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Housemate I prefer

BBNxTECNO  |  2021-9-22 22:30 286

[size=40.8106px]I nominate White money. [size=40.8106px]

[size=40.8106px] 1. He's accepted across board.
[size=40.8106px]2. He will make a good model artist.
[size=40.8106px]3. He will get most of the votes probably. 4. He's efficient in tasks and performance.
[size=40.8106px]5. Its all about giving opportunities to people to become celebrities. Mm

[size=40.8106px] So he's already popular. Let's just finish the work for him.

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Isyy 3 #

Good one boss
2021-9-23 00:00 Like(1)

Hoilakes 2 #

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Ezeifeduba Ifeanyichukwu


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