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Hello T-Fan,
Valentine is Coming, where is your girlfriend/boyfriend…lol

You are sitting alone…lonely…

It’s that season again. A time where we show love to those we care about. Well, just a reminder that valentine is not just for lovers, but a time to show love to anyone you care about. It could be your brother, sister, parent, friends, etc. In short, everyone deserves love!

It is on this note we present to you, the Write a letter to your Valentine contest.

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How to Enter
Write a short note (not more than 50 words) to your valentine describing how you feel and how much you love them. Post your entry as a reply under this thread. And at the end of the comment, write their name and who they are to you. The more entries you submit, the higher your chances of winning

I love you with all my heart and I just wish I was with you forever and ever. You are my h0ney pie and simply irreplaceable. I love you. Yakubu

A Valentine package for 2

8th – 14th of February, 2021

•        For your entry to be valid, you have to be following HiOS Official Page and HiOS NG
•        Your entry should not be more than 50 words
•        You can submit as many entries as you like, writing a love letter to your family members, they deserve love too
•        Entry must come in latest, on valentine’s day. Any entry after then would be disregarded

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HiOS Official Account Author4110 #

2021-2-15 09:34 Like(2)

reliable source 4109 #

Happy Valentine's Day to the love of my life. You make everyday with you  feel great, I'm happy I meant you ayomi cheers to forever
2021-2-15 04:39 Like(0)

30743395 sodiq Ibrahim 4107 #

I spend my vow with my tecno spark and as I'm happy enough with my god to thank you happy wow that was last that was last night
2021-2-15 02:10 Like(0)

30743395 sodiq Ibrahim 4106 #

that's why I prefer this favour about God so I can pray harder for my valve
2021-2-15 02:06 Like(0)

30743395 sodiq Ibrahim 4104 #

my god is the only one that can change our situation so that is why I can say happy Val my god
2021-2-15 02:03 Like(0)

30743395 sodiq Ibrahim 4103 #

spend my vow with my god I love happy love with evolved my god my god is my love and everything thank you
2021-2-15 02:02 Like(0)

Lmntrix3011 4102 #

Happy Valentine's Day tecno
2021-2-15 00:00 Like(0)

Lmntrix3011 4101 #

Happy Valentine's Day ire
2021-2-15 00:00 Like(0)

Lmntrix3011 4100 #

Happy Valentine's Day ife oluwa
2021-2-15 00:00 Like(0)

Lmntrix3011 4099 #

Happy Valentine's Day ore
2021-2-15 00:00 Like(0)

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