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Camon 17 Series  |  2021-6-9 13:38 16617

Hello T-Fans,
Every day, we pick up our phones and shoot interesting things around us. The videos could be as short as 5 seconds, the time doesn’t really matter. What matters is we are able to capture what is important.

But setting up for a video session can be a daunting task especially if you are in a disorganized area. It would take forever to put everything in order and you really need to press record. Sometimes, it's something that happens unexpectedly you want to capture and you don’t have the luxury of time to put everything in order.

WhatsApp Image 2021-06-08 at 9.45.37 AM.jpeg

This is where the Video Portrait comes in. the video portrait is a feature that allows you to blur the background of a video, making only the subject matter the focus. This simply means only the person you are capturing is crystal clear, every other thing would be blurring.

This feature is also useful if you have to shoot a video in a busy area with lots of people or things moving in the background.

How to Activate Video portrait

WhatsApp Image 2021-06-09 at 1.33.35 PM.jpeg

Open your camera
Select video
Select the bokeh effect icon and you are good to go.

N.B: This feature is available for both from and back camera

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KehindeOloyede 10 #

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idriswahab 7 #

wow ..so great features
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ts8175210732 6 #

nice feature
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VivieCouture 5 #

Niceee.. Video bokeh♥️
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Onyinyechi Chito 4 #

great feature
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Hoilakes 3 #

wow that's a direct video portrait
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Debby77 2 #

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