county, Kibwezi East constituency,Kambu.I completed my form four course on April 2020 and managed to score a mean grade of B plain (65 points).  I was placed to Meru University of Science and Technology by the government through KUCCPS,to pursue a Bachelor's degree in Community Health and Development.  Unfortunately I couldn't join due to insufficient funds to cater for my school fees and other essentials for my stay in the school.It's with great honour and respect that I address my issue to you.It is my great passion to join university and pursue my dream career.I would love to tell you about my desire to give back to my community through my further education.  Best regards, John Mbondo#Spark9 series
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ts0114364078 6 #

Hello Tecno my name is George Onyango electrical engineering student . I'm here because  I believe you can help me spark my dream . Like a farmer that my parents raise me . I have always tried to build my small Chicken firm . My dad own a piece of land and he already gave me a piece of it to start my business . But due to lack of funds I'm unable to do so ... Chicken as it's known to have the widest market right now in Kenya for all it's products like eggs feathers and meat .  
2022-8-26 11:15 Like(0)

Duncan Njuki 5 #

My name is Duncan Njuki age 28, I have always dreamt of creating my own technology world from my rural home to urban areas by imparting technical know-how to our young generation or youths in our country who are unable to acquire this kind of knowledge.
Having lived and grown up in a rural home every parent knows the best career for their sons and daughters is only teaching, Being a doctor or a pilot isn't right, for me, I was the first student to study IT at my university level due to love of tech devices and systems in my whole location. If I get any support from #SparkYourDreamKe and #Spark9series , I would prefer to start computer colleges in every constituency in Meru, it cost effective and will serve every member of the community, advance knowledge, and gain life experience from the outer world at their comfort while paying a very small fee to study where every parent will be able to cater for.
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ts703418410 4 #

Have always wanted to own an all pants shop...all kinds jeans like the ragged,leggings,patchwork jeans, ripped summer jeans, candy colored pants, laced up jeans, warm winter jeans,cargo pants,Capri pants,chino pants,sweat pants where I can sell in retail and wholesale for distributors and make my own customized clothing, create a clothing brand like essentials which would be known countrywide as well as internationally, a famous street wear clothing line for the younger generations,I will stop at nothing till I achieve my dream and through the Tecno spark dream this could come to reality.I already have am online store teasing__collections but I have not had enough cash to promote the outfits so as to get more engagement,with the 300,000 I would promote the store,create ads and even be able to open a physical shop where my dream would begin,I wish to be self -employed and be able to make enough money that can support my family and the community where I come from especially in supporting my community people back in upcountry, those who didn't get a chance to go to school,set up their own little businesses. #SparkYourDreamKe #Spark9series  #Tecno #SparkYourDream #SYD TECNO Mobile
2022-8-18 16:18 Like(1)

ts718494003 3 #

Am Jacinta 23 years old .....  Am a pastry chef ....my dream is to own a cake shop in future am very passionate about my work and I love what I do .....  Right now I bake from home and supply cupcakes and cookies in some shops around and I also do birthday cakes by order...  If I win the award I would open a cake shop    and also volunteer to train a few youths how to bake to enable them  earn a living .
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ts0796100585 2 #

My name is Joseph Kamau a university drop out but very hardworking and industrious guy.If I can get support if 300k I would develop a connective program between farmers from my place and the market.I have watched farmers throwing away, losing farm produce and selling farm produce at a very low price due to connectivity to the market,lack of information on market prices and lack of information on price fluctuation of prices in the market.I would use the 300k first to make connections to food suppliers, distributors,online selling platforms.The Make a connection to farmers of different farm produce and be a bridge between the two group.I would create a program where the farmers can request price of the farm products in the market how the marker is behaving and where to sell the products.Farmers from my place sell products at a very low price which makes them remain in poverty for several years.For example in this case I was a student in Maseno university pursuing Bachelor degree in Business Administration Finance option with IT,there was a time I used to buy a full cabbage at mama mbogas shop at 60/ yet in my home place cabbages were rotting in the shambaa and others being disposed off at 5/ and 10/  which was very painful.If I can get the 300k I can be the bridge between the farmers and market i.e help create a ready market for much of farm produce to fight poverty and fight hunger and malnutrition in Kenya.The program would be also working this way if a farmer wants to sell a certain products huko "Mashinani" they can contact us and we will provide the market information to them on where to sell ot we can even buy thr products ourselves or help them to sell at a certain fee charge.I hope you will help me achieve this dream and idea thank you.My name is Joseph Kamau,phone number 0796100585,
2022-8-5 08:03 Like(1)

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