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Skills acquired during the lockdown

Health  |  2020-4-16 20:46 10622

Hello T-Fans

Today we will be talking on some skills we've learnt during this lockdown.   
       First of all, let me list a few skills I learnt during the lockdown period.


  1. Learnt basic sign language
I've always wanted to learn sign language. I think it's such a great skill to have, and it's actually fairly easy to learn some basic signing with the help of some videos on YouTube. There are plenty of videos up on the platform.

2. Learnt a new language
Learning a new language is very nice, because it will help you when you find yourself in a country that speak the language youve learnt, it will be easier to blend in. I was able to learn French during the lockdown, with the help of DUOLINGO.

Duolingo is a free to download, language learning app that you can spend as little as 10 minutes a day perfecting your Spanish, French, German, Japanese or even Latin.
Plus, its always useful to have on your CV and if working abroad has been on your mind, then get a head start by picking up the local lingo.

   3. Learnt a new programming language
If coding is completely new to you, start with an online class such as  Code Academy , which offers free classes and also you can search on YouTube for tutorial videos.
During this lockdown I was able to learn a new programming language, you all must have heard of the famous Python languages well I was opportune to learn this programming language during the lockdown.

4. Learnt to cook
Well they say food is life, so during this lockdown, I decided I was going to learn how to prepare my favorite delicacy and also perfect my cooking skills, because Im not that of a good cook but with some help and couching , I learnt how to prepare Egusi soup, and also perfected my cooking skills.

Kindly let us know in the comment section the skills you've acquired during the lockdown period.

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Mustafa10750 11 #

2020-5-5 15:40 Like(0)

SirJosh 10 #

fashion skills
2020-4-28 14:36 Like(0)

Kayconcept 9 #

Am still learning Digital marketing on Google digital Skills for Africa. But I will like to try Duolingo too at least to learn French or Spanish. Thanks for the write up
2020-4-27 19:35 Like(1)

Hovatek 8 #

You can learn Android software repairs too.
We have some courses @ www.hovatek.com/training
2020-4-26 11:26 Like(2)

emilon 7 #

nice one
2020-4-26 04:30 Like(1)

Jaypee 6 #

2020-4-23 18:54 Like(2)

256030907401 5 #

2020-4-23 16:06 Like(1)

paduzman 4 #

this is very good information
2020-4-17 15:56 Like(1)

Hoilakes 3 #

nice share
2020-4-17 03:00 Like(1)



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