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Hello T-fans,
In this Camon season, we are recruiting 100 Camon Camera Experience Officers (CEO), who will win the next Camon device. This is first of its kind and we are excited to share this experience with you.

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How to Participate
•        Take a creative day or night pictures and upload it under this thread. It could be a landmark, iconic structure/place, scenery/nature, selfie or any object you admire around you,  
•        Write a short description of the photo including location, purpose, and story behind the picture.
•        Your entry should be accompanied with the hashtag #CamonCEO and #ClearDaynNight
•        Share your entry with your friends & family on social media pages (Facebook, twitter and Instagram) to like and leave comments.
•       200 people who completes the first and second task, stand a chance to qualify for the final stage.  

Prizes to be won
100 Entries with the most captivating picture with an interesting caption and proper use of the hashtags stand a chance to win the next TECNO Camon device

Activity Duration:

16th March – 5th April 2020


1.        This activity is open for all Nigerians and shortlisted winners must be resident in Nigeria
2.        All participants must be least 18 years old, and if there is any personal reason that disqualifies you, TECNO won’t have any responsibility
3.        The copyright of the photo must belong to the participant.
4.        TECNO reserves the right to change the content on the TECNO SPOT and other details. All content is protected by TECNO copyrights
5.        TECNO reserves the right to change or delete this activity without prior notice.
6.        TECNO will announce the final winners of this campaign in our Social Media pages and TECNO SPOT when the activity rounds up.  
7.        In case of any concerns or objections, TECNO reserves the right to make final decisions about the content or to change the award at any time.
8.        TECNO reserves the right to use the content for other marketing activities and advertising.
9.        If the personal information is not complete or identity cannot be verified, TECNO reserves the right to cancel the award without prior notice.
10.        TECNO Mobile Nigeria will not divulge the database of entries received to any 3rd party except in litigation

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ts07019988888 2306 #

RIGASA Train Station, Kaduna: Meeting Ground for all Classes of Nigerians

Photo: Passengers on queue ( purchasing Train Ticket to go to Abuja while some were just returning. In the queue, there were Generals, Ministers , Students, Commissioners , Governors, Farmers , Children ,and others , because the Kaduna - Abuja road has become "Den of Lion of Kidnappers in recent time".

Recently, RIGASA Train Station has become the most celebrated Train Station in the History of Nigeria Railway Services, especially in the recent times.
At RIGASA , you meet all the categories of Nigerians and foreigners either returning from Abuja to Kaduna or travelling to Abuja from Kaduna. Is the last option for every high class Nigerians.
During my visit to RIGASA recently, with my small phone with me as journalist ,I saw a lot, and discovered many intriguing factors responsible for the popularity of RIGASA Train Station.
I shot this Photo personally at RIGASA Train Station, Kaduna

#CamonCEO and #ClearDaynNight
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ts8163617345 2305 #

The female housefly usually mates only once and stores the sperm for later use. She lays batches of about 100 eggs on decaying organic matter such as food waste, carrion , or feces . These soon hatch into legless white larvae, known as
maggots . After 2 to 5 days of development, these metamorphose into reddish-brown pupae , about 8 mm (0.3 in) long. Adult flies normally live for 2 to 4 weeks, but can hibernate during the winter. The adults feed on a variety of liquid or semiliquid substances, as well as solid materials which have been softened by their saliva. They can carry pathogens on their bodies and in their faeces, contaminate food, and contribute to the transfer of food-borne illnesses , while, in numbers, they can be physically annoying. For these reasons, they are considered pests.
Houseflies have been used in the laboratory in research into aging and sex determination . Flies appear in literature from Ancient Greek myth and Aesop's The Impertinent Insect onwards
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fb251745072943 2303 #

This post was last edited by fb251745072943 at 2020-4-6 03:00

Image_1586137935.jpg My name is Austine Osemudiamen. This picture was taken at Mount Carmel School Ekpoma, Edo state. And it exposes facts about Carpenter Ants. This shot was taken from a Tecno Phantom 9.
Facts About Carpenter Ants
Well recognized as formidable wood destroying insects, carpenter ants are among the largest ants in the Nigeria and a common invader of homes. Highly interesting insects…
1. Carpenter ants can lift 7 times their own weight.
With some studies suggesting they have the capability to lift up to 50 times this weight. Their small muscles offer greater cross-sectional area, providing ants significantly more pound-per-pound force. That’s like lifting a car with your teeth!
2. Carpenter ants are neat-freaks.
Very hygienic, carpenter ants remove all deteriorated foods and deceased ants from their nests. They even create their own disinfectant, collecting resin to chemically disinfect them as well.
3. Carpenter ants could find their way into your home blind.
Really. They mark their journey using chemical substances, finding the way via their antennae. They can even send messages via pheromones and recognize each other by the chemicals on their bodies.
4. Carpenter ants don’t tickle.
They are capable of delivering nasty, painful bites by injecting acid into the skin. Some species even explode! Several Southeast Asian species of carpenter ants produce sticky toxic glue that they spray in the event of imminent danger like nature’s little suicide bombers.
5. Carpenter ants are tough to tackle.
One queen can live up to 25 years, establishing many satellite colonies and having millions of babies. This makes carpenter ants difficult to eliminate and prevent from attacking your home.
While taking a shot of this adorable insect. They were actually shy of coming out of their holes. Which made me stocked there for a close to 30-45mins trying to get a perfect shot. But, it gave me more time to notice and confirm a couple of things about this adorable insects.
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God grace 2302 #

