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Phantom 9  |  2020-12-17 11:34 TECNO AB7 465

Good day administrator

Since I got my phone (Phantom) in March this year, I've had this sensors issues. The phone is supposed to go to off if I put it close to my ear during phone call and come back on if I remove it from my ear but it's not so.
2 weeks ago I changed the screen guard, because someone told me the screen guard could be blocking the sensors. after that day the same thing continued till now. it's either I use earpiece when making a phone call or the phone remains dead till I even have to beg who is on the other side to help drop the call.
this is the 1st time I'm having this issue with Tecno product.
I need help as to what I should do about it because it's kinda annoying and embarrassing.
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tolugaruba 5 #

then try making a call without the screen guard and revert
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tolugaruba 4 #

activate inadvertently mode on your device
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Preen 3 #

There's something else you can try, is your power button set to end calls?  you can change that in settings so that you can use power button to wake the screen.
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Preen 2 #

Hey there, you are not alone. I suffered same issue recently, to cut the long story short it's a calibrator issue. It's either cracked or something is wrong with it. I changed my calibrator yesterday and it's all good now.
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