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Live Pictures From BBNaija Season 7 Saturday Night Party (Week 8)

Activities  |  2022-9-19 09:24 217

Hello T-Fans,

Yesterday night marks the eighth #BBNxTECNO Saturday Night Party, which had the Level Up housemates dazzling in colorful casual outfits with a touch of red as they captured memorable moments through the CAMON 19 Pro 64MP camera lens.

every party has a dedicated theme and this week brings a unique Red Themed touch to #BBNaijaxTECNO housemates.

Attached below are pictures from the Red themed Saturday Night party...

IMG-20220918-WA0010.jpg IMG-20220918-WA0011.jpg IMG-20220918-WA0012.jpg IMG-20220918-WA0013.jpg IMG-20220918-WA0015.jpg IMG-20220918-WA0014.jpg IMG-20220918-WA0018.jpg IMG-20220918-WA0016.jpg IMG-20220918-WA0017.jpg IMG-20220918-WA0021.jpg IMG-20220918-WA0020.jpg IMG-20220918-WA0019.jpg IMG-20220918-WA0023.jpg IMG-20220918-WA0022.jpg IMG-20220918-WA0025.jpg IMG-20220918-WA0024.jpg IMG-20220918-WA0026.jpg IMG-20220918-WA0027.jpg IMG-20220918-WA0028.jpg IMG-20220918-WA0029.jpg IMG-20220918-WA0030.jpg IMG-20220918-WA0031.jpg IMG-20220918-WA0032.jpg IMG-20220918-WA0033.jpg IMG-20220918-WA0034.jpg IMG-20220918-WA0035.jpg IMG-20220918-WA0036.jpg IMG-20220918-WA0038.jpg IMG-20220918-WA0039.jpg IMG-20220918-WA0037.jpg

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