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Ten Amazing Features In TECNO's New HiOS 7.6 You Should Know

HiOS  |  2021-5-28 14:01 401285

Hello T-Fans,

Today, TECNO is known as one of the most recognized smartphone manufacturers and its value-for-money offerings have made huge inroads in the global emerging markets. Another incontestable fact is that HiOS, the software that runs on TECNO phones, constantly upgrade its design and features, which are increasingly elegant, smart, intelligent, and constantly pioneering and touching the human spirit.


Between the first version of HiOS and now (the operating system is now in its 7th generation with the latest iteration being the HiOS 7.6), a lot has changed and HiOS is no longer just an android skin. It is a full-fledged operating system full of innovations that’s on millions of devices out there and it also happens to be amongst the most feature-rich. Asides from the fact that the latest HiOS update from TECNO is based on Android 11, which is the latest Android version, it also comes with a refreshed look and rich features that put you at the heart of the digital experience.

So, in case you have got a TECNO CAMON 17 Series or are just curious about what HiOS 7.6 has to offer, here are 10 features that you should know about.

✓ REFRESHED USER INTERFACE: HiOS 7.6 comes with an all-new design using the new Cosmos Blue structured with ocean elements, recreating the feeling of the tender breeze of everything in the universe. The blue is comfortable and pure, reminding you of the sky and sea; It is also elegant and intriguing, for your peaceful pondering of nature. Cosmos blue is shown in graded saturation, manifesting strong vitality with dedicated color transitions. It’s so ethereal, dazzling, and mysterious.

refreshed user interface 2.jpg

The brand-new zero screen is now Imbued with smart squares, a modern and elegant layout that will largely contribute to your daily-life convenience and work efficiency. With Minimalism immersed in every move, the new version is characterized by symmetry in golden ratio, plenty of blank space, unity of screen elements for a more balanced HiOS visual experience while making sure the key contents stand out.

✓ CUSTOM SCHEDULE DARK THEME: Dark Mode was first introduced with Android 10 and now it’s available on Android 11 too. If you're a fan of dark themes, you'll be glad to know the scheduling of this UI change has been improved with Android 11. With HiOS 7.6, you get the option to schedule when your smartphone automatically switches between dark and light mode. According to your taste, your HiOS will automatically switch to the dark theme at sunset and return to the standard theme at sunrise. This is a solid solution, especially for those that wake up in the middle of the night to check their phone.

custom schedule dark theme.jpg

Insomniacs around the globe rejoice--no more unlocking your phone, only to be blinded by the glow of the light theme.

✓ PEEK PROOF: With privacy being a top concern in tech circles, it is great to see an OS that actually works in users’ favor. HiOS 7.6 features one of the industry’s best solutions for providing comprehensive security protection for users with its Za-Hooc security solution.

peek proof.png

Peek Proof protects your screen information from prying eyes when in a public place. It provides an adjustable darkened screen whereby only a highlighted portion of the screen is visible to those trying to peep into the screen. Neat indeed!

✓ VAULT 2.0: From Privacy Protection and Harassment to Fraud Prevention among others, the options to safeguard users’ privacy are a top feature of HiOS. HiOS 7.6 brings with it an improved Vault 2.0 as part of its Za-Hooc security solution.

vault 2.0.png

This feature provides special security for apps and even your gallery for unauthorized access on your device. It just simply makes them vanish completely from your device without a trace. Of Course, only you can bring them back by filling in some security information. It is highly recommended to use this feature to secure banking and personal apps as well as your investment apps.  This feature comes in handy in a lot of situations where someone you don’t trust has your phone, or even in a family with a communal phone, and where everyone maybe does their tasks on the same phone. With this feature, your privacy will be maintained, and your apps will stay locked, no matter what happens or whoever uses it.

✓ PIC FILM: Looking for an easy way to turn your photos into captivating videos? HiOS 7.6 provides an effortless way to turn photos and memories into a video with stylish transitions and music for any occasion.

pic film.png

With the Pic Film feature, you only have to select a few of your photos, and you have a blockbuster in your hands. Want to create a special memory for your best friend or relative? Select photos where you are together, and you have a blockbuster of your time together. Creating an unforgettable gift for a special person in your life has never been so easy. No video editing experience necessary!

✓ CHAT BUBBLES: Notifications in prior Android versions have been very good, but in Android 11, Chat Bubbles were introduced to keep important chat/messaging notifications on the forefront. On HiOS 7.6, when you get a text, WhatsApp message, or anything else like that, you can now turn that regular notification into a chat bubble that floats on the top of your screen. No matter what you are doing on your phone, chat bubbles ensure you always have easy access to that conversation.

chat bubbles.jpg

With a Chat bubble, you can create a bubble-like effect of your open chats and conversation. That way, you do not need to ever leave your current app to respond to a message. You just tap on a bubble to continue your chat.

✓ VOICE CHANGER: It will not be a HiOS upgrade if Social Turbo, the WhatsApp Assistant Box with multiple features to help you enjoy chatting with your friends, does not get an innovative addition. So, you want to switch things up with your friends and prank call them by disguising your voice, but you know no matter how naturally hard you try, they will easily catch on because your voice is a dead giveaway. So how do you go about it?

voice changer.jpg

HiOS 7.6 Voice Changer feature is what you need. It supports many effects. You can change your voice to that of a woman, man, girl, or boy in an instant. Add effects to your voice in real-time during chat calls and sound like the real thing. This would make chat calls much more fun and interesting. Change your voice in real-time and have fun with friends. A perfect way to disguise your voice! Let the fun begin!

✓ VIDEO ASSISTANT: Video Assistant is easily one of the most useful features introduced with HiOS 7.6. The Assistant is basically a side panel that provides easy access to a bunch of useful utilities such as WhatsApp, chrome, and tools like screen recording, screenshot, message don’t disturb, etc. But what makes this feature cool is the ‘Background Play’ option highlighted by an ear icon. This little utility does exactly as its name indicates. You can listen to video audio while the screen is locked or off.

video assistant.jpg

You can turn on the feature in 1 second while watching a video. For example, you can quickly reply to important messages or browse through the plot of the video on your browser without having to leave your video screen.

✓ DOCUMENT MANAGER: With its built-in Document manager, TECNO has introduced Document auto-rotate manager with HiOS 7.6 to push the paperless revolution. The document manager is an innovation that allows you to rotate bent or out of shape documents using advanced edge detection technology and helps you straighten them so it's easier to read.

document manager.png

So next time you are in a hurry for a meeting, and you cannot wait to take a picture of the contract document properly to read inside the car, don’t worry, Document Manager makes sure everything is well straightened and legible for you to read at your convenience.

✓ PHONE CLONER: When it is time to switch from your older phone to a new one, you'll want to make sure all of your data makes its way across safely. Thankfully, HiOS 7.6 makes it extremely convenient to migrate your contacts, photos, videos, and more to your new phone seamlessly.

phone cloner.png

Phone Cloner is a convenient data migration feature provided by TECNO for users to easily transfer the contacts, SMS, call logs, notes, recordings, calendar, photos, music, videos, documents, and applications of your old phones to the new TECNO smartphone. No more rigorous exercise when moving files from your old phone to a new phone.

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love it
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Cool features
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Really Innovative features.
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These are great features on HiOS 7.6. Kudos to the HiOS team
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that's a very good new and better features
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