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Rebooting to Safe Mode on Tecno Camon 15

CAMON 15 Series  |  2020-7-26 09:18 22271

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Safe Mode on Android allows you boot your Android device to default apps/set up it comes with, out of the box. This means that when you boot your Android device into Safe Mode, all third-party apps, widgets, and any other related system modifications done by you, gets temporarily disabled prior to your exit of Safe Mode, leaving you only with default system apps/set up.

It is a great tool that allows troubleshooting on Android, so as to help you figure out whether or not a third-party app/set up is responsible for the problems you may be experiencing with your smartphone. These includes overheating, system multi-reboot during use, device software crashes, excessive battery drain, lagging, etc. When you boot your device into safe mode, all third-party apps/set up are disabled, while those that come pre-installed remains (YouTube, Gmail, etc). If the issue you’re experiencing goes away while in safe mode, you can be sure that one of the third-party apps/set up is responsible for it. The drawback though is that safe mode doesn't really pinpoint you to the exact culprit but nevertheless, you can figure out which app was installed right before the issue started and then proceed to deal with it by uninstalling or whatever suits you in solving the problem.

Now here's one thing people may or may not know, booting your Android device into Safe Mode is majorly dependent on manufacturer. If you Google search how to boot Android into safe mode, you will get tonnes of options, most of which I can assure you won't work on a Tecno device. Why? Because Safe Mode is manufacturer dependent. The directory to do so on other smartphone brands may or may not work on a Tecno device,and vice versa.

To boot your Android device into Safe Mode on Camon 15, press and hold the power off button. Once the system gives you the slider option to either swipe up to restart, or swipe down to shutdown, longpress on the HIOS logo until it ask you to reboot into Safe Mode.
Click ok when you get the prompt and wait patiently for your device to reboot into Safe Mode. If successful, you would see the writing which read "Safe Mode" at the bottom left.

To turn off Safe Mode, press and hold the power off button, use the slider option to restart your device by swiping up, wait patiently for your device to restart. If successful, the "Safe Mode" writing at the bottom left previously mentioned should be gone.
The process of turning on and off Safe Mode also works the same on Camon 11, and Camon 12. I cannot say for other Tecno devices as I have only tried it on this three, Camon 11, 12, and 15.

Let us know if the process worked on your device in the comment box. Don't forget to leave a like. And, you can also follow me on Tspot for more.

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ts32226423 3 #

i tried it on my techno spark 7 but didn’t work
2021-10-8 22:46 Like(0)

Step-hen 2 #

it worked on my Tecno spark 4 air
2020-7-26 11:47 Like(1)


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