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TECNO POVA NEO Receives HiOS 8.0 Launcher Update

POVA NEO  |  2022-1-24 08:54 7256

Hello T-Fans, we are glad to inform all TECNO POVA NEO users that the TECNO POVA NEO released out of the box with HiOS 7.6 launcher, has now received the recently unveiled HiOS 8.0 update. Indicated by from the captions below.


for those who are yet to receive the update, kindly go to your device, launch "Google Play store", tap on "Search", tap on "HiOS Launcher" and select "Update".


If you have successfully downloaded OR updated the HiOS Launcher, you should get the exact User Interface, just as the one in the caption above.


Do share your feedback, and experience via the comments section below and don't forget to follow my account and be the first to see more of my posts.
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32989615 8 #

pls how much is pova 64g
2022-2-9 06:11 Like(0)

133242631857 7 #

pls would spark 7p get 8.0 update?
2022-2-8 06:39 Like(0)

Jeffter 6 #

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Cityguy 5 #

Have you forgotten Camon16 upgrade ?
2022-1-28 22:29 Like(0)

amos24 4 #

2022-1-25 09:28 Like(0)

9075405889 3 #

am using spark 7
2022-1-24 21:22 Like(0)

Kim4Christ 2 #

2022-1-24 11:23 Like(0)



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