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Hello Tfans
Have you ever wondered how certain people get access to opportunities, while others only wish for it. You see students in the same campus as you  winning internships, getting virtual jobs, and excelling in pitching competitions, and wonder whether they're some super human or sons and daughters of people of high caliber.

However, they are just people like you. What makes the difference is access to information. Sometimes it's not because certain people are better, it's just because they have groomed themselves to discover opportunities and take good advantage of them.

Below are things you need to do, to access internship opportunities from top industries, even while you're still a student.

1) Find your passion and build a skill around it:
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What's that thing you love doing most, and if you are like many people who still can't figure out what that thing is, you may have to try lots of things to eventually find out what tickles your fancy. The moment you find something you find joy doing, even if its hard, the next thing is to build a skill around it. That will make you valuable and attract you to opportunities.

2) Develop your skill and build authority in your niche:
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Building a skill around your passion isn't enough. You have to craft a niche for yourself and keep honing your skill till you become an authority. This would take a great deal of practice and effort, but the moment you grow into an expert, the process earlier tedious, becomes effortless.

3) Prepare your elevator pitch and ready your CV:
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Once you have the right skill set, the next thing is to learn how to sell yourself. Your elevator pitch is a summary of who you are and the value you offer in a few seconds, while your CV is a more detailed but concise summary of your experience, skills and educational background. A CV is what you submit to a recruiter to be considered for an internship or job opportunity.

4) Follow job sites and pages:
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Once you are sure you have enough value to render and are willing to learn, the next thing is to be on the look out for opportunities. Follow job sites and updates like Jobberman, Opportunity desk, InternShala, Opportunities for Africa and others to gain access to opportunities that match your skill set.

5) Don't let the Nos stop you:
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You will be rejected lots of times, you will hear many Nos and "You're good, but..." All these shouldn't stop you from trying again, rejection is path of the process, you can't skip that phase no matter how good you are. Every time you are  rejected, learn why and fill in the gaps with knowledge and skills before applying for another opportunity. Soon the doors that closed on you, will beg you to get through them.
Thanks for reading through.

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Awesome. Thanks for sharing man
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  • PresidentSan : You're welcome, glad you find it insightful

    2022-7-7 10:32

Kim4Christ 2 #

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