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TECNO SPOT 2.0 is launched,comment its feature that you like to win CAMON 12!

Activities  |  2019-11-29 05:55 494391

2019-11-30 00:00 - 2019-12-30 23:59Has ended
The new version has received major updates compared to the previous one:

Now page owner can post activities on their timeline, Q&A for people to share their knowledge
by answering questions and Membership center for quick checkup and manage your account level and points
follow your favorite topics on forum is now convinient and threads is extremely userfocused enables you
to follow or join discussion in the comment section and sooo much more!


Comment your thoughts and tell us what you like most about the new apdates on the comment sectionfor a chance to win Camon12

Tips and rules :

1: Register first to become eligible to comment and like

2: The activity only open from 2019/11/30 to 2019/12/30

3: Commenter can only comment once

4: Share the post on your social media wall and ask your friends to join you on TECNO SPOT so they can like and reply to your comment to secure your chance of winning

5: Remember that the activity is only suitable for Keyna users and winner will be peaked based on the number of likes his/her comment received.


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kinyanjuisimon 37 #

Update Version
1. Optimize the post details page.
2. Fixed login failure after a successful registration.
3. Optimized search function.
4. Fixed bugs.

Key Features:
1. Synchronized account between website and app
2. Reply and start new threads
3. Send and read private messages
4. Receive notification from forum
5. Subscribe articles or threads you like
6. Post your recent status
7. Keep in touch with your friends
2020-1-15 00:12 Like(1)

kinyanjuisimon 36 #

I'm not sure whether it's still open. However I will appreciate a Camon12 Pro. My friends need to see what I have been telling them. You know "seeing is believingl. Irregardless, Tecno mobile remains the best product unparalleled, in Kenya.
2020-1-14 23:55 Like(1)
  • kinyanjuisimon : The product (Camon12) has got one of the best cameras, great storage capacity, high screen resolution with super large and minimally interrupted screen and a wonderful color selection.

    2020-1-14 23:59

232041837199 35 #

Dnt buy techno phones if they can't upgrade
2020-1-14 17:57 Like(0)

232041837199 34 #

Disgusting phone can't upgrade
2020-1-14 17:56 Like(0)

G-Naya 33 #

1. Optimize the post details page.
2. Fixed login failure after a successful registration.
3. Optimized search function.
4. Fixed bugs.
5. the UI it's awesome and easy to navigate
6.You can add pictures on your profile and edit your personal information with ease .
2020-1-13 22:52 Like(0)

sharzmo 32 #

Trying to reach from TECNO MOBILE...You are our winner. Please let me know how I can contact you. Thanks!!

ts704464975 published in 2019-12-14 23:26
I love the new UI and design, it's now fluid and easy to navigate compared to old version.
And also  ...
2020-1-7 12:04 Like(1)
  • ts704464975 : thanks you so much I'm so happy to hear that please inbox me thanks again

    2020-1-7 12:18

ts745270364 31 #

I'm currently using Tecno pop 2f and I'm loving it. It has a magnificent camera works fast and it downloads fast and I can't recall seeing a error message in my screen .  Well done Tecno company ????????✨
2019-12-31 12:40 Like(1)

225063607295 29 #

2019-12-30 12:45 Like(0)

Hussnain khan 28 #

super phone
2019-12-30 07:40 Like(0)

228910272353 27 #

2019-12-29 03:26 Like(1)



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