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Who does climate change affect, the Trees or You and I

Moderator Apply  |  2020-9-26 07:42 TECNO F2 493

2020-09-26 07:26 - 2020-9-26 07:26Has ended
This is a battle we all must fight with everything we have, any delay on our part, and the enemy will grow more formidable.

Climate change does not only have debilitating impact on the planet, it affects human health too.

When wildfire overtakes the beautiful city of California, the effect wasn't only felt by the trees that got burnt, the thousands of people displaced from their homes will never forget the devastating scene.

And as the smoke begins to spread, another danger of how the toxic chemicals embedded in it could destroy more lives, presents itself.

Sometimes I wonder why the world seems to remain aloof to the deadly impacts of climate change, the pandemic has come to teach us a lesson, about how things can spiral out of control, and make fun of our acclaimed achievements in science and health, but we are so much engrossed in returning back to our normal lifestyle.

The painful reality we must all accept now is  that climate change presents more catastrophic risk on human health than a global pandemic.

This is why we need to focus  on taking climate actions as much as we are trying hard to get over the pandemic.

This fight is our fight, and we must all unite, for a future, safe and bright. climate.jpg

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Abu Ubaidah 3 #

Interesting one. We're killing our planet
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Hoilakes 2 #

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