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Hello T-Fan,
From time to time, we hold various contests and activities in which fans win prizes and goodies from the site by participating. But we noticed some users have issues winning and claiming their reward and this has led to them calling us out (which they later retract when they eventually get their gift) or some just labeling the activities fake.

WhatsApp Image 2021-01-14 at 10.12.05 AM.jpeg

We created this thread to educate users on the step by step process of participating, winning, and receiving your gifts on TECNO Spot.

Step 1: Make sure you read and follow the rules of the activities to the letter. You could be disqualified if you break any of the rules

Step 2: Avoid using multiple accounts. Once we detect a user using multiple accounts, all your data would be deleted and your account blocked

Step 3: Make sure to always check the forum every day, so you can see when winners are announced. Winners announcement can come before earlier or later than the scheduled date due to several reasons. Don't be caught off guard.

Step 4: Follow the instruction on the WINNERS ANNOUNCED post. If we say DM us in 48 hours or forfeit your prize, we mean it.

Step 5: Supply FULL ADDRESS, Phone Number, and Alternate phone number. Some users send us "Mokola, Ibadan" as an address. We would totally ignore such users and term them unserious. We need your full address, including the nearest landmark so you don't give dispatch riders problems locating your address.

Step 6: Make sure your phone number and alternate phone number is always available. From the day you send us your details till the day you receive your gifts, accept all phone calls. Some users don't pick up when dispatch riders call them and gifts are returned. They later call and say they didn't receive their gifts.

Step 7: Always create an acknowledgment thread when you receive your gift. Failure to do so would reduce your chances of getting picked in the next activity

Note: Because we are constantly running activities, they sometimes create a backlog of winners who are yet to receive their prizes. The window period for receiving gifts is between 7 - 21 days after the announcement of winners

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A'eeshah 330 #

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denial 329 #

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Olami2822 328 #

This is good
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Olami2822 327 #

This is awesome
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30706929 326 #

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luminousking 325 #

I think this information is helpful
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30706555 324 #

nice one
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126913015 323 #

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276663048130 322 #

good advice
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