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How To Quickly Open Selfie Camera On TECNO Spark 5 Pro Lock Screen

Spark 5  |  2020-12-1 15:42 19826

Hello T-Fans, the majority of you T-Fans who have had a hands on experience of the TECNO spark 5 Pro will testify to it's breathtaking features, also there have been some pretty insightful threads about the wonders of this #BigValue device.


Today I will be sharing with you all a brief tutorial on, how to easily open the selfie camera of your TECNO spark 5 pro while the screen is locked. Traditionally we can access our device rear camera directly even while the screen is locked, but this brings a whole new innovation and animation.

How To Quickly Launch The Selfie Camera On TECNO Spark 5 Pro Locked Screen.

While Your TECNO Spark 5 Pro screen is locked, tap on the power button or simply double tap on the locked screen to light it up.

while the screen is lit, don't attempt to unlock it, just tap directly on the device front camera, and drag down, just as shown in the caption above.

Voilà! You can now successful launch selfie camera on TECNO spark 5 pro Locked screen.

Kindly share your feedback, thought, and experiences via the comments section below and if you are yet to, kindly follow my account and be amongst the first elite T-Fans to see my new post.

Thanks for reading.

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Odell_Tochukwu 19 #

great. thanks for this
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paduzman 18 #

nice tips
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paduzman 17 #

nice tips
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paduzman 16 #

nice tips
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paduzman 15 #

nice tips
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transformer 14 #

thanks for the tips
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30264232 13 #

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mohbola 12 #

Good to know
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