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Campus  |  2021-1-24 12:11 TECNO KC8 764

Giving full consideration of the pandemic,  should tertiary institution have physical or virtual classes

Giving full consideration of the pandemic, I am of the opinion that all tertiary institutions should hold virtual classes instead of physical classes. My name is Chukwudi Nebo, I'm a 300level student of industrial and production engineering, Nnamdi Azikiwe University.

There are three major reasons I believe that the tertiary institutions should resume online classes. These reasons are classified under health and economicl aspect.

Since the first breakout of the covid-19 virus, many persons have been living in cold fear. The fear of contacting the terrible virus and the fear of what their future holds after the pandemic outbreak.

The second out break has even introduced more fear, as the death toll continues to rise by the day.

Tertiary institutions are one of the most populated areas in the nation, there are thousands of  students having lectures together, shuttling vehicles, living in the same hostel, attending seminars, church services and conferences together.
What fastest way can disease travel?

How possible is it that each of these students will be careful enough to avoid physical contact? Social distancing is almost impossible in Nigerian tertiary institutions because of the large population.
There will be little control over the students and monitoring to ensure they all adhere to the covid-19 safety measures.
In line with this, I strongly  believe  that  holding physical classes will be endangering the lives of the students and academic staff.

Asides the health factor, the economy state is one important  thing to be considered. The economy is seriously failing by the day, as a result of the pandemic. The pandemic has had trivial effects on the economy, not just in Nigeria but worldwide.
The cost of living is almost double of what it was. Many families can barely feed and sustain themselves.

Getting students to return for physical classes can be very consequential at the time. Many students will be tempted to engage in illegal activities just to survive and beat the high cost of living.

On the other side of the coin, since the covid-19 outbreak, students of all levels were forced to move on with their lives,  engaging in other profitable activities. Many of them established businesses,  started up a few organizations and engaged in long-term volunteering.

They have greatly contributed in helping to stabilize our failing economy by their consistent economic activities.
Asking them to return and fully commit themselves to academic activities will have a great adverse effect on the money flowing in circulation, and direct effect on the economy as well.

The online lectures allows for flexibility, stability and more efficiency, as it permits more coverage of academic activities, and allows the students to learn on their pace.

Putting all these  to consideration, I stand strongly  on the opinion that the tertiary institutions should create or adopt a platform for online lectures.

They should adopt a well flexible and effective curriculum.
It will do the economy and the students more good than the physical classes would.
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Kul Joe 7 #

nice one
please like and comment on mine also
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FavouRite Zazi 6 #

Well done
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Hoilakes 5 #

good luck
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Viva99 4 #

Nice bro
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Kim4Christ 3 #

Nice write up
2021-1-24 12:50 Like(1)


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