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Serena Janeka Williams was born on the 26th of September, 1981. She is an American Professional Tennis Player. Serena's rise to fame dates back to 1999 when she won her first major in the 1999 U.S Open Grand slam. This she achieved after she turned a Professional in 1995.

She alongside her older sister Venus, took the world like a storm and Serena particularly found her voice and platform to push the cause of disadvantaged people. She was a strong voice and activist.
She became a Professional Tennis Player at a time when the sport was purely for  the wihtes and people if colour and women were visibly discriminated in participation and prize money. Serena used her fame to speak up for women, and people of colour. She pushed for gender equality in sports and life. No one can mention Tennis right now and not mention Serena Williams. Serena is now synonymous to Tennis.

She started her career under the tutorage if her parents Oracene Price and Richard Williams alongside her sister Venus.

When she emerged Grand slam champion in 1999, Serena never let her foot off the pedal. She went on to win all 4 major Grand slams till 2002 and each time she faced and defeated her sister Venus in the finals. Soon, the Grand slams picked up a new nickname "Serena Slam."
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She however suffered series of injuries in 2007, which forced her to give up her world no. 1 status and kept her out for many months. But soon, she bounced back from the injury and started working her way up to the top again. She continued her comeback and reclaimed the world no.1 female player status and then went on win all Grand slams available n 2012. She capped up the year by winning the Olymoic Gold, the first and only player in history to have done so. She also clamed the Doubles Slam titles same year. Thus, a demi-god of Tennis if you ask me.

Between the period of 2014-2015, Serena won 8 out of 13 available singles majors including all 4 grand slams in a quick succession. This made her achieve the "Serena Slam" phenomenon for a second time.
Serena and her sister Venus, won 14 major women's Doubles titles together. They were a force to reckon with admnd remained unbeaten all through their days if partnership in courts. Serena went on to win 4 Olymoic Gold medals(3 in women's Doubles with her sister). Serena also won 2 majors in mixed doubles in 1998.

In appreciation for her role modelship, she has won the Laureus Sports woman kf he wmheat award(4 times in 2003,2010,2016&2018). She was named sports person of the year in 2015 by "Sports illustrated maganuze". Serena is currently the highest paid woman athlete, earning over $27m per year in prize money and endorsements.
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Serena Williams became pregnant in 2017 but she wasn't aware of the pregnancy and played in the Australian Open 2-weeks pregnant. She won the grand slam bringing her tally to 23 grand slams. This made her the greatest Tennis Player of the Open Era, just 1 slam behind Margaret Court of 24 all time grand slams. The pregnancy took a great toll on her and she was never expected to make a return to the game she loved. After giving birth to her daughter Olympia, Serena Williams made an unbelievable come back to Tennis in the U.S Open in 2029 although she lost the finals to Naomi Osaka. Since then, she has appeared in 2 finals of a grand slam but has failed to eauall Margareth court
This notwithstanding, stands her out as an icon of Tennis and sports in general. A committed social activist and sports personality.
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Serena Williams in July 2022, announced that she will be retiring from Tennis in September after the U.S open which would be her last competitive game. She wants to play her final game before calling it quits barely a month before her 41st birthday.  In her words, "I just want to be a good Mum. Olympia is a good girl and I just want to wake up each morning beside her. I want  to work on my spiritual life, be with my family ND take care of my business." She lost out to 49th Seeded A. Tomljanoviç in the 3rd round of the U.S open last night.

As she takes her bow, the whole world stands still for this phenomenon. No time has the world celebrated a sports personality and moreso a woman upon retirement. To watch her play her final game at the Arthur Ashe-Stadium, celebrities all over the world including Golf Legend Tiger Woods couldn't hold back tears and excitement as she played. Thousands of people besieged the arena where she was playing. An overwhelming 30,000+ fans packed the Tennis arena just to see Serena one more time in action. Millions watched on their Televisions.

The icing on the Cake came when Renowned Song Writer and singer OPRAH WINFREY eulogized Serena with the title "THANK YOU SERENA". Thousands of people broke down in tears because Oprah went down memory lane on the life and times if his legend. I(the writer) also noticed tears running down my cheeks.

With tears and heart filled with deep emotions, we celebrate this living Legend; Serena Williams. We are most deeply pained that we won't see you play again. We will miss you greatly in Tennis but then you have paid your dues.
Thank you for putting smiles on our faces. Thank you or speaking up and standing up for the rest of us. Enjoy your retirement as we hope to the heavens to give us another Serena Williams (Olympia Williams).

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