Nothing much too say. My purpose of snapping this pics is just express my feeling on how I love dogs alot they're just so cute animal and lovely. Tecno product are still the best keep the good work going we are with you all the time. I love Tecno product 3000times♥️ . currently in Osun State Ede. #CamonCEO #ClearDaynNight.
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ts08059599614 2301 #

This post was last edited by ts08059599614 at 2020-4-6 08:27


This is a picture of a Papaya plant (pawpaw) taken with my Techno CamonX clearly depicting clarity of photos taken even in the dead of the night. This picture was taken in front of my house somewhere in Ekpoma, a little town in Edo State, Nigeria.
The story behind the picture isn't farfetched. It was born out of my love for the way Tecno products bring out the beauty of nature and my recent discovery on the health benefit of Papaya I would love to share.
As represented, the picture is a beautiful representation of nature at night with the illumination of the moon somewhere at the corner. Both the leaves and fruits of the are highly medicinal. Oral consumption of Papaya(pawpaw) could be taken to prevent cancer, treat diabetes and prevent reoccurrence of a viral infection called Human papilloma virus-HPV. It also contains a chemical named Papain which is used commonly as meat tenderizer.
Papaya has antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and immune stimulating effects. It is also known to lower blood pressure.
I bet you never knew all these about our common 'pawpaw'; now you do, all thanks to TECNO.
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God grace 2300 #

Smiles!!!! Time to eat. my purpose of snapping this pics is that drinking garri doesn't mean  you're poor. But allowing the garri to swell-up  before drinking is
"Poverty". Funny right!? that's just the way of life. currently in Osun State Ede. #CamonCEO #ClearDaynNight
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ts8070770567 2299 #

Last entry. This is me exploring the world withy Camon X pro practicing how I'll be handling my new Camon 15 premier after I won it.

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AnthonyEkene 2298 #

#CamonCEO #ClearDaynNight

Maryland Mall, Lagos.

The Black Box as connoisseurs refer to the Maryland Mall remains my happiest in Lagos - both for my visual and recreational adventures.

Black is Beautiful as they say but this black for me appeals beyond the aesthetic. There is something bold and unusually seductive about this landmark whenever I behold it at Day or Night.

Cheers to the Black Box.
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ts7039064276 2297 #

This post was last edited by ts7039064276 at 2020-4-6 06:02

Life is sweet" the perception almost everyone has except for Abdul and Sanni, they  saw life as a punishment as they narrate their life story to me. Abdul the older brother who lies  helplessly on Sani said to me "I can never forget the terrible experience my  brother and I experience seven years ago when we lost our home and family to a terrorist attack in our little home town at Sabin Gari Zaria". We were popularly known because we lived in deserted area where only animals were found. On this fateful day,I was walking from the farm tired and hungry I couldn't feel my body no more hoping for the day we'll find light in this darkness. From a distance,with my teary eyes hoping to see the only property our parent could afford, but was shocked to see the building in flames crumbling flat. I cleaned my eyes to be sure this wasn't a dream ,I crazily ran to get a clearer view and slowly it dawned on me that it was reality. I felt my bones go weak and like there was no reason to live again, in that bomb blast where my parent and two of my cousins were burned to death; he said with a red eye bloodshot. I was moved to tears still listening to him as he continued - unable to move my legs, I made up my mind to give up, Just as I was about to conclude on the best way to end this misery I looked at the damage building again and saw another reason to live which is my younger brother. I finally found strength to run,to breath,to live and I quickly ran to my brother lying hopelessly and I looked into his eyes and call out his name Sani!!!  And hugged him tight, having him in my arms showed me that God bless me with not just  a property but with a family. He continued ever since then...We have been homeless but yet we didn't give up. After hearing this i Emmanuel decided to take them shot. @tecno mobile to jimi he wished  that he could blink and wake up, but he  knows that he cant. The real world has always been scarier than his nightmares, and now he's trapped in a reality he cant escape from. Tears rolled down my eyes and I looked up and for once in my life i said GOD IF I WAS EVER UNGRATEFUL FORGIVE MY UNGRATEFULNESS.
#CamonCEO #ClearDaynNight[img=4,4]https://cdn-ts.shalltry.com/us/data/attachment/forum/202004/05/220706gjym2mt3m3mr2cjt.jpg[/img]
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ts8079988541 2295 #

Beauty for some advances escape, Nature is wonderful, she welcomes us to look at the flawless dusk, the winged creatures of the sky. For in the genuine idea of things in the event that we properly consider to value what survives from the earth and to foster the renewal, is our solitary hope of survival.


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