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Welcome to TECNO Wallet! Download now to get up to ₦200!

TECNO GALLERY  |  2022-4-27 12:26 10425555

Hi TECNO Wallet Fans,

If you are an TECNO smartphone user, you may have found a new app on your phone named “Wallet” after the recent system update. It’s TECNO Wallet!!!!

TECNO Wallet is a multi-dimensional local life service platform integrating a range of financial services and diverse payment methods with everyday living.

With TECNO Wallet, you'll experience an all-in-1 cards and fund management solution as well as your very own Wallet balance account in the new version.

Finding it difficult to get quick and accessible digital credit? Are the fees and lenghty application processes bugging you down? TECNO Wallet to the rescue! TECNO Wallet provides you with an instant credit limit of up to N150,000 to pay bills anytime, anywhere with up to 16 days interest-free period.

TECNO Wallet allows you to build your personal credit profile thereby building your credit history which allows you to get higher credit limit amounts over time when you carry out regular transactions and repay your loans on time or before the due date.

In the new TECNO Wallet version, you can now view your wallet balance on the wallet with ease, enjoy more benefits and discounts on the wallet like the free data Friday from the 29th of April, 2022.

TECNO Wallet is available for selected Android 9 smartphone users, all Android 10 users and above and will be released in other countries soon. Click the link below and download the TECNO Wallet (You can also search "TECNO Wallet" in Google Play) to enjoy up to ₦200 coupons to discount your first transaction after sign up:

Tecno Wallet Requirement Banner (1920 by 1080)-1.png

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