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Fashion is not just about clothing and accessories, but it is also a means of self-expression and communication. The way we dress and present ourselves to the world can impact the way others perceive us. It can say a lot about our personality, status, culture, and even our mood.Fashion trends also play a significant role in shaping public perception. A certain style or trend can become associated with a particular type of person or group, and this can influence the way others perceive them. However, perception on fashion is not always accurate. People can make assumptions based on what a person is wearing, but this doesn't always reflect who they truly are. It is important to remember that everyone has their own unique style and fashion preferences, and we should not judge people solely based on their appearance.
Ultimately, perception on fashion is subjective and can vary based on personal experiences and cultural influences. What is important is how we feel in our clothing and how it makes us feel about ourselves
Even more important than how others view you, what you wear can impact your own self-image as well. The image you create with your clothes can then actually direct your behaviors and actions. If your clothing doesn’t give you that “feel good” sensation, what’s the point of wearing them?
What you wear is a message to others and to yourself about who you are. But the association between clothes and perception runs even deeper than that. What you wear directly influences your thoughts and behaviors.
Fashion isn’t anything new. Humans have been wearing clothing almost since the dawn of our existence.
Although it began out of necessity and practicality, it quickly morphed into an art form and means of communication. For centuries, dress was the number one status symbol. It told people where you ranked in society, how much you could afford, and what your profession is like and fashion is a means for movement in a highly immovable society.
The same is true today. Clothes have become an ingrained part of our society. What you wear signals to others who you are and where you belong in this world. It also tells your own brain what kind of behaviors and traits it needs to possess while wearing that kind of outfit.
Whether or not we like it, “judgment” is a part of our society. People will make a split decision about you within the first 8 seconds of meeting you. Usually, this is impacted by your handshake, greeting, and clothing.
Someone will instantly size you up based on what you're wearing - whether or not they're doing it consciously.
The same is even true of dating. What you wear on a first date can tell the other person what kind of mate you would be. In fact, studies show that there are subtle cues in our clothing that subliminally hint at what kind of person you are. For example, a woman in a form-fitting shirt and pencil skirt will appear more confident, successful, and a higher earner than those in even designer jeans and a blouse. Even subtle changes - like an extra button undone on the blouse - can create some sort of indicator or judgment in the other person. This isn't meant to scare you away from society or wearing what you want. But it's important to realize that appearance and the way people dress does matter. You are a confident, beautiful, gorgeous - so don't be afraid to reflect that in your clothing as well!
Even the colors of the clothes that you wear can impact your mood. Cheerful colors can boost your body and energy, while darker colors create a more relaxed and low-stress feeling
What you wear doesn't define your value as a human being. But there is an important psychology of clothing that we need to be aware of. When you decide not just how clothes look but how they make you feel, it can positively impact your life.It’s important to understand how your clothes impact your thoughts and actions - and how others perceive those thoughts and actions based on what you’re wearing as well IMG-20230327-WA0033.jpg

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You're absolutely right.

we say alot about ourselves by the way we dress.

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