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2. Twist out or braid out

Fashion  |  2021-8-13 17:37 TECNO CG6 029

So if you have the time and a little patience to practice, these are great short afro hairstyle to try. They’re also considered a protective style but a bit funkier. You’ll also get great patterns once you unwind them!

Getting the perfect twist/braid-out requires (you guessed it) a good hair care routine and common problems include lack of curl or definition. If your hair is dry or weak you won’t get the look you’re looking for and you’ll damage your hair through twisting it.

With when styling, follow your hair care routine as normal, wash your hair, blot it (don’t dry it out as twists will work better with slightly damp hair) and then detangle your hair. Once that’s done, moisturise and section your hair before twisting.

If your hair is too damp - whether because of product or water - your twists won’t stick, so be sure to give your hair time to dry and wrap your hair up before bed.
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