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Hello T-Fans,
Ringtone is one of the cool features of a mobile device. Mobile phone manufacturers made it cooler by making it customizable for users. This means users can select the preferred ringtone they want for calls and notifications.

But ringtones sometimes can be problematic and embarrassing. Imagine you are in an important meeting with board directors from another company or with your bosses and then boom! Your phone starts ringing loudly and disrupts the free flow of the meeting. Another scenario is, you are in a church service and there is a prayer going on, and then boom! Your secular song ringtone starts ringing. That situation can be really embarrassing.

One of the quickest methods to solve this problem that people choose is to silence their phones. But that comes at a price and in short, creates two additional problems.

Problem 1: The moment the phone goes out of sight, you don’t get to see other important calls and this might cause you to miss it.

Problem 2: it becomes almost impossible to locate the phone if it goes missing or you can’t remember where you dropped it. You would by then wished you never kept it on silent.

One unique feature on the HiOS device is available to solve this issue. It is called the Increasing Ringtone feature.


What is the Increasing Ringtone Feature?

The increasing ringtone feature is a feature that controls the volume of a ringtone to ring in a gradually increasing order. This simply means instead of your phone just start ringing at the high level you set it, it would first of all start with vibration, then the lowest volume, then the volume starts to increase gradually. What this means is that it gives you enough time to silence the phone before it gets to the highest volume when you have a call. How Brilliant!

How to activate the Increasing Ringtone feature?
Activating this feature is quite easy and straight forward. All you need to do is follow the simple steps below:

Step 1: Go to Settings on your device app menu
Step 2: Click on Sound
Step 3: Scroll down to Increasing incoming Ringtone and toggle it on.
That’s all


Then you can get a friend’s phone or any other phone to try it out and see how it works.
So now you don’t have to put your phone on silent just because you don’t want to get embarrassed by your funny ringtone. All you need to do is activate the Increasing Ringtone feature and you are good to go.

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