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My Favorite housemate and why TECNO should work with him.

BBNxTECNO  |  2021-9-18 22:33 itel W6004 0102

Judging from the events going on in the house and their performances so far. I personally feel that the best candidate in the big brother house is Whitemoney. This is because:
1. He has been real since the beginning and has made his intentions known from the onset of the show.
2. He has shown a great deal of maturity even in the way that he deals with the other house mates
3. He has shown determination and consistency even before he got into the house
4. He has given us alot of content and even displayed his culinary arts.
5. I think that this is the most important as he has shown great respect for the rules of the game and the people that are together with him
I think that all this are valid reasons.
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