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Hi T-Fans,
We still remember the days when we all knew the functions all phones had and it was just a matter of brand. Who would have thought that phones could be intelligent? Following the recent improvements in phone productivity, android phones to be precise, we get to have access to a lot of digital products (functions) that makes phone usage experience an awesome one with the Micro Intelligence function and this can be accessed through a range of Tecno (HiOS) phones.


Introduction to the “Micro Intelligence” Function
The Micro Intelligence isn’t just a function but the combination of some functions. These functions have been known to be advance that it makes our phones start to intelligently hence the name “Micro Intelligent” For Example, just imagine the hassle you go through when you pick up your phone and you will still have to press the power button the turn on the screen. Just imagine you come up once it’s picked or muted once it’s dropped. It sounds really great, right? Let go into what these functions are and what they can do.

On the HiOS Operating system, for example, we get to see this list is Micro Intelligent functions below:

1.        Quick Start
The function makes it really easy and fast to open an app on your phone with just some simple gesture tracing on a sleep screen. How this really benefits us is having to skip the hassle of pressing the power button and possibly unlocking the phone. Just by drawing some gesture signs, you get to open an app with ease.

2.        Tapping wake
Just like the name says, this function wakes up your phone just by tapping on your sleeping screen. This saves us a lot of stress of having to pick our phones when we don’t really need to al we just need to do is double-tap on the screen and it will come up and we get to check whatever we want to check.

3.        Music Gesture
This function has proven to be one of the most important functions as a lot of folks really love music. This helps us play, skip, pause songs on our phones with having to use the traditional music navigation button and not necessarily having to unlock our phones. We can even go to the nest song on the playlist without having to open our phone

4.        Flip Mute
The Flip Mute function enables you to totally mute our phone sounds and calls just by flipping our phone on a flat surface. This is a very useful function when we don’t want to pick calls and don’t have time to reject the call. All we have to do is flip our phones and the phone goes mute.

Spark4-Flip Mute-20200311.jpg

5.        Smart Screen Lighting
This function is a bit oppositely related to the flip mute function. Here all we need to do is lift our phone and the screen comes up for us to use.

6.        Cover Silence
Just like the flip mute function that enables us to mute calls by flipping our phones, the function makes it even easier because we just have to cover our phones with our palm to silence a call in case, we are in a meeting or somewhere we can’t pick calls.

7.        Take Screenshot With 3 Fingers
This feature, when enabled allows you to take a screenshot with your fingers. All you need to do is slide down 3 fingers on the screen you want to screenshot.

8.        Answer With A Gesture
This feature allows you to answer incoming/reject incoming calls on your device by just using 2 gestures. To receive a call, you use the V (peace sign) and to reject a call, spread your five fingers over the screen of the device. It is important to note that your hand has to be at least 20cm away from the phone to work

Camon12-Gesture call picker-20191023.jpg

Note: The availability of some of these features is based on the type of device you are using.

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ts30833844 20 #

how do i get it because its not in my phone
2021-2-28 12:53 Like(0)

262969536747 19 #

I did not get the hand gesture well.on spark 4
2020-7-22 21:14 Like(0)

transformer 18 #

wow, this micro intelligence is really underrated
2020-7-21 22:31 Like(0)

nnajikweni 17 #

I've been trying to use the finger gestures but it's not working
2020-7-21 16:06 Like(0)
  • Ennyholar : Hello You have to enable it under Micro intelligence.

    2020-7-22 10:19

nnajikweni 16 #

Please teach me how to use the finger gestures
2020-7-21 16:06 Like(0)

Kayconcept 15 #

This is really cool, operating phone made easier. I just have to check all this out on my Camon 15.
2020-7-20 09:08 Like(0)

Youngmoney 14 #

2020-7-19 17:04 Like(0)

Godswill Derefaka 13 #

the music gestures are really good
2020-7-19 15:34 Like(0)

98597965250 12 #

2020-7-19 14:24 Like(0)

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