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How To Switch From Single To Standard A-Z Launcher On HiOS 3.3

HiOS  |  2020-9-11 02:55 16795

Hello T-Fans, I know the majority of you elite T-Fans must have stumbled upon my post on how to switch from the standard launcher to a single launcher on TECNO smartphones running HiOS 3.3. today I will be sharing with you all a brief tutorial on how to switch from a single launcher back to the standard A-Zlauncher on TECNO smartphones running HiOS 3.3.

How To Switch From Single Launcher Back To Standard A-ZLauncher On HiOS 3.3.

Hold down on an empty space on your device screen, just as shown in the caption below.


Tap on "DesktopSettings", just as shown in the caption below.


Locate and tap on"Standard Launcher" just as shown in the caption below.


On your device menu, you should see your launcher, with the A-Z menu button in the middle as shown in the launcher below, and on tapping on it you should see the previous A-Z scroll menu as also displayed in the second caption.

Screenshot_20100101-011204.png Screenshot_20100101-011315.png

Voila!you have successfully switched back to the standard A-Z launcher, as displayed above.

Do share your thoughts, and feedback about this innovative feature via the comments section below, and if you are yet to, kindly follow my account, and be amongst the first elite fans to see my posts.
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hayormiday 16 #

pls give me update about pourvoir 3 plus am also using it
2021-4-19 19:15 Like(0)

transformer 14 #

good info, thanks for this
2020-9-26 18:46 Like(0)

23874708786142208 13 #

Worked perfectly on my Pouvoir 2pro.
2020-9-20 10:20 Like(0)

OLOYE4444 12 #

hi,i have Tecno CAMON15 but theirs no standard launcher in is desktop what i we do
2020-9-18 12:27 Like(0)
  • i.naya : I use camon 12 and I also don't have the feature. But, if you hold on an empty space on the home screen, click on widgets and scroll through. You'll the the a-z icon.

    2021-1-12 19:01

paduzman 11 #

nice one
2020-9-17 07:40 Like(0)

Miss Albert 10 #

2020-9-15 22:39 Like(0)

mohbola 9 #

2020-9-14 09:48 Like(0)

abkay4u 8 #

2020-9-13 22:25 Like(0)

abkay4u 7 #

I don't have such option on my pouvoir 3 plus... is there any way out.. I don't like A-Z arrangement
2020-9-13 22:25 Like(0)

abkay4u 6 #

such option is not on my Tecno pouvoir 3 plus
2020-9-13 22:22 Like(0)
  • i.naya : I don't know if you still need help, but I replied to a comment about to someone earlier.

    2021-1-12 19:05



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