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Health  |  2020-4-19 14:13 152784

Hello T-Fans,
Social distancing is now the order of the day. We now use our phones and laptops more than at any time in history. Offices have now become our homes; meetings have now moved from physical locations to virtual locations. Your boss now calls you on Whatsapp voice and video calls to pass information. Social media tools have now become social Media/work tools.


While using all these social media apps, sometimes you need enhancements. For example, you woke up late for that very important meeting with your boss and he asked if he could call you on Whatsapp video call and you said it was ok… But now, you are far from being prepared for that meeting. What would you do?

Social Turbo to the rescue! With the Social Turbo, you get access to some features that are not present on the regular Whatsapp.
For example, we have the Video Beauty Mode (Auto Makeup for Video Chat)! With this feature, you don’t need to makeup, the camera automatically smoothens your face in real-time. Now your boss can’t notice you just woke up!

safe 2.jpg

Make the best of smartphone tools, stay safe and avoid social gathering!

Wouldn’t you love to try that?

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Kayconcept 16 #

Our communication style have changed forever, the best is for us to keep looking for better ways and quickly adapting to them.
2020-4-27 19:57 Like(0)

Rajib Talukder 15 #

2020-4-21 19:16 Like(0)

D-Alpha 14 #

2020-4-20 10:55 Like(0)

c_e_o 13 #

Thank you for the update
2020-4-19 23:56 Like(0)

c_e_o 12 #

very useful
2020-4-19 23:56 Like(0)

olagold 12 11 #

relevant and good.
2020-4-19 21:50 Like(0)

Bishopfilm 10 #

2020-4-19 18:25 Like(0)

Bishopfilm 9 #

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RubyAGL 8 #

I think the way we communicate and do things, will change from now on.
2020-4-19 17:34 Like(1)



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