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Difference Between An Original And A Copy Smartphone Screen

Carlcare  |  2021-10-18 10:56 7215

Hello T-Fans,

As an official phone repair provider who has been in the business for almost a decade, one unique question people ask when they visit our service centres to replace their phone screen is: "what's the difference between original and copy phone screen?"


Well, the answer is, there are many differences between these two screens, which is mostly in their quality. And while “copy” phone screens are somewhat cheaper than the originals, it doesn’t justify the difference in quality. So, before you regret replacing your phone screen with a forbidden part, the tips below will tell you the critical differences between original and copy phone screens.

Generally, phone screens manufactured from your brand's factory are the original ones while ‘Copy’ screens are the ones designed and produced by third-party manufacturers and factories that are not related to your brand.

Many people usually like to go for copy screens because of their cheaper price. However, the "real" differences between original and copy screens lie in their quality, and here’s what you need to know about them.

1. Touch And Digitiser Problem.
One of the principal issues with "copied" phone screens and why it differs from the originals is touch and digitizer problems. And that's a big problem since you're going to control the device with the touchscreen anyway.

As far as we could remember, phone manufacturers build the touch panel/digitizer with the LCD itself, while the copied screen manufacturer build it separately on the surface glass. Hence, there's a difference in touch sensitivity. Additionally, copied phone screens usually drop the high touch sampling rate, meaning your screen may not respond to your touches faster.

Here's also another major issue with the digitizer on copied phone screens. When you crack a copied screen accidentally, the touchscreen stops working, stopping you from accessing the device until you fix it again. Meanwhile, the touch on the original phone screen works perfectly, even after undergoing severe cracking.

2. Poor Display Properties
Besides having touch problems, most copy phone screens usually have poor display properties. That means you get lower brightness, colour accuracy, sharpness, contrast, etc. And when the display isn't great, watching movies and viewing other content becomes boring.

For instance, if the original screen is supposed to have 480 nits of brightness, but the copy screen has just 200 nits, the screen becomes unusable under bright lights. Moreso, copied phone screen seems to have more blue light, which, in return, affect your sight and disrupts your sleep at night.

Among others, copied phone screens drop higher refresh rates, and that's a bummer since most phones come with at least 90Hz refresh rate screens. What that means is the copied screen won’t feel smooth as it’s supposed to be.

3. Incompatibility With System
It's not all about the display quality. A copy phone screen may also affect other parts of the phone system if its specifications don't tally with the original one. In such a case, it could drain your battery at an alarming rate, or at worse, damage your backlight.

4. Poor In-display Fingerprint Accuracy
If you happen to have a phone with an in-display fingerprint sensor, then replacing its screen with a copied one is not an option – it’s going to mess with your fingerprint accuracy.

We know copied phone screens for their poor quality, and it also extends to the fingerprint sensor. Hence, it takes a longer time to unlock your device. And in other cases, the security of the sensor is not accurate. We've seen situations where phones get unlocked with many unregistered fingers after replacing the screen with a copied one.

If you care about your phone's security and you don't want a sluggish fingerprint sensor, then we recommend you only go for the original phone screen replacement.  

5. Gets Broken Easily
That brings us to the last difference we’re going to mention between copied and original phone screens. They manufacture copied phone screens with poor glass materials. Hence, they break quicker than the originals. And when they do, you’ll be left with only one option: to replace the screen again.

Why You Should Select The Official Service Center For Your TECNO Smartphone Screen Replacement.
The major reason for choosing the official service centre over third-party/local repair shops summarizes what we've said earlier. The official service centre is the reliable place to get original phone screen replacement parts.

Why? As of today, smartphone phone manufacturers/brands release genuine spare parts only to the official service centres and affiliated repair centres. That means third party repair shops get their spare parts somewhere else: usually third-party factories/companies not related to your phones brand.

Besides offering you the original screen spare parts, the official service centres also have other advantages. These include certified and well-experienced technicians to fix the screen, the use of modern tools that won't damage your phone further, and most importantly, a reliable warranty. Local repair shops usually don't offer these features; most especially a reliable warranty, which means you're on your own if the replaced screen gets faulty afterwards.

Got a Broken Smartphone Screen? Carlcare Can Help.
As far as choosing the official service centre is concerned for genuine screen replacement, then you shouldn't shy away from Carlcare Service if you own a TECNO, Infinix, or itel phone with a cracked screen.

We're the official service center for these three brands to cater for your mobile repair needs. And for screen replacement, Carlcare delivers excellently. Our brand-trained technicians replace your cracked screen with genuine OEM parts at affordable rates.

We understand you have a busy schedule; and yes, we'll replace your screen in the shortest possible time. Start by checking how much it cost to fix your cracked phone screen, then you can book an online reservation service with us to reduce your waiting time and also become a VIP customer.

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johnsonolanrewaju2223 8 #

Tecno don dey mad with the price of camon 12 pro screen in Nigeria.

the reason why we are running away from Samsung or iphone. ordinary Tecno camon 12 pro screen 43000, Tecno this is unfair 😡
2021-10-20 08:59 Like(1)

32292815 7 #

Although the price difference attracts many people, clone or counterfeit mobiles often are made of lesser quality components. For instance, a cloned phone's touch screen may not be of same quality, processor likely is slower, or the battery is usually not up to the mark. Same goes for a refurbished mobile
2021-10-19 11:14 Like(1)

32017181 6 #

the functions is totally different compare to original. the graphics are not Sharp. the board r not strong same with the battery. the storage is not upto what it's written on the phone's carton
2021-10-19 08:21 Like(0)

32286872 5 #

Original screens are those containing LCDs manufactured for Apple while copy screens are compatible replacement entirely manufactured by third party companies not associated with apple
2021-10-19 08:21 Like(0)

31121176 4 #

The graphics are not shap they are dull
2021-10-19 08:02 Like(0)

ikeeh 3 #

the graphics are usually poor..
2021-10-19 06:28 Like(0)

32286452 2 #

The original stay longer than the copy
2021-10-18 11:10 Like(0)



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