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Amnesia commonly referred to as "Memory Loss" that includes facts, information, events and experiences. People that has Amnesia does not loose their memory of self, hence, they still know who they are but will have difficulty trying to learn new things or remember past ones.

Amnesia usually is caused by damage to areas of brain that are vital for memory and information processing. This condition can be permanent i.e without cure.

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Amnesia has no specified treatment but there are techniques that can be employed to enhance memory and psychological support to help the affected patient cope.

* Impaired ability to learn new information following the onset of Amnesia. It's also called "Anterograde Amnesia."

* Impaired ability to remember past things. It's also called Retrograde Amnesia."

Other symptoms include:
* False recollections which may involve misplacement of genuine memories and time.
* Confusion or disorientation.

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Most patients with Amnesia have problems with short-term memory, which means that they might not retain new information or remember most recent events or the date or month it is but might retain deep and past memories such as Childhood experiences or previous friends, colleagues, neighbours.

+ Memory retention and processing involves the function of many parts of the brain with the cerebrum at the center of it. Thus, any injury or disease on any of these parts will affect memory and might lead to Amnesia.

+ Amnesia can result also from damage or injury to brain structures that form the limbic system which controls emotions and memories. The structures that control this includes the Thalamus and Hippocrampal formations, all which are located in the temporal lobes of the brain.

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Amnesia caused by brain damage is known as "neurological Amnesia" and possible causes of this includes:
* Stoke
* Brain inflammation which can result from a viral infection like Herpes Simplex Virus, th Autoimmune Response to Cancer or absence of Cancer.
* Loss of Oxygen in the brain.
* Long-term alcohol abuse leading to Thiamine deficiency.
* Tumours in the brain parts involved in memory process.
* Alzheimer's disease and Dementia.
* Seizures
* Certain medications such as Benzodiazepines.

Other causes of Amnesia are Head injuries either from Accident or Sports, Emotional shock or Trauma from a violent crime.

Your risk of developing Amnesia will be high if you;
* Have experienced Head trauma, shock or Brain injury.
* Had stroke
* Had seizures
* Had abused Alcohol.

Amnesia has no known cure hence all Treatments applied are majorly aimed at Preventing further damage as well as managing the patient in order to improve memory by any means possible.
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After the tests and confirmation of the condition, the Doctor will introduce the following:

=>  Occupational Therapy: The patient will work with an Occupational therapist to rebuild his memory using several techniques which will make remembering  information easier.

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=>  Tech Assistance: Patients will Amnesia can be helped greatly by the use of smart technology such as a P.A or smart phone or other devices that will help them with day-to-day tasks such as events or medications. They can also be given Physical minders such as Wall Calendar or event Planner or Photographs of things, places and People.

One major way of Avoiding Amnesia includes : Avoiding excessive alcohol use, wearing a protective gear when using the road as a rider or driver to prevent accident and brain injury, treating any infection so that it doesn't get to the brain, etc.

Understanding and helping those who have Amnesia is key to helping them manage the tough condition.

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