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How To Effectively Work From Home During The Lockdown

Health  |  2020-4-20 02:01 9542

The global pandemic influenza outbreak is no longer news to the majority of us, and due to this, everyone is currently practicing social distancing, self-quarantine and now government organizations around the world have enforced a LOCKDOWN to contain this outbreak. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, companies have mandated their employees to  "Work-from-home" for the first time ever.

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While a very few of these workers may not be affected by these recent changes, we should put into consideration the vast majority of workers out there who lack a fully functional home office with equipment/applications for VIDEO CONFERENCING, with only just a laptop working from the bed while still in their pajamas. But work-from-home goes way beyond this, setting up a proper work environment is key to mastering working from home effectively.

As a freelancer, the conversations of some people on social media complaining about how mentally overwhelmed and stressful work-from-home can be,  has made me understand that most of these individuals really have no idea how adaptable they can be. I know as humans, we all can't get the handy of something just by trying it out for the first time, but learning to adapt will give a sense of well-being in working from home.

Tips On How To Effectively Work From Home.

>> Create A Dedicated Workspace

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If you are among those employees who are currently working from home, I want you to know that establishing a dedicated workspace is extremely essential, because not only does it keep you focused and productive, but it also keeps your leisure space separate and your work organized. As such, your first step towards a successful and effective work-from-home should be to create a dedicated space. This could be either a desk, center table or even a kitchen table. Then you can proceed by bringing in your PC, pen, note and other resources to this dedicated area and try not to move them.

If your home so happens to be small, and building a walled-off dedicated office is impossible, then I implore you to consider sectioning off a chunk of your living space via a piece of furniture or even a divider, there are tons of YouTube video that can help you achieve this. It is imperative and extremely essential you reinforce boundaries between your workspace and relaxation space.

And finally, no matter how appealing it may seem, never ever should you consider working from the comfort of your bed, research and statistics have proven that keeping work-related materials out of the bedroom will strengthen the mental connection between your bed and your sleep.

>> Make A Routine

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To all employees who have visited their office daily before this pandemic broke out, I know 'Old Habits Die Hard', but I am sure you have a routine in place already. And these may include waking up early groggy eyes, catching a bus or driving to your office, commuting for few minutes and exchanging pleasantries with colleagues in the workplace. But due to the unforeseen circumstances, we find ourselves today, you will notice these routines no longer apply to the mandatory work-from-home.

When working from home, it's imperative that you keep a similar routine. The process of getting ready for work should still apply, wake up the same time everyday, wash your face, brush your teeth, take a shower, have breakfast and wear something comfortable (not something you will be embarrassed to be seen in).

Take a few minutes to also practice some self-care, this could be: listening to COOL MUSIC, exercise, meditating or even planning your day. If you can adapt to these new routines before work, you won't feel rushed. And once work is in session, before the end of the day, you will feel accomplished.

>> Take Breaks To Practice Self Care

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Self-care can be interpreted in different phases, it all depends on your definition of the word. It simply means putting your break time to good use. Employers allow for their employees to take a lunch break when they are in the office, but since you work from home, i strongly advice you to practice self-discipline. Also, ensure you take time out from your computer screen to meditate and rest your eyes.

Self-care also means taking time out of your busy schedule to talk to an actual person, it can be your; colleague at work, best friend, or even your parents. If you are struggling creatively, you can put a call through to a colleague, you will find out that working out problems one on one VS through a chat thread can do wonders. Ensure workouts and light cardio are a part of your daily routine.

>> When You Sign Off For The Day, Stay Signed Off

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This simply means turning off your data connection or signing off work-related applications, you can invest your time into something fun or interesting. This can help you recap the day in a more analog way, that's geared into helping you unwind. Step away from your workspace for the rest of the day, note down this rule and be very strict about it. There is a possibility of work following you around if you are not self-disciplined when working from home.

If you happen to be a very serious employee working from home, you will be surprised at how rewarding it can be. Either throughout your entire professional career or to simply survive for the time being.

If you have been educated from this post, do comment, follow my account for more educative posts such as this and don't forget to share.
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