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Hello T-Fans,
It can be simple to believe that artificial intelligence does not affect our daily life given the buzz surrounding it, which includes robots, self-driving cars, etc.
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In actuality, most people come into contact with artificial intelligence in one way or another practically every day, from the minute they check their smartphones after waking up to another Netflix suggested a movie. However, what precisely is AI, and will it actually benefit humanity in the future? In this thread, we'll primarily discuss artificial intelligence's drawbacks today.
What is ArtificialIntelligence?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has advantages and disadvantages, but first, we need to define AI. AI is a simulation of human intellect into machines to perform tasks for which we would typically rely on humans. It gives a computer programme the capacity to think and learn on its own. Based on their skills, there are three primary categories of AI:
Weak AI – Focuseson one task and cannot perform beyond its limitations (common in our dailylives).
Strong AI – Canunderstand and learn any intellectual task that a human being can.
Super AI – Surpasseshuman intelligence and can perform any task better than a human.
Disadvantages of ArtificialIntelligence.
Makes Humans Lazy – The majority of laborious and repetitive operations are automated by AI technologies. Since we can do the task without needing to memorise information or figure out riddles. Future generations may experience issues as a result of this augmentation of AI.
No Creativity – The inability of AI to learn to think creatively beyond the box is a significant drawback. With pre-fed data and prior experiences, AI can learn over time, but it is not capable of taking a novel method. A bot's ability to produce an article on its own is great, but it lacks the personal touch found in other articles.
Unemployment – A robot eliminating jobs and raising unemployment is one example of artificial intelligence in action. For instance, in certain more technologically advanced countries, human resources are routinely replaced by robots in manufacturing firms.
High Costs – It is an impressive achievement when a machine can mimic human intelligence. It can be very expensive and takes a lot of time and resources. AI is highly expensive because it requires the newest hardware and software to function in order to stay current and meet criteria.
Emotionless – We have been taught from a young age that neither machines nor computers have feelings. Humans work as teams, and leading teams effectively is crucial to achieving objectives. There is no doubting that when working successfully, robots are superior to humans, but it is also true that human connections, the cornerstone of teams, cannot be substituted by computers.
No Ethics – Morality and ethics are significant human traits that can be challenging to include into an AI. The continuous development of AI has sparked a number of worries that, one day, it would develop uncontrollably and eventually exterminate mankind, a period known as the "AI singularity."

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