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4 ways misuse of social media is killing our potentials

Moderator Apply  |  2020-9-28 15:09 TECNO F2 3108

2020-09-28 03:43 - 2020-9-28 03:43Has ended
Social media has brought about images (67).jpeg an unprecedented change in how we connect and interact, especially in this era, where everything is going digital, from school to work, to conferences and executive meetings, even social get together are now been held online.

         It is however important to note that, social media could also be a destructive tool, if not used properly.

Let's go through some of the ways social media  is killing our potentials

Poor mental health

Our love for social media has turned us into cyber zombies, insatiably scrolling down miles, looking for nothing in particular, and at the end we often drop our phone, unsatisfied, only to pick it up few minutes later. This mundane inseparable attachment to our mobile device, is eating away our mental health, resulting in depression, poor sense of self-worth and many other negative feelings that results from being intoxicated by the type of information we consume daily from social media.

Like Neil's Postman described in a book he published in 1985, we are amusing ourselves to death.

Hinders creativity

Social media apps are programmed to exploit our time and attention, and if not productively uses could result in a decline in problem solving skills like critical thinking and emotional intelligence, people who spend lots of time on Facebook, doing nothing worth mentioning are often intimate friends with procrastination, lack of focus and other negative qualities that stand in between them and the goals they leave unachieved.

.....to be continued

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lummyfinest 4 #

Nice update
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Abu Ubaidah 3 #

Very true
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Hoilakes 2 #

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