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Hello T-Fans,
Did you know that the average game play time on Call of Duty is 45mins to 1hour per game? I bet you didn’t know! Now imagine you are playing a tournament with your friends and you play about 4-5 games… This is just one example. We have other games like PES, Asphalt, Candy Crush, Block puzzle, etc. which are equally time-consuming.

Game playing has to be the most addictive thing a user can do on a mobile device. There are online games that require mobile data and there are also offline games that don’t require internet. So, games basically can fit into the lifestyle of any user!

On HiOS 6, there is a feature called Game Anti Addiction. In this article, we would be exploring this feature and see all it has to offer.

What is Game Anti-Addiction?
The Game Anti-Addiction is a feature designed to help users overcome gaming addiction. It is equipped with functions that help keep users in check and not become too addicted to the gameplay. These functions help analyze gameplay time, amount of data consumed, and much more. Below are some of the functions it has to offer.


Today’s Game Duration: This function helps calculate the time spent on all the games played on the device in the last 24 hours. (Daily)

Game Duration Data: This function is a more comprehensive gaming activity detail. Just as the name indicates, it shows the game duration information of each game played on the device. This function itemized each game and shows the time spent on each of the games. It doesn’t end there; it also shows how much mobile data or Wi-Fi internet is used by each game in the last 7 days.

Health Reminder: This is one of the very important functions in this feature. Once this function is enabled, it brings up a notification on the screen after 2 hours of non-stop gameplay or 4 hours of accumulated game time. This is to serve as a healthy reminder to users so they can suspend the gameplay for health reasons.

Parental Control: This mode gives parents control over gameplay time and controls. it is a mode that guides users to play games healthily. Once enabled, the parents can control the hours spend on each game and when the game would be available for play. The parents are also able to restrict some types of games and control game time. To enable it, you need to set a passcode and security questions for parental control. Once enabled, the following functions would be limited:

•        System time cannot be adjusted
•        User data cannot be cleaned
•        Games controlled cannot be opened


In all, the Game Anti-Addiction feature is a very interesting feature you should check out on your device and enable. Have you tried the feature before? I think you should!

Watch this simple vide on How to activate the Anti-Addiction Health Reminder

Remember, it is only available on devices running on HiOS 6 and above.

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jboy13 22 #

It's so unfair ???? why can't other users running a lower version run it can't you update your HiOS version on any TECNO device
2020-7-31 22:40 Like(0)

iam_babdee 21 #

2020-7-23 12:43 Like(0)

transformer 20 #

wow, great feature this is
2020-7-21 22:31 Like(0)

Mhiztafila 19 #

so good
2020-7-21 18:25 Like(0)

Ajibadefavouravour 18 #

Wow! That's great!
2020-7-20 17:39 Like(0)

Mychael 17 #

Nice but it'll be more Nicer if users can update to HiOS 6
2020-7-20 09:36 Like(0)
  • Ennyholar : Kindly exercise some patience.

    2020-7-22 10:15

273991298887 16 #

how does it work
2020-7-19 16:54 Like(0)
  • Ennyholar : You can read further about the feature on our website.

    2020-7-22 10:16

Mhiztafila 15 #

2020-7-19 16:41 Like(0)

Tife01 14 #

Imagine my Phantom 9 not been able to have the HIOS 6 ????????????????????????????
2020-7-19 16:40 Like(0)
  • Ennyholar : Kindly exercise some patience.

    2020-7-22 10:16

Babsy_cole 13 #

2020-7-19 12:16 Like(0)

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