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TECNO: Pioneering the Future of Mobile Photography

General  |  2023-1-2 23:07 3131


Hello T-Fans.

We are excited to announce that we are taking a leading role in the development of four new ITU-T International Standards for Mobile Terminal Computational Photography Systems. These standards, which focuses on areas such as metadata management in image processing algorithms, automatic white balance, image aesthetics assessment, and multi-camera collaboration, are designed to drive innovation and consistency in the field of computational photography. All four proposals have been accepted by ITU-T Study Group, making us one of the innovative brands working to promote the creation of new international standards for smartphone photography with ITU-T (The United Nations International Telecommunication Union)

One of our proposals focuses on "Metadata Management in Image Processing Algorithms," which aims to address issues of compatibility and consistency in image processing across different brands. We are also proposing the creation of a "Guarantee for AWB Training Data Consistency and Reality" standard, which will help to address the problem of color cast and ensure the capture of ideal white light for improved image quality. Our experts are also working on significant progress in "Image Aesthetics Assessment," using our localized and inclusive aesthetics algorithms to enhance the photography experience for our users.

In addition, we are pushing for the standardization of "Multi-camera Collaboration." As the number of image sensors has increased in recent years, multi-camera systems have become an important feature in the industry. However, the wide range of camera applications have been using different operating systems, leading to gaps in multi-camera collaboration technologies and causing incompatibility among different manufacturers. Our experts are working to standardize this technology and promote industry-wide collaboration, which can already be found in our premium smartphones such as the Phantom X2 Series.

We are proud to have had our proposals accepted by ITU-T Study Group, and are excited to be at the forefront of these efforts to drive innovation and excellence in smartphone photography. Whether it's through our premium Phantom X2 smartphone or other products, we are committed to providing our customers with the very best of technology.

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definitely on my watchlist👌💓
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As a Mobile Photographer, I am willing to try out this Phantom X2
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