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Hello T-Fans,
We recently launched the latest version of HiOS; the HiOS 7.0, and we showed you in the launch video, the HIOS 7.0 comes packed with several amazing features and functionalities, tailored for our dear users.
Some of the new features introduced include the:

Gesture Flashlight: These allow you to put on your phone flashlight by making a gesture on the screen when it is off.

Improved calculator: This gives you more functions than the regular calculator doesn't offer.

Vault: Which helps you to hide video, pictures, and audio files aways from the prying eyes of the public

Bored with traditional caller screen? Now you can customize your own video ringtone!
HiOS Video Caller provides you the possibilities to set your favorite videos as the caller background. From now on, you can change your mood by selecting different video ringtones as your incoming caller ID, no matter funny videos, dance videos or videos recorded your favorite football players, all of them can be automatically played to remind you while you have an incoming call.

1.png Scan to connect WIFI, add a friend on contacts, top-up your phone, or parse the web link for you to know more. Want to have more convenience in your life? Scan it!
Are you reading a document and you don't know what does the local word mean?
Translator on Smart Scanner is your indispensable translator in Africa and India, it provides 33 language translation among local language such as Yoruba, Hausa in Africa or Hindi in India, and French, Spanish, Germen in Europe. Use it every day for business and education.
These and many more amazing features. Some of our users already had a foretaste of these feature courtesy of the HiOS lab.

On September 10th, we would be having a live session with the HiOS Product Manager here on Tecno Spot!

Excellent questioners will receive prizes
First Prize         $30 (1st )
Second Prize         $10 (2nd -3rd)
Third Prize         $5 (4th – 13th)

The live session would be starting at 12:30 pm and would end by 13:00 pm (WAT). So, prepare all your questions and everything you have always wanted to ask the Product Managers.
The Product Manager would be answering the following Frequently Asked Questions about HiOS 7.0:
1.        What improvements do you want to see in HiOS?
2         What features do you expect in the future HiOS versions?
3.        My phone has a small capacity, and the pictures are too large and take up too much space. Can compressed pictures still guarantee high definition?
4.        Are there any new changes in the HiOS 7.0 design?
5.        I often buy fake drugs, how can I tell which drug is genuine?
6.        When reading a document and you stumble on a local word, how do you know what the local word means?
7.        It’s too much trouble to enter 18 digits for mobile phone recharge. Is there a faster way to recharge?
8.        How can I answer the call directly without touching the screen by just lifting the phone to my ear?
9.        Can the flashlight be quickly turned on when the screen is off without turning on the phone?
10.        Can I customize the video screen when calling? such as a video showing a child dancing?
11.        Can social turbo sticker be saved to Whatsapp Business?
12.        Can I hide pictures and videos on my device and no one would see it?
13.        Can I make my phone flashlight blink anytime I have a call?
14.        Is there any feature that monitors my health, like the steps I take, and how many times I drink water?
15.        I don’t remember network codes for recharge and other SIM services, any help?
16.        I need more functions in my Calculator, not just plus and minus
17.        How is the gaming experience on the device, has graphics been improved?
18.        How does the new smart panel work?

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Kayconcept 10 #

That's would be, especially if those questions are well resolved.
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vicious ♠️ 9 #

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mikosians 8 #

Wow interesting
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Oludele47 7 #

we are waiting
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Opeyemi_jacobs 6 #

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God loves me 5 #

I can't wait to see my manager
2020-9-7 15:04 Like(0)

Uc Best 4 #

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King Paulo 3 #

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Hoilakes 2 #

ok noted... thank u HiOS
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