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The Best HiOS 8.0 Features On TECNO CAMON 18 Premier

Camon 18 Series  |  2021-11-9 18:17 5417

Hello T-Fans,

We recently unveiled a new User Interface dubbed HiOS 8.0, which can be found on the TECNO CAMON 18 Series. TECNO's HiOS 8.0 on Android 11 brings mostly visual changes which looks neater and better than previous versions of HiOS.

Screenshot_20211109-182755.jpg Screenshot_20211109-182817.jpg

How To Enable Multi-Lighting Feature On TECNO CAMON 18 Premier

One of such major visual changes is in the Notification Pull Down; the quick panel icons are now separate from the notifications, with warm and attractive blend of colors. We will be sharing with you all some of the amazing features of HiOS 8.0.


✓ Not Just Smooth.


Rhythmic sliding with physical fidelity and rebound effects, lighting up your moments.

Smart Cards.


With this you never have to miss important Moments, Calendar, Business Trips, Meetings, Flight Information, Birthday Reminders... This has been tailored into various Life services, and are managed personally to not only make life more efficient, but also at your finger tips.

Document Correction.


This has been received a major improvement from what it once was; if you have taken pictures of important documents, but the positions and angles are all bent out of shape, Document Correction makes use of perspective correction and page edge detection technology to auto course-correct your documents and adjust it easy and correct viewing.

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Voice Changer.


The amazingly innovative feature allows you to customize voice effects to your preferred choice, with different ages and genders while chatting with friends.

Visha Player.


An uninterrupted video platform that gets you immersed into your own cinema, giving you the permission to browse your local videos, play status videos, Watch movies without Ads, Background play function, floating video feature,  and playback speed control of 0.5 - 2.0

Video Editor.


This is a one-stop video editing platform that allows you to be a professional at video making, customizing your video to your preference, and at the same time, binge, watch, and chat side by side.

Always-On Display.


A unique Always-On Display which provides you with key information about your notifications of; missed calls, messages, date, and time, and much more right on your device screen without having light up your CAMON 18 Premier screen.

Inner And Integrated Comfort Delivered.


Integrated with comfortable cosmic blue, the latest version of HiOS 8.0 conveys styles with technical and tender emotions by richly-designed icons, lively wallpapers, and vivid interactions, thereby setting no limits on the various creative combinations.

Za-Hooc 2.0 .


Your personal security, and a very high-security privacy solution leading in data security capabilities, and privacy protection technology to build a strong and safe privacy ecosystem from all levels of security threats.

Smart, Safe, Personal, And Better.


Her rid of stalkers and create a Safe, and Secure system Experience.

Do share your thoughts/most preferred feature from the list of these innovative premium features available on HiOS 8.0 via the comments section below

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32466047 6 #

I think I am loving what am seeing already
2021-11-16 14:14 Like(0)

32441044 5 #

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mikosians 4 #

I can't wait to get more from HiOS when my Phantom X lands
2021-11-10 04:10 Like(0)

mikosians 3 #

😲 Wow, this features are crazy
2021-11-10 04:09 Like(1)

Vic1040 2 #

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