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CAMON 15 Series  |  2020-4-24 00:28 101031

Hello T-Fans,
Navigation is one of the key features on any device because it determines how a user would navigate through a device during operation.

The Camon 15 Premier as you already know comes with Android 10 (Android Q) and one of the outstanding features of Android 10 is the navigation gesture for navigation.

In this article, we would quickly be looking at how to switch between the different navigation systems on the Tecno Camon 15 Premier.

Step 1: Go to Settings


Step 2: Click on System Navigation


Step 3: Select Gesture Navigation or Three-button Navigation

ges3.jpg ges.jpg

PS: There is a practical tutorial for the gesture navigation under the option

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Abiodun55 9 #

2020-5-7 11:22 Like(0)

Beniye 8 #

Tecno we need you to update camon 12 Air to run on Android 10, other phone company are updating older version to newer version of Android.
2020-5-6 10:18 Like(1)

sixtus 7 #

my camon12pro can do same
2020-5-1 15:46 Like(0)

Oxzy 6 #

2020-5-1 08:50 Like(0)

Hoilakes 5 #

2020-4-30 17:31 Like(0)

257471502176 4 #

Seriously Tecno why not roll out software updates for your phones it does not stop people from buying a new New ones at least a software support would be nice I used an infinix note one back in the days of android 5.0 and infinix updated to Android 6 giving the phone a new lease of life I have used several Tecno phones non of which has ever gotten a operating system update presently using a pouvoir 3 plus stock on Android 9 pie a phone with amoled screen yet no option to turn on dark mode?
2020-4-30 04:49 Like(1)
  • OKayode : You should be well aware that Mediatek processors doesn't get update much faster like that. They're really trying hard to get everything all right. You just need to bare it with them for the main time.

    2020-4-30 18:59

jossyhope 3 #

Nice one
2020-4-24 03:39 Like(3)

c_e_o 2 #

2020-4-24 00:52 Like(1)



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