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7. Protective styles

Fashion  |  2021-8-13 17:45 TECNO CG6 270

Afro hair's enemy is often the elements. Without proper care, our afro hair will dry out, frizz up and start to break.

However, you can avoid all of this by using a protective short afro hairstyle. Braids, twists, bantu knots - these styles will help to protect your afro hair from exposure, retain moisture, give your afro hair time to grow and minimise breakage.

But while your short afro hair is styled this way, you need to be using the right products to keep it clean and moisturised. Ever taken out braids, twists or knots and had dry crispy hair? We know the feeling.

To counteract these problems, I would suggest using natural shampoos, moisturising sprays and scalp oil. These kinds of products, used in tandem, will help keep your hair clean, moisturised and itch-free. Take a look at our Braid Care Set, for example, it has everything you need to maintain protective short afro hairstyles!
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