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1. Coils

Fashion  |  2021-8-13 17:33 TECNO CG6 072

Of all the afro hairstyles on this list, this one probably takes the most time but you can get defined curls once it’s done. If you don’t want to twist or braid your hair, it’s a no-fuss option which only requires your fingers and your styling products.

Start by washing your hair as normal but leaving it wet. Apply a curl cream (again, we would advise using something natural) and separate your hair into sections. Then start twirling the hair of each section around your finger.

Once your coils are dry you can stretch them or separate them further to get a bit more definition and volume. It’ll take some time but it’s a fab look that will last a week!

So who said you can’t have cool afro hairstyles with short hair? If you just dedicate a little time to it in the morning (or evening), there’s no short afro hairstyle that you can’t do!
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