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5. Puff

Fashion  |  2021-8-13 17:39 TECNO CG6 083

You don’t need to have a massive afro to rock a puff and you don’t need to spend ages in the bathroom to get it right.

It’s a practical short afro hairstyle that requires nothing more than a large head tie, a comb, a bit of moisture and oil.

So, how do you do it? Well...

Start by spraying a bit of moisture around the perimeter of your hair (you don’t want it to be dripping wet) and then liberally use hair oil at the base of your hair, working it in. From there, brush your afro hair to where you want the puff to be positioned. Finally, take your elastic band and stretch it across the front of your head, pull it to the back and cross both ends. Pull on the ends to tighten it.

It’s that simple!
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