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Hello T-fans,
In this Camon season, we are recruiting 100 Camon Camera Experience Officers (CEO), who will win the next Camon device. This is first of its kind and we are excited to share this experience with you.

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How to Participate
•        Take a creative day or night pictures and upload it under this thread. It could be a landmark, iconic structure/place, scenery/nature, selfie or any object you admire around you,  
•        Write a short description of the photo including location, purpose, and story behind the picture.
•        Your entry should be accompanied with the hashtag #CamonCEO and #ClearDaynNight
•        Share your entry with your friends & family on social media pages (Facebook, twitter and Instagram) to like and leave comments.
•       200 people who completes the first and second task, stand a chance to qualify for the final stage.  

Prizes to be won
100 Entries with the most captivating picture with an interesting caption and proper use of the hashtags stand a chance to win the next TECNO Camon device

Activity Duration:

16th March – 5th April 2020


1.        This activity is open for all Nigerians and shortlisted winners must be resident in Nigeria
2.        All participants must be least 18 years old, and if there is any personal reason that disqualifies you, TECNO won’t have any responsibility
3.        The copyright of the photo must belong to the participant.
4.        TECNO reserves the right to change the content on the TECNO SPOT and other details. All content is protected by TECNO copyrights
5.        TECNO reserves the right to change or delete this activity without prior notice.
6.        TECNO will announce the final winners of this campaign in our Social Media pages and TECNO SPOT when the activity rounds up.  
7.        In case of any concerns or objections, TECNO reserves the right to make final decisions about the content or to change the award at any time.
8.        TECNO reserves the right to use the content for other marketing activities and advertising.
9.        If the personal information is not complete or identity cannot be verified, TECNO reserves the right to cancel the award without prior notice.
10.        TECNO Mobile Nigeria will not divulge the database of entries received to any 3rd party except in litigation

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227406731362 2327 #

As a chef, I love using tecno mobile for my business photography and as a food photographer I will really appreciate if I'm one of the tecno #Camon15Launch CEO????
2020-4-12 14:47 Like(0)

QueenMOC 2326 #

Went for a get-together and I was so tired and uncomfortable yet calm. As the sea is beautiful not only in calm but also in storm, so is happiness found not only in peace but also in strife. #CamonCEO#ClearDaynNight
2020-4-11 21:37 Like(0)

252707816363 2325 #

a smile says a lot
a smile says less
a smile heals
a smile can kill an enemy
so smile everyday????
2020-4-9 23:17 Like(0)

72116242778 2324 #

Good evening.
Short description: How beautiful can the night be?
Location: Atan Ota Ogun State Nigeria.
Purpose: To see how beautiful the night is in a camera.
Story behind the picture: All I see through this picture is "PEACE AND THE BEAUTY OF NATURE".
2020-4-9 18:23 Like(4)

socialustaz 2323 #

CAPTION: “evening bliss"
DEVICE:  camon 11
LOCATION: Sunnyvale estate Abuja
STORY: life is nature and nature is life, it starts in the morning with refreshment of a new day and ends with a bliss of calmness and as colourful as a colour party
PURPOSE:A reminder that though the morning might be fresh and uncertain, evening brings the bliss of calmness and certainty
#CAMONCEO #clearDaynNight
2020-4-9 14:09 Like(1)

et07059745594 2322 #

Thanks guys
2020-4-9 09:11 Like(0)

93893251791 2321 #

Pls I need ur help I need Dat phone
2020-4-8 15:33 Like(1)

oefemi 2319 #

2020-4-8 11:04 Like(0)
  • oefemi : My visitation to Akinlonu Crescent Four point, Oniru Lagos

    2020-4-8 11:08

ts07085202913 2318 #

ts07085202913 published in 2020-3-18 12:34
My little Nephew was found reading a church bulletin not sure if he understands it but the focus and ...
2020-4-8 09:37 Like(0)

ts8079988541 2317 #

2020-4-8 07:29 Like(0)



